It Just Happened

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“Oh God! Oh yes Oh Shit! Fuck me! Fuck me Karen!”

“That’s it baby! Ride my dildo ride it like the horny bitch you are little girl.”

Karen Willis and Celia Dawson were lovers, and had been all Summer. Karen was a thirty-six year old divorced hottie. Celia graduated High School three months earlier, and until she hooked up with Karen, she was a virgin. The two shared something else in common: Karen’s daughter and Celia’s best friend, Trish. Trish had no idea, that her mother and her best friend were lovers, until this very day, the week before Celia and Trish were to be heading out to college.

On this particular day, Trish, was supposed to be halfway from home and the University of Iowa, getting final preparations ready for her and Celia. The two lovers figured they had all the time in the world to “fuck like rabbits,” but they didn’t factor in that Trish might get home early.

The two lovers were upstairs in Karen’s bedroom, getting it on, unoblivious to the fact that Trish had returned.

Trish entered the house, and looked around and noticed the living room and kitchen were empty.

“Hello? Mom? Celia? Are you in here?”

Karen thought she heard something and stopped ramming her 10 inch dildo in her lovers pussy.

“Uh! Uh! Lover? What’s wrong? Why’d you stop?”

“I thought I hard something.”

Karen went back to fucking Celia. Meanwhile, downstairs, Trish looked outside and noticed that her mom’s and Celia’s cars were both outside. Then she noticed that the light leading upstairs was on. She went upstairs.
Karen heard the squeaking sounds of the stairs, and stopped again.

“Now what’s wrong Karrie?”

“Shh! Someone’s in the house.”

“Yes there is. You and a very horny eighteen year old girl who wants to fuck your brains out!”

Celia grabbed Karen and kissed her long and hard. Just then, Trish opened her mother’s bedroom door and got the shock of her life!

“Mom? Celia?! Oh my God!”

“What? Oh shit! Trish wait!”

Celia was too shocked to talk. Trish ran into her room and locked the door. Celia and Karen collected themselves and put on their robes and went to try and explain themselves.

“Patricia please open up. let us explain.”

“Trish. Please open up.”

“We’re sorry! It just happened!”

“No! You two go back to whatever you were doing, just leave me alone!”

Celia and Karen pleaded with Trish for a long time to let them in and she wouldn’t. Celia had an idea.

“Karrie, you go downstairs and make some coffee, I’ll bring her down in a minute.”


The two shared a quick kiss, before Karen went downstairs. Celia used a hairpin and opened Trish’s bedroom door. Trish had her head buried in a pillow crying.
“Trish I’m-”

“How? When? Why? Why her?”

“We didn’t mean for you to find out.”

“How did this happen Celia?”

Celia proceeded to tell how she and her best friend’s mother fell into the entanglement of lesbian lust.

It was the morning of Graduation, casino şirketleri Celia and Trish were getting ready over at Trish’s house. Trish’s mother walked in the room, as they were fixing each other’s hair. Karen was wearing a silk almost see though robe. Celia was in a trance staring at Karen. For over a year now, Celia found herself looking more at women than at boys. At the time, she was still a virgin, but every night, she dreamed that she was losing her virginity to a woman, but she could never make out who the woman was. Celia was knocked out of her trance by Trish.

“Hello?! Celia, are you there?”

“Huh? What’d you say?”

“Mom wanted to know what you wanted for breakfast.”

“Uh, whatever.”

As she left the room, Karen gave Celia a knowing wink that made her blush.

Later that afternoon, it was Graduation. Celia’s parents had some devastating news: They were going to be moving out of state immediately after Graduation.. Celia was heartbroken. Her and Trish had plans to go to College together, and now those plans were going down the drain. Upon hearing this, Karen promised the girls she would work something out.

After Graduation, Karen and Celia’s parents had exciting news: Celia would live this Summer with Karen and Trish, and still be able to go to College with Trish. The girls were so excited, that they went ahead with plans to go to the Graduation Party at Brad Smith’s house.
About thirty minutes into the party, Celia was bored. She found Trish at the pool having a blast, and told her that she was heading back to her (Trish’s) house and unpack her stuff.

Celia took a cab to her house. She picked up her suitcases her mother had already packed for her. She walked across the street to her new “Summer Home” with Ms. Willis and Trish. She used the key that Trish gave her and unlocked the door.

“Hello? Ms. Willis, are you home?”

“I’m in the kitchen dear.”

Celia walked in the kitchen and Karen was sitting in the kitchen wearing a silk robe and nothing else. Celia was mesmerized, but she snapped herself out of it.

“Um I’m just going to unpack.”

“Where’s Trish at?”

“She’s still at the party, I got bored and decided to come home. That reminds me. Thanks for letting me stay here this Summer Ms. Willis.”

“No problem. And call me Karen okay?”


Celia went upstairs to her new room. She unloaded her stuff and came back downstairs. Karen was still in the kitchen.

“So Celia care for a little celebration champagne?”

“Um I don’t-”

“Don’t lie. I was a youngster once too, so you want some champagne?”

“Um sure.”
Karen poured her a glass of champagne and the talked for over an hour about things. Things like College plans after College, Karen’s late husband. Then, as Karen poured the last of the champagne, she blurted out:

“What about your sex life.”

Celia blushed and said:

“I don’t have one, do you?”

“Yeah, I’m a lesbian.”

