A Field Trip for Delta Nu

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This story was inspired in part by a Japanese movie, “Bus Full of Blonde.” It is placed in the Mature section, as the relationships are consistently May/December; more specifically, younger ladies seducing older men. All of the characters are at least eighteen. I do hope you like it!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Delta Nu was probably the most popular sorority on the Livingston campus. Every one of the sisters of Delta Nu was quite pretty. Many were in fact beautiful. They also had the bodies that men would die for. Well, maybe that’s a bit exaggerated, but they really were consistently so very attractive. Most importantly, Delta Nu girls met and married the most desirable and successful men. The sorority’s motto was “Any girl who wants a guy wants first to be Delta Nu.” Elle Woods was, of course, a Delta Nu. She was probably their most famous alumni. She naturally married a very successful lawyer. But, there were other notable graduates as well. Suzanne Somers, Goldie Hawn, Alicia Silverstone, Desiree Cousteau, Christina Applegate, Carol Connors, Claire Wellington, and Lorelei Lee were all Delta Nu, as well as, of course, Bree Olson (see “Five steps to Delta Nu”).

Delta Nu was also a very progressive sorority. They valued the representation of all groups, all perspectives. Most of the girls were blonde, but some were brunette and a couple were even redhead. Delta Nu embraced diversity. Some of the girls were tall, some were petite. Delta Nu did not discriminate. Delta Nu didn’t even require that a girl’s breasts be large. That would be terribly prejudicial and also missing the point. Some guys do like them little. However, all of the girls were clearly very attractive, if not beautiful. That was to be expected. Delta Nu supported diversity, but they were not stupid. Well, actually, many of the girls weren’t the brightest bulbs in the lamp, but they knew enough to get what they wanted, and no Delta Nu failed to be successful in college, if success meant finding the right man, and for a Delta Nu girl that did indeed mean obtaining the most desirable catch.

From the perspective of Livingston College and the Panhellenic Council, the governing body of sororities, Delta Nu was a jewel. Delta Nu turned marginal, even failing, students into members of the Dean’s List. This was most impressive to the Dean of Undergraduate Affairs, Mr. Horner, and a point of considerable jealousy among the more academically oriented college associations. The manner in which Delta Nu accomplished this feat was a carefully guarded pedagogical secret coveted by all of the other sororities and fraternities.

In fact, this past year the sisters of Delta Nu obtained the highest grade point average of all of the sororities and fraternities on campus, much to the annoyance of Chi Omega which contained the highest proportion of chess club, biology club, chemistry club, pre-med, and pre-law members. As a reward for their outstanding academic accomplishment, Mr. Horner, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, selected six members of Delta Nu to represent Livingston College at a three-day seminar in Washington, DC, for undergraduates wishing to pursue a career within the financial sector.

The girls were ecstatic! Of course, none of them were actually pursuing careers within the financial sector. Some of them were business majors, but that was only to meet future businessmen. Pre-business courses were horrible! Could there be anything more boring than classes on economics or accounting? Gag me with a spoon! However, it was not difficult to get good grades in the classes. Guys in the classes were pretty willing to “help” with the girls’ homework and exams. And, if that wasn’t sufficient, the teaching assistants would provide extra tutoring, and these young men had ready access to the tests. And, if that wasn’t enough, there was still the professors, most of whom were also male. For the girls of Delta Nu, business classes were essentially “bunny” courses.

In any case, the Delta Nu girls were not interested in attending the seminar in order to get a heads-up on how to be successful businesswomen. They were going because of the tremendous networking possibilities. The girls of Delta Nu were not particularly interested in becoming bankers but they certainly embraced the opportunity to meet bankers. Who was richer than bankers?

Banking is really quite an amazing career. You give the bankers your money to store for you. All they have to do is to provide you in return a nominal dividend, which will be much, much lower than the interest rate they will charge for the vast number of loans they provide on the basis of having yours and everyone else’s money that they are storing. Funny how the money you give them to store is not itself considered to be a loan. And, of course, they can also invest all of your money, as if it was a loan to them, plus invest even much more than what they actually have, by borrowing from other banks, all of whom are in massive debt to each other.

