The Vicar’s Wife Ch. 18

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Size isn’t everything, they say, but most women would agree that it certainly helps. The vagina usually prefers to feel that it’s being filled to capacity during fornication, for maximum enjoyment of the act, though, of course, the capacity of the vagina varies widely from woman to woman. Alan was cursed by a smaller than average penis, which, for a senior medical consultant, was something of an embarrassment. Though it would the same whatever hid profession! However, it had not prevented him from enjoying a good sex life during his student years, nor from marrying a beautiful Norwegian lady.

Kristina was everything expected of a Scandinavian goddess! She was a tall and well-built lady, with the blonde hair and full breasted figure, narrow waist and firm, large bottom. But she had a smaller than average vagina to enjoy Alan’s penis. After the birth of twins, however, Kristina had not recovered fully her previous vaginal size, which left her somewhat dissatisfied during sex. It became the cause of considerable distress to her. Alan’s small penis was now a distinct disadvantage when they resumed normal sexual activities. Even Alan’s award of a knighthood for services to medicine, hadn’t helped, though Kristina was delighted to be an English Lady!

Various sex aids to improve the dimensions of his penis were helpful, though not a complete success. Kristina was really yearning for a good big cock to fill her passage, rather than an add-on. It was whilst discussing his predicament with his long time friend and colleague, that they came up with the idea of dogging. The excitement of having intercourse with a stranger – hopefully with a large penis – would go a long way to giving Kristina the satisfaction she languished for. Kristina was thrilled by the prospect of having a good fuck again. So the joint decision was made. Alan would get the extra stimulation of watching his beautiful wife being ravished by another man – a fantasy many men experience, but few fulfil.

In order to maintain complete discretion and anonymity, following much private research among close colleagues they found a group of highly respectable – and respected – couples. After much searching around, Sir Alan chose the private car park at the rear of the local historic house, managed by English Heritage. It was out of the way, well secluded, and little known. The owner, Sir George, was eventually taken into their confidence and was happy to turn a blind eye to their recreational events, having been given assurances that there was no criminal behavior. He even joined in on one occasion, to his complete satisfaction.

Alan also engaged the help of two or three medical students, whose appetite for sex was what would be expected a youth, but whose discretion would be total, to make sure the place was secure during the activities, besides, there was the bonus of them joining in the fun each week-end. When he found George, a well-built colored medical student, with a ten-inch penis, he was delighted. He made him the senior bodyguard.

The ladies in the group were not as difficult to persuade as he had at first feared. In fact, several seemed more eager than their partners to engage in these nocturnal activities. It wasn’t long before the group was fairly extensive, with professional people as members of the group. All were very hard-working middle-class people, seeking some way of letting their hair down for recreation. Kristina was thrilled by the results, enjoying George’s seduction with gusto.

The group had been well established with many very satisfying outings for the members, with no problems when, one Saturday evening, Alan watched as a car with a single lady driver pulled into the car-park. She was not a member, otherwise the car would have had the special luminous disc hanging in the windscreen. She looked very attractive. Who could she be, he wondered? Sir Alan looked on with interest as the lady was being ‘serviced’ by the three guards. After they had given her what she was clearly looking for, he noticed that a member of the group, a solicitor called Harold, whose fetish was fellatio, approached her car window. He was duly attended to by the lady, resulting in a goodly supply of sperm splattering her face.

After Harold had returned to his car, Alan walked over to the Mazda, where the lady was cleaning her face with tissues, her window still open and the interior light shining.

‘Good evening. I hope you’re enjoying the fun?’

The lady looked up at him questioningly. She was quite young, he thought, with a pleasant face, if not one of traditional beauty. She clearly didn’t know what to say. ‘They guys didn’t upset you I hope?’

‘Oh no! No, no! They were very courteous, actually.’

‘That’s good. I should explain that this is a private car park we use for our own personal private enjoyment. I wondered how you came across us?’

She looked at Alan for a moment or two, before deciding that honesty was the best poilcy. ‘Well, as a matter of bahis firmaları fact, I’m a friend of the owner.’

‘Of Sir George?’

‘Well, more Lady Sarah, I suppose. I’m Samantha.’

‘That’s fine then. We are a very discreet set of professionals who like to relax and satisfy the inner needs without undue interference or publicity. Especially publicity. I’m sure you understand.’