When Karen said that, Celia fell out of casino firmaları her chair. Karen stumbled over to help her up, but she was so intoxicated, that she fell on top of her. The two of them were eye to eye, and Celia went for broke, and kissed Karen. Karen returned the favor, and slipped her a little tongue. The two broke their kiss when they heard a car pull in the driveway. It was Trish. They stumbled upstairs. Celia to her room, Karen to her’s. That night, Celia had that same lesbian dream, except this time, she saw the mystery woman: It was Karen!

A couple of weeks had past, and Trish decided to go to the beach with some friends. Celia decided not to go, because she needed to work to pay for college. That first night, Karen had a plan. She wanted, and needed to have Celia. She thought a romantic spaghetti dinner would do the trick. She found out that Celia’s favorite food was spaghetti, and got what she needed from the grocery store. Celia worked at the grocery store, so Karen did her best not to run into her there. She go home and preceded to make her dinner. She finished making dinner in time to have a shower. She used her favorite perfumes and bath oils. She wanted to smell wonderful for her soon to be lover. She set the table and waited for Celia. Celia came home and was so surprised at what she saw. The kitchen table was beautiful. She started to say something, but she couldn’t speak when she saw Karen. She was wearing a see through silk Teddy! Karen ushered her to the table and helped her to her seat. The two made small talk while they ate. When Karen finished eating, she turned on the stereo to a station where soft music was playing. She asked Celia to dance. Celia accepted. Celia melted into Karen’s arms. They began to kiss and make out. They undressed each other. Karen laid Celia on top of the table and started kissing and fondling her. She took some spaghetti sauce and rubbed it on Celia’s breasts and licked it off.. She put more and more sauce all over Celia’s lovely body and literally had her supper and ate it off of her lover. Celia was in Heaven. She was moaning, screaming in ecstasy. Karen began to suck on Celia’s untouched pussy. She told Celia to hold it in as long as she could before she came. Karen began eating Celia’s hot pussy. Karen was so turned on, Celia was getting sweeter with every lick. Celia was oblivious to her surroundings. The harder and faster Karen went, the more horny and euphoric she got. Celia was doing her best to hold her orgasm, and her cum, but she couldn’t. Soon with out warning, she exploded all over her lover. Karen licked every drop of her lover’s love juice up. Karen crawled up to her lover, and laid beside her as she came down from her sexual high.

“That…. That was wonderful.”

“Thank you.”

“I want to do that to you Karen.”

Karen got up and sat in a chair and spread her legs.

“Come and get it baby.”

Celia got off of the table and got on her knees and crawled to Karen. Karen was very turned on by watching her crawl to her. Celia stuck güvenilir casino out her tongue and French Kissed her lover’s pussy. Karen moaned loudly. Soon Celia began to eat out Karen’s cunt. She had Karen cumming in no time. Celia loved the taste of Karen’s cum. She couldn’t get enough of it. The girls were lying on the floor cuddled next to each other, when Karen had an idea. She grabbed Celia’s hand and lead her out to the backyard. Celia was so excited about what was going to happen that she forgot she was nude. Karen lead Celia into this hut in the middle of the yr. Inside the hut was a hot tub, and a bed.

“This is where I take all my lovers.”

Karen and Celia got in the hot tub and made out for hours. They got out and dried each other off. Karen lead Celia over to the bed and told her to close her eyes. She then told her to open them after about a minute. Celia’s eyes about popped out of her head. She was wearing a strap on Dildo.

“Celia I want to take you, your cherry. I want to be your first.”


“Mmmmmmmmmmm….. You wanna help me get this thing wet enough to slide into your sweet pussy?”

Celia said not a word. She grabbed her lover’s Phallus, and began to suck on it, and give it a blow job. When she had it wet enough, she laid back on the bed, and spread her legs. Karen took the invitation, and slowly inserted her “cock” in her lover. Popping her cherry didn’t take very long. Karen fucked her lover for hours and hours, neither of them got tired until the late hours of the morning. Celia got up long enough to call in to work, but she immediately went back to lay down and cuddle with her lover, and they spent most of the day like that.

When she finished telling Trish the story, she tried once again to apologize.

“Trish, I’m sorry. We didn’t mean for you to find out. We didn’t mean to hurt you. We were going to call it quits today.”

“You don’t understand, I’m not mad.”


“I’m jealous!”

“What? Of who?”

“Mom. I’ve wanted you for so long not knowing if I could have had you.”

Celia couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“ Oh Trish, I never knew.”

Celia surprised Trish by giving her a long moist kiss. Soon the two girls were tangled up in each other making love. They made each other cum several times. Karen had been waiting downstairs all this time. She was chain smoking with worry. She was afraid that Trish may have beaten Celia up because she was so upset. She went upstairs to Trish’s room and saw the two friends making love. At first she was jealous, but she realized then that Trish had obviously excepted things. The rest of that week, Karen and Trish shared Celia. And they fooled around with each other once or twice to please Celia. The day the girls left for college was a sad one. The girls promised they would come home every other weekend, and definitely on vacations. When Karen and Celia kissed goodbye, Trish got a buzz in her pussy. She was so happy her mother and her had someone in common like Celia. As the girls drove off, Karen couldn’t help but get wet, and misty-eyed thinking about the happiest Summer of her life, and how youthful Celia made her feel. She was already cumming in anticipation of the next weekend.

The End

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