DJ Pt. 05

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I am sorry, I know it’s been nearly a year since DJ 4 was published. I had placed this on hold, attempting to finish the Prison School series before continuing this one. I learned a bitter lesson – not to try writing two stories at the same time. I finally uploaded Prison School – The final chapter (or CH 31) and it was published about 2 weeks ago. (early Oct, 2017)

This is a multi part story also. It probably will not be more than 10 chapters.

If you haven’t already read the first four chapters I highly recommend that you do, so you will not be lost. Here is part V and I am ready to start writing part VI.


It’s 8:00 AM on Tuesday morning and the sun is penetrating through DJ’s bedroom window. DJ woke up a little, and pinches himself to see if this is a dream. It’s such a fantastic feeling, waking up naked in bed with this blond, blue eyed angel of a teenager. Just touching Jamie’s body sends shivers through his body.

DJ slowly lifts the sheet and blanket off of Jamie, exposing the most beautiful young man’s body he has ever seen. Yes, he has seen it before, but it feels new, every time. DJ cannot resist the temptation to lean over and nibble on Jamie’s nipples. Jamie is just awake enough that it causes him to start getting an erection.

“What are you doing, boyfriend?” Jamie asked, groggily, and smiling.

“Melting, I absolutely love when you call me that! I want to slide into your body, boyfriend! Next best thing is to smother it.”

DJ placed his knees in between Jamie’s knees and lowered his whole body down on top of Jamie, covering Jamie’s mouth with his own, and grinding his now hard cock onto Jamie’s erection.

Jamie, sliding his mouth to one side, “Oh my god, DJ, that feels so—exciting, so—sensual. Where did you learn that trick?”

“Nowhere, boyfriend, it just seemed like something I wanted to do. I’ve never experienced this feeling before, but I like it, a lot. I think our cocks like to be close!”

DJ slowly lowered his mouth to Jamie’s neck and started sucking on it. Jamie wrapped his arms around DJ’s butt cheeks holding him close and keeping their cocks pressed against each other. Both boys are breathing heavily, and both are oozing precum that is helping to lubricate their cocks, allowing them to slide against each other.

Jamie, panting a little, “DJ, you’re gonna make me cum!”

“No boyfriend,” DJ responded, “You’re gonna make me cum!”

“DJ, you started this, I’m so fuckin’ hot! Oh, Fuck! I can’t hold it off!”

“I’m right there with you, boyfriend! Oh, shit! Jamieeeeeeeeeee!”

“I’m cuuuummmmmiiiiinnnngggg!” Jamie cried.

Both boys came, spurting a huge amount of cum between their pubes, abdomens, and stomachs. DJ rolled off of Jamie and the two just lay there, smiling at each other, and looking at the mess they had created on their bodies.

“That’s a lot of cum,” DJ commented, “I wonder whose is whose?”

“It’d be easy to tell, if my chocolate boyfriend shot chocolate colored cum! We need to get ready for the Gym.”

“I think, Jamie, under the circumstances, we need to shower before the workout. And before breakfast too.”

The two boys made their way to the bathroom. DJ is wondering how long it will be before Jamie notices the mark he had put on his neck. Both boys stepped into the shower, the hot water created an urgency to pee in both of them, as they had not taken the time to pee before hand.

“DJ,” Jamie said, grinning, “piss on you,” as he raised his cock and started to piss a golden stream onto DJ’s stomach.

DJ, shocked, “Two can play that game!” and proceeded to return the favor.

Jamie, laughing, “Well, we came on each other, why not piss on each other.”

The two boys then started to soap and wash each other, both making certain the others genitals were well cleaned. They then dried each other off, and then headed to the kitchen. Dad was sitting naked at the table, drinking his coffee.

Jamie reached down to the cupboard and retrieved the blender, opened a draw and got some utensils and started the smoothie. It was good to see that he had already, evidently, gotten over his shyness, as he seemed to be comfortable, creating the smoothie while still naked. While Jamie made the smoothie, DJ helped himself to a cup of coffee, and offered Jamie a cup, which was declined.

“DJ,” I said, grinning, “Are you staking a claim?” and pointed to the side of Jamie’s neck.

DJ got my gist and put his finger to his lips, mouthing a ‘shhh’. Jamie looked at us, not catching on, and returned to his chore of the moment.

The boys swallowed their smoothies and went back to DJ’s room to put on their workout clothes. I put on the apron, and proceeded to fix myself a more substantial breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast.

I’m almost feeling like I have adopted two boys, and I care a lot for both of them. I love having them both around. I can tell from the way DJ’s behavior has changed over the last few days, he feels comfortable, wanted, and secure here with casino şirketleri me. I hope Jamie knows he is welcome here also, as long as DJ wants him to be here.

