Fair Is Fair Ch. 05

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This is a story of married men having gay sex and it’s pure fiction. If you are offended by this kind of story, read something else. Any inference to actual people is purely coincidence. Since this is not reality, safe sex isn’t practiced. In real life, always use condoms and practice safe sex.


Here I was on my knees, with hard cocks pressed against both of my cheeks, grinding into both sides of my face. I wasn’t complaining though, as by this point of my recent sexual progression I readily understood I was a bisexual man and I loved cock as much as pussy. My brother-in-law Joe’s cock was on my right cheek and his friend Dave’s cock was on my left cheek. They were standing as I was kneeling, kissing passionately with their right hands on the other’s asses and their left hands holding my head in place. I was actually helping with my right hand on Joe’s hot ass and my left on Dave’s, pulling them tight against my head.

I moved my hands from their asses to their balls, holding a set of those precious gems in each hand. I was rolling them around in my hand as the cocks dripped their sweet nectar onto my face. I knew soon I would be spit roasted with a cock in my ass and one in my mouth, probably more than once this night. I moaned at the thought.

No surprise, I was in a black lace garter belt, jet black lace top stockings, 6 inch black patent leather stiletto heels, with a lacy black bra, some jingly bracelets and necklaces and a black leather studded collar with rings on it evidently all belonging to my sister, Megan. I hadn’t planned on being dressed in lingerie when I went to Joe and Megan’s this afternoon, but that all changed pretty fast.

Nicole, my wife, and Megan were off with Dave’s wife on a shopping weekend for a baby shower my cousin was having in another state. That they were spending the night seemed odd, but Joe invited me over for dinner and to watch football over at his house Saturday afternoon and evening. Not being that much of a sports fan, I wasn’t expecting much, but I was alone with nothing else to do Saturday night, so I thought what the fuck. Actually, as I think about it, he didn’t actually say football, just ball games.

I had no reason to think this would be anything out of the norm, so I dressed accordingly. Well, except for the pink lace string bikini panties I wore under my shorts. Nicole decided I really didn’t need any “men’s” underwear any longer, I agreed so out with my tighty whities and in with panties, panties and more panties. I must have 20 pair now.

I’ve had some contact with Joe since our last sexual meeting about 6 months ago, where Joe fucked me silly and I loved it. But since then at each family function, we acted like normal brother-in-laws, nothing at all out of the ordinary. We’re just the standard big loving family. It was almost as though his fucking me never actually happened. I would have thought I dreamed it, if Nicole hadn’t reminded me of it so often.

Anyway, when I walked in, I saw Joe and started to say “Hey, J…” but that was all I got out of my mouth before my brother-in-law was sticking his tongue back in. Before I could react, he had my golf shirt off and my shorts down around my feet. I was now standing in his house in my pink lace string bikini panties. Joe was kissing me deeply, and after my first startled reaction, I kissed him back, just as deeply and passionately. This was a long, slow, deep, very very wet open mouth tongue kiss. My cock responded to this turn of events by rapidly getting hard.

As Joe and I kissed, I sensed we weren’t the only ones in the room. Joe broke our kiss and turned me around to see another man moving toward me. I was about to speak, when he grabbed me and pushed his tongue into my mouth as well. I was shocked, but then I realized this was Dave, the guy I saw Joe kissing at the dance club those months ago. He looked hot back then, and now his tongue was in my throat and, after a moment to adjust, I was kissing him back just as I had kissed Joe.

Dave was naked, completely and totally naked. His hard cock was pressed against the front of my pink lace string bikini panties, grabbing my ass as we made out passionately, making my cock become achingly hard quickly. I totally didn’t expect this, but I loved every second of it, putting my arms around his neck as my mouth opened as wide as I possibly could get it. At this very moment, I thought I was going to get a lot of cock tonight and the thought made me shiver. I realized later I was glad I hadn’t known what was going to happen, cause I probably would have stressed out about it, go, don’t go, what to wear, what would Nicole think, etc. So just being taken into the moments resolved all those issues in a heartbeat. I was all in.

I felt Joe move up behind me, and I sensed that he was now naked as well. He leaned into me from behind, and pushed me harder into Dave, pressing his cock against my pink lace string bikini panties in back, into the crack of my ass. They were both playing with my body, casino şirketleri using it to enhance their already impressive erections. I was panting in anticipation for what was to come, or cum. I kept myself completely shaved, with just the hair on my head left. It was my routine now, and I had shaved this morning.

