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Carrie watched as the short black girl weaved her way through the press of bodies and sat primly at the bar. She wasn’t dressed in any of the outrageous stuff that all the other women were trying to pull off. On the contrary, she was clad in a simple dark-blue pair of jeans, and a black low-cut top, emphasizing her curvy shape. She turned her head and looked straight at Carrie, not really seeing her, and Carrie admired the long straight fall of her jet-black hair. She was mixed with something, Carrie mused, as she took a seat beside her. A little white maybe? Some Indian? The black girl peered at her over the rim of her drink, her large dark eyes questioning.

“Hi. I’ve never seen you in here before,” Carrie murmured, leaning into her space, and instead of leaning back, like most people did with women of Carrie’s size, the little thing simply put down her cup and the smooth mahogany-toned surface of the bar (just a little darker than her skin) and smiled a little.

“No. This is my first time in a bar like this,” she replied, her smile getting deeper, and Carrie could smell the liquor mixed with mint on her breath. Carrie ran a hand through her own choppy russet hair.

“Really,” Carrie said, a little doubtfully. “You just…walked in a lesbian bar all by your lonesome.” Carie watched as she nodded, the ends of her dark hair brushing against her neck. “So you’re not a lesbian, then.”

“No,” came the reply, and there was a deep, slow sip. “I think not.”

“That’s too bad,” Carrie said flippantly, although it was really too bad. “I would totally be hitting on you right now, just for the record.”

She felt the weight of those dark eyes flick back to her, and there was another slow smile, a flash of white against brown full lips.

“Well. Let’s just pretend I am. Just for the record.”

Carrie stared at her, and she held the stare, which was very unusual because Carrie was using the Piercing Stare. Carrie sighed a little, giving up, casino şirketleri and put out her hand to be shook.

“Carrie. And you are?”

A small dark hard was pressed into hers, and she could feel the soft pad of the thumb rubbing slowly against her knuckles. Carrie suddenly felt a little overwhelmed, which was a feeling she discovered she both hated and loved.

“Kay. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m sure.”


“What,” Kay murmured as Carrie pressed her against the heavy wood of the apartment door, “is it that you do?”

Carrie licked Kay’s lips slowly and then kissed her, testing with her tongue and then going deeper, while trying to remember what it was she did as a career. Kay linked her hands behind Carrie’s neck, and kissed back, arching up into her body and moaning a little. Carrie still felt overwhelmed.

“I’m a lawyer,” Carrie recalled, a little faintly, and pressed her thigh into Kay’s crotch. Kay shivered. “And you haven’t done this before. So I’m just an experiment?”

“I suppose so,” Kay replied, brushing her fingertips under the edge of Carrie’s shirt. “And I’m not to you? Don’t get all self-righteous on me, now.”

Carrie was taken aback. She wasn’t used to being spoken to like that, not in court, and certainly not before taking someone to bed…and she sort of liked it. She backed away, dragging Kay along with her and trying to continue kissing her at the same time. Kay followed with her mouth and tongue eagerly, and they bumped their way past the massively ugly sofa that Carrie’s last girlfriend had refused to take with her when she moved out, past the little shelf of figurines that her mother insisted on giving her (one every year, fuck), and into the bedroom.

She pushed Kay down on the neatly made bed and she crawled backwards, stopping when her black hair rested against the pillows. Carrie knelt over her, and looked down at her, amazed at the amused and open look on her heart-shaped casino firmaları face. She bent over and kissed her again.

“What do you want to try, then?” Carrie whispered in her ear, and Kay pressed up languidly, like a cat, and Carrie went a little crazy.

“I don’t know. You’re the expert. Anything, I guess.”

“You’re a pretty open person,” Carrie pointed out as she pulled the button on her jeans and slid them off, revealing an entirely sensible pair of Hanes. She pulled off her own shirt and pants, rocking on her knees, and then worked on the small buttons on the black blouse, parting it. “We can try something simple then, this time around.”

Kay gave a little laugh, and then sighed as Carrie pressed a palm against her stomach and slid it down. Carrie slipped her fingers past the waistband of her underwear, and into the simmering heat of her sex.

“God,” Kay breathed out, starting to whimper a little as Carrie’s finger’s pressed in and out; she turned her head to the side, her face covered by the soft dark strands. Carrie slipped her tongue along the curve of her ear, and she used her other hand to turn her head and kiss her again. Kay bucked against her palm, and Carrie could feel the hardening nipples pressing against her own chest.

Carrie couldn’t find enough hands.

As it was, she removed her hand from Kay’s crotch (and got a disappointed groan) and pulled off the rest of their underwear quickly. She straddled Kay again, scissoring against her and feeling the damp heat pressing against her own. Kay twisted up her pelvis a little, the short coarse hairs stroking against Carrie’s bare mound, and Carrie actually felt faint with want.

“I don’t believe you’ve never done this before,” Carrie strangled out, reaching down and gathering the dark mounds in her pale hands. She stroked her thumbs against the erect nubs and Kay’s whole body twitched in response. Carrie watched as her mouth fell open, and Kay’s hands covered güvenilir casino her own, pressing in harder, squeezing more, grinding against each other harder and faster, the short nails of Kay’s fingers pressing into the skin on Carrie’s hands.

“I haven’t done it before, no. But no-one ever stopped me from thinking about it.”

Carrie didn’t know how Kay managed to gasp out a full sentence like that, but it was extremely erotic to hear her do it. She could feel one of Kay’s legs slide upward along her thigh, until it rested on her back, and she felt Kay’s sweaty thigh flex, pressing their slick bodies even closer together. She felt the little hands move from her own and rest on her shoulders, pulling down a little. Kay latched her mouth on the side of Carrie’s neck, and started to suck.

“Noooooo,” Carrie gave out, trying to pull away. “Not there. Just…I have to be in court tomorrow.”

Without skipping a beat, Kay ducked her head a little lower, and settled for sucking on the collarbone. Carrie was stuck contemplating that this was quite possibly the best sex she ever had. She managed to slip a hand between them, inserting a finger and then another, and listening to Kay keen beneath her. Kay shut her eyes, suddenly panting quickly, and Carrie pressed her fingers in, curling them at the knuckle and stroking, and using her thumb to massage the swollen clit and Kay actually bit her on her collarbone and clawed at her back, and Carrie was just a little shocked to feel herself going into spasms, as Kay shuddered beneath her, crying out.

What the hell. Kay hadn’t even touched her like that and she came. Just by watching Kay, she came.

She unstraddled Kay and lay a little gingerly on her back, still trembling a little as Kay tried to breathe deeply beside her.

“That was a great experiment,” Kay commented softly as soon as she settled her breathing, and Carrie smiled a little at the ceiling. She turned on her side and settled a palm on Kay’s dark stomach, rubbing it up and down slowly.

“I suppose that’s the only experiment you’ll need, right?”

“Wrong. I like experiments. And I think there’s more to find out, right?”

Carrie smiled at her.

She was absolutely right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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