Before the boys left for the gym, we all got our work schedules known. DJ and I both have to be to work at 3:00 PM, and Jamie at 4:00 PM today. The awkward part is that we both get off at 9:00 and Jamie not until 10:00 PM.

While Jamie and DJ were at the gym, I went ahead and prepared some lunch for all of us, as I figured they would be hungry when they returned. I made some macaroni salad to go with hamburgers I planned to grill when they returned. I had asked DJ to call me, and let me know when they were leaving to return here.

I got the call from DJ just a little past noon, so I had plenty of time. He also said that he and Jamie were planning to visit the park for a while on the way back, and should be home about 1:30, so I planned to have lunch ready about 1:30.

While we all had a casual lunch on the picnic table, I informed Jamie that DJ and I had to leave for work about 2:30. That since he didn’t need to be at work until 4:00 PM, he was welcome to hang around here until he left. Jamie thanked me, but said he was going to go by his house and spend a little time with his Mom, and put on a clean uniform before work. We all left the house at 2:30.

About 3:45 Tuesday afternoon Jamie arrived at the pizza joint to start his shift. Anthony, Jamie’s boss and the owner of the restaurant, looked at him and grinned, seeing the mark on Jamie’s neck.

“Look’s like you had a little fun on your day off, Jamie!” Anthony picked.

“I did enjoy my day off but, how would you know?” Jamie questioned.

“Really, Jamie,” Anthony said, smiling, “Have you even looked at your neck?”

“Excuse me a minute,” Jamie replied, as he headed to the restroom.

Jamie looked in the mirror and saw that purple hickey on his neck. He had not realized what his boyfriend had done, and now was feeling his face turning pink. He knows he needs a Band-Aid.

Jamie, returning toward the kitchen, “Anthony, do we have some Band-Aids?”

“It’s not going to bleed,” Anthony stated, still grinning, “It will go away in a couple days, it just shows you had a really hot date with someone. Don’t worry about it.”

About 8:30 PM, Jamie received a text message from DJ. ‘I get off at 9:00, would it be ok if I hang out at the pizzeria till you get off?’

Jamie texted back, ‘I think so let me ask Anthony’

Jamie, “Anthony, my workout buddy want’s to get together with me when I get off, but he is off his job at 9:00. Is it ok if he hangs out here and waits for me?” Anthony just nodded his head as a yes.

Jamie texted back, ‘Just sit in the area where ppl wait for their pick up orders, luv ya, boyfriend’

DJ read the text and smiled. That last word caused DJ’s heart to nearly jump out of his chest. What is it about that word ‘boyfriend’ that always triggers his heart to skip a beat, especially when it comes from Jamie.

DJ quietly sent a return text, ‘See you a little after 9, boyfriend!’

Jamie sent one more return text, ‘Tell Doug not to worry about supper, I’m bringing a pizza for three when I get off.’

About 8:45 I came back to the store, my deliveries for the day finished. DJ and I would be clocking out in 15 minutes. Justin told me I could go ahead and clock out now, as there are no more deliveries. I told DJ I would wait for him in the car.

“Dad,” DJ said, “I’m going to go to the pizzeria and wait for Jamie til he gets off at 10:00. Oh, and Jamie told me to tell you not to worry about supper, he’s bringing pizza for three. You can go on home, Jamie and I will see you a little after 10:00.”

“So,” I said, “I guess Jamie is staying over again tonight?”

“Yeah, Dad, if it’s OK?”

“I told Jamie he is welcome to stay over anytime, as long as you want him to. That’s entirely up to you. I’ll see you and Jamie about 10:15 or so. I’m out of here.”

Justin locked the store doors behind DJ and himself, and told DJ he would see him tomorrow. DJ started the 5 minutes walk from Southside Drug to the pizzeria with an abnormal spring to his step.

Anthony, greeting him, “Are you picking up, eating in, or placing an order?”

“Actually,” DJ clumsily answered, “I’m waiting on Jamie to get off.”

“Oh, you’re Jamie’s work out buddy?” DJ nodded. “Have a seat, anywhere.”

A couple of minutes later, Jamie walked into the dining area with several of those white cylinders, full of silverware, from the dishwasher. He set them on a table then went behind the counter and grabbed a stack of napkins, bringing them to the table. He spotted DJ sitting in the reception area.

“DJ.” Jamie raised his voice a little, “Wanna help me wrap silver?”

“Sure,” DJ responded, walking over to the table where Jamie was.

“Cool,” Jamie said, “go to the restroom and wash your hands.”