As Dave continued to kiss me, I felt Joe pull the waistband of my pink lace string bikini panties away from my body, and insert his hard cock into the back of my panties along the crack of my ass. Oh damn, what a feeling. I don’t know what signal Joe gave to Dave, but Dave pulled out the waistband of my panties in front and shoved his cock in along my now rock hard cock. I hadn’t been there 5 minutes and I was already about to have an explosive orgasm, when Dave broke our kiss and Joe back away, leaving me panting.

“You know what the girls are up to this weekend, don’t you?” Joe asked me. I told him the story Nicole had related to me. Joe laughed and added “Yes, they are buying some things for the shower, but that will take about 10 minutes. Nicole wants to buy some black leather domination clothes, some new butt plugs and strap-on’s. Then the 3 of them are going to spend the night testing them on each other. I think you know who she will be using them on when she gets home.”

Fuck. I shivered again at this new revelation. Nicole had changed so much in the last year, me too. I should have known they were up to something. There were plenty of shops near us to buy baby stuff, but I had been so busy working I just went along with her story and never gave it a second thought.

“Megan laid some things out for you on our bed, just in case,” added Joe. “So go up, get dress and come back down here so we can start playing.” Start? Didn’t we already start, I thought. And sure, just in case your bisexual cross dressing brother-in-law stops by and wants to get dressed so you and your buddy can fuck him, we have lingerie for you. What a set up. I loved it.

I was still in a daze as I walked into the bedroom to find the lingerie mentioned earlier. There was also a black latex dress, breast forms, a blond wig (that looked like someone had been fucked wearing it), some jewelry, and makeup out on the makeup table. This really seemed odd, as women always take their standard makeup gear with them. Looking closer, I realized most of the makeup was mine from our house. Nicole???? Also a couple of boxes of enemas were on the bed, too. Good planning ladies.

After using a couple of the enemas, I jumped into the shower for a quick rinse with very feminine scented shower gel. After drying off, I sat at the makeup table. I’m pretty good now at putting on makeup, so I was done in a few minutes. I then put on all the lingerie, being sure to take off my pink lace string bikini panties, put on the garter belt and stockings, and then the panties on after. I’ve learned that panties go on after the garter belts for ease of removal later. Next, I pulled on the latex dress, and damn was it tight. It was like putting on my skin. I felt so slutty in it, which is my style.

The wig was next, and it look pretty good, assuming you wanted to look like a whore on holiday, then the shoes, and finally the collar, some ear rings, rings, bracelets and a couple of necklaces. I looked in the mirror and immediately knew this would drive the guys crazy. The necklaces and bracelets move and jingle when you’re really getting fucked hard. I hope they would be making a lot of noise soon. I would have liked to paint my nails, but that would take too long to dry. I’ll mention that for next time, maybe.

As I looked at myself in the mirror, I realized something was different. There were no women with us tonight. I was about to have sex with two men, and no wife to watch, record or comment on what I did tonight. I was going to engage in gay sex. There wasn’t any other way to sugar coat it. I gazed at the person in the mirror, a really hot bitch, a fucking slut who looked like she wanted to be fucked hard. Is this the person I really was now, a hot cross dressing faggot? Did I want to go to these men dressed like a high priced call girl, knowing it would undoubtedly arouse them and make them lust for me? Did I want to spend the next several hours with their hard cocks using me like a whore??? Well???

I grinned. Fuck yes!!

As I walked back into the room, football had been replaced by gay porn, and the guys were slowly jacking each other’s cocks. Their jaws dropped open and their eyes bulged out as they looked at me with unabashed lust. Damn this was fun. Like any woman, I like to be admired when I’m dressed to fuck.

“Well, do I look so bad that you can’t say anything?” I asked with a sly smile on my face. I knew I looked pretty good.

“No, no, no… sorry, not at all,” Joe replied quickly. “I just cannot believe how totally fucking hot you look right now. Wow!!”

“Joe, you’re an idiot,” Dave added. “She, eh, I mean he is so much sexier than you ever described. casino firmaları I can’t believe it’s not Megan in that dress. A really hot Megan.”

Those comments really turned me on. I know they were made by a couple of really horny men who wanted to get into my pink lace string bikini panties. But, like any girl trying to turn on her man, I liked it. And these were two pretty hot looking guys. I smiled as sweetly as I knew how to, walked over to the couch they were sitting on and sat down between them.

I smiled at both of them, and the attack was on. They descended on me like proverbial sex starved maniacs. I was kissed, touched, groped, mauled, man-handled, slapped, spanked and caressed over virtually every inch of my body. My response was to lie back and enjoy four hands and two sets of lips pleasuring me. I did hold a cock in each hand, stroking them slowly as they played with me.

After some time, who knows for sure, they stood up, pulling me with them. The guys set to work pulling at my latex dress off my body. I think it was easier to put on than the two of them trying to get it off. Finally they got it off and threw it on the floor, and my pink lace string bikini panties were stripped off and unceremoniously tossed across the room. After several more minutes of Joe and Dave kissing me and slapping my ass, I was pushed to the floor in between their bodies. This brings me to the beginning of this story.

I felt my makeup was being smeared all over my face as the cocks dripped pre-cum on me and ground against my cheeks. I was finally able to push them apart a little and quickly took Joe’s cock into my mouth, sucking it down greedily. I held Joe’s cock in my right hand as I sucked and slobbered over it, and jacked Dave’s cock with my left hand, occasionally rubbing it against my cheek. These were two really gorgeous cocks. I was thrilled to be able to administer my talents to each of them at the same time.

After loving Joe’s cock for a time, I switched my primary focus to Dave’s cock, slurping and sucking, my lips and tongue working their way down his shaft. His cock was straight, cut, about 9 inches long, about average thickness, and absolutely gorgeous. The thought of my becoming his faggot bitch passed through my mind as I suckled on his cock head. He would push his cock down my throat causing my gag reflex to kick in. As he pulled back, gobs of my saliva flowed back onto his cock, out my mouth, down my chin to fall onto my black lacy bra. This coating helped the next assault on my throat went more easily and he almost got my lips to his pubic bone. On the third try, he succeeded and ground my lips against his groin. Joe put his hands around my throat near the collar and squeezed, feeling how deep Dave’s cock was down my gullet.

With Joe behind me with his hands wrapped around my throat, and Dave holding my head and grinding my face with his crotch, his cock deep in my throat, I really couldn’t breathe. I tried to relax my throat and not panic but I was pretty excited. After a minute or so, which was probably 20 or 30 seconds, they released me. Pushing Dave back, I gulped several breaths of air, saliva pouring down my chin now. Later Joe said he was a little worried they’d hurt me, but realized I was OK when I grabbed Dave’s cock and stuffed it down my throat again. We did another couple of rounds of gagging, choking and grinding before they let me up.

Joe decided we needed to move this party to the bedroom where I dressed. This was the master suite upstairs, with a king size bed, which Joe immediately pull the top covers off of. “Up on the bed on all fours, bitch,” Joe ordered. I jumped on the bed and got into position, with my ass in the air and my shoulders on the mattress, wiggling my ass to get them hornier for me. Like they needed more stimulation.

“I think the bitch wants a spanking,” said Dave. I didn’t think about that possibility. “No, no, I’m OK,” I squealed, stopping the movement of my ass.

Left handed Dave was on my right side and right handed Joe was on my left side facing my ass. “Get that ass moving, you little slut,” Joe commanded, and I obeyed. Playfully at first they began alternating swats on their respective sides of my ass. But, being competitive men, they soon got into a spanking contest, with me as the receiving object. As the pain increased, my howls increased as well. Soon I was weeping openly, my hands held to keep me from covering my tender cheeks as the beating continued. Finally I screamed as loud as I could “Stop goddammit.” And, they quit suddenly. They looked at each other, both of them sweating profusely, then looked at me. “Sorry, babe, we got carried away. Do you need to go now,” Joe asked in a concerned voice.

“Go get some aloe cream. See if that helps,” Dave told Joe. Joe was off like a shot as Dave rubbed my back and consoled me. “Sorry, guy, your ass is so fine, and we just went nuts, I guess,” he said. My ass was on fire. Joe and Megan have a mirrored ceiling in their güvenilir casino bedroom and I looked up to see my ass glowing red, like a bad sunburn. I don’t know what Joe brought back, but as soon as he and Dave started to rub that onto to my buns, the heat vanished almost immediately. Wow, that was soo fucking intense.

After a few minutes, Joe, concerned about my welfare, continued to rub my ass. Dave, concerned about his hard cock, moved toward my face. For a split second, I thought about biting off his fucking cock for spanking me so hard, but as soon as it touched my lips, my lust for cock kicked in and I was sucking away like a good slut does. Joe, seeing me back in lust mode, switch from lotion to lube, pushed my legs apart and began running his fingers in and out of my tight ass, or as we called it for the next 6 hours, my pussy. Once my pussy was well lubed, he pulled my hips back up so I was on my knees. Lubing up his hard cock, he guided the head to my pussy and slowly worked the head inside. Back up on my arms, I moaned around Dave’s cock as Joe pushed in.

And, so it began. Joe pushed his cock deep into my pussy and fucked me. And he fucked me for a long time. He would start and stop, pull out and back in, tease me and taunt me, use me and fuck me. Dave would rub the head of his cock all over my face, streaking my eye makeup, make me chase his cock with my mouth, slap my face with his cock, especially when Joe went really deep and I moaned out loud. I think I was in that position for 30 minutes before they decided to cum at the same time. Dave seemed to be a little behind Joe, so he grabbed my head and started fucking my face intensely. Joe slowed a bit until Dave said he was close. Then they both started really pounding me at both ends. My cock was throbbing and swinging as they filled me fore and aft with cock.

With a mighty growl, Dave began to cum in my mouth. His cum first went deep in my throat, then he pulled back to let me taste his juice, and finally pull out to rub the remainder on my face. Tasting his cum set me off and I opened my mouth to moan “I’m cumming,” as Dave blasted my mouth and face. As my orgasm moved through my body, my pussy tightened around Joe’s cock, causing him to moan, scream and explode cum into my body.

I slumped to the bed as the guys high fived each other, congratulating themselves on fucking my brains out. I just smiled and thinking, boys will be boys, as they moved to the bathroom to clean up. They asked me if I needed something to drink, and I say, yes, energy. They laughed and headed for the kitchen, naked, of course. I slowly got up and moved to the bathroom. I was a mess. Cum, sweat, saliva all over my body and running down my legs. I smiled, I loved it. I peeled off the lingerie and got into the shower to clean up. Once I was clean and dry, I put my makeup back on, a little slutty, and looked in Megan’s closet for something to wear.

There was a leather bustier she wore for a Halloween party, and found I could just squeeze into it. There also were some black thigh highs in her lingerie drawer, so I put those on too. Finally I found some sexy black panties that seemed to work, and with the shoes, I think I looked pretty hot again.

“Damn, you’re looking great again, maybe hotter,” commented Joe. “Fucking A,” Dave agreed. I smiled at them, drank and entire glass of water at one time, then had a red bull. I looked at the guys and they were hard again in a couple of minutes.

“What the fuck, guys. You’re hard already?” I asked in wonderment. “Viagra,” they replied in unison, and laughed as their cocks bounced. “Come on, slut. Round 2 is about to begin,” Joe said, grabbing my arm and pulling me back to the bedroom. He threw a blanket on the bed over the wet spots and told me to lie on my back with my head over the end of the bed. With my head lying back, Joe rubbed his cock over my lips, letting me lick him as it passed by.

While this was happening, Dave was pulling off my panties and tossing them at Joe. Panties evidently don’t last long here. Dave pulled my legs up and began rubbing lube on my pussy again. He coated his cock with the slick stuff, then began rubbing his cockhead over my hole. He got my legs on his shoulders, with my heels pointed to the ceiling like a good slut.

I couldn’t see it, but they must have been looking at each other, cause at the same moment, the cock on my lips and the cock at my pussy pushed into me at exactly the same instant. Immediately I was being refilled with cock. As Dave started to drive his cockhead into my pussy, I push Joe back for a moment and told him to go slow. Dave is bigger than Joe, and although I had been fucked pretty hard, I still was apprehensive about his larger dick. Joe, on the other hand had no problem pushing his cock all the way down my throat till his balls were on my forehead.

Once Dave was sure I was comfortable with his cock, the fucking began in earnest. Not that the fucking I had received earlier was in any way a quickie, but I knew since they had both cum earlier, this was going to be a marathon fuck. I let go and just enjoy the feelings of their cocks moving in my body. I was getting into a zone, a fuck zone where all I was aware of was the fucking those cocks were giving me.

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