‘Oh. I wasn’t aware that… er…’

Another car had driven into the car park.

‘Perhaps I should leave?’

‘Not necessary. You have a very attractive body, Samantha, if I may say so. I couldn’t help but notice… er… well, most of our members get enjoyment from watching and being watched in the act of fornication. And other similar activities. Exhibitionists mostly, though they all enjoy a good sexual encounter. Would you care to take a look? My name’s Alan by the way.’

Samantha really had no alternative. She opened the car door and stepped out, helped by the newcomer. Standing to look over the top of the BMW, she noticed the tailgate of the dark-blue Ford Explorer was up. The rear seats had been folded flat, giving plenty of floor space in the boot. A blanket covered with a plastic sheet, was draped over the frint of the open boot. Lying back on it, her long, stockinged legs held wide and high, exposing her large buttocks, was a well-built lady being penetrated by a rather neat, slender gentleman. Alan led Samantha round the back of the BMW to get a full view of the couple. The man was an Asian guy, in his fifties she guessed, with greying hair sleeked back from his high forehead. With trousers and underwear round his ankles, he was thrusting deeply and rhythmically into her vagina. The woman was moaning, clearly enjoying the attention, whilst the man watched his cock ploughing into her, with a frame of blonde curls surrounding the thudding shaft.

‘My wife,’ Alan explained quietly. ‘She gets a kick out of being watched having sex. As well as the sex itself, of course.’

Samantha looked on in some amazement at the expanse of buttocks. The lady was not fat by any means, Sam thought, but she was big! Her breasts were huge, hanging slightly to each side of her rib-cage, like large balloons, with surprisingly small, pale areola and cherry-pink nipples.

Alan murmured in Sam’s right ear. ‘Do you mind if I caress your breasts?’ She turned to smile at him over her shoulder, as his right hand slipped into the gap of her half-fastened dress. This is so surreal, she thought. Here is an elegant guy fondling my breasts, whilst I myself watch his wife being seriously shagged by an Asian. The feel of Alan’s cool hands squeezing her pliant breasts was exhilarating.

‘He’s a top surgeon,’ she heard Alan explain. ‘His wife’s in hospital at the moment, so she can’t share in the fun. But they both enjoy the occasional fling.’ His other hand was now gently rubbing the cheeks of her bottom. In spite of the earlier activities, or perhaps because of them, she found herself responding to the sensuous touch. Attention to her bottom always aroused her sexual interest. Yes, my goodness, she thought. I’m ready for more! Of course, the sight at close quarters of a woman being fucked was an added provocation, pushing her pelvis against the driving shaft, grunting with each stroke. This was something she had never experienced before. Although, during intercourse with her husband, she had often imagined him penetrating another woman’s vagina, the reality of examining the sex act in close-up was far more arousing.

Alan was still talking quietly. ‘Unfortunately, I’m not too well endowed in the penis department, so Kristina finds the large cocks she enjoys from other men.’ but Sam was hardly listening. She was drawn to the woman’s trembling body, mesmerized by it, leaning over until her lips brushed the nipples, whilst her hand sneaked over her hairy groin, to feel for the clitoris.

The gentle pressure on her back, encouraged Sam to lean over the rear bumper, allowing the hem of her dress to be lifted and draped round her waist. Her breasts were now squashed against Kristina’s left breast, whilst both of Alan’s hands lasciviously stroked her bottom. But Sam’s close proximity to the Asian surgeon sensed he was reaching his climax. His jerks had become irregular. He was moaning. His head thrown back, eyes closed. With a loud grunt he withdrew from the mass of flesh, snatched off his condom, spewing his load of sperm all over the hairy groin.

By now, Alan was fondling Sam’s vulva, exploring the labia and the vestibule with inquisitive fingers. Her whole rear was still soaking with her juices and the earlier ejaculations. As Sam studied the ravished vulva, topped with a golden matt of hair, she felt the blunt end of Alan’s penis searching the split between the cheeks of her soft bottom.

Her attention was suddenly drawn to what was happening behind her. Sam sucked in a breath, and stopped. She froze. Was he going to penetrate her bum? Her first kaçak iddaa instinct was to pull away, but she prevented herself. What the hell, she thought, I might enjoy it! Other people do, she had heard. Perhaps I should try it – I can always withdraw if I don’t like it. Confused thoughts raced through her mind as she weighed up whether or not to allow Alan to penetrate her. This was an evening of sexual revelations for Sam. But indecision was too late.

