Affair of the Trainee , the Manager Ch. 02

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(After a Friday night tryst with his lovely bank branch manager, Alex, a management trainee, is unsure about their relationship in the ‘cold light of day’ at work on Monday morning.)

Monday morning was a little uncomfortable for me at work. My dream-like tryst with Dorothy Friday night had been on my mind all weekend. I hoped Constance hadn’t noticed my occasional pre-occupation or symptoms of guilt. Our relationship was not what it once was but I had no wish to increase her unhappiness. And now at work I wondered if Dorothy felt the same affection for me in the cold light of day that we had shared Friday night. Of course, I also suspected all my co-workers could read my mind. Naturally, Bob and Jan didn’t have to read my mind. Each of them was friendly and cordial – and we exchanged a couple of smiles that suggested a comradeship in secret knowledge.

But Dorothy showed no sign of special feeling or changed relationship. It seemed like ‘business-as-usual’. Of course she was an assistant branch manager and couldn’t allow personal situations to interfere with her responsibilities. We smiled – stiffly? – at each other and said the usual things. We had no occasion to work together during the day so I was ill at ease all morning.

When I saw her for the first time my heart skipped a beat. She was more beautiful in her business clothes than I remembered – probably because I now knew what hid beneath her tailored suit. Her lovely, vibrant face seemed fresh – her eyes flashed – her hair was full in soft waves to her shoulders. The skirt couldn’t hide all of her stunning legs in smart pumps nor the gentle curve of hip and bottom. But her blouse, jacket and A-line of the skirt obscured the feminine tummy, narrow waist, gorgeous breasts, alluring derriere, and compelling thighs that I knew were there. I couldn’t touch her, hold her, kiss her and be reassured of her feelings. Instead, I was afraid Friday night might be an incident she was trying to forget. My fears were especially troubling because I had spent the weekend fantasizing. My level of desire for Dorothy was higher than I could ever remember it being for anyone before.

In the middle of the afternoon we passed each other in an aisle-way behind the teller stations when no one else was close by. As we passed her hand touched my arm momentarily and, in a whisper through a hesitant (?) smile, she said, “Hi.”

My low spirits revived a little. I quickly whispered back, “Hi,” and went on with my work – somewhat relieved but still full of doubt. In spite of her touch and greeting, might she still want to end our short-lived affair? Her smile was friendly but tentative. Was Friday night a momentary lapse? If not, how were we going to handle it at work, at home? There was no quick answer for any of this, I knew. And I was back to the guilt thing.

When the bank closed to customers the tellers, including me, began to balance their day’s work. I was notoriously terrible at this part of the job. As they usually did every day, the supervisors polled the tellers to see if anyone was having a problem. Dorothy seemed to make it a point to be the one who came to my station to see how I was doing. I confessed that I was out-of-balance (surprise!). She offered to give me a hand. My heart raced. It took Dorothy a few minutes to attend to something else. By the time she came back most of the other tellers had finished balancing and gone home or were working in back with the bookkeepers.

My teller area was typically confined, so we were standing close together. The scent of her perfume brought back affectionate feelings and thrilling memories. It also triggered a stirring in my slacks in spite of my apprehension. She started looking at the record of my day’s transactions – but her thoughts were elsewhere. “Alex, I don’t know what you must think of me.”

“What do you mean?” We kept our voices low. No one happened to be nearby at the moment, but sounds carried in the bank lobby.

“You know – Friday night … the way I was … so … you know. I hope you don’t think I was … easy … or … I’ve never been … like that – never before.”

Either Dorothy was having second thoughts – or (I hoped) perhaps was fishing for reassurance. I ventured, “If you’re embarrassed then … I guess it must be because I behaved badly. I … well … I’ve never been like that before either. I’ve never felt like this before. I thought something wonderful was … well, … never mind, maybe you don’t feel that way …”

We had to look like we were working on my out-of-balance. It made our real business difficult – kisses and hugs could be dangerous. She looked up from the work for a moment to whisper, “Alex, you didn’t behave badly … that’s not what I meant.” Her eyes became softly questioning – her hand touched mine and she continued, “What were you going to say … when you said you ‘thought something wonderful was’ … what was it? … Please.” Suddenly there was something about her body language – something about casino şirketleri her look. The back of my throat tingled and my groin felt like it wanted to cuddle. Did she feel like I did? That wonderful chemistry again? Something was definitely surging through my veins.