DJ followed Jamie’s instructions, washed his hands and returned. Jamie then showed DJ casino firmaları how to wrap the silver, and place one of those red paper tapes around the napkins, restaurant style. Jamie wasn’t able to stay with DJ continuously, as he still had a couple of tables with customers dining. While Jamie was caring for the customers, Anthony approached DJ.

“So,” Anthony spoke, with a questioning expression on his face, “You’re Jamie’s new workout buddy? What is your name?”

“Dewain Jovan Jackson, but I go by just DJ.”

“I don’t mind you helping Jamie with his sidework, but don’t expect me to pay you. Somehow,” Anthony smiled, “I have a gut feeling that you and Jamie are a lot closer than just workout buddies.”

“Nope,” DJ answered, not wanting to out his boyfriend, “Just friends.”

Anthony replied, grinning, “I’d be willing to bet that you put that hickey on Jamie’s neck, and just a friend wouldn’t do that, I don’t think.”

DJ felt the blood rushing to his face, turning his black face crimson. He just looked down at the floor, saying nothing.

Anthony, placing his hand on DJ’s shoulder, “DJ, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, but that red face tells me that you two are much closer than just friends, maybe more like boyfriends. Jamie is a really nice young man, but we knew, that one of these days he was going to meet another young man that would sweep him off his feet. I think that day may have arrived.”

Jamie returned to continue with the silver wrapping, walking in on the conversation.

“Jamie,” DJ spoke, obviously quite upset, “I didn’t mean it, but I’m afraid I may have outted you, please forgive me?”

“No!” Anthony exclaimed, “DJ you didn’t out Jamie. We’ve known, ever since Jamie came to work here, that he is gay. It’s never been an issue, and Jamie is one of our best and most dependable servers. Everybody needs love, and someone to love. If you two are comfortable with each other, and maybe get into a long-term relationship, nobody should care. I sure don’t.”

Jamie, smiling, “I know I didn’t get a chance to introduce you two properly, but, DJ, this is the owner, and my boss, Anthony, and Anthony, this is my boyfriend, DJ.”

Anthony spoke again, “I want you both to know, as Jamie already does know, sometimes we close this restaurant for a few hours, renting it out for wedding receptions. If you guys ever decide to tie the knot, I would love for your to have your reception here, but I would not charge you rent for it. Call it an employee benefit.”

“Anthony, is the oven still on?” Jamie asked.

“It shouldn’t be, but it is,” Anthony replied, “Need something?”

“Can you please make an extra large Chicken Alfredo with bacon and tomato to go?”

“You got it. It should be ready by the time you finish that silver.”

The two boys went back to work on the silver wrapping. DJ felt a lot better, and told Jamie he really liked Anthony, and thought he was pretty cool.

Anthony, after getting the pizza into the oven, “Guys, stand up a minute.” Anthony drew them both into his arms, hugging them close. “I really hope that things work out well for both of you. I love you both.”

The two boys, well, young men, finished the silver, Jamie straightened out some of the tablecloths, used a tray to gather the jars of parmesan cheese from the tables and carried them to the cooler. Anthony pulled the pizza from the oven, boxed it and cut it.

Jamie went to the counter to pay for the pizza (which would normally be half price with the employee discount), and Anthony told him this one is on the house. All three men walked out the door and Anthony locked it.

“Goodnight, Anthony,” DJ said, “and thanks for everything, and for understanding.”

“Goodnight boss,” Jamie stated, “and thanks for the pizza. See you tomorrow.”

“Goodnight BOYFRIENDS!” Anthony exclaimed, smiling.

When the boys got to Jamie’s car, Jamie handed the pizza to DJ to carry on his lap, telling him to try and keep it level so the melted cheese wouldn’t slide to one side. Once to DJ’s house they entered the back door, and placed the pizza on the table. Doug was on the computer, checking Facebook.

“I thought you guys got lost! I’m starved,” I said.

While all three of them devoured the pizza, DJ and Jamie went into all the details of the evening at the pizzeria. Doug enjoyed the tale and smiled.

“I think,” Jamie stated, “DJ and I are now officially boyfriends!” Then, to DJ, “I love you, my chocolate boyfriend.”

“I love you too, my vanilla boyfriend,” DJ said, grinning.

“I am so thankful,” I said, tears welling in my eyes, “that fate has brought both of you into my life. You are both like sons to me, like the children I never had. I doubt either of you have any idea how much you both mean to me, and how much I love you both.”

“Dad,” DJ questioned, “Do you remember, a few weeks ago, you mentioned the possibility of adopting me, legally?”

“I sure do, DJ. Tell me your thoughts on that, now.”

“I’d like that,” güvenilir casino DJ responded, “Then I’d be your real legal son, and you’d be my real legal father.”

