A Chair, a Guy, Wine and Two Babes

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This story began when Jake walked into a local pub on a Friday evening after a long week’s work and happened to take a stool at the bar next to Suz. Suz attempted conversation with Jake, but he was rude and blew it. Michele, who was tending bar, nudged Jake to apologize and try talking with Suz. Jake did and one thing led to another and another led to Suz’ giving Jake a very nice knee/hand job at the far end of the bar. It seems that Michele may have been watching the action unfold as she continued her bartending duties. You can read this story, A Knee, a Rub, a Beer and a Babe, if you either find the author profile for, “jakebarnes48,” who because of a glitch at Lit no longer is able to submit stories, or you can click here. Anyway, as we continue this story, Jake has gone off to the restroom while Suz and Michele have begun speaking with each other.

Once again I extend my thanks to Angel_Love for her patient and tolerant editing of this story. Any errors or inconsistencies remaining in the story likely are mine as I made several changes after Angel’s last edit.


“Personally I think it’d be a great idea Michele, but you’ve got to ask him. After all, you’ve known him longer than I,” Suz responded to her long time friend’s not quite innocent query.

“Suz, I barely know him. I mean, he comes in here once in a while and I serve him that nasty tasting beer he likes. He seems pleasant enough, but I don’t really know him at all. Come on, do it for me, please,” pleaded Michele.

“Not a chance kiddo. I don’t even know if he’s any good.”

“Oh, don’t give me that. He’s good all right. How many guys do you know who kiss as sensually as it looked like he kissed you while your mouth was full of his cum? Besides, it’s not as though you and I exactly are strangers in bed,” Michele continued her argument.

“Okay, so he’s probably good. Look Michele. You’re drop dead gorgeous. What’s any guy going to say when you sidle up to him, tilt your head just so, put your hand on his arm, slowly glance from me to him, back to me and then back to him, and ask demurely, “May I come too, please? Don’t worry, if he looks to me, I’ll back you on this one.”


I’d had to excuse myself for a short trip to the restroom following Suz’ little hand, knee job. Wow! Amazing it was.

When I left, Suz had been talking with Michele, that cute little bartender. What an interesting woman she was with her skinny little bod and long, curled dark hair. I’ll bet she’s only a shade taller than five feet and she can’t weigh much more than a hundred pounds. Although her breasts didn’t appear large, they certainly were noticeable. Couple all that with a slightly dark complection, dark eyes and a great smile when she chose to show it. I also knew from bantering with her that every now and then some thought popped out of her mouth that definitely showed a well-developed brain. I’d never given her too much thought though, but now she was chatting up the woman on whose leg I’d just cum in a very public and only slightly darkened bar.

I rounded the corner from the rest room and my eyes sought out Suz. Michele was still there. I approached a bit cautiously, hoping my short absence hadn’t given Suz time to change her mind about leaving with me.

“Hi guys,” I quipped as I approached. “Suz, are you ready to leave?”

Suz stepped close, stretched to her tiptoes, gave me a quick peck on the cheek and announced, “Absolutely Jake, but I think Michele has something to ask you first.”

Taken aback somewhat by Suz’ statement, I turned toward Michele and was greeted by an outstretched hand reaching for me from across the bar. Five silver nails made first contact with my arm and slowly scraped downward until a small palm covered the back of my hand. I was drawn to both the warmth and strength of her touch. As the deepest large brown eyes into which I’d ever peered slowly moved back and forth between Suz and me as though they were seeking confirmation of some secret agreement, Michele stuttered, “Um Jake, I know you and I don’t know each other very well, but I’ve always thought you were kind of an interesting guy and you don’t know it, but I have known Suz for some time.” She paused, appeared to gulp for courage and continued, “We, I mean, I, was wondering if you’d mind if I, um, came also.”

To say I was shocked would be a complete understatement. It never occurred to me that Michele would be even slightly interested in me, much less interested in me and another woman I’d just met. “So you two, ah, know each other?” I managed to stammer as I looked back and forth from one conspiratorially grinning face to the other.

“Interesting word, ‘know,’ Jake,” posited Suz. “Yes, I’d say Michele and I, ‘know,’ each other,” as she slyly licked her lips and broadened her smile.

I turned back to Michele, but all I got were flashing eye lashes as though she were a bad actress in some grade B horror flick.

