A Replacement for Susan Ch. 16

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‘Oh may God, your that Susan!!’ Diane had exclaimed.

I looked at her and asked what she meant. Diane began to laugh too as she told me they had all been going to the salon Susan worked at part time for months and had all been keeping her entertained with our adventures.

‘In all this time I had no idea it was you they were all living with.’ Susan said to me.

My mother to her credit began to look very shamefaced as the gravity of the situation hit her.

It was Anne who spoke next. ‘It’s just occurred to me, if you two hadn’t split up, none of us would be sitting here now.’ It was a sobering thought.

‘I don’t think I’d be here either.’ Susan added. When I asked her what she meant she said, ‘Not long after I started seeing Brad, I bumped into Simon who let it slip, Paul’s mom had persuaded him to date someone else instead of me.’ I started to defend my self but Susan held up her hand, ‘Don’t get me wrong I could see where she was coming from and I know it was me who… dumped you. The thing is, it was a massive wake up call for me. I had a vision of my life in ten years time. Two kids living in a rented house and Brad spending more time with his mates than with me if we were still together. I took a long hard look at my life and since that day I’ve been working hard to… reinvent my self I think is the expression.’

I looked at her open mouthed and asked what she’d been doing.

‘Well I switched courses at the college, instead of beauty therapy I’m doing business studies.’

‘We’ve all been encouraging her with her studies and honestly had no idea who you were.’ Anne said. ‘When do you finish here?’

‘At ten, why.’

‘We can hang around till then, you can come back with us if you fancy. We’ve told you so much about the place I’m sure you’d like to see it.’

‘I’ve actually been dying to see it. That would be lovely thanks.’

All evening we chatted about Susan and my mother arranging the dates with Anne and then Diane, my poor mother didn’t enjoy being the butt of all our humour but took it on her chin! At ten Susan came to our table and said she was ready if we were and we headed back to our place, we’d gone in two cars, I was in the back of Lin’s with Diane and Susan with Ann riding shotgun.

We walked in the kitchen and found Fiona filling the coffee cafetiere. She said, ‘Hi Susan, what are you doing here?’ She apparently knew Susan’s parents!

We went through to the main lounge and distributed ourselves around the couches. Fiona followed us in and sat down on a spare armchair. We chatted over our coffee, Susan asked ever more indiscreet questions which everyone was more than happy to answer. Eventually she turned to me,

‘Are you telling me you actually have sex with everyone here!’

I smiled but didn’t answer, I’d learnt years ago never to brag or answer any questions which might… incriminate someone else. When I didn’t speak Susan looked at each of my girls who all smiled at her. I’m not sure if she meant to look at my mother but when she shrugged her shoulders, a little shamefacedly, Susan exclaimed, ‘No…’

Lin added, ‘When we were first getting together he regularly did us all in the same day. The same morning a few times.’

Susan looked at me for confirmation, again I didn’t answer but I did have a smile on my face.

Anne added, ‘But he’s slowed casino şirketleri down a lot since we all moved in together.’ Which I couldn’t help taking as a challenge.

Diane piped up next saying, ‘As far as I know the best he’s managed since we’ve been here is…’ she counted silently on her fingers before saying ‘Four of us.’

My mother asked when that was and she said it was the first weekend J-Lin came back with Anne. ‘Anne then J-Lin followed by Lin and then Me.’

Anne was quick to point out, Paul and she had had a quickie in the back of her moms car on the drive home from the station.

Susan of course asked about J-Lin and gave me a nod which said ‘Not bad.’

‘I remember the weekend.’ Lin said. ‘Paul slept with me the night before and we had sex as we woke up. So it was six times.’

Fiona said with no trace of shame, I’d buggered her while she’d been bent over in the utility room that afternoon. Mary not usually one to talk about sex said I’d slept with her that night and we’d done it before going to sleep so it was eight.

My mother, said, ‘Errr, Paul had a shower with her, that morning…’ she smiled and added, ‘He did me as I was brushing my teeth afterwards.’

‘Fucking hell Paul! Nine times with seven different women in one day!’ Susan exclaimed! ‘That’s something I’ll only completely believe if I saw it!’

I smiled and looked around the room at each of ‘my girls’. My eyes settled on Mary who got up and slipped out of the dress she was wearing Susan couldn’t stop herself clapping. I got up once she was naked and removed my trousers socks and shirt before sitting back onto the couch. Mary sat herself on my lap and rode me as everyone watched. I came before Mary who gave me a really deep kiss before she got off my lap and whispered into my ear ‘Good luck.’ As she got to her feet, Susan laughed and said ‘One down five to go.’

‘Six.’ I heard Diane and Anne say together. Which made Susan smile like a Cheshire cat who’s just noticed the canary cage has been left open.

I looked at my mother next who quickly got to her feet to slip out of her blouse and skirt. I had her lie back on the couch and we had it missionary style, at a nice slow pace kissing the whole time. It look me longer to finish which gave my mother time to cum too. As we’d made love I absentmindedly listened as Fiona asked Susan how her parents were and to Susan telling her about a small lottery win and how they’d used it to set up their own cleaning business which was doing very well and they were also getting into the property market. It was one of the reasons she was doing the management training course.

Susan was still smiling from ear to ear. As I got up from the couch she held up two fingers. I sat beside her and asked her a few questions about her parents enterprises. I told her I was very impressed, because I was! Susan had gently held my dick as we chatted her gently stroking soon had me hard, she has the touch as they say.

I picked Anne next and had her as she was sitting on the dinning table resting back on her arms. I always loved to watch her firm breasts jiggle and vibrate as I pump into her nice tight vagina. Three down four to go!

