A Teacher Shows His Interest

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I had worked hard to get were I’m at in life. I have excelled in academics, I have always been self motivated, but my most beneficial skill has always been getting people to give me what I want. In college I found that the lower the cut of my shirt, showing off my perky C-cups the higher my grades would become. While I would never consider myself the sexiest person in my classes, I have a particular cuteness about myself with my small build, petite 5′ height, green eyes and shoulder length auburn hair. I looked very innocent until the professors would see the sly smirk I gave every time they flustered over their words as I would get something from my bag on the floor, my shirt barely containing the curves of my breasts.

One particular teacher took a bit more of an interest in me than the rest. He was a lawyer who taught a basic constitutional law course at the college part time. He was in his late 30s with a bit of grey sneaking into his sandy brown hair; however, he kept fit and maintained a body of a man in his early 20s. In class we would debate at times, him starting the disputes with me, then keeping me after class to discuss one on one. He would always walk up to my desk standing were I would have casino şirketleri to move him if I wanted to get up or stay seated. He preferred me seated, it made it less obvious that he was eying the contours of my body as I talked. With him standing I couldn’t help but notice that his cock would always swell a bit in his kaki pants, particularly when I would moan when he disproved my point. It excited me to know that he obviously had an interest in me, even if it was to get a better look at my body to think about later when he was fucking his wife.

Eventually he started moving our debates to his office. At one point in our discussion he was trying to plug in his phone charger in the outlet under his desk. I am much smaller that the 6′ man so I offered to help. As I got on my hands and knees under his desk I here a low “Damn”

“What is that about?” I question looking behind me, giving a sly grin.

“Nothing, nothing” Shaking his head as if he was trying to shake himself out of a daze. At this point I notice his pants beginning to rise.

“No. What?” I pull myself from under his desk and sit on my knees before him.

“I had just never noticed…” he shook his head again.

“No. casino firmaları What?”

Forcing himself to breath deeply and steadily, “I just never noticed how wonderful you ass is.”

“Oh, but I have noticed that you enjoy other things about me.” As I glanced down at my chest, then looked up to see that his eyes fixed on my nipples that grew harder.

“Yes, yes I do” he said in as he tensed his hands up.

I took this opportunity to slide on my knees between his legs. Resting my tits against the now pressing bulge in his pants. Rubbing up and down as I could see his jaw line tense up. He reached down, cupping my plump breasts in his hands, squeezing them through my shirt around his still concealed cock. He let out a soft moan and closed his eyes.

I reached up and unzipped his kakis, fishing through the slit in his boxer briefs to reveal his magnificent cock. As I did this he pulled my tits out of my shirt, cupping them around the shaft of his cock. He began to pump his cock between my breasts, every time he would pump up and pull me deeper around him I would lick his head, letting spit drip over him and onto me; allowing him to slide through my cleavage with ease. I began to güvenilir casino suck more, taking my tits from him and sucking deeper, rubbing my hard nipples against his balls. The deeper I took his cock into my mouth the more I moaned.

“You are such a little slut,” he said under his breath as he ran his hands over my head and fucked my face harder. This just made my moans deeper and louder. I could taste his pre-cum as I circled my tongue around his head. I could feel the cum in his balls growing as I massaged them with my nipples and my hands. He jerked me back by my hair, pulling me off of his cock with a slurping sound.

“Want it all over you tits,” he said in a more forceful voice than I had heard from him before.

I sat back onto my legs as he pumped his warm sperm onto my breasts that I held up to him. My mouth open, lapping what I could from them. I licked the cum from my breasts, sucking my wet nipples as he relaxed back in his chair just watching me. When I was done with the remnants of himself that he left on me, I leaned forward and licked the last bit of cum off of his head. He let out a small gasp when my tongue touched his limp cock.

Standing up and adjusting my tits back into my shirt I asked matter-of-factly, “So did I win this debate?”

“If this is loosing an argument with you, I need to loose more often.” Still trying to steady himself.

This was the first of many encounters to come in his office.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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