Naturally, you bahis firmaları don’t get any of the profits from the bank’s investments of your money. They keep that for themselves. You should just feel happy that your money is in a save place (at least up to 250,000 dollars, which seems a lot to you but is a pittance to the persons running the bank). And, of course, for keeping your money save and investing it to make lots of money for themselves, the bankers largely determine their own salaries, which are typically obscenely large.

Banking was such an attractive career that some Delta Nu girls even considered pursuing it. But, that pointless ambition never lasted for long. There was some degree of work involved, particularly during college. So, the girls pursued the next best thing: marrying a banker.

Each of the financial seminars in Washington, DC would be led by a major player within the banking, finance, or insurance field. The girls got warm between their thighs just thinking about meeting so many wealthy and powerful men.

There was one minor setback. Livingston College, like all colleges, was strapped for funds. Their budget was supported largely by the dividends they received on their endowment (held by some bank), which had shrunk well below expectations with the fall in the market (due largely to banks making far too many risky loans), leaving the campus with a considerable budget crunch. All new hiring was frozen, all new construction was halted, and every dollar, even every cent, was being carefully monitored and questioned. The college administration decided that it simply could no longer afford a trip to Washington, DC. The cost of the air travel alone was well beyond their travel budget’s capacity for the sorority.

Dean Horner was very reluctant but he would have to call the trip off. Perhaps next year, he suggested.

The girls though were not to be denied. True to form for any sorority the ladies came up with a plan to make it work. They repackaged the trip in a manner that would be well within the college’s strict financial limitations. First, they would all share rooms at a Motel 6 just outside of the city rather than stay at the Ritz Carlton (in the heart of “the district”), as originally planned. They would eat at fast food restaurants, and they would limit their tourist excursions (the Smithsonians in DC are free but the real fun ones, like the History of Fashion Museum did charge a fee). Plus, they would take a bus to travel from Livingston to DC.

Dean Horner was impressed, and pleased, with the girls’ motivation and frugality. Plus, he was going to be their chaperone and had so much looked forward to the trip himself. He was not particularly excited about taking a bus, but if the girls were willing to make a sacrifice, then so was he.

The bus ride, however, wouldn’t really be that bad. Bus seats are considerably more roomy than airline seats. Plus, it’s such a wonderful opportunity to see America. Well, at least some of the trip would be scenic. Probably much of it would be quite boring. They weren’t even riding a chartered bus that provided movies. It was a public bus that had to make stops along the way.

The girls were naturally late getting on board and so, as a result, they had to take the remaining seats, which meant for many of them sitting next to strangers rather than being able to sit next to each other. It was curious how so many passengers put their baggage on the empty seat next to them, and then act is if they didn’t notice it while the girls were looking for a place to sit down.

Dean Horner suggested that they play a game. He had made maps of the U.S. and every time a sorority sister (or anyone else on the bus who wanted to play) saw a license plate from a particular state she would color in that state. The first person to color in all 52 states would win (or the person who had the most states colored in by the end of the trip, if nobody saw all 52 states).

Lexi Belle though talked him out of it. They couldn’t really play the game very effectively as the girls were spread out all over the bus. In any case, the girls didn’t mind sitting next to strangers. Delta Nu girls, like all sorority girls, were very gregarious and friendly. It’s why Delta Nu girls were so popular at social events, meetings, and conventions. They could turn the most boring function into a delightfully merry and engaging party. For the girls of Delta Nu, a bus trip was an opportunity to make new friends.

“Hello,” Ellie exclaimed with a big grin, holding out her hand to the man moving his briefcase from the seat next to him so that Ellie could sit down. “I’m Ellie Fox. What’s your name?” She reached over with her right hand to shake his.

Mr. Sanders slipped the briefcase beneath the seat in front of him and turned to the young girl now sitting down next to him in the aisle seat. She was a strikingly pretty little girl, with large round sparkling blue eyes, and even larger and rounder spectacles, rosy red cheeks kaçak iddaa with little dimples, pursed pink lips, a perky nose, and wavy auburn hair that came down to the rounded collar of her white blouse. She was wearing a rather tight light blue cardigan sweater over her blouse, a necklace with the Delta Nu emblem on the pin, a matching light blue skirt, white socks, and tennis shoes. She was a petite little thing, as her feet barely touched the floor of the bus.

