Big Changes At Home Ch. 01

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Chapter One: A Harmless Evening Out

“But it’s Wednesday,” Owen said with a groan, and a roll of his eyes.

“I don’t care! It’s not every day that my young man turns Twenty-One. I’m taking you out on your birthday to buy you your first drink!” Taryn, Owen’s mother, said firmly.

Taryn looked at her son with a confident look on her face that told him that she wouldn’t be moved. She was determined to have an outing with her son, Owen. The two of them seemed to be drifting a part; they were not as close as they once were. Even her daughter, Rosina was far too caught up with school, to go shopping with her, like they used to. Both of Taryn’s children were in College, and school dominated their lives. Now that they were growing up and didn’t need her care, she felt useless all of a sudden. She had devoted her life to raising her children. Her crisis hit her once Rosina, her youngest, had started College last fall. It was since then that her feel that she had outlived her usefulness grew. This evening would be the start of a new and closer relationship between her son and herself, Taryn told herself.

Owen looked at his mother and shook his head. He had just spent the last ten minutes trying to argue with his mother that he didn’t have the time to go out tonight. Sure it was his birthday but it was a Wednesday, and everyone was busy. The family gathering would be on Saturday, like it always was. Rosina was frantically studying for a mid-term on Friday. His father was still at work, prepping for yet-another big case. What Twenty-One year old wanted to be seen partying it up with is mother! Besides, it wouldn’t be his first drink anyways, Owen was in College, and alcohol wasn’t exactly hard to get a hold of on campus. He glanced back at her and was about to say no, but the sad look in her eye, rather than the firm look on her face, convinced him to agree to it. He had been studying really hard these past few weeks and an evening out might be fun, even with his mother.

“Fine,” Owen sighed, relenting to his mother’s demands.

“Goodie! Where do you want to go, ‘birthday boy?” Taryn said with giddy excitement that she couldn’t contain. She threw her arms around her son in glee and shook him from side to side.

“Alright, Alright! I said I was going, already!” Owen grumbled. The grin on his face betrayed his gruff façade that he was trying to keep up. “Birthday man, thank you very much!” he said with a chuckle and a light scowl.

“Fine, ‘birthday man’, where are we going?” Taryn asked with a victorious smirk on her face.

Owen thought for a moment, after all, it was a good question. Where do you go to “party it up” with your mother? Nowhere that anyone could recognize you, that was for sure! After a moment of thought, and picked a bar that was on the other side of town, yet away from the College that he and Rosina attended. The evening was set and the pair went to their rooms to get ready to go out for Owen’s Twenty-First birthday.

Owen dragged his feet a bit in order to get dressed for the evening out. Even though he agreed to it, he wasn’t looking forward to being seen in a bar with his mother! He only hoped that nobody he knew would ever hear of this night! With a groan of regret he walked out of his room and down toward the front door.

Owen was surprised to see that his mother was already ready and waiting for him by the front door. She hadn’t seen him approach as she was taking the essentials out of her purse and slipping them into her jeans. She was clearly excited about this evening, you almost thought it was her birthday outing, not his. When Taryn bent over to pick up her keys that she dropped, Owen took in a sharp breath.

Taryn, his mother of Forty-Three, looked like a woman almost half her age! Owen couldn’t help but trace the shapely curves of her rear with his eyes. Her large breasts peeked out from the sides as she swiftly stood back up. He had to admit that his mother looked hot, even though she was not “supermodel material”. Sure, she carried a few extra pounds on her shorter than average frame, but she carried it well. She had an hourglass figure, just a slightly larger one than most people expect. Her breasts were larger than most women’s, yet still in proportion to her “generously proportioned” hourglass figure. Her red hair was thick and wavy as it cascaded down her back to her waist. A wave of red glinted in the hallway light as she flicked her hair once she stood back up. A gleam was in her green eyes when her eyes met his, as he descended the stairs.

Taryn looked at her son walking down the stairs toward her and pride filled her as she noted the man that he had become. He stood slightly taller than she did, and seemed to be the perfect height for hugging. His brown hair was short and cut in a side-part, just like his father’s. His blue eyes could easily melt her resolve when he pleaded for this or that. He had a slender physique that his regular early-morning running routine had earned him. She casino şirketleri was proud to have raised so handsome and respectable a son.