The cock was indeed, preparing to slip into her rectum. Wet and sticky with bodily juices, there would be little resistance to its entrance. Sam was dumbfounded! Never having experienced anal sex before, she had often wondered if she might enjoy it. Now, here it was! A cock preparing to penetrate her bum. Oh God! Did she want this? It was all so unexpected. But it was too late! She sucked in her breath noisily, holding it in anticipation. The cock was suddenly inside her! Up to the hilt in her rectum! Realization dawned, though, that it wasn’t hurting. Stretching, yes. But not painfully. Then she remembered. Alan had a small cock!

Closing her eyes, Sam deliberately relaxed her sphincter muscles. She concentrated on the sensation inside her. It was incredible! The smooth action if the fornicating cock inside her was different from vaginal penetration, but curiously exciting. Thrilling, in fact. Yes! It was unbelievably exciting. It was arousing her whole genital area! A wonderful sensation glowed inside, spreading throughout her loins. It grew with each thrust. Yes – yes – yes – it – is – in -cred – ible! Oh God! So heavenly! Yes – yes – un- bel-iev-able! Sam grabbed at her clit, slapping it with her stiffened fingers. As the cock exploded within her, Sam experienced a fantastic orgasm, quite different from the usual sensation. Absolutely fabulous! Wow! She went into orgasmic orbit, never thinking an anal orgasm was possible, but she had exploded into a complete climax.

‘Thanks you, Samantha,’ was the whisper in her ear. As she recovered from her orgasm, panting for breath, still bent over the rear bumper, she was tempted to respond, ‘No, thank you Alan!’ But she remained silent, now aware of George now fucking Kristina with his monster penis. The large lady was moaning and squealing like a trapped animal. With some curiosity, Sam slipped her fingers over Kristina’s groin, rubbing her clit vigorously.

It was then that Alan stood Sam at the side of his bucking wife, pushing her loins aginst her. Hands reached round her waist, fingers gripping her labia, pulling them apart. ‘Pe on her,’ he urged. ‘Pee on her!’ There was no doubt that her bladder was rather eager to fulfil his request. Without questioning, Sam relaxed her bladder to let the golden stream spurt to splash over Kristina’s belly and groin, spraying over her body. This was awesome! Je-sus!

But it did the trick. Kristina gasped out loud, bucked and jolted as the orgasm kicked her large body into agonizing ecstacy as Sam’s pee soaked her body. Wow! Sam was impressed by Kristina’s uninhibited thrashing, George still fucking hard amid the flowing golden rain. So that, she realized as the pee bagan to subside, is what the plastic sheet is for. And George withdrew from her vagina to gush his sperm into the pubic hair and navel.

Almost embarrassed by what she had done, Sam straightened her dress, fastening the buttons. Alan passed her a disc. ‘Now you’re a member, you’re welcome anytime, Samantha. Just hang that in your windscreen when you arrive.’ In a daze, still reeling from the recent experience, Sam moved away quickly, crossed to her car, slipping into the driving seat.

The drive home was something of a dream for Sam. She couldn’t get her head round the fact that she’d been indulging in the wildest sexual experience ever. Surely it was a different person inhabiting her body – not really her. The Samantha she knew could never behave like that – but she had! The scent of sperm on her fingers was a reminder for her. Her body was smeared with it. What on earth had possessed her to do it? Should she regret it, she wondered? Hell, no! It was a staggering experience. The final act of anal sex was the climax of the evening. Unbelievable. Perhaps she should try doing it again – all of it!

After stripping off in the bedroom, Sam felt her vulva cautiously. It seemed the same as usual. There were no after effects she could detect of the battering it had sustained. Nor her bottom. A careful examination in the dressing mirror showed no signs of bruising nor any other marks, though sperm was still tickling down her inner thigh. It was as if she hadn’t undergone those sexual excesses. A long hot shower, with her favorite gels and then her body lotion made her feel herself again. It was during the shower that she suddenly asked herself if George and Sarah indulged. Surely not, she thought! Not George! Sarah, perhaps, but not George, she insisted to herself.