“DJ, What about your real family?” Jamie asked.

“Jamie, I no longer have any family, except for Dad here, and maybe you. The only memories I have of any biological or blood relatives are bad memories, and I’d prefer to forget those. I don’t need that baggage in my life. Jamie, my old man used to say they should have had me aborted.”

Jamie, jumping out of his chair, “NO! Oh my god! How could anybody be that cruel!”

With tears streaming down his face, Jamie wrapped his arms around DJ and hugged him so fiercely and tightly that DJ could hardly breathe.

“Jamie,” I said, “Now you know just one small part of the reasons why I had to rescue DJ from that horrid environment, and bring him home with me, and why I want to adopt him, legally.”

“Doug,” Jamie said, “My mom’s brother, Uncle Steve, is an attorney. I don’t know if he does adoptions, but I’m sure he could make some recommendations that might head you in the right direction. I can talk to him, if you like. Uncle Steve and I are on good speaking terms, and you know, I have a stake in this too, as it involves my boyfriend.”

“What do you think, DJ?” I asked.

“Go for it!” DJ exclaimed, “I don’t want to be a Jackson anymore, I want to be a Kendall. I hate having Jackson as part of my name.”

“I think we’ve reached a consensus, Jamie,” I said, “Please talk to your uncle. Does he know you’re gay?”

“Yeah, he knows. If he didn’t, I’d be embarrassed to tell him DJ is my boyfriend. I’ll try to talk with him this week.”

“I don’t know about you two, but this old man is tired and ready for bed.”

“Me too,” DJ added, grabbing Jamie’s hand, “C’mon boyfriend, let’s go to bed.”

Everyone headed to the bedrooms. DJ and Jamie both stripped, and both went into the bathroom for a last pee, came back and slipped into bed. They shared a passionate kiss and relaxed with arms holding each other loosely.

“DJ,” Jamie spoke softly, “I need to tell you something. Until I met you, I never even considered dating a black guy. That first night we, kind of, met, although we didn’t even know each other’s names. You came in with Doug and picked up that pizza to go. I wanted you so bad, there was just something about you that really turned me on. I went home that night, and went to bed thinking about you. I got so horny I had to jack off, thinking about you.”

“The next time I saw you was the night you and Doug came in and I served you. I gave you my phone number. I had no idea what you were doing with that older man, but I wanted you, so bad. I was wearing an apron, and hoping nobody noticed that I had a boner most of the night. I couldn’t wait to get home and masturbate, and I hoped so much that you would call me. You did, and we’ve gotten to this point.”

“Jamie,” DJ spoke, “I went through a lot of the same emotions. When I saw you, the first time, I thought you were the hottest dude I’d ever seen. Doug accused me of drooling. I was afraid you were too young, but Doug helped us find out that you were eighteen, and out of school. And I wanted you just as badly, and I wanted to just be with you.”

“Jamie, do you believe in love at first sight?”

“I didn’t used to, until I met this dude called DJ. I know I started to fall in love with you before I even knew your name. There was just this something about you. DJ, I tried not to, but I have fallen very much in love with you. I can’t even picture my life without you in it.”

“Jamie, I’m just a poor black kid that was raised in the projects. I think you deserve better than what I am, despite my feelings for you. I think you can do better.”

“DJ,” Jamie is starting to choke up, “I don’t like where this is going—I’d rather live in a shack—with you, than to live—in a castle—without you.”

“Jamie, I do love you, I just don’t think I’m good enough for you.”

“Baby, take my hand and never let it go. Together, we can be invincible, there is nowhere we can’t go, if you just hold on to my hand.”

This was the first time that Jamie had called DJ ‘baby’ and, somehow, that word made DJ melt. Yes, DJ knew, deep down, he did want to be Jamie’s baby. He also knew, deep down, that he really cared for Jamie a lot. Yes, he does love Jamie.

DJ finally succumbed, took hold of Jamie’s hand, and the two cuddled, falling asleep shortly like a couple of babies.

I was up early Wednesday morning, and I decided to go ahead and make some biscuits and sausage gravy for our breakfast. I know DJ likes them, and am hoping Jamie does also.

It was nearly 10:00 AM, when the sun shining in through the window caused DJ to start to awaken. It was so comforting to feel his body lying so close to the boy he loved. Thinking about the conversation he had had with Jamie the night before, he started questioning his reasoning. Why was he beating himself up? It seems that Jamie does really love him, and he knew that he really does love Jamie. ‘Baby,’ DJ likes that word, even more than ‘boyfriend.’ He’s going to try it out.

DJ, raising up on one elbow, softly plants his lips on Jamie’s, and draws a moan from Jamie, who is starting to open his eyes.

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