Feeling as though I were about to bahis firmaları be taken where at least this man had not gone before, I straightened my back, puffed out my chest and with as much feigned confidence as possible, answered, “Well ladies, I only live a few blocks from here. At least give me home court advantage. I suspect I’ll need it.”

Two faces lit up with wide smiles. Michele literally skipped around from behind the bar. Suz grabbed one of my arms, Michele grabbed the other and away we went.

A two-car parade followed me out of the parking lot. After a quick left turn, we wended our way along a winding tree and condo lined boulevard for about a quarter mile. We made another left turn onto my street, found the second driveway on the right, turned in and we were home. Three globes, one on either side of a double garage door, and one above a door next to the garage lit a golden path for us against the cedar siding of my home.

It was not a large home, but it was a nice one. I actually designed it myself and had a local architect, a buddy of mine, draw up the plans.

We entered through an indoor, outdoor room whose four large, sliding doors faced south and were designed to catch whatever sun filtered through bare tree branches in the winter. We walked through another door and into a short hallway that separated my office on one end of the home from the living area on the other. People would call the living area a great room, a combination kitchen, dining area and living area. The living room area was one step below the rest of the home and was open above to a high, sloped, wood-covered ceiling that followed the roof line. Stairs in the hallway led up to a single bedroom and down to a finished basement. The bedroom upstairs actually was situated over the kitchen and dining area and looked across a half wall into the living room below. The ceiling’s slope continued upward into the bedroom before peaking and sloping back downward.

Everything was nicely furnished, at least for a guy. The living room furniture was the obligatory light tan leather on a taupe carpet highlighted by several brightly hued area rugs. Three colorful Tarkays as well as a few other paintings hung on off-white walls. A stone fireplace dominated the far wall. Large windows were centered in the two side walls and another slider led to a deck off the dining area.

I touched the Bose and Eva Cassidy filled the room directly from Blues Alley to our ears. I offered the women a glass of semi-decent red. They accepted. I opened, decanted, made small talk for a few minutes, poured three glasses, passed two to the women, toasted “life, lust and the pursuit of joy,” clinked, sipped and received a, “very nice Jake,” in return. I nodded my own approval and led the way upstairs carrying both my own glass and what was left in the decanter.

We reversed directions at a small landing and continued upward. The top of the stairs opened to a decent sized bedroom on the right and a large bath, closets and a dressing area on the left. We turned right. I set the decanter on a small round table situated between two solid easy chairs and turned to find two very sexy women locked in each other’s arms. “Hm, here’s to the poet Saphos,” I thought to myself, taking a large gulp from my glass before setting it aside.

I freed my new friends’ hands of their wine glasses and set those glasses on the half wall overlooking the living room. I turned back to the two women, who now were kissing and asked politely, “I’ve fantasized for years about a three-way kiss with two beautiful women. May I join you?”

“Not at the moment Jake. Why don’t you just sit in one of these chairs right here and entertain yourself while you watch for a few minutes,” cooed Suz.

Sitting and watching wasn’t exactly my first choice, but in truth, as a second choice, it was quite acceptable. Besides, I could think of it as extended foreplay. So I sat and watched a slightly taller, slightly larger breasted, fair skinned, blue-eyed redhead and a slightly shorter, slightly skinnier, more mysterious, dark-eyed, dark-haired beauty as Eva’s rendition of Fine and Mellow accompanied the women into my imagination.

It was their pace that captivated my attention. They were in no hurry. They slowly stroked each other’s faces. They looked into each other’s eyes. They nibbled each other’s lips. They licked each other’s ears and necks and eyelids. They tugged at each other’s hair. They moved their hips almost, but not quite, in unison with each other, the difference’s being only enough to create an interesting friction. I don’t know why, but my eyes were drawn even lower than their hips and I noticed four bare feet, two with toes polished crimson against pale skin and two with toes painted silver against darker skin. Back to their faces, I watched as a tongue licked here, teeth bit there, lips joined and slid apart, heads sensually tilted this way and that as eyes maintained contact and a finger nail tantalizingly trailed kaçak iddaa a fine line across a cheek.

My left hand found my wine glass as my right found a growing bulge in my lap. Four fingers and a thumb began stroking the bulge in time with the women’s movements as I sipped my wine contentedly. My eyes remained locked on the slow show unfolding before me.

