Bad Girl Ch. 03

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Once again I want to thank lollipopslut Q for her help with this story.


“I’m telling you Steve, it’s weird. It’s like every woman I meet who I want to fuck, wants to fuck me too!” I exclaimed into the phone.

“And that’s a bad thing?” Steve shot back.

“No, no I’m not complaining, it’s just weird. When was the last time an 18 year old babe tried to jump your bones?” I asked.

“Good Point. So you getting some hotties then?”

“Steve, have you seen my daughter’s friends? Hottie is an insult to these girls” I bragged.

“So how is Kimberly handling Dad’s sudden popularity?” Steve asked.

“Oh, pretty well.” I replied with a bit of a smirk. There was no way I was going to tell him the whole story.

Kimi sauntered into the room, hanging up her cell phone as she entered. She was completely nude, as usual. The girls didn’t seem to have much use for clothing around the house any more. I admired her amazing, tall slender body. Her long dark hair cascaded over her shoulders as she gracefully moved into the office.

“Gotta go Steve.” I quickly hung up. “What’s up Babydoll?”

“That was Sara, she’s on her way home. I think she’s bringing someone over because she said to be sure I had clothes on.”

“Hmm, you better get moving then, Sweetie” I lightly slapped her on the butt.

“OK Daddy, I’m going!” she scurried out of the office, rubbing her ass as she left.

In the last few weeks I had spent a good deal of time and money having the entire house wired with cameras and microphones. The girls really seemed to like it when I spied on them, and I was getting quite a collection of clips thanks to those two.

I clicked the switch for Kimi’s room and peered into the large monitor. She was bent over in front of the camera, wiggling her firm 18 year old ass as she pulled on a pair of skimpy black shorts. Kimi turned, seeing the little light on the camera, she knew I was watching. She waved, smiling.

“Hi Daddy!” a sly look crossed her face. She moved toward the camera and began to gently caress her breasts, her nipples grew hard as she rubbed and pinched them. She blew me a kiss, her hands moving slowly down her body, over her tight, flat stomach then into her shorts. Kimi stared straight into the camera and started slowly rubbing her pussy. I could see Kimi’s finger moving back and forth under her shorts, then she raised it seductively to her lips. She ran her tongue down her finger then began sucking it, just like a tiny cock.

I heard the front door open and Sara bellowed, “I’m home!”

Kimi jerked her head sideways, the spell broken. She grabbed a white cut off t-shirt and quickly put it on as she scampered out of her bedroom.

Entering the living room I saw Sara standing at the front door, talking to a beautiful young brunette. She was small, 7 or 8 inches shorter than Sara, with dark smooth skin and a very curvy casino şirketleri figure. And tits! My god they were spectacular! She was wearing a light blue mesh top with a lacy dark blue push up bra and a tiny denim mini skirt. It was lust at first sight.

“Hey Mr. C! This is Jamie” Sara announced.

“Glad to meet you, Jamie” I extended my hand.

“Glad to meet you too, ah, Mr. C.” she raised her hand and grabbed mine, shaking vigorously. She lifted her stunning dark green eyes and gazed into mine. I was transfixed, unable to move. She slowly removed her hand from mine, lingering as our fingers separated.

“Hello! Earth to Daddy!” Kimi bellowed out from the top of the stairs.

“Hey Lover!” Sara called up to Kimi.

“Lover?!” Jamie blurted out, sounding very surprised.

“Oh yeah, didn’t I tell you?” Sara asked.

“No, you didn’t!” Jamie snapped back, still clearly flustered.

“I’ll just be leaving now” I said, not particularly wanting to be involved in this.

“No, don’t go!” Jamie pleaded, quickly grabbing my hand again.

“I’ll let you ladies work this out.” I said, as I raised Jamie’s hand to my lips and softly kissed her supple skin. “Ta ta, ladies.” I said as I hastily exited the room.

I entered my office and switched the camera to the living room. The angle was set to take in the couch and recliner, so I couldn’t see any of the girls, but I could hear them.

“Hi, I’m Kimi”

“Hi, I’m Jamie”

“Nice outfit, you look amazing.” Kimi gushed.

“Uh, thank you” Jamie replied.

There was a long, uncomfortable silence before Sara broke in, “I guess we should go study.”

“Yeah, okay,” Jamie said.

I switched back to the bedroom camera as Kimi stormed into the office. “She’s a little bitch Daddy! I don’t like her!” she wailed.

“A little jealous ehh?” I shot back.

“Jealous? Jealous! Daddy, did you see that slutty outfit she’s wearing?”

“Now honey, calm down! Maybe Sara can convince her to behave.”

“Jesus Daddy! You just want to fuck her!” she pouted.

“Oh now, come here Babydoll.” She stomped across the room and roughly plopped herself down in my lap. Brushing Kimi’s hair aside, I kissed her on the neck, gently massaging her shoulders, hoping she would relax. My hands roamed from her shoulders, down her sides, then up under her shirt. Kimi let out a soft moan, then grasped the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off. She ground her crotch against my growing hard on as I rubbed her firm tits. “You know you’ll always be Daddy’s special girl.” I whispered in her ear.

“Daddy look!” Kimi exclaimed. I looked up at the computer to see that Sara had Jamie on her back, pinned to the bed. I quickly turned the sound up.

“What are you doing?” Jamie shrieked. She struggled, trying to break Sara’s grip, but the petite brunette was no match for her.

