Feels Better

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He swore up and down that If I just gave it a chance, I’d see that it was just the same, if not better.

“Nah, nigga, I ain’t with that gay shit.” I slurred to myself as he leaned on his kitchen’s island.

“You ain’t gotta be gay to try it for yourself.” He said, staring directly into my eyes.

I couldn’t believe this shit was happening. “Just try it. Hell, I bet that shit feels even better.” he said, reaching over to the bottle of Crown Royal and pouring himself another shot.

What is “it” that he spoke of?

Fucking someone in the ass. His ass to be precise.

Khalen, my workout partner and frat brother swore up and down that his ass was wetter and tighter than any pussy that I’d fucked. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t noticed that his ass was fat and round, but until he made those statements during a night of drinking at his place, I wouldn’t have seen any of this coming.

Khalen was a physical specimen – in undergrad, we pulled bitches together, hell, he’d introduced me to my now fiancée. So imagine how crazy it was, after having taken 7 or 8 shots together, hearing this hyper masculine brotha tell me all about how his ass could grip my dick better than my girl Tameka’s pussy ever could was throwing me for a loop.

Imagine how confused I was, hearing him say this.

Imagine how confused I was when I found my dick getting hard.

I don’t know how it happened, but Khalen convinced me to give it a try. Somehow, through the art of seduction, I found myself standing at the edge of Khalen’s bed, feeling my heart pulse like crazy. I couldn’t think and I was nervous, as the most sexy, caramel body I’d ever seen laid in front of me, naked, I was confused because it was the body of another brotha, my frat brother.

Even though I was straight and engaged, I wasn’t about to deny myself the possible pleasure of…testing Khalen’s theory.

I needed to know if his ass felt the same, or better than my girl’s pussy.

I told myself “This shit doesn’t make me gay, I ain’t the one taking dick. He’s the one begging for this dick.” I thought this to myself as I stared at the space between Khalen and I.

I stared down at his perfectly round, caramel cakes. Sensing me staring at him, Khalen looked over his shoulders as he lay casino şirketleri on his stomach, waiting for me to make a move.

I slowly placed the palms of my hands on his ass, slowly spreading his ass cheeks. Khalen purred as I revealed his tiny, brown rosebud. Khalen’s asshole winked as I played with his soft, fleshy mounds. Comparing his ass to my girl’s, Khalen’s ass had the perfect mix of muscle to fat ratio.

That shit felt good in my hands, I couldn’t lie. My dick jumped, just knowing I would be up in it soon.

Khalen pushed his ass back towards me and spread his legs apart even wider, giving me greater access to his hole. He clenched his hole and relaxed it, trying to entice me, which broke whatever remaining resolve I had.

Khalen pushed his ass back against my dick, forcing the length of my dick to slide between his ass cheeks. I grabbed the base of my dick, aimed it at his asshole and I was ready to ‘test his theory’ when I was met with a bit of resistance.

Khalen flinched as the tip of my dick poked his rosebud. He looked over his shoulders and smirked, saying “You gotta get it a little more wet, Dorian.”

“But your ass is wetter than my girl’s pussy?” I thought to myself as I laid down behind Khalen, bringing my face to his ass and spreading his ass cheeks again. I leaned in to spit on his hole, which he seemed to love. Seeing his asshole up and close, I got curious. Without warning him, I dove my face into his ass and began to run my tongue over his asshole, coating his tight hole with spit!

“Fuck, nigga!” Khalen said, following it up with some deep, sensual moans. I continued to eat, lick and swipe my tongue against his hole as he bucked his ass back and forth on my face. In a way, it felt like I was eating pussy – Khalen’s masculine ass was moaning the way a bitch would, so I didn’t feel gay at all.

Khalen moaned into his pillows, I could tell that nigga was enjoying this shit. He was arching his ass back, making that ass pop as I kept his ass cheeks spread apart. I was so confused, seeing a nigga that I just KNEW was straight wilding out on this bed in front of me, legs spread wider than any female’s, throwing his ass back at me as I ate his ass like it was the last supper.