Suz finally moved first as she stepped back enough to unbutton Michele’s white bartender’s shirt, revealing a small, lacy, white bra. I thought I saw dark areolas showing through the white bra, but Suz’ mouth quickly attacked whatever I’d seen and blocked my view. I watched with fascination as Suz literally chewed on Michele’s breast. A pair of hands found the back of Suz’ head, wrapped their fingers in luscious, thick red hair and pulled Suz closer. Those hands slowly manipulated Suz’ head from side to side, but did not allow it to leave their breast. Eventually one hand moved from Suz’ head and covered Michele’s own vacant and still bra-covered nipple. Michele’s fingers slowly pinched, twisted, tweaked, pulled and kneaded. The hand remaining on Suz’ head centered itself and began applying more and more pressure. With fingers spread wide behind Suz’ head and intertwined in her hair, Michele alternately forced Suz’ head close and then used hair to pull Suz’ head away. Michele’s groin also became a bit more active. One of her legs worked its way between Suz’ legs as Suz’ knees bent just enough to enhance contact with Michele’s leg. Similarly one of Suz’ legs worked it’s way between Michele’s. Groins ground against legs. One of Suz’ feet searched for and found Michele’s. Toes touched toes. I continued to sip and stroke. A minute passed; two minutes; more time. I was becoming warm. The women continued at their own pace.

Finally, Michele threw back her head and almost screamed, “Stop already and take off my damn bra. I want your skin on mine.”

Suddenly there was a flurry of activity as fingers pushed buttons through holes, pulled zippers and unsnapped bras. A shirt flew past my head. A dress slid to the floor. Two bras were tossed aside. Michele did a magnificent balancing act as she leaned on Suz and pulled first one leg and then another from tight black pants. Two women stood before me wearing nothing but a single silver thong between them.

Being a naturally curious guy, my eyes were drawn to the areas directly below the women’s navels. Suz, I could see, was completely shaven. Michele’s condition was hidden by that silver thong, although nothing was peeking out from the sides.

It struck me that only a couple of hours earlier in the far end of a slightly darkened bar, my right hand had been mere inches from Suz’ completely bare, absolutely unclothed pussy. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself at what must have been running through Suz’ mind as her knee ground itself against my cock and balls.

Could she have been wondering, “When’s this guy going to move that hand a few more inches and find me bare?”

Focusing my mind back on the present I saw that four hands had found four bare breasts and were kneading the same. “Ladies, would you turn yourselves just a bit?” I asked with as much bravado as I could muster. Two faces turned toward me raising their eyebrows. “Just for my viewing pleasure you understand,” I added with a small smile.

Well, not only did they turn, but they walked toward me and stood not more than a foot directly in front of me. Two bodies bent and two arms reached. Two hands found my lap and slowly touched where I had been stroking. “Nice bulge Jake,” quipped someone. “We’re going to need to use that in a few minutes, so don’t let anything happen to it,” added the other.

Stepping back, Suz leaned toward Michele and whispered something in her ear. Michele turned and whispered back into Suz’ ear. Back and forth they went. I sat up a bit straighter, wondering. I watched another sexy kiss and was about to lower my hands back to my crotch when Michele teased, “Jake, I’m still wearing this awful thong. Would you please do something about it?”

“Yes Jake, please,” echoed Suz. “I cain’t hardly eat her out now cain I, what with her bein’ almost fully clothed,” Suz teased in a mock hillbilly accent.

To say a grin spread across my face would be an understatement. I began to rise from my chair when I heard, “Stay there Jake.” It was Suz.

I dropped back into the chair and watched Suz walk behind my chair. Michele walked to the front of the chair, placed her right foot on the seat next to my left hip, grabbed the back of my head and pulled herself up and into a standing position, as she placed her left foot opposite my right hip. Her arms reached over me finding Suz shoulders as Michele leaned forward and tucked her knees just under my shoulders. I found the triangular patch of a silver thong almost stuck into my mouth.

I felt Suz adjusting herself behind me and I glanced up and back just in time to see Michele’s hands grab Suz’ head and pull it back kaçak bahis to her breasts. At the same time Suz reached behind Michele, grabbed two cheeks and slowly began pulling on one tight little ass, grinding Michele’s thong against my mouth.

“Just take it off, but don’t get too playful with her down there Jake,” cautioned Suz. “I’ve got dibs on the first lick.”