“Well, I felt something wonderful happening between us … we were sharing something … something really beautiful and compelling. I … I had never felt so tender … and adoring … toward anyone. And well, the passion … has never been that consuming for me. It was overpowering. … I felt so close to you.” I hoped I hadn’t said too much. Had I stuck my neck out?

She gasped a little, “Oh, Lord, yes! It certainly was overpowering! Do you still … feel that way?”

“Yes. Very much. I feel like I want to reach out and gather you in.”

She looked around quickly and then put her hand over mine and squeezed. “Alex, I had all those feelings too.” When I squeezed back her look and voice softened and warmed and she continued, “I couldn’t believe … how wonderful it was. It never really has been … very good for me … before. But, yes, it was overpowering … very overpowering”. Her voice trailed off.

“I hope I wasn’t too forward.”

“No! You were gentle … and caring … and … very loving.”

“… Because you made me feel that way. I still feel the same way. All the things I said when we kissed goodnight are still true.” I squeezed her hand, “I thought we had shared something very strong … and very beautiful.”

“Mmm, Lover.” She squeezed my hand tighter. “I meant what I said too … and as I remember, we didn’t just kiss goodnight.”

I looked at her eyes. They were yearning. I assumed mine were sending a similar warm message. I had a strong sense of her closeness and my stirrings were intensifying. We both looked around to be sure we were still alone. I inched closer to her, touching hips. She nudged into me. I looked once more before my hand hugged around her narrow waist and trailed down over her softly curving hip. “Mmmmm, I’ll never forget your softness … and that wonderful way we said goodnight.”

She looked around as well before turning slightly toward me – pressing her tummy into my hip. My hand cupped her lovely bottom cheeks and held her close to help her snuggle for a moment. She looked at me with adoring eyes, sent me little kisses and brushed her hand over my growing erection. Her fingers traced its length and squeezed the head. She whispered, “Oohh, Alex, you get so stiff … so fast. And I get wet and ready for you … so fast.”

“Dorothy, I …” We both heard footsteps in the hall coming from the back office and moved apart. “I think I’m still out of balance here and I don’t have a clue. Help!” She returned reluctantly to the supervising business and I returned reluctantly to being a teller … sort of.

The first step was to recount my cash. While she began to count the bills she asked me to count the coin, the bulk of which was stored in rolls in a case on the floor under my counter. I knelt down and began to count.

After a few moments she said, “I was thinking about you – and us – all weekend.” Apparently we were alone again.

I whispered, “Has Joyce gone?”

“Yes, Lover.”

I went on quietly, “I couldn’t get you out of my mind all weekend either. I didn’t want to – the memories were wonderful. I wanted to call you but I was afraid someone else might answer the phone.” I continued to count the coin but couldn’t help looking at her gorgeous legs standing so close next to me. Her stockings appeared to be extra sheer. Her skirt didn’t come quite to her knees and, at times, I could almost see the tops of her stockings. The sense of the nearness of those compelling, sensual thighs was a serious distraction. In high-heels her legs were absolutely stunning.

“What did you want to talk about, Sweetheart?”

“I wanted to tell you how wonderful I thought our time together was and that – well … I think you’re wonderful … and how much I was missing you. And, of course, I wanted to know how you felt.”

She reached down with one hand and stroked my head. “Oh, God, I missed you too … ,” she sighed – as though relieved. “I missed you so much and … I wanted to be with you. I still want to be with you. We were so wonderful together. Can we meet to … talk … for a little while after work? Do you have to go right home?”

“I don’t have to be home right away. I’d love to … talk for a while. Where should we meet?” Lord, the thought of being with her again was making me breathless. My throat tingled even more.

With her hand on my cheek she inched a little closer and hugged me close to her thigh. She was full of sensual urges too. “Let’s meet where we were parked Friday night. I wish it were time to go home now! My hormones are going crazy.”

“Mmmm hmm. Mine too! You’ll probably have to stay a little later than me. I’ll drive there and wait for you.” I couldn’t hear anyone casino firmaları nearby so I hugged my hand around her nudging knee, gently kissed the tender softness on its inner side, and whispered, “You’re wonderful.” I heard her take a quick breath. My hand stroked up and down and felt the attractive dimples behind her knee. Over the week-end my memory seemed vivid, but nothing I remembered matched the reality of Dorothy’s stunning legs and the feeling of sheer smoothness of her stockings over the feminine, soft curves of her calves. I drank in their beauty as my hands languished in their wonderful strokings. The memory of removing these stockings Friday night further inspired my twitching manhood.