“You little slut, you want casino firmaları it and you know it. I saw the way you looked at Mr. C; you were ready to rip your clothes off right there!” Sara growled then clamped her mouth onto Jamie’s and forcefully kissed her. Jamie thrashed her head from side to side, trying to break the kiss. Sara pulled back and slapped Jamie hard across the face.


Suddenly Jamie stopped struggling, her eyes opened wide and she reached up and pulled Sara closer.

“Ooo, you like that, don’t you? You kinky bitch!”


Jamie forced their lips together, her hands exploring Sara’s tight young body. They rolled on the bed, making out passionately. Sara sat up so that she was straddling Jamie. She pulled off her pink t-shirt and lacy bra, exposing her fantastic, pert breasts. Jamie reached up and roughly pinched Sara’s nipples. “Let’s get you out of those clothes” Sara purred, climbing off of Jamie. Sara stood up and started to peel off her jeans. Jamie began to remove her black fishnet thigh high stockings. “Oh no! Leave those, I like those.” Sara cooed.

Jamie moved closer to Sara and began to sway slowly. Her hands moved up, under her sexy shirt, and she started kneading her large, proud breasts. With a swift motion she stripped off her top and tossed it at Sara. Jamie moved forward, grasping Sara’s head, which she forced into her ample cleavage. Sara reached behind Jamie and expertly unfastened her bra, unleashing her amazing breasts.

“Wow Daddy! She’s got really nice tits.” Kimi proclaimed, sounding slightly awed. We were both nude by now, Kimi was still in my lap, casually grinding as we watched the show. Kimi raised her body, positioning the tip of my cock at the entrance of her hot, wet pussy, and then slowly lowered herself until the entire length was inside her. The feeling was breathtaking, my baby girl riding my cock up and down, slowly increasing the pace, as I sucked her beautiful young breasts.

Stepping back, Jamie began to slowly unbuckle her belt as she swayed from side to side, dancing to imaginary music. She started a leisurely strip tease, pulling her belt free then tossing it aside. Sara moved closer and attacked Jamie’s breasts, roughly pinching her nipples. Jamie urgently removed her skirt and panties then pushed Sara back onto the bed.

“Come and get me Lover” Sara purred.

“LOVER! She just called her Lover! I’m gonna kick her ass!” Kimi shrieked. My cock was throbbing, ready to explode as Kimi rudely pulled herself off of me, and then ran from the office screaming obscenities at the top of her lungs.

Oh shit. I ran after her as she stormed up the stairs and burst into the bedroom.

“I’m your Lover, not this fucking skank!” Kimi yelled.

Sara jumped off the bed. “Jesus Kimi! What the fuck are you doing?”

“Skank? I’m not a skank!” Jamie wailed.

Kimi lunged forward, tackling güvenilir casino Jamie on the bed. She grabbed Jamie’s hair, pulling hard as the two of them rolled on the bed, slapping and kicking at each other. Kimi eventually managed to pin Jamie on her back.

“You people are all crazy!” Jamie screamed, a touch of fear in her voice.

“You little bitch!” Kimi answered, as she slapped Jamie hard across the face. Smack! Smack! Smack!

“I’m not a bitch!” Jamie yelled. She forcefully rolled to one side, upsetting Kimi’s balance, and swiftly Jamie had Kimi pinned to the bed.

Smack! Smack! Jamie slapped Kimi, then leaned in and kissed her hard, her hands moving up and down Kimi’s tight body. They rolled on the bed lustfully groping each other. When Jamie finally broke the kiss she whispered, “I think you owe me an apology.”

“I’m sorry, you’re probably not a skank or a bitch, we’ll see.” Kimi giggled as she continued fondling Jamie’s spectacular breasts, the war apparently over.

“Why is everyone naked?” Jamie asked as she looked in my direction.

“Come here, Lover.” Sara said to Kimi. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you cared so much.”

“Don’t you ever call anyone else Lover,” Kimi commanded, planting a passionate kiss on Sara’s lips.

As I moved to the bed and sat down next to Jamie, she stared at my cock with a lustful look.

“So! You come here often?” I quipped. She leaned into me, grasping my cock in her soft little hands. We kissed tenderly as she forced herself against me. I explored every curve of her young body with my hands as she continued to slowly stroke my cock. Jamie began to move down my chest, kissing and licking wherever she went. She pushed her breasts against my skin. I could feel her hard nipples against me as her mouth made its way down to my cock.

“I knew you wanted to fuck him!” Sara laughed. She positioned herself on the floor beneath Jamie and began to devour her sweet young pussy. Jamie squirmed as she took my cock deep into her warm, wet mouth. Kimi was licking from her pussy to her tight little asshole, occasionally giving her a good firm smack on the butt. I was quickly approaching the point of no return when Jamie began to shake, overcome by Sara’s oral attacks.

“Oh, oh, oh, oooh!” Jamie screamed as her orgasm wracked her curvy young body. I began shooting my cum on her chest as she jacked me off. Jamie’s shaking subsided and she looked down at her cum covered breasts.

“Oh my,” she cooed as she ran a finger through the mess and brought it to her lips then licked it clean. “Delicious!” she declared. Sara and Kimi quickly helped themselves, licking the cum from Jamie’s tits as she leaned back, savoring the attention.

Jamie got up and climbed onto my lap, as Sara and Kimi began gently kissing, whispering sweet nothings to one another. Jamie cuddled up against me, wrapping her arms tightly around my waist. She looked up at me with those dazzling green eyes, “Is it always like this around here?” she asked quietly.

“Just another day in paradise, sweetie” I answered, kissing her forehead. “Just another day in paradise.”

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