Accidental First Time

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This “story” is just that — a fictional accidental first time encounter between two young (over 18) close friends. I hope you enjoy, and have strived to make it a more “real life” scenario and thus less “action packed”. If I receive positive comments I will try to continue the saga.

We had been best friends since middle school. I remember teasing you, pulling your long brown braided twin hair tails that snaked half way down your back. You were always a cute thin tough tomboy, and although not related most of our friends called us brother/sister because we always hung out together, did homework together, helped each other with chores, lived only a block away and were “best” friends. In the summer we used to play sports together, you always held your own in games with the “guys” and we would often go swimming in the old swimming hole, sometimes with others but often by ourselves. I wore my usual baggy swim trunks, you usually wore a simple two-piece suit, although sometimes when no one else was around, at night we would swim in our undies. You would swim in your plain white panties and a T shirt because you never wore a bra with nothing on top to contain. Those were care free fun days.

As we grew older we stayed close friends, but never “dated”, still did homework together, and helped each other with chores. We were both kind of shy (except around each other), and so we only dated in groups going to dances with friends, but neither of us had an actual boy/girl friend. We shared our secrets told each other who we had a crush on, I had the hots for a cheerleader, you a football star flanker who scored most of the touchdowns. We never considered each other as the opposite sex even though we were both very aware of our differences, but just did not think of each other that way.

Even in our senior year, you still were thin flat chested, a small A cup, long dark brown hair, about 5′ 6′ tall and in good shape, running and swimming with an interest in the arts especially sketching. You had beautiful eyes, a captivating smile, and could always make me laugh. I maintained my nerdy math, computer, and science interests, was thin 5′ 10″ tall, long blond hair blue eyes and stayed fit, biking, playing sports with friends and of course swimming all summer. Whenever you were down or hurting from a fight with a girlfriend or cramps from your period, I was there for support, sometimes just holding you telling you it was all ok, things would be better, and finally after ribbing you, your lips would curl into that classic impish smile. You were always there for me too, brightening my day when I was in a bad mood, giving me a hug when I won the science fair, and offering advice/support when I had a disagreement with my parents or friends.

My name is Eric and for my eighteenth birthday I received a small (350cc) second hand used motorcycle, which for me was a dream come true. For your eighteenth, which followed only three days after mine, you Val, received your dream sketching set. As summer set in we would still frequent our swimming hole, talk about plans for college with you often sketching me in casino şirketleri my undies still wet from swimming. This would sometimes make me blush, because of the semi hard on and associated slight tent I would get looking at you in your wet “T shirt” and panty briefs. Even though you had little on top, because you still never wore a bra, I could see your hard nipples peaking through and sometimes see the outline of your volva thru the wet panties. This in turn would make you blush realizing what I could see, and how it affected me, but you would just flash that smile and keep sketching. You further embarrassed me one time, by including my “bulge” in your sketch, with a devilish grin on your face. All though we never discussed it in detail we both knew the impact any semi nude image of the opposite sex had on each other but were almost afraid to think of each other that way, not wanting to spoil the special relationship we had developed, and not sure how the other felt. We also both had a strong faith that kept us from trying to “explore” each other, afraid we would upset or offend each other.

This all started to unravel four weeks after I got my motorcycle and only two weeks into the summer. I was on my way back from the store, when I was blind sided by a hit and run car that ran a stop sign, throwing me off my bike tumbling across the road. When I awoke in the hospital, I had two broken arms in casts, one broken leg, a lot of scratches, and a bad headache. My mom was there, my dad at work, and you with tears in your eyes. I was released from the hospital four days latter, but bed ridden for at least a few weeks, fairly helpless to feed bath or even go to the bathroom. My mom and dad worried how they would care for me those first weeks, they both worked, and we could not afford a live in nurse. You of course calmly stated you were free for the summer, and would help without thinking of the compilations this might present. My parents accepted your offer, also without thinking of the potential issues that might arise, because they new and trusted you, and it solved their dilemma. I was still groggy, feeling no pain, happy to be alive and thus also not thinking clearly at the time, and would have spent most of the summer with you anyway.

I was transported home by ambulance early Monday morning, with you mom and dad there to welcome me and set me up in my room. Dad and mom then left for work, leaving us alone which under normal circumstances was typical for the summer. You made us lunch and had fun teasing me as you fed me. But soon mother nature called and I had to pee. This led to the first awkward moment. I mumbled that I had to pee and you got red in the face suddenly realizing what you would have to do. We nervously joked about it but then I really had to go and soon, so you got the bed pan, placed it between my spread legs and looking at my crotch pulled my boxers down exposing my cock to you for the first time. I was both embarrassed and excited at the same time, and you just kept looking at my penis and turned a delicate shade of pink. I shook you out of your stare again mumbling that I really casino firmaları had to go and you suddenly realized that you had to touch me, hold me to aim into the bed pan. This was the first real penis you had seen, the first to touch and the first time anyone else (other then the nurses) had touched me. You gently took me in your hand looking all the time at my penis, avoiding eye contact and placed it in the bed pan. You continued to gently hold me as I almost immediately started to pee. You watched intently, the first time you have ever seen a male pee. As the stream slowed and then ended, you looked up wondering what to do next. I offered a nervous smile and mumbled to shake it then carefully remove the pan. You hesitated then shook my penis let out a little girl giggle and then looking into my eyes gave it a gentle squeeze said wow and moved the pan to a table.

You then became your smiling mischievous self again, grinning from ear to ear, departed to the bathroom to empty the pan and get a wash cloth a pan of hot water and soap. You come out proclaiming in your little girl voice that it was bath time and that we might as well get used to it soon because we would be together for the next few weeks. I am still laying there (at your mercy) my boxers down my penis exposed, both embarrassed and excited at the same time. You pull off my boxers carefully over my leg cast with me now fully naked and exposed. You start to wash, first my upper body then my lower legs. We make small talk avoiding the awkwardness of the situation for both of us. Soon however you start to wash my upper legs and stomach getting closer to my groin, your eyes darting between my eyes and my exposed cock.

I try to keep up the small talk and not think where your hands are but fail, as my cock starts to rise. You show both embarrassment and intrigue as you watch my cock grow, looking back and forth between my eyes and my now rigid cock. I try to offer an apology but you put your finger to my lips, smile, grin and start to wash my groin area, avoiding my rigid cock but washing all around including my balls. You spend way more time “washing” this area then you did the rest of my body “exploring” for your first time. By this time my cock has started to leak, I am past embarrassment and now getting close to cumming even though you have not yet touched me, but the excitement of you looking, and washing all around is almost too much for my young inexperienced body. You soap up your small hands and slowly, tentatively reach for my cock. My emotions are overwhelmed by fear, excitement, and embarrassment, I try to say something, try to stop you but instead explode as soon as you touch me. I groan as long strings of cum shoot into the air with the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced, some seamen hitting you on your arm, shirt, and hand. You freeze, holding my ejaculating cock, your eyes wide, mouth open. You knew I was turned on, but are naive did not understand how quickly a young inexperienced man (boy) could cum. You were unprepared, overwhelmed, startled and almost giddy by this first experience.

I close my eyes, ashamed, güvenilir casino that I could not control my emotions, afraid I may have upset, and/or offended you, and so embarrassed. You are so startled, yet excited at what you have just seen, you just hold my semi hard penis, unconsciously squirm a little in your seat still looking at my member, the seamen on your arm, shirt, hand and the seamen dripping from my cock. You then slowly look up to my closed eyes, not sure what to say, do. I mumble that I am so sorry so ashamed, and suggest that you can leave if you want, my eyes still closed. You are suddenly aware by the quiver in my voice that I am upset, that I think you are upset. You give my penis a gentle squeeze lean in and kiss my cheek, my forehead , and gently tell me that was awesome. With out giving me a chance to say anything you start to, in a fast excited voice tell me you hope I am not upset, that you understand (even though we both know you do not), that you know you should not have done that to me but admit you did not expect it, did not know it would happen but thank me for sharing such an intimate experience with you. You go on almost babbling saying it was your first time seeing it (as we both already know), without thinking saying you would like to see it again, and on and on still holding me, and still looking at my penis, and the cum still covering both of us.

Suddenly you realize how silly you must sound, stop babbling and look up into my eyes, now wide open, neither of us sure what to think or say next. I try to defuse the situation by cracking a lame joke about you joining the navy so you can see more sea men. This causes both of us to crack up laughing mostly a release of the built up tension. This also opens the door for more serious conversation on what just happened. As we talk you again state that you enjoyed what happened, hope it will not hurt or change our friendship, and want to continue to help me and my parents. You state that we might as well get comfortable with this part, because it will be a regular part of the next few weeks. I start to again mumble that I am sorry for not being able to control myself. You grin still holding me, and state your glad I came, it was awesome, want us to be comfortable, and then to make me feel better, tell me you are so wet and nod your head down to your crotch, in case I did not get the meaning. I blush and ask “really” (your still holding me, and the talk is not helping my self control)? You blush and nod, then, look at my penis, a smile on your face as it slowly starts to grow again in your hand.

Your hand holding me, and our conversation especially hearing your wet , overcomes any self control and soon I am again rock hard. You still hold me eyes wide and darting between my eyes and hard cock, and shyly ask if you caused this and note you did not realize I could get hard again so quickly. You then let go, stand telling me you are getting more warm water to wash up. As you stand I can not help look between your legs. You follow my gaze, and then again in a quiet voice smile and tell me you are so wet and guess we both will need to “clean up” and then walk off to the bathroom. As you walk away you startle me by without thinking lift your seamen covered hand to your mouth and flick out your tongue tasting my seed.

To be continued………………………….

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