A Great Way to End the School Year!

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Katie was home alone. On a lark she had faked being sick so she could take a day off from school. It was near the end of the school year and she was already going to graduate as valedictorian so there was no real problem. She had been bored with school and was looking forward to going off to college in the fall. She hoped it would be a relief to get out from under her mother’s strict conservative control. After getting up late she had watched the forbidden Soap Operas and MTV that her mother had locked out using Parental Control Mode on the cable receiver. Katie was a smart girl had figured out the password months ago and occasionally wasted time on theses disgusting shows, in her mother’s words.

Initially she was stunned by the open discussion of sex and scandalous affairs that were happening on the Soaps. But then began to watch with interest, especially when her favorite character decided to seduce the good looking neighbor. She had never seen anyone dress the way the women on the show dressed, especially in the intimate relationships between the men and women and women and women. It was fascinating to watch but didn’t seem like anything in real life.

Then she had discovered MTV Dance Party… there were Girls her age, 18 and younger, in short skirts and tank tops dancing with abandon while boys watched and danced with them. Katie was embarrassed by the amount of skin the girls were showing where their legs, midriffs and breasts were brazenly displayed for the boys to see. And the way the girls were suggestively moving their bodies while dancing with the boys or each other shocked her. Eventually bahis firmaları she began to wonder if she could dance like that or wear clothes like those girls did. After all he looked much like she did.

This afternoon she decided to try to emulate those dance moves. In order to dress more like those girls and in order to watch her feet and legs she changed out of her long night gown and put on one of her younger sisters dresses that would be shorter and tighter on her. It came down to the middle of her thighs and was snug across her hips and breasts. For her it was a kind of scandalous but mild compared to the girls on the TV. The way the dress clung to her body showed her figure was surprisingly like them. She tried to copy the girls dance moves in front of the TV and then moved over to dance in front of the full length mirror to see how she looked. Katie was surprised how quickly she picked up the movements, they came naturally to her as if her body was meant to move if those suggestive manners.

Even more so she was surprised how much she enjoyed dancing especially like that, she began to tingle as she moved her body. She had unbuttoned the front of the dress to look more like the girls dancing and liked the feel and look of her breasts being partially visible. Since she didn’t sleep with a bra on at night she hadn’t put one on under the dress. The movement or her breasts under the dress plus the visible stimulation was starting to arouse her. Her nipples started to harden and stand out against the thin material. She gently touched them and felt the electric shock go straight to her vagina. As she continued kaçak iddaa to dance she closed her eyes and imagined a boy dancing with her and touching her intimately.

With one hand on her breast squeezing her nipple and the other rubbing between her thighs she masturbated for the first time in her life. She had her first orgasm as she collapsed on the couch in the living room with her fingers rubbing her sensitive pussy as she reclined on the couch moaning deeply. Her dress was pulled up above her young snatch as she fingered herself, to the point she pushed her panties aside and slid her finger over her wet pussy lips. When she slid her fingers into her pussy she let out a load moan that could have been heard by the neighbors if they had been home.

As she was writhing around on the couch having her next loud orgasm the neighbor Mr. Johnson had come over to see what the racket was. As he looked in the front door window and was about to knock he saw Katie masturbating with her fingers rapidly thrusting into her exposed pussy. He watched as her hips spontaneously rose off the couch and Katie squeezed her breast in pleasure for her third orgasm. He began stroking his hardening cock as he turned the door handle.

As Katie was coming down from her orgasm languidly stroking her still throbbing pussy and nipple she opened her eyes and there was Mr. Johnson standing in front of her stroking his hard cock. She had seen a picture of one at a girlfriend’s party earlier in the year but it was nothing as stunning as this was. She stared in fascination still stroking herself while his cock swelled bigger and bigger as he kaçak bahis approached her. He leaned forward and cupped her breast as she stared at the purple head his swollen cock. It was the most wonderful thing she had ever seen. Without thinking she reached up and touched his hot erect member. He pulled her hand back and forth on it for a moment until she started doing it on her own without ever taking her eyes off of it. His hand slid down from her nipple and gently brushed her hand aside from her cunt as he slipped his larger fingers inside her. She groaned in pleasure as he rubbed her G Spot bringing her to an even more aroused state. And then suddenly his hard cock slipped from her hand and it was into her hot pussy before she realized it. The pleasure was intense she knew she shouldn’t let him do this but it felt so awesome.

Now he was thrusting deeper and deeper into her. She could feel him stretching her pussy and filling her with a unbelievable heat. She felt him sliding deeper into her vagina. When his cock bottomed out on her cervix she exploded in womanly juices. She came and came again and again. Soon she felt his hot cum enter her and she gripped him tightly with her thighs while her pussy spasmed milking every drop from his dick. He collapsed on top of her. They lay there soaking wet in sweat and cum. Every now and then her body quaked. Then just as she was about to try and squirm out from under him she felt his cock harden inside her and he bean thrusting again. As he started fucking her even harder than he already had she moaned “I’m going to stay home tomorrow too if you want?” This time he came in ropes of hot cum that completely filled her.

“Yes Katie, Yes! I’ll be over when you mom leaves!”

When he finally left she smiled to herself – “Now this is the way to end the school year!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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