Lying in bed, she recalled the events of the evening. It had served its purpose. kaçak bahis But had it really happened? She felt beautifully relaxed inside. There was no inner craving. With the memory of Alan sliding his penis into her rectum, Sam drifted into a happy, peaceful sleep. But not for long.

Opening one eye to glance at the bed-side clock, Sam saw that it was almost half past midnight. The cool draught of air under the duvet had brought her out of her rest, as James slid quietly into bed beside her. With her back to him, she closed her eyes, vaguely wondering whether or not her husband had been having sex with the beautiful nurse. She didn’t care, really. Not since her own wonderful experience earlier in the evening. It was some kind of revenge, she supposed, although she hadn’t seen it in that light.

James cuddled up into the curve of her body, throwing his arm across her. Sam held her breath for a brief moment. It was some time since James had got so close to her. Mmm! Then she realized that he, too, had showered. The body spray he used had a lovely seductive scent. Sam was surprised. He usually just got under the duvet and went straight to sleep. Why this change in routine? It was then she felt the stirring of his penis against the cheeks of her bottom. His hand had slid down her hip, gently stroking the top of her thigh. Er…? What’s this, she thought? But the fingers held the hem of her nightie, drawing it up, so that he could creep his fingers into the crack of her bottom. That’s nice, she purred. Now what?

The roving palm of his hand caressed the soft buttock, getting closer all the time to the crack between her cheeks. To Samantha, this looked very much like an overture to a sexual encounter. But they hadn’t had intercourse for months. Why now? Why, when she had recently enjoyed the attentions of five different guys? But she didn’t really question it too much. James’ sensitive fingers were already exploring the soft flesh between her thighs. In spite of all her earlier sexual activities, her vagina responded in its usual way. Sam started to lubricate. Her clit began to thicken and her vulva to swell. This was what usually happened when Sam’s genitals were fondled. She lay there without moving, but gently buzzing beneath the skin.

Pressing against her thigh was a now erect penis. It certainly looked as though she was about to enjoy a sixth cock! Without trying to understand why this change in James, Sam quietly whimpered with pleasure. After a few moment of foreplay, her husband hoisted his upper leg across her thighs, seeking her vagina with the plum of his penis. Having found it, he slowly inserted it into the wonderful, slippery entrance to her deepest mystery. After holding it there for a few moments, reveling in the sensation of his cock being engulfed by a warm vagina, James soon found an easy rhythm, sliding fully in and out of her, whilst tasting her juices on his fingers. Sam wondered if the vagina had fully recovered from its earlier exertions, and whether or not James would notice a difference.

But James was too engrossed in what he was doing to worry about judging the capacity of his wife’s vagina. It felt the same to him as before – gloriously soft and juicy. It wasn’t long before his tensions began to rise. Sam was responding with trembling hips, rhythmically squeezing her vaginal muscles, gripping the shaft that was giving her so much pleasure. Helped by some manipulation of her clitoris, Sam managed her orgasm to coincide with James exploding deep inside her.

They lay together without speaking for a few moments before James whispered in her ear : ‘I’ve been neglecting you Sam. Sorry. I intend making up for it though. Often!’

After switching on the bedside lamp, he went down on her, making love to her vulva with his mouth, savoring its taste. James felt the loins deep within her, tighten and the hips begin to stir and jerk. Paying more attention to the clitoris and its hair-covered shaft with his teeth and tongue, the flexing became more urgent. Sam pressed his head closer to her genitals, quietly murmuring with delight, until her hips arched with a light shudder. That glorious fizzing sensation developing deep in her loins was rising to the surface, trembling along the clitoral shaft. A piteous cry of joyful despair announced the orgasm Sam had been reaching for.

Pulling away from the vulva, James was aware of the dribbles of Sam’s vaginal emission trickle over the puckered entrance to her other passage. He rubbed the juices over it, studying the wrinkled opening, before taking his erect cock in his hand, placing the end against it. It fascinated him. To penetrate the rectum was an ultimate expression of esteem between a couple. Sam had always refused anal sex. But not tonight. That was strange, he thought – but exciting. The cock edged and nudged into the dark passage bit by bit, the rectum stretching to accommodate the intruder. He pushed slowly, using his thumbs to make the opening larger, until he was fully embedded. With joy in his heart, James slowly fucked her superb arse until the second coming of sperm, unwilling to remain dormant for long, rose from deep within him to spurt into her, flooding the nether hole.

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