“So are you driving or am I?” Owen asked as he approached his mother.

“Are you kidding? Neither of us are driving tonight, we’re drinking! The taxi is just outside,” Taryn said with a queer look on her face as she pointed at the door.

They then left the house and soon were sitting in the back of the taxi as it sped them on their way for their evening out. Owen sat there and wondered what it would be like to see his mother drunk. Would he have to protect her, nurse her, “baby-sit” her? Never had he seen his mother so much as slightly tipsy and the thought of her drunk was an odd concept. He looked her over and for the first time he was curious to see what this evening would lead to. Just how “wild and crazy” would his conservative mother get? He had to stifle a chuckle as he thought of his mother, “pissed to the gills” standing on the speaker dancing and screaming.

They pulled in front of the bar in what was a seedier part of town. Taryn looked around and wondered why her son would want to go here, rather than a nicer bar, closer to home. She looked around her and saw: dirt, filth, decay and poverty all around her. She stood closer to her son and glanced up at him with a quizzical look.

“Are you sure this is the right place? Do you really want to go here for your birthday drink?” Taryn asked Owen with a quietly pleading look. It was a look of “let’s get out of here.”

“It’ll be fine. I know it doesn’t look like much on the outside, but it’s much better on the inside, so I’ve been told. I’ve heard great things about it.” Owen said with a convincing smile that he hoped his mother wouldn’t see through.

Owen also didn’t really want to be there and normally wouldn’t go to this end of town. Again, that was the whole reason for going here, so that nobody would see him “out on the town” with his mother. I mean if anyone recognized him he would forever be trying to live down the “momma’s boy” image!

“It’ll be great.” Owen said with a confident smile as he put his arm around his mother’s waist and ushered them inside.

The inside of the bar was as run-down as the outside suggested. It was dimly-lit, even for a bar. There were an assortment of tables and booths scattered about everywhere there was space. There was a modest sized dance-floor off in one corner and the DJ booth was in the wall overlooking the dance-floor. The crowd seemed to be the rowdier and rougher type, though they stuck to themselves. It was the kind of place that people went to “not be seen”, and everyone ignored everyone else. That at least was a plus as far as Owen was concerned. The service was fast if not terribly friendly, before long Owen and Taryn were holding a beer each.

“To my little boy who finally grew up!” Taryn said with a proud smile as she raised her beer.

“Thanks mom,” Owen replied with clenched teeth behind his gracious grin.

They took a sip of their beer and Owen had to admit that it was odd drinking beer with his mother. Taryn smiled warmly at her son as she sipped her beer and reveled in the thought that the dingy bar forced them to cozy up to each other. She was enjoying her evening out with her son anyways, despite her surroundings. A song that Taryn liked started to play and with a squeal of glee, she grabbed her son by the arm and pulled him up to the dance-floor.

The evening wore on and more beer was consumed, and many more songs were danced to. Owen was uncomfortable dancing with his mother, but after a few songs he got used to the idea. Eventually the odd concept of being in a bar with is mother didn’t seem so odd to him. He had to admit that she didn’t look all that different to the other women in the place. She had jeans and a nice blouse on, just like the other women and in fact was one of the prettier women in the bar. There were a few women that Owen wouldn’t have minded to make a move on, but you don’t ditch your mother to hit on chicks.

Things took a strange turn, much later in the evening. Owen and Taryn were dancing to a fast tune that they both knew when it ended suddenly. Instead of another fast tune, a slow song started to play and everyone on the dance-floor started to pair up. Everyone that is, except Owen and Taryn; this fact was not lost on Owen. He looked around and saw all the “happy couples” dancing around him and the pain of being single hit him.

“Let’s dance this one,” Owen said with a smile on his face as he grasped his mother’s wrist.

“I don’t think so dear, I really should sit down,” Taryn replied with a shake of her head.

Both Taryn and Owen were quiet tipsy at this point, and the pair of them were not too steady on their feet. The alcohol was starting to hit them now, and neither of them “were feeling too much pain.” While they were not “falling down drunk,” they were seriously buzzed to say the least. Perhaps casino firmaları it was for this reason that Owen did what he did next. His frustration and anger of being alone and rejected by a woman yet again flooded forth. With a firm tug on Taryn’s wrist he pulled her toward him and suddenly Taryn found herself in Owen’s arms on the dance-floor, swaying to the slow tune.

