Hot Time, Summer in the City

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Katie Simmons had never thought much about Miss Kelly back in the days when she attended Calvin Coolidge Junior High. Rita Kelly had been her gym teacher and coach of the girl’s volleyball team back in those days. Katie’s memories of Miss Kelly’s arduous practices were something she was anxious to forget. But that was ten years ago, and the pretty young blonde girl back then was now a gorgeous young blonde woman.

Her former coach, Rita Kelly had immensely enjoyed her career as a physical education instructor during those days in the early 1990’s, but when word had leaked out regarding her domestic living arrangements with another woman, the school board in a precautionary move to forestall criticism from the conservative small town P.T.A. had bumped Rita up into the Administration building, where the powers that be felt she would no longer be in contact with the community’s precious children.

Although the money was the same, Rita found the situation intolerable. She had only moved to Silver City for the rewards that only teaching and coaching could give her, and working as an administrative assistant just wasn’t worth it. Within a year she had resigned her position and moved to the big city, taking a job with a sales firm. It was here where she once again came into contact with pretty little Katie Simmons.

Rita’s social life had been hit and miss during those days. She had enjoyed numerous affairs with other woman, but none of them had worked out to her expectations. Now she was single again, making good money and living in a beautiful bayside apartment. At age 35, she was still fit and trim, very attractive with her brunette hair cut short and stylish. But she was also very lonely.

Unbeknownst to her, her former student, Katie Simmons, was also living in the city, having just moved there after flunking out of State University after only one year. Katie was a party girl, and the discipline needed to make it in a college environment eluded her. But even though she didn’t have an education or money, Katie was blessed with a gorgeous face and a beautiful body to match. And so the pretty blonde had no trouble finding a job as a model/escort at the high class Regency agency catering to the city’s elite. In fact, it was her first day on the job, a hot Friday night in July, when she received her first assignment, to go to the upscale flat of an R. Kelly, in the exclusive bayside district.

Katie arrived, dressed in a tight white mini-dress that showed off both her gorgeous curves and long, slender legs. She glanced at her image in the hall mirror before knocking on the door. There was no doubt about it, she looked hot! She was only 20-years old, however, and very nervous about her chosen line of work. Although the agency assured her that they only dealt with the highest class of clientele, she knew that sex was often expected in these encounters, and she wasn’t at all certain she could deliver.

Imagine her surprise when the door was opened by an attractive brunette dressed in dark slacks and a white dress shirt. It took another second before she realized exactly who the attractive brunette was.

“Oh my God!” she whispered. “Miss Kelly, is that you?”

Rita Kelly stared at the gorgeous blonde standing at her door, and was equally surprised when she saw who it was.

“Katie?” she quietly asked. “Katie Simmons?”

Both women continued to stare at one another, and then they mutually broke out in laughter.

“Come in, come in,” Rita bahis firmaları finally said. “I can’t believe that’s you!”

“Me neither,” responded Katie. “I was expecting some middle-aged guy to answer the door, and here instead I see my former volleyball coach! How incredibly funny!”

The two women continued to gaze at one another. Rita was amazed at what an incredibly attractive woman the pretty little girl she once coached had grown into. Katie, likewise, was amazed at the transformation time had wrought on Miss Kelly. In those middle school days Rita was always seen wearing only sweat pants and a coach’s t-shirt, and looked nothing like the glamorous and successful businesswoman she saw standing before her now.

“Can I offer you something to drink?” Rita said, finally breaking out of her trance. “And please, Katie, have a seat.”

“Thank you, Miss Kelly,” Katie replied, settling herself down onto the plush couch. “A vodka Collins, please. This is a beautiful place you have here.”

“Why thank you, dear,” smiled Rita. She thought about asking Katie not to call her ‘Miss Kelly,’ but decided against it. Come to think of it, she kind of liked the way it sounded. She quickly made Katie’s drink, mixing a bourbon & Coke for herself. She brought the drink over to the young girl and handed it to her, and then sat down along side her on the couch.

“So how long have you been here in town, Katie?” she asked.