“Uh, yes, I’m Larry Sanders,” he replied, shaking her hand. He also noticed how lovely was her perfume. Sitting next to her wouldn’t be so bad. He no longer regretted having to move his briefcase. He sorely hated having a stranger sit next to him on a bus, particularly the overweight and smelly ones. This girl, though, was far from that.

“I’m going to Washington, DC,” Ellie said with considerable enthusiasm.

“Yes, uh, well, um, so am I.”

“It’s going to be a long trip.”

“Yes, yes, it will be,” he replied.

Ellie Fox then proceeded to inform Mr. Sanders about virtually anything and everything about herself she could possibly think of, starting with the immediate facts that she was a member of the Delta Nu sorority going on a field trip to Washington, then getting to her major, her favorite movies (Legally Blonde, naturally, was her very most favorite), her least favorite movies (Memento; it just didn’t make any sense), her best friends (Christine Michaels was one), her favorite TV shows (American Idol, Bachelor, Charmed, Project Runway, and Bachelorette), her favorite singers, her favorite actor (Tom Cruise, even though she couldn’t understand scientology all that well), her favorite color (pink naturally, whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed), how controlling were her parents, the outfit she was wearing that day (and whether he liked it, which he did), what she had considered wearing but rejected for various reasons, what she did yesterday (pack), what she had wanted to do instead (go shopping), how she so much enjoyed shopping, what she had recently bought, what she had for breakfast, what a wonderful house that was they just passed and how she would like to have a house like that someday.

Larry tried to get her to stop talking by the usual means, such as not evidencing any significant interest, not offering his own contributions to whatever topic was being discussed (by her), not asking any questions, and even opening up a book to suggest that perhaps he had something else he would like to do. But, she just wasn’t getting the cues. In fact, when he told her directly that he wanted to read his book she just used that remark as a cue to discuss her favorite books (e.g., Twilight) and how she had wished that she had brought a book with her “because it was such a long trip but how nice it was to have someone to talk to instead, as getting to know someone is really much more enjoyable and satisfying than just reading a book, isn’t it? He politely nodded his head in agreement, but he wasn’t being especially sincere.”

He was beginning to think that perhaps an overweight man would have been better than this chatty Ellie. He was about to just state emphatically that he needed to take a nap when she said, “I’m going to Washington to visit my boyfriend. I haven’t seen him in a few weeks. He goes to college there.”

Well, that wasn’t the precise point at which he changed his mind. It was her next remark. “Yes, well, I was really thinking that I would…” She didn’t finish the sentence. She just added, “We’ve never done it yet.”

“Excuse me?” He wasn’t so sure he had heard her correctly.

Ellie leaned in closer to him to repeat, but more quietly, “We haven’t done it yet.”

He did hear her correctly but still wasn’t sure if he was understanding her correctly. “Um, done it?”

Ellie smiled. She could see that Mr. Sanders was a bit uncomfortable with the turn in the conversation. The older generation was incredibly conservative and inhibited when it came to things like this. She leaned in even closer, pressing a breast against his arm. “You know what I mean, Mr. Sanders: done it, gone all the way.”

Well, this conservation was now much more interesting but perhaps also a bit inappropriate. He pondered the girl for a bit. “Yes, well, how old did you say you were again?” She actually hadn’t, and he had to wonder, given her rather youthful appearance, and the nature of their conversation.

“Eighteen, Mr. Sanders, goodness gracious.”

He furrowed his brow. He still wasn’t sure.

“You don’t believe me, do you!”

“Well, I just wasn’t sure…”

“Dean Horner!” Ellie called out for Dean Horner, who was sitting about four rows in front of them, also in an aisle seat.

“Ellie!” Mr. Sanders gasped. What the heck was she going to do?

“Yes, dear?” Dean Horner asked, looking back down the aisle at the girl.

“How old am I? Mr. Sanders here doesn’t believe me.”

Mr. Sanders could feel the blood flowing into kaçak bahis his face. It wasn’t an inappropriate question but it was perhaps an odd question.

Dean Horner smiled. He wasn’t really surprised by the question. He had taken the girls on a field trip before and they were often asked to provide identification. “Eighteen, honey,” he answered.

Ellie turned back to Mr. Sanderson, lifted her chin and gave him a prideful expression of victory.

Mr. Sanders wondered if this Dean Horner might wonder why the girl needed to verify her age for him. “Let’s keep the conversation a bit more quiet, shall we?”