“I said I want to dance this one.” Owen said with a firm, if slightly arrogant tone of voice.

“I don’t think so dear. I really should sit down for a bit,” Taryn protested and started to leave.

Taryn found that she couldn’t break free of Owen’s powerful grasp. The harder she tried the harder he held on to her, after a bit she gave up and resigned herself to dancing the slow tune. With a gruff sigh she rested her head on his shoulder and decided to enjoy the moment with her son.

“Alright, we can dance this one, if you really want.” Taryn said with a smirk on her face.

For a short bit, they danced the slow tune and all was well. Owen noticed that the other couples were dancing much closer than he and his mother were. Since Taryn was his mother she kept a close yet respectable distance from the waist down. Owen had trouble seeing her as his mother just then; to him she was a woman in his arms. Slowly, yet firmly he pulled her closer to him until they were flush against one another.

“Let me go, we shouldn’t be this close,” Taryn protested as she started to back away from Owen.

The trouble was, with Owen’s firm grip of her, she was not able to back away at all. The most she could do was squirm and wriggle against him, but not put any space between them as she wanted to. The strangest thing about the whole incident was the wetness that was growing in her panties. For some reason the fact that she couldn’t get her way was exciting her. It was inevitable, but soon enough Taryn’s movements produced a sizable lump in Owen’s pants. Taryn froze when she felt it, and knew she had to stop squirming, that instant. She was not able to break free from her son’s powerful grasp and was only succeeding in turning him on. She then rested her head on Owen’s shoulder and settled into the now very intimate, if inappropriate embrace with her son.

Taryn was conflicted and old feelings started to come back to her, feelings she long thought dead. The logical part of her knew she had to get away from Owen and sit down in order to cool off. Yet another part of her was excited to not be able to. It was a part of her that she thought she had conquered long ago; part of her liked it when a man took charge. Even thought it was her son who held her intimately on that dance-floor, she was excited. The phrase slipped past her lips before she could stop herself.

“I kinda like it when a man takes what he wants,” Taryn said in a whisper before she drew a sharp breath of shock.

What was she doing? What was she saying? Did she know just who she was saying this to? Did she really tell her son she liked it when he forced them to dance so close? Taryn didn’t understand what was going on but simply told herself that it was the alcohol talking. She clung to this and decided that it would be nice to open up to someone, someone who loved her.

“I sometimes wish your father would take me now and again,” Taryn whispered in Owen’s ear, with a light chuckle. “Heck, I’d settle for him simply taking notice of me once in a while,” she lamented and sighed heavily.

Almost instinctively Owen started to rub Taryn’s back in an effort to soothe his mother. As he comforted his hurting mother Owen was confused by the recent events. His actions of the last few minutes were certainly not his usual behavior. Worse yet was the fact that each time he took a bold liberty with his mother and got away from it, he felt a surge of power and excitement course through him. The fact that he could force someone to do what he wanted, turned him on greatly. As he stood there holding his mother skin tight in his arms, he had to admit that her body felt great right where it was.

Taryn sighed with content as the strong man in her arms started to caress her. She felt safe in his powerful embrace and reveled and relaxed because of that reassuring thought: she was safe. Her guard continued to fall as she held this man who she loved and felt herself opening up to him even more.

“We barely have sex anymore and when we do, it’s boring and quick. He doesn’t have energy for anything other than work these days. I’m still a woman, I have needs you know,” Taryn said with a regretful lament and huffed a frustrated sigh.

It was as if by simply admitting her unsatisfying sex life, those feelings of loneliness, and unfulfilled desire flooded forth. Before she knew what she was doing Taryn clutched the man holding her just a little tighter. She then started to grind herself against the thick erection still pressing against her. It was just the right height and she could rub her clit against its güvenilir casino hardness and waves of pleasure shot through her. At that moment the music changed and the slow song was replaced with one with a hard beat. She was lost in the moment of pleasure and continued to grind herself against the manhood sticking into her. When two hands slid down her body to find the cheeks of her ass, Taryn remembered just who was holding her.