“You’re being a devil,” she whispered. “I’ll get there as soon as I can.” Then she nudged me again. “Are you looking up my skirt?”

“Uhm, maybe just a little.”

“Am I making you get harder?”


“Mmm, good! But you’re being so bad! That makes me remember how your eyes made me feel Friday night. I’m going to have to punish you … later.”

“I hope so. You know how your legs affect me.”

“Mm hmm, I remember so well – and you know what happens to me … when your hands are on me … and when I know you’re looking at me and getting hard.”

“Is that happening … now?”

“Mm hmm. Are you managing to … contain yourself?”

“I’m afraid not.” The tent in my trousers was now very prominent. “My hormones are making something achingly stiff.”

“Mmmmmm, Lover, you’re teasing me.” She teased me back by lifting her skirt a few inches to let me see the luscious skin above her stocking tops. “There’s a little tease for you.”

“Oh, God!, you’re so gorgeous. Now you’re being a devil.” My hand caressed higher on her leg – stroking up beyond her stocking tops to the incredible ivory smoothness so close to her vulva. “Are you managing … to contain yourself?”

“Of course not … I think my panties are getting damp.”

“Are we alone?”

“Mm hmm.”

Both my loving hands caressed slowly, avidly up and down – from the smoothness of the stockinged knee to the wonderful nakedness high under her skirt. Her upper thighs were very soft where they came together to guard her loving place. Her skin was warm and smooth.

“Oh! Alex!” She gasped and sighed. Her legs hugged my hands and then parted slightly as she turned toward me. Her whisper was worried but her body language was inviting, “You shouldn’t … Oh, Darling … when your hands are feeling me … uhn my thighs … your making me so … you know.” I ducked my head under her skirt, hugged a soft thigh to my cheek and lips, and kissed the wonderfully smooth ivory skin. The luscious smell of her was an aphrodisiac. It was late in the day and her scent was enticingly rich and earthy. I put my lips on her panties – first breathing warm air through them to her Venus mound and then nuzzling my nose into her crotch. Her whisper was anxious when she cried, “Alex! No … oh!”, but her knees bent so that she could part her thighs further and allow her hips and vulva to respond to the natural rhythmic urges of love-making. I heard a soft moan. Her hand was now holding me gently to her.

“Oh! Darling!” Dorothy pushed her vulva into my lips. “You’re lips and hands … we shouldn’t … Uhhnnn.”

I murmured into her panties, “You’re so beautiful.”

“Can you see through my new panties?”

“Mmmm, hhmmm … I can see all of your loveliness. Your tummy and your loving place.” I kissed and sucked through the sheerness. “Your precious loving place is so beautiful.”

“Ohhh, … Thank you, Lover … Ohh … Mmmm! I’m so glad … you like my … loving place. You were so good to it Friday night … and made me feel so wonderful … and full … mmmmm … you filled me so full … and so many times. I was still leaking your wonderful juices the next morning.” She flexed again, “Mmmm … I wish you … could fill me right now.”

She was wearing incredibly sheer panties with lacy designs here and there. The panty crotch was absent the usual cotton lining – and was nearly transparent. The pubic hair of her mons and the crevice of her labia disappearing into her crotch were clearly visible. The woman-scent between her thighs was heady and intoxicating and belied her budding arousal. I also caught the faint scent of her perfume again – she must have dabbed a bit between her thighs after her morning shower, probably fantasizing I might have an opportunity to savor it. Seeing the hint of her luscious love lips through the panties stirred deep feelings. I wanted to envelope them and taste them and draw my tongue between the outer petals to open them. I hugged and caressed her thigh near her crotch – and then slipped a hand under her panty leg to the bare cheeks of her bottom to hold her against my lips.

