Auto-Jac 2.0

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If we took a poll of the people who live in sunny southern California, I am sure that easily the biggest problem would be commuting back and forth to work. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I too would be included in that consensus. The daily crawl on the freeways of LA is mind numbing, energy draining and inevitable. I remember sitting on the freeway in the same spot for ten minutes and thinking, ‘There is ten minutes of my life gone, wasted’ and I just wanted to scream. I happened to glance over to the car next to me and the person actually was screaming.

I first learned of the Auto-Jac 2.0 at a friend’s bachelor party, as someone had given him one for a joke gift. The original Auto-Jac came out in the eighty’s and basically it was a tube that went over your penis and when you plugged the cord into your car’s cigarette lighter it would vibrate your penis. It never caught on and I don’t know if its time had just not come or it didn’t work but it didn’t sell and soon was off the market. When they passed it around the room, everyone thought it pretty funny but when it got to me, I had like an epiphany. I held the box in my hand asking myself, ‘Could this be the answer to my boring commute every working day.’ I made a mental note of the phone number listed on the box and as soon casino şirketleri as I could, I wrote it down on paper.

As soon as I got home from the party, I called the number. If you are like me, you see a phone number listed on a product you figure it is a business number. However, the sleepy hello I received from the other end told me I had woke someone up. Thinking I had dialed the wrong number, I apologized, saying I was looking for the Auto-Jac company. This woke him up and he told me I had called the right person. He was wide-awake now and launched into his well-rehearsed spiel. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he was preaching to the choir so I just let him finish. In the end, I bought the deluxe package, which included the battery pack for those times when you want to feel energized (his words) but you’re not in your vehicle.

When I received my order two days later I was so glad I had paid the little bit extra for a faster delivery. I had to try it out so I rushed to my car and sheepishly pulled my pecker from my pants slipped the tube end on and plugged it in. Immediately I felt and heard the hum of the vibrator as it sent a tingling sensation through my penis. Next, I felt the warmth adding another good feeling. I mean it felt all right but casino firmaları it did little more than make me firm. Just as I was deciding that I had been ripped off, the last and final phase of the Auto-Jac kicked in. I can only describe it as a milking sensation as it grasped me in little ripples running up and down my shaft. The combination of the three separate actions felt fantastic and soon I was erupting in a thunderous climax. Another added bonus of the deluxe Auto-Jac is the disposable plastic cup on the end of the device, which collected my ejaculate.

After my purchase of the Auto-Jac 2.0 I feel like my daily commute is now my special time as I enjoy a thoroughly refreshing penile massage with my Auto Jac. I now sit in traffic relaxed and no longer do I have that sense of urgency. With both hands on the wheel and a smile on my face, I enjoy the ministrations of my Auto-Jac. With traffic at a crawl, I have no worry about driving with the distraction of having my appendage massaged in luxury. Even in the throes of Eros as I climax into my unit I do not worry about the dangers of nearby traffic for more often than not I am stopped dead in the waters of my local freeway.

The added unknown bonus of my Auto-Jac 2.0 was the magic of the multi orgasm. As with güvenilir casino most of my gender, once I have achieved orgasm I am done for a while. However, with the three-button plug of my wondrous machine I press option one. Option one starts with just a very low pulsating warmth that is not as mush titillating as it is comforting. Soon that warmth transfers to a warmth in my groin and I find myself wanting more. With this feeling, I push number two, which includes the vibration mode, and in a few seconds, I am ready for the third phase as I am erect and ready for action.

So far, I have only sung the praises of the Auto-Jac 2.0 but as we all know, there are down sides to every product that is on the market. Number one, I must warn you don’t try your Auto-Jac in non-rush hour traffic. I shudder to think of what might happen as you drive at sixty plus miles per hour while you are having a mind-altering orgasm. I’m just saying, ‘Don’t jack, and drive.’

Another problem that has occurred since I bought my Auto-Jac 2.0 is that I no longer have a girlfriend. I’m not sure if I just haven’t met someone I’m compatible with yet or if I am now so sexually satisfied that a girlfriend is just not worth the effort. I know I’m saving a lot of money on dinners out and movies so maybe no girlfriend is a good thing.

So yes, there are a few snags but if you take into account how my Auto-Jac 2.0 has turned commuting the freeways in southern California from a nightmare into a complete pleasure, it is worth both the cost and its distractions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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