Ellie smiled. “We’ll have our own little secrets, Mr. Sanders?”

“Well, yes, yes, sort of.” He did though respect the girl for her decision to wait with her boyfriend. Not too many kids these days waited terribly long before they started having sex. She had indicated that they had been dating for over a year. “Yes, well, you certainly are old enough to make such a decision, but I appreciate you waiting until you’re married.”

“Oh, but that’s the point, Mr. Sanders. I decided not to wait any longer.”


“Well, I mean,” Ellie acted as if she felt embarrassed and self-conscious. “I don’t mean we’re going to go all the way. That would be wrong, wouldn’t it?”

“Well, no, no. It’s just a personal choice. I mean, well, you should really speak to your parents about that.”

“Oh my goodness!” Ellie Fox squealed rather loudly, drawing a bit of attention to them from nearby seats. She said more quietly, “Now you’re just being silly. They’re the last persons I would talk to about that.” She playfully slapped Mr. Sanders on the arm. “My gracious, Mr. Sanders. I couldn’t imagine doing that.”

“Well, again, you’re eighteen now. You can decide for yourself.”

“That’s what I say, Mr. Sanders. I thought you would understand. I’m not going to go all the way with him, Jimmy, my boyfriend. I’m just going to give him a hand-job. Maybe I’ll kiss it. I’m not too sure about that though. But, I definitely won’t swallow it. You know, his stuff.”

Mr. Sanders could feel sweat forming on his brow. This girl did like to talk, and apparently she would talk about anything and everything to anyone. He leaned over toward Ellie and spoke in a whisper, trying to encourage her to keep her voice down. “Yes, well, excellent. Like I say, it’s a personal choice.”

Ellie got the message and whispered back, “Does your girlfriend swallow your stuff?”

‘Geeeeez,’ he thought. “Um, Ellie, I’m not too sure I am comfortable discussing that sort of thing with you. We really don’t know each other.”

None of what Ellie was saying was, of course, true. She was just having fun with this stranger on a bus. “But that’s what makes it easier. I would be too embarrassed to talk about this sort of thing with someone I knew.”

He guessed that might make some sense. But, still, he wasn’t about to discuss his sex life with a stranger and not one so much younger than him and, further, he did note, “I actually don’t have a girlfriend right now.”

“You don’t?!” Ellie placed her hand on his thigh. “I don’t believe that. A big handsome man like yourself?”

He had to smile. Flattery will get you everywhere. “Well, I don’t know about that. I have though had a few girlfriends in my life. Just not one right now, I’m afraid.”

She gave him a reassuring squeeze on the thigh. “Well, I’m sure your special someone will come along, someday.”

“Yes, yes, I s’pose so.”

“Did any of them swallow your stuff? You know, your prior girlfriends?”

Larry’s face went red. A big part of him really didn’t want to answer that question, but another part of him did find it a little titillating. It was, after all, a stranger, and a very pretty one at that. Frankly, it was kind of fun talking about blow jobs with a cute, bubbly coed, and he certainly didn’t want to come across as an inexperienced prude. He leaned in again and said, very softly, “Well, yes, some did.”

“Oh my goodness, Mr. Sanders! That’s so naughty!”

“Shhh,” he warned. “Hush now, please.”

Ellie did lower her voice, but her feigned shock and sincere enthusiasm were still clearly evident in her big smile, “Golly, you are an experienced man, aren’t you, Mr. Sanders.”

“Well, I really wouldn’t say that.” His expanded chest though belied his expression of modesty.

“Well, you’ve certainly done a lot more than me.”

“Yes, yes, I suppose that is indeed true, but you’re still a very long lady. I suspect that you will…” He didn’t finish his sentence, as it would have been rather inappropriate.

“Give lots of guys blow jobs?” Ellie finished it for him.

“SHHHHH!” Mr. Sanders admonished her.

There was a moment of silence, and then Ellie spoke again. “Mr. Sanders?”

“Yes, dear?” It was a bit of a personal appellation, but it seemed befitting the nature of their conversation.

Ellie now spoke very quietly herself. “Would you do me a big favor?”

Mr. Sanders could feel his heart racing. Somehow he knew at the back of his mind that she wasn’t going to ask him just to get something out of the overhead rack. “Well, um, certainly, dear, if I can.”

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