“Well, I moved in just last week,” the girl replied, sipping her drink. “I was getting low on funds, and my landlady referred me to this Regency Modelling Agency when I told her I was looking for a job. In fact, this is my very first night.”

“I hope it’s your last night as well, Katie,” said Rita. “This isn’t something your family would be happy about your doing, now is it? You might as well be a stripper. It’s probably safer, and the money would very likely be better as well.”

Katie blushed. “I thought about that,” she said. “But I’m not sure I could dance naked in front of a bunch of guys. Besides, a girl has to do something to pay the rent!”

Rita continued to stare at the younger girl. “You have grown into a very beautiful young woman,” she sighed. “Such a pretty face. Such a lovely body. I’d certainly enjoy watching you strip.”

Katie blushed even deeper. Then she looked up at her former coach. “So what about you, Miss Kelly? Why would an attractive woman like you be calling an agency like Regency for an escort? And why would they send you another girl?”

“I like girls, Katie,” said Rita, staring straight into her eyes. “I was lonely, and wanted to spend the evening with a pretty woman instead of by myself. Is there anything wrong with that?”

“No ma’am, Miss Kelly,” Katie responded quietly.

She reached over and gently caressed the hand of her former coach. “I’m just so happy my first client is you. I was terrified, but I’m not anymore.”

“Well, let’s go get something to eat, shall we?” Rita said, rising up from the couch, assisting Katie up as well. “Where would you like to go, or shall I pick something for us?”

Katie smiled and nodded her approval. “Whatever you say, Miss Kelly. You’re the boss. Wherever you say.” And so, within minutes the two women were on their way in Rita’s Lexus to the Wharf, where the city’s finest restaurants were located. Rita was well-known in this district, having dined their often, and the two were soon seated and being served at one of the better known bistros. kaçak iddaa Both women really enjoyed one another’s company, laughing and updating eachother on mutual acquaintances. Katie was amazed at how accomplished Miss Kelly had become in successfully adapting to the big city culture, while Rita found herself thoroughly enjoying the company of this gorgeous young woman she had only previously known as a child. She also noticed the many stares the young beauty was getting from the other patrons of the restaurant. “And she’s all mine,” she thought proudly to herself.

As they drove back to Rita’s flat, Katie quietly observed, “I don’t want this evening to end.” In response, Rita moved her hand down to pat Katie on the knee.

“I don’t think it will end anytime soon,” she responded, as her hand gently edged slowly up Katie’s smooth thigh. “I want you to come upstairs with me. I have something to show you.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Katie sighed in response. “Whatever you say.” Rita’s hand remained on Katie’s leg the entire drive back to her flat.

Neither spoke as they parked the car and walked up and into Rita’s apartment. As the door closed, Katie stood still in the middle of the living room floor. Rita came up behind her, putting her arms around Katie’s slim waist, nuzzling her neck with her warm, moist lips.

“You’re going to spend the night with me, Katie,” she whispered into the trembling girl’s ear. Katie could only moan softly in response.

Rita then proceeded to unzip the back of the pretty blonde’s flimsy dress, kissing her neck and shoulders as she did so. Seconds later, the dress had fallen down around Katie’s ankles, leaving the young woman standing nearly nude, wearing only a silky white lace bra and a skimpy pair of white thong panties. Rita’s hands ran all over her young companion’s smooth pale skin, exploring her lush curves, caressing every inch of exposed skin, and finally resting upon the girl’s beautiful firm breasts, which she squeezed and kneaded with gently fingers.

“Come into the bedroom with me, Katie dear,” she murmured softly. The girl obeyed without question. Leading her by the hand, they stopped as they reached the bedroom door. Rita then pulled Katie to her and passionately kissed her inviting mouth, her hands roaming freely over the younger woman’s submissive and inviting body.

“I’ve never done anything like this with another woman before, Rita,” Katie said, as the older woman sat down onto the bed, pulling the blonde down with her as she did so.

“I’m still ‘Miss Kelly’ to you, Katie, and if you want to leave now you’re free to do so. But I don’t think you’re going anywhere, do you?”

“No ma’am, Miss Kelly,” whispered the blonde in reply. “I’m yours to do with whatever you want.”