“Oh, God, Darling!” she breathed – and softly flexed her vulva into my lips again. Her knees bent further and her thighs parted widely when she leaned güvenilir casino against the counter behind her. I slipped a finger under the crotch of her panties and pulled it aside. She had tilted her pelvis and opened her thighs enough so that I could lick my tongue from her vagina, up through her labia to her clitoris – sucking and savoring her rich juices. She was soaking wet and her clitoris was now fully extended. She stifled a whimper, held onto the back of my head and flexed her pelvis, fucking gently into my lips. She murmured through clenched teeth, “Oh, Alex … Oohh!” I licked through twice more, held her clitoris in my lips while I tongued it, sucked away her rich fluids, and returned the panty crotch to its place.

I whispered into her panties, “The weekend has been an eternity – I missed you … and wanted you … so much. I’m glad we’re meeting after work.”

“Uuhhnnn, … Ohhh … God! … You’re an awful tease. You almost made me cum. I’ll be there … as soon as I can … Oh! Oh, Honey!” With her hand on the back of my head she had flexed her hips to thrust her pussy against me several more times. She whimpered again – quivering just a little, “I just had a little cum … Mmmmm.” She took a quick breath, “Oh, God … we can’t be doing this!” She was still rubbing her pussy into my face.

“You’re so beautiful, Darling.”

“Am I very wet?”

“Soaking.” My hands returned to her hips and bum, holding her close to my lips. I was so hungry for her and so enjoyed helping her to orgasm that I momentarily lost my senses of priority and propriety. But my sense of lust was in full gear when my hands caressed up her curved hips, grasped the waist of her panties, and began pulling them down. Before she realized how far I had gone, her panties were halfway down her hips; I had pulled the center further down and my tongue was searching for her clitoris again.

It was hard for her to maintain a whisper, “Oh, Alex, no! … You can’t! … Oh … Uuhhhnn.” Her vulva was flexing strongly and both her hands were holding my head. She knew we shouldn’t be doing this but her lust was too strong. Her knees bent again attempting to reopen her thighs to me but the panties now were holding her thighs together. Dorothy was moaning quietly. My hands left her bum and returned to stripping her panties down her legs. “No, Alex, No!” Then she gave in to lust, “Oh, hurry!” Her legs came together for a moment to accommodate the removal. I abandoned her loving place long enough to help her step out of the panties and put them in my pocket, but hungrily returned to her when she eagerly held her skirt out to cover my head, put one leg up on my shoulder and again presented her precious flower to my lips. In her lust she had cast caution aside.

My hands caressed and lovingly felt the creamy flesh of her beautiful thighs, curving hips, femininely rounded, soft tummy, and luscious naked bum. She sighed and moaned while I thrilled at the beauty and the warm, soft feeling of her nakedness. Her thighs had begun to shiver against my cheeks. I kissed and licked through her moist petals to suck on her clitoris which was now flushed with arousal and protruded like a small penis beyond the folds of its protective hood. The thigh on my shoulder hugged my ear. Finally my fingers were sliding through her liquid lips and delving deep into her loving place. With my lips on her clitoris I murmured, “God, I love to love you like this. … You’re so beautiful … feel so wonderful … and taste so much like our loving.” Her prominently eager bud danced with my tongue.

Her pussy rhythmically squirmed down on my fingers and into my lips. Her body quaked. Her hand covered her mouth. Her scream was noiseless. She went a little limp but I steadied her against me and she braced her hands on the counter. In a few moments she whispered, “I adore you.” She hugged my head to her with her hand and added, “But you’ve been very, very bad.”

I had to stop to keep from making a mess in my underwear. I moved out from under her skirt, returned to counting my coin, and whispered, “I hope you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me.”

“We’ll see.” A few moments later she said, “How is the coin count coming?” Her voice was breathy and uneven. But from her change of tone I assumed someone was coming and she was trying to recover her composure.

“I’m finished. The count is the same as it was earlier.” I retrieved my pencil and paper and stood up. We worked a few more minutes side by side – sometimes rubbing against each other or nudging a hip. The teller that had gone by left the area again.

Breathless and whispering she said, “Where are my panties?” Her hand sought the bulge in my trousers.

“In my pocket. Do you want them?”

“Not now, Darling. Keep them. Mmmmm … you’re so nice and hard.” We were very close again. Her groin was rubbing against my hip and her hand was caressing me dangerously when she announced – almost as an afterthought, “I found the error. It’s a mortgage coupon … mmmm … I wish you could put this in me right now.” I corrected my blotter and she whispered in my ear, “I’ll hurry as fast as I can. Oh, Mark, … I’m flowing again – I’m wetter than I was before! Do you have a Kleenex?”

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