Owen was past the point of caring and was on fire from the sensation of his mother grinding herself against him. Firmly Owen grasped each cheek of his mother’s ass like he owned it and pulled her to him even tighter. Waves of intense pleasure shot through both of them as Owen ground himself against Taryn’s pussy. Once again the feelings of power flooded Owen as he simply took another liberty with this woman, and got away with it.

Taryn had to bite her lip to stop herself from moaning due to the pleasure of the moment. She loved the fact that once again this powerful man had his way with her; made her do something she didn’t want to do. Her pussy flooded as she felt powerless to stop him from grinding himself against her on that very public dance-floor. Taryn closed her eyes tightly as she lost herself in the moment. Her intense pleasure built and built until it reached its peak. Taryn’s eyes shot open and she looked into her son’s eyes as her orgasm hit her. Her mouth opened and she had to stifle a scream at the last second as her body rocked with pleasure. Her eyes never wavered from staring deep into the eyes of the man who had brought her to orgasm. Once her climax subsided she slumped into his arms and enjoyed the tight and powerful embrace, his hands still squarely on her ass, practically holding her up.

Owen was beside himself now and the “dark feelings” as he called them were quickly taking over. He had just dry-fucked his mother to orgasm on the dance-floor. He had made her cum when she didn’t want to even hold him, and she had let him! He knew that this was not normal; mothers and sons didn’t usually behave this way. He still couldn’t stop himself, he was more turned on than he had ever been before. He still wanted more, he wanted more power . . . more control . . . more submission from her.

“Come!” Owen commanded as he abruptly left the dance-floor.

Owen’s departure was so quick and so unexpected that Taryn stumbled a bit because of it. She looked around to see that Owen was departing the dance-floor. Her legs started moving before she told them to, and she found herself following her son. Logic started to return to Taryn as she walked swiftly to catch up to her son. What the hell had just happened? Did she really just let her son dry-fuck her to orgasm on the dance-floor? All of the things that had just happened to her, made no sense to her. Yet she couldn’t deny the fact that she was more turned on now than she had been in quite a while! Without pausing to think about what she was doing Taryn followed Owen into the men’s bathroom.

The dirty, yet vacant men’s room brought her back to reality as she glanced around the room. It was filthy and in worse shape than the rest of the run-down bar. Three urinals were along one wall and a beyond them were three bathroom stalls. Along the other wall was three sinks with one large mirror. One more glance around the room found that the far bathroom stall door was open. Swiftly she walked over to it, still not of her own volition. There, seated on the toilet, looking like a king on his throne was Owen. His pants were still up but he just sat there on the toilet and emanated confidence and authority.

“Get over here and suck my cock,” Owen commanded calmly.

Taryn shifted her weight and almost took a step towards him before she stopped herself. “Are you nuts? I’m your mother for Godsake!” Taryn snapped in a disgusted tone of voice. “You’ve had too much to drink young man! Let’s go home,” she said in a firm tone of her own as she pointed to the door.

“I’ll decide when we’re done here!” Owen snarled in an angry tone that he had never in his life used on her. “NOW GET OVER HERE AND SUCK MY COCK!” Owen screamed at his mother in an outraged tone of voice.

“GO FUCK YOURSELF! THERE’S NO WAY I’M DOING ANYTHING LIKE THAT!” Taryn leaned in and yelled at her son with all the disgust and outrage she felt at the moment. After a half-moment of staring each other down Taryn said. “Find your own way home. We’ll talk about this tomorrow young man!” she said with a disgusted tone of voice.

With that Taryn turned and swiftly walked toward the door of the men’s room. It was a room that she shouldn’t have been in, preceded by an incident on the dance-floor that should never have taken place. She was confused and shocked over what she had done and why. She never heard Owen approach and the first time she felt his presence it was too late. Swiftly Owen grasped Taryn by both arms and held them to her side. As she sputtered her stunned protest she quickly found herself in the stall that she had just seen Owen in. With a sharp bang the door to the stall slammed closed and Taryn turned to see Owen backed up against the door, facing her. He had a look of determination and outrage on his face and she knew what he wanted.

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