I Thought She Was Straight

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I guess I should start out with a description of myself, since that’s what everyone wants to know. I’m 5’4 and 120 lbs, with short brown hair that I spike. I swear to God I’m not butch, I wear very feminine clothing and heels most of the time, I just have a man’s haircut. It’s easier and I never have a bad hair day anymore. I have very light brown eyes, which some have described as golden. You would think that color would be sort of freaky, but people seem to like it. People seem to like my appearance in general, actually. I know I sound conceited, and I probably am, but I’m just stating the facts here. Anyway, on to my story. I decided to try to be at least partially self sufficient so I got myself a job as a tutor. The pay was awesome considering what little work experