Breeding Bull

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Though I didn’t have a clue what a fetish was when I was still in my teens, the only thing I knew was what I loved most about jacking myself off, was seeing my cock erupt with rope after rope of thick, hot cum.

Fascinated by the feel of it bursting out of me, staring down at myself, I’d groan as I slid it up and down over my shaft, painting it all the way down to my balls, just imagining the power contained in my seed.

In fact, whenever I’d see a pregnant woman, I could feel my cock start to grow thick and heavy in my pants, as I silently wished that it was my seed growing inside her.

Which was often embarrassing, since a lot of women in my family were pregnant when I was younger, so I’d often have to excuse myself and leave the room, before they noticed how hard I was getting, imagining it was me that had filled them up with my baby batter, getting every last one of them knocked up and bred with my seed.

So, naturally, as soon as I’d discovered what sperm banks were, I made an appointment at a clinic to see if they’d take me on — excited by the idea of impregnating just as many women as I could, that I wouldn’t even know.

I’m a big guy, six foot four, with broad shoulders, a big wide chest, muscled thighs, and with a nice long really thick nine inch cock.

So I just loved the idea of donating my swimmers, especially knowing that my seed would soon be growing in countless women’s wombs, getting them pregnant with my offspring.

Once I’d filled out the long questionnaire about my health and family background and education, and they’d taken a blood sample, probably to check for diseases, I hoped I was done and I could get busy jacking off. But they also talked to me for a long while about the ramifications of having my offspring being out there in the world, once I’d done this. And when I told them I’d be fine with it — though I’d never admit that I was way more than fine with it, as I imagined all the bellies that would be growing big with my seed planted in them — I was then told to go into a room, and give them a sample.

No problem for me, I loved nothing better than beating my juice out of my cock and feeling it sliding through my fist, as I came. And since I’d been at it daily from the time I was old enough to get an erection, always spewing a nice thick load whenever I came, I knew I’d be able to provide them with a pretty impressive sample, that hopefully they could use. Knowing I was coming here to be tested, I hadn’t jacked myself off in days, just so they’d be happy with the quantity of swimmers I was providing.

Once I got into the privacy of a donation room, I noticed they had a pretty nice selection of girly magazines. I picked up one with a pretty blonde inside, spread open wide, with her cunt just waiting to be impaled. She had massive breasts, with nice big areolas and long, hard red nipples, just the way I liked tits to look.

My pulse kicked up as I stared transfixed at the picture of her on her back, with her wide-lipped pussy already looking nice and juicy, like it was aching to be fucked. So no surprise, imagining what it would feel like to pound the fuck out of her, my cock was hard as a brick before I even got it out of my pants.

Groaning, as I held the magazine open, I wrapped my meaty fist around my dick and started to slide my hand up and down, beating myself off, squeezing harder as I got close to the tip, till I could see it starting to ooze. Thinking how good it would feel to sink my meat into a nice wet hole like hers — especially if I planted my seed into her waiting womb, so her belly would grow big and heavy once I’d bred her.

I had to wait a few days till the clinic had checked my sperm sample, for quality and quantity, I guessed. But finally they called to tell me the good news; my swimmers passed with flying colors. Seems I had good quality, healthy sperm and plenty of it, and they said I could go back and start donating whenever I liked, even twice a week if I wanted.

Just knowing that my seed would be used to breed countless women, I went back as often as I was allowed, and donated probably gallons of my seed, thrilled to shit at the idea of impregnating as many empty wombs as I could. I felt like a prize stud bull.

Then one day, when I was at work at the car restoration and repair place I owned, Manny, a young guy I’d hired, who was really good at repairing dents, was looking pretty sad as we all sat around having lunch. When I leaned in and asked him what was wrong, from the way he was uncharacteristically moping, he shrugged, and said under his breath, “My wife and I have been trying to have a baby for a couple of years now, and we’re starting to think it’s never going to happen. She was crying her head off about it this morning when I left her. So I’ll have to phone her later to see if she’s okay.”

I shrugged, and told him about the sperm bank where I’d been donating, and asked if they’d ever considered something like that.

But casino şirketleri he shook his head. “I already suggested we try going to a sperm bank and using a sperm donor to see if it would work, since mine don’t seem to want to get the job done. But she said the thought of being inseminated at a clinic, would just feel so cold, and she’d always remember that being the way our baby’s life was started.” Then he leaned closer and whispered so no one else could hear, “And just between you and me, I’m getting desperate enough that I’m thinking of asking a friend if they’d mind trying to get her pregnant.”

Oh, fuck me. Just the thought of sliding my cock between his wife’s legs and actually breeding her, had me instantly growing painfully hard. My pulse already racing, and my balls really beginning to sweat, I swallowed past the lump in my throat, and tried my best to keep my voice level, so he wouldn’t know how excited I was about possibly breeding his wife, I whispered into his ear, “Well, I’m healthy. And I’ve been checked out pretty thoroughly by the sperm bank, so if you’re serious, I’d be happy to help you guys out.”

He stared at me for a moment, nodded his head and finally said, “You know I think it could work. I’ll run the idea by my wife tonight and see what she says. She’s been so desperate to have a baby that she was even considering going on social media to see if she could find someone we could use to impregnate her. But at least we both know you, and since you’re healthy and you’ve been checked out, I think she might go for it.”

I knew his wife Jody, alright, cute little blonde with a nice big rack, big innocent blue eyes and a rocking body. And just thought of filling her with my seed had my cock twitching like a bastard in my boxers.

A week later, after they’d both agreed to letting me help them out with their little problem, I was knocking at their door. Not sure what she’d think of me bringing her flowers, since this wasn’t exactly a date, I came empty handed — knowing that what they really needed was already thick and heavy in my pants, and more than ready for some action, just from the thought of filling her with my seed and making her belly grow heavy with my child.

Manny answered the door, wearing a hesitant smile as he reached for my hand and shook it as he welcomed me inside. “Thanks for doing this for us, Damon. We both really appreciate you helping us out.”

We’d already agreed, and put it in writing, that if it happened, and I succeeded in getting her pregnant that I would never have anything to do with the baby, or be in any way responsible for it, before or after it was born. So, I guess there was only one thing left to do — go and fuck his wife Jody, till I’d pumped her full of my baby batter and hopefully got her bred.

Jody was waiting in the bedroom, understandably looking a little shy when I walked in and closed the door behind me. She was in bed, under the sheets, and I could tell that she was already naked, because I could see her nipples poking up against the white sheets as she shivered with her chest heaving.

So, just to put her at ease, I walked over, and calmly said, “Good to see you again, Jody.”

Then I sat down on the edge of the bed, ran a hand through her long, silky blonde hair and assured her, “No need to worry. What we’re about to do isn’t anything sexual. I’m just trying to help you guys out, so you can have the baby you always wanted. Okay?”

She smiled up at me and nodded. “Thank you, Damon.”

But as I stood beside the bed and started to strip off, I noticed she gasped and her eyes went big as moons, once she saw me naked with my nine inches standing fully erect and already glistening with a big fat drop of pre-come oozing from the slit. I smiled as I fisted it and started stroking it in my hand. “You want me to warm you up a little first, so it won’t feel too tight when I penetrate you?”

Staring wide-eyed at my meaty cock sliding through my fist, she nodded, and said breathlessly, “Please. You look a lot bigger than Manny, so I think you’ll need to get me slick enough to be able take you.”

I smiled into her big baby blues. How could I ever refuse her? Especially since I did love to eat pussy.

So, I carefully pulled back the sheets and forced myself not to groan, or roll my eyes when I got a look at her big, beautiful titties. Her areolas were just so huge, and so were her nipples, already hard and thick and itching to be licked. I could almost taste them sliding into my mouth. So I knew I was definitely going to be sucking on those beauties.

I crawled in beside her and decided, might as well start with a kiss to warm her up. So I cupped her pretty face in my hands, touched my tongue to her lips, and slid it along the seam of her mouth, and she opened up for me. Then she moaned and wrapped herself around me as I made slow, sweet love to her mouth.

With one hand on her breast, tugging and twisting one of her long, hard nipples, casino firmaları already getting her moaning and starting to quiver, I slid my other hand down over her taut little belly, gently massaging her smooth warm flesh, till I could feel the heat of her pussy sliding over my probing finger as I penetrated her cunt.

Sliding in a second finger, I groaned when I realized just how fucking tight she was. Already knowing it would feel like heaven to have to fight to work my cock into a tight little pussy like hers, so I could give her the good hard fucking she needed, and hopefully succeed in breeding her, once I’d filled her womb to overflowing with my seed.

Just the thought of impregnating her and making her belly grow big and heavy with my child, had a long stream of juice starting to leak from my cock, obviously eager to get inside her to do what it was made for.

But before I got down to the task of fucking her, I just had to have taste of her breasts. So I cupped them both in my hands, and licked into her cleavage, making her moan and shiver and happily smile into my eyes as I began to toy with her luscious twins. I sucked hard on each one, opening up wide and drawing them as deep into my mouth as I could take them, rolling her nipples on my tongue and then dragging my teeth across them, and giving each one an arousing little nip, really making her squirm.

It just felt so good to be working her tits around on my tongue and sucking them so hard, like I was nursing on her and hoping to get milk that I felt like I could almost come just from the incredible feel of them. Never mind the erotic sight of them glistening with my saliva, once I pulled back to take a look at how red and swollen her nipples looked after I’d eaten and sucked them that hard, till I’d almost given in and shot my load, so I’d have them coated in my cum, too.

Finally, I planted a lingering open-mouth kiss on each one, almost hating to leave them, as I slid a hand down between her legs and parted her thighs, to get back to the business of planting her with my seed.

But once I’d kissed my way down her body, I was blown away by the sight of her spread open wide, just waiting for me to eat her till she screamed, so I could get her nice and juicy and ready to be mated.

I closed my eyes, groaning as I licked between her hot, wet folds, spearing my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could go, feeling my cock grow even thicker as I fucked into her with my mouth. Eager to see deeper into her pussy, I pushed in two fingers and spread her open even wider, and felt my dick instantly jumping at the sight of her juices sliding out of her hole, showing me that she was just about ready to be mounted.

I felt like a rutting bull, my balls felt so heavy and I needed inside her so badly that I could almost feel my seed boiling up inside me, just waiting to be expelled into the depths of her tight little hole. My cock was aching like an absolute bitch to get at her and push inside her, so I could finally fuck her deep and hard.

But since I knew she’d be tight, I followed through on my promise and sucked on her clit and gave her a thorough little finger-fucking till I could feel her whole body beginning to quake. And I sighed with relief when she squealed and I felt her coming all over my tongue and filling my mouth with her juice, showing me that she was ready to be bred.

So, I knew it was time to get her down on all fours, with her ass in the air, and her cunt open wide, ready to be impaled. Then I could sink my cock into her just as deep as it could go, and fuck her till by balls let go and filled her up to bursting with my seed.

Jody was on her hands and knees, just the way I told her, trembling and softly moaning as I fisted my cock in my hand and slid it up and down along her juicy slit, letting her have a feel of the size of my big, bulbous cockhead, preparing her for penetration.

“I’ll try and be gentle as I can,” I murmured as I gritted my teeth and pushed my swollen cockhead past the resistance of her tight little opening. I closed my eyes as she instantly began to squeeze me inside her, obviously eager for more.

With my fingers digging into her hips, I thrust in a little deeper, smiling as she gasped as I gradually filled her up inch by inch with the length of my rigid cock. “Ooh, it stings, but it still feels good,” she murmured, thrusting her ass back for even more.

“Tell me if I go too deep,” I whispered against her back, as I thrust in a little harder, till she was really starting to pant with her inner walls clamping tight around me, like she was already trying to milk me of my seed.

“No, it feels really good, tight, but good,” she said as she softly began to moan as I pumped in and out of her, a little harder and deeper with every flex of my hips.

I pulled out almost all the way, groaning at the sight of my cock sliding out of her, slick with her juices. Then I thrust back in, even deeper, till I could feel güvenilir casino her rocking her ass back against me, and then I really gave her a feel of my cock.

“Ooh, yes,” she murmured, starting to shake and shiver as I reached around her and started to tug at her nipple while massaging a finger around her clit, as I kept tunneling deep and hard into the depths of her body, growling at the erotic feel of her pussy eagerly sucking me in as we mated.

I knew she’d have to be open as wide as she could go when I shot my load inside her, if my seed was going to go deep enough to take and successfully breed her. So, if I had her coming on my cock, I figured she’d be nice and juicy and hopefully loose enough from having me working her into an orgasm that it would have her cunt hungrily sucking in whatever I gave her.

I threw back my head, as I felt my balls growing tight, preparing to blast into her and fill her up with probably the biggest load of cum she’d ever felt, so hopefully my seed would take and I’d manage to get the job done.

My eyes rolled back in my head as my cock began to pulse hard, as I felt my balls letting go and firing off through my shaft, right up against her womb as I plowed into her just as deep as I could possibly go, punishing her cunt with my cock.

And just the thought of this working and me succeeding in breeding my friend’s wife was enough to make my dick stay hard, and keep on pulsing, even after I’d shot her so full that I could see a trail of my cum leaking out her well-fucked hole, and down over her thighs till there was a thick, white milky puddle pooling between us on the bed.

I felt elated, knowing that I’d really filled her up. And now I just hoped it worked, and she’d soon find herself pregnant with a baby that I’d had the pleasure of seeding her with.

When she collapsed breathlessly onto her stomach, I told her, “I think you better put your feet up on the headboard, Jody, to try and keep my swimmers inside you, if you want this to take.”

She smiled and did as I asked, and slid her feet up, to try and keep my seeds deep in her womb, so hopefully they’d burrow into one of her eggs and impregnate her.

After I’d gotten dressed, I left her panting on her back with her legs up and her pussy still dripping with my cum right down to her ass. Before I left, I stroked a hand over her cheek, and said, “I’d be happy to come back if you need me to try again, Jody. But let’s just hope this works, and my seed takes, and you wind up with a baby.”

She grinned at me over her shoulder. “Let’s hope. But we’ll be sure to call you again, if we need you. Thanks for this, Damon. I really appreciate you stepping in to help out.”

I just shook my head, since I had thoroughly enjoyed taking my friend’s wife, and fucking her that hard, while hopefully successfully impregnating her in the process.

And lucky for all of us, a month later, Manny came into work all smiles. It seems I’d successfully inseminated his wife, and the doctor told her that she was pregnant with what appeared to be a healthy baby.

My cock actually jumped as I realized I’d bred my first woman, though I knew there were probably more that had gotten pregnant from my donations at the sperm bank. But since it as Jody, it felt even better, knowing I’d actually felt my seed filling her up when I’d had the pleasure of fucking her, while doing my best to get her pregnant for my friend.

I shook his hand and congratulated him, silently hoping that I’d get a chance to see his wife heavy with my child over the next few months, as the baby I’d given her began to grow inside her, so I could see the proof of what I’d done to her with my own eyes.

After that first time, when I’d successfully bred Jody, word seemed to spread. And I started to get contacted by customers, and friends and even people I barely knew with a similar problem.

Like one customer of ours, who was single, a very pretty dark-haired Asian lady in her thirties, who asked to talk to me back in my office. And I just assumed, when she closed the door behind her that she wanted to discuss her bill, since it was pretty high, though we had done a lot of work on her car, a top of the line BMW that had the door nearly ripped off when it was side-swiped.

She bit into her lip and it took her a while to finally admit that she’d heard about the success I’d had with her friend Jody that she worked with, and about me being tested as healthy at the sperm bank. And since she’d always hoped to have a child one day, and had yet to find the right man to marry, she wondered if I’d be willing to help her out, to see if I could get her pregnant.

I could actually feel my dick growing hard, as I pictured her on her back naked, and just itching to have me fill her with my potent seed, to breed her, too.

I shrugged and gave her a smile, and said, “I don’t see why not.”

Then I handed her a blank copy of the agreement that Manny and I had signed and when she read it over and signed it, she handed it back and said, “I’ve been keeping track and I should be ovulating this weekend. So if you could come by my place on Saturday night to help me out, I’d really appreciate it.”

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