“That’s excellent, dear,” Rita whispered back. “You’re mine now, and belong exclusively to me,” With that she leaned Katie back onto the bed, her head resting on a pillow. Rita then leaned herself down on top of the beautiful girl lying there, kissing her deeply. Her hands played with Katie’s gorgeous breasts, caressing and squeezing them.

“This pretty bra of yours is in the way and must therefore be removed,” Rita said, lifting Katie up enough and then turning her over to unhook it. Her mouth continued to kiss and nibble its way from the back of the girl’s neck and then slowly down her spine. Katie lay on her stomach as her bra was removed and tossed to the floor, enjoying Rita’s intimate attentions more than she ever thought kaçak bahis she would.

“You’re an incredibly good lover, Miss Kelly,” she murmured, as Rita kissed her way down Katie’s soft smooth body. “I never knew it could be this good.” And then she gasped as Rita’s mouth reached her pretty round rump, her mouth kissing and licking the girl’s silky smooth butt cheeks. The older woman’s hands were also now in this vicinity, squeezing and caressing the perfectly formed tush propped up invitingly before her feasting eyes.

“I always thought you had a pretty rear end, Katie,” she quietly murmured to the younger girl. “Even when you were in junior high, I could tell you were growing into a beauty. And I was so right!” Here, she bit gently onto the blonde’s protruding behind, making the younger girl yelp with pleasure.

“I love this feeling,” Katie squealed. “Nobody’s ever kissed or licked my ass before. It’s wonderful!” She wiggled her butt appreciatively, begging for more.

Rita laughed, planting another several kisses on the beautiful behind before moving her lips down the girl’s thighs and legs, then back up her body before turning her over and feasting on the ripe young breasts now pointed invitingly upwards. Katie lay there in ecstacy, while her former coach enjoyed her body. Rita’s mouth moved lovingly down the girl’s flat stomach and finally to her waiting pussy. Her legs widened in invitation. Rita then devoured her slowly and deliberately, nearly oblivious to the girl’s screams of delight as she worked Katie’s pussy expertly with her tongue.

Finally, both women lay exhausted, Katie totally nude, and Rita still in her clothes.

“Please, Miss Kelly,” the pretty young blonde begged, “please let me pleasure you now.”

Rita smiled, and quickly removed her slacks and shirt, pleased at the younger woman’s sincere look of admiration as her own taut body was revealed, clad now only in expensive black lingerie. Katie hurriedly leaned in to embrace the older woman. The two became entwined together, locked in a passionate kiss. Rita then took charge again, positioning the young blonde’s head wherever she wanted it, starting with her mouth on her own breasts, and then down her stomach to her waiting vagina. She held Katie by the hair as the blonde got her first taste of another woman’s sex.

When morning came, both women awoke, nude and still entwined in eachother’s arms on the large bed. Katie awoke to the feel of Rita’s fingers caressing her hair.

“You’re leaving the Regency agency today, my pretty girl,” she said. “I don’t want you doing that anymore, understand?”

“But what will I do to get by, Miss Kelly?” she pleaded. “I’ve got rent to pay.”

“No, you don’t,” responded Rita in her best authoritarian voice. “You’re moving in today with me. I’ll drive over to your place as soon as we get dressed and we’ll get your things.”

“Oh, Rita! I mean, Miss Kelly, thank you!” Katie’s eyes welled up with tears. “Does this mean what I think it does?”

“That we’re lovers? Is that what you’re trying to say?” Rita smiled at the younger girl. “Yes, that’s exactly what it means.” She caressed the girl’s upraised cheek, and then leaned over to kiss her. “You’re mine now. All mine.”

Katie giggled in response. “I like the way that sounds.”

“I’m glad you feel that way, Katie.” Rita stared into her eyes. “I’ve always wanted a pretty little submissive like yourself for a lover. You’re what I’ve always needed.” Her hands ran down the blonde’s soft body, coming to rest on her curvy behind, which she squeezed affectionately.

“I’m yours, Miss Kelly,” sighed Katie. “All yours.”

“Of course you are.” And again they kissed.

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