My hands instinctively reached behind Michele and found Suz’ hands. Placing mine on top of hers, I pulled Michele even tighter against my mouth and my nose. I inhaled noisily and deeply as might a sommelier testing the bouquet of a fine wine. Suddenly my nose was awash with the slightly pungent, slightly sweet scent of a combination of strong black coffee, of full tannined red wine, of a lick of lemon and of a teaspoon of plain yogurt on a cool, crisp autumn’s morning. I love the scent of a woman and I loved the scent of Michele. My hands found her thong and pulled it slowly down. I carefully lifted first one of her feet and then the other, allowing her to step out of the confines of the thong. My hands moved to Michele’s hips and pushed her groin a bit further away from me. I just stared at her, savoring the view. She was cleanly shaven except for a dark, lush, but carefully trimmed equilateral triangle, two inches on a side, pointing down at her clitoris. My nose reclaimed its former territory and centered itself at the bottom vertex of that triangle. I again inhaled deeply, becoming dizzy with thoughts of the evening’s prospects.

Although I was tempted, I heeded Suz’ claim of dibs. “She’s bare and she’s all yours Suz,” I announced.

Suz followed up with, “Jake, I need you to carefully get out of that chair, but do so in a way that Michele continues standing right where she is.”

“Suz, you hold her hips. Michele, you hold on to Suz’ shoulders. I’ll just slouch down a bit and slide out between your legs.”

I no sooner began my slouching routine when I heard, “Stop!” Who was I to argue with a tag team of beautiful women? I stopped with my head directly between Michele’s legs. I immediately felt the beginnings of a slow grind from above. Michele actually was rocking herself back and forth against the top of my head.

“That feels good Jake. You give excellent head,” punned Michele.

“Mi cabeza es tu cabeza, Michele,” I lilted back at her.

That brought a small chuckle as Michele continued to grind.

“Enough Michele,” declared Suz. “I’ve not eaten in some time and I’m starved. I’m sure Jake will be glad to give you all the head that you want later.”

“Ah, spoil sport,” whined Michele. Whatever the sentiment, Michele opened her legs and I continued my slouching until I was able to slide from the chair and stand.

“Very good Jake. You’re a smart guy right?” Suz queried hypothetically. “You come around here behind this chair and sit on the floor. I want you facing me, with your back a few inches from the chair.”

I did what Suz asked.

“Now put your hands on my ass and help me. I’m going to step over you and sit on your shoulders.”

I contemplated the geometry only briefly before doing as told. Suz followed through herself, placing one leg over each of my shoulders and sliding her pussy directly into my face.

“Ah, there we go. Comfy?” asked Suz.

“Absolutely,” I managed to mumble.

“Now Michele, support yourself with your hands on my shoulders and lean over a bit so I can reach you,” continued Suz.

Michele did and she was greeted with a mouth against her pussy.

“Are you comfy up there?” questioned Suz as though she were the concerned adult among us.

“Well, I would be if you’d get that supposedly hungry mouth of yours working,” answered Michele playing the role of an eager but sassy teen.

“Patience sweety,” cautioned Suz.

I couldn’t see what was going on above me, but for my part, opposing thumbs did what came naturally, touching Suz’ labia, spreading them sideways and exposing Suz completely.

“Very good Jake. You’re a quick study,” complimented Suz. “Now, what do you say to simultaneous first licks?”

“On three?” and without waiting for an answer, I continued, “You do the honors Michele.”

“One . . . two . . . oh, I was just wondering,” sounded a voice from above and slightly behind my head.

Two tongues, each about to strike out upon hearing the anticipated three, stopped. “Wondering what?” asked Suz.

“Well, I was wondering what we’re going to do about Jake. I mean, he’s still wearing all his clothes and he’s had that bulge for some time now,” responded Michele.

“That’s a good question Michele,” Suz answered. “How about if Jake makes me cum before you, then he gets to choose his fate, but if I make you cum first, then you and I get to choose?”

“Sounds good to me,” I heard from above.

“Hold it ladies. That’s not fair. Everyone knows women are better cunnilinguists than men. Besides, that rule gives Michele a motivation to cum first, while you, Suz, will be motivated not to cum.”

“Maybe so about Michele, Jake, but not true about me. I’ve been dying for a good solid orgasm ever since swapping cum with you back in that bar. Now give us three Michele.”

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