I was more so surprised with myself. I felt like casino firmaları I was having an out-of-body experience – here I was, eating another nigga’s ass in preparation of fucking it, my dick hard as fuck. I’d never done anything like this before, but based on the sweet taste coming from Khalen’s ass, I was committed to getting the full experience. Khalen swore this shit was the same as pussy and I was determined to find out at this point.

I pulled my face up from Khalen’s asshole, admiring it for a second before deciding that he was ready for this dick. Not wanting to waste a moment, I aimed my throbbing dick against the now wet hole, and I pushed in!

“Damn, fuckkkkkkk!” Khalen moaned as my dick penetrated the depths of his tight hole. I fed him my dick slowly, feeling his tight depths contract against my dick. A few minutes later, I felt my pubes scratching up against his fat ass, letting me know that he’d successfully taken all 8 of my inches. I laid down against Khalen’s back, and I began stroking his ass, making myself at home.

“Oh my God, fuck me man!” Khalen whimpered as I began giving him this dick.

My mind was blown – I’d never even looked at a man sexually before tonight, yet here I was, deep dicking a nigga down. I continued thrusting back and forth into his ass with deep strokes as I thought about how shots of Crown Royal had led to this exact moment!

I could tell that Khalen was concentrating on how good my dick felt sliding in and out of his body, and I was focused on not catching my nut too soon.

Khalen was right about one thing – I was coming to find that his ass was indeed tighter and gripped my dick better than my fiancée’s.

“Oooh, you hitting my spot, FUCK!” Khalen moaned, throwing his head back as I rested all of my weight on his back. As our bare skin slid against each other, I cradled his muscular body in my hands. I rested my chest against his back as I continued to dig my dick in him even deeper.

I was just so surprised by how intense this fuck was. It was one thing for me to eat his ass like it was pussy but feeling Khalen’s asshole gripping my dick felt like heaven and I didn’t want to leave it. I felt an orgasm approaching, but I was determined to bust his shit out!Wanting to try something different, I released güvenilir casino his ass cheeks from my hands and I placed my hands on the perimeter of Khalen’s body. I lifted myself into push-up position (pulling most of my dick out of him in the process, leaving on the tip of my dick as his anal ring) and I smiled to myself. I looked down at the space between Khalen and I. My dick throbbed, as I could see the space between his body and mine.I began to do push-ups, feeding Khalen this deep dick. I watched my dick slide in and out of his meaty cheeks, slamming my hips into his ass. I slammed my dick into him with all the force that I could muster up, now going for broke! Khalen matched my energy, throwing his ass back (whenever he could) as he moaned with each impact of my hips!

“Fuck, I’m close!” I warned as I continued to fuck Khalen with reckless abandoned. My homeboy didn’t react verbally, only spreading his legs further apart to receive this dick. I could tell that he was at his breaking point.

I let myself fall against his muscular back, gripping his waist as I continued to bury my dick into his ass. I could hear him grunting and moaning under the pressure of my muscular body but I was about to catch my nut.

I started pumping even harder and deeper as the sounds of sex continued to fill his bedroom. My dick slamming into his wet, gushy hole, my balls slapping against his ass and I was just so shocked. The sensory overload did it for me – I felt my nuts beginning to church, letting me know that the time was now!

I dug my finger-nails into his waist as I bit my lip. Khalen moaned, sensing that I was ready to bust this nut. Before I could give any warning, I let out a deep moan as I buried my face into his neck, placing kisses all over his neck as I began to shoot multiple thick wads of nut up into Khalen’s fat ass.

“Fuck, nigga!” I moaned into his neck while I let the entire weight of my body rest on Khalen’s. I felt him shudder under me – I figured he was orgasming himself. I couldn’t believe, I’d fucked a nigga up the ass for the first time and I’d even made him nut without touching himself.

After a few moments, I managed to roll off of Khalen’s backside, pulling my now softening dick out of his tight ass. I saw his rosebud wink at me, watching some of my semen spill from his hole.

“Fuck.” I thought to myself as I listened to Khalen and I both breathing heavily.

This nigga was right.

Fucking his ass…it did feel better than any pussy I’d ever had.

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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