I sat back on the couch for a breather after doing Anne and decided a knee trembler hadn’t been too bright an idea. Fiona got me a glass of wine and as I sipped casino firmaları it I saw my mother and Mary kissing and then slipping into a sixty nine together. Seeing them eating each other helped me get hard again and I smiled at Lin who got to her feet and pulled her boob tube down and pushed it off along with the elastic waisted skirt she was wearing in one swift movement. She lowered her self onto my erection and made her lovely large tits bounce like only she can. I saw Susan, who was still sitting beside us, liked watching her boobs as much as I did. Lin never takes long to cum and came twice before I finished.

I was deciding who to do next as I had a breather, Diane Fiona or Susan. I’d already decided to leave Susan till last so nodded at Fiona who although not one of my girls in the true sense of the word was still there to be fucked! As she removed her clothes I deliberated where and how, the how was easy, as I always enjoyed violating her anus. As for the where, I had her knee on the floor and lie face down on the coffee table.

I knelt behind her and after slipping into her vagina I easily pushed my fifth erection into her arse as I fed the fingers of my one hand into her hair to hold her tightly. As her arse is so tight I came as quick as I had with Mary almost. When I managed to get to my feet I headed for the loo to get my dick squeaky clean for use on Diane’s tight pussy. If she got it hard that is as my dick was starting to feel quite tender. When I got back to the lounge I sat beside her and watched as she got up and pulled her dress over her head. She put her hands on her hips and looked down at me or more specifically my sorry looking penis. She looked at Susan and shrugged.

Susan got up and stood behind Diane and cupped her petit breasts with both her hands, she then turned Diane to face her. They shared a quick kiss which was soon followed by a longer one during which Diane began removing Susan’s clothes. Anne got up to help and between them they soon had Susan as naked as everyone else in the room.

I was pleased to see her nipples were still pierced but wasn’t so sure about the dragon tattoo which adorned her back. I’d forgotten just how good Susan’s figure is, which isn’t to say any of my girls are slouches in the looks department, but Susan has that little extra something. Slightly firmer breasts, wider hips flatter tummy. Almost every facet of her body was just that little bit… better I guess is the only word.

They all looked down at my lap and we saw my dick was showing early signs of life. When Susan and Diane began making out it was soon fully hard and Diane quickly straddled my lap and slid it into herself. As she bounced on my lap as quickly as she could I watched Anne and Susan kissing and fondling each other.

The combination of Diane riding me so quickly and the erotic sight of Anne and Susan made me cum a lot quicker than I’d been expecting. Not as Susan or Diane noticed as by then Anne had her head between Susan’s thighs who was lying back on a couch beside Lin

Every one in the room was watching the pair and I wondered if I’d be able to get it up again, let alone finish! I looked around the room, at Lin relaxing with a glass of red wine in her hand. Mary and my mother lying in each others arms, looking very content. Fiona fingering herself and looking like she was close to coming güvenilir casino and Diane slowly getting her breath back beside me.

I got up and sat beside Lin and slipped my arm over her shoulder. She rested her head on my shoulder and asked if I was enjoying myself! I assured her I was and secretly let her know I was having doubts about being able to do Susan. Lin emptied her glass and put it down. She kissed me and we shared the last mouthful of her wine before she knelt between my legs to suck my soft dick into her mouth. She worked on me for a few minutes by which time Susan had cum and looked like she was going to kneel between Anne’s thighs very shortly.

As she got up she turned her back to me and put her feet either side of Lin before leaning forward and pulling her bum cheeks apart to give me an extremely good view of her pussy it made me smile when I saw she was wearing the piercings I’d brought for her. The obscene way she had done it was exactly what my dick needed and with Lin’s expert oral skills I was ready to impale Susan as she settled herself between Anne’s legs.

As I slipped into Susan so many memories flooded into my mind, any one of which could have helped me finish. The one which surfaced first was the time I’d been having sex with her as she’d been eating a mixed race girlfriend of her’s. I could still see her she soft slightly chubby figure in my mind. She’d had small but very firm tits with nipples which were always hard. Happy days!

Knowing I’d need all the help I could get Lin came to my aid again. She stepped over Susan, facing me which meant her breasts were right in my face! I held her slim hips as she held her tits to my face for me to nuzzle and suck on her large hard nipples. I felt Diane stand behind me. She held my shoulders with her hands as she kissed Lin and rubbed her breasted against the back of my head. The only sounds in the room were Anne and Susan’s moans which rapidly grew louder and louder as I pumped into Susan as fast as I could. Coming a seventh time in one evening was going to take an awful lot of friction as well as stimuli both mental and physical.

Eventually I pulled it off and knew with out a doubt I was not going to get another erection that evening! Susan sat on my lap once she came up for air, kissed me tenderly and told me she’d never doubted me for a second! I gently pulled on her nipple rings and told her I’d missed playing with them.

‘Seven times with seven women. I’m seriously impressed.’

I remember thinking it was a shame mom and Mary seemed to be a sleep as I had sex with one of them as we were waking first thing that morning. I know it’s bad of me but their bodies really were very similar. If I was pushed I’d say it was Mary’s vagina I’d filled but I honestly I had no idea which.

We were all yawning by then and decided to call it a night. Upstairs I went to the main room, Diane Anne and Susan climbed into the big bed with me. Sharing a bed with three naked nineteen year olds may be most men’s dream come true, but by then all I wanted to do was sleep! As I lay between Diane and Susan I seriously debated with myself if I could have done J-Lin as well if she’d been here. I reckoned with a bit of a breather there was every chance I could have especially when I thought about her really tight pussy.

After half an hour I was still awake so carefully slid out of the bed and went to Lin’s room. Of them all Lin is the one I sleep soundest with. As I slid into her bed she half woke and opened her arms to me and we kissed. The kiss let me know with out any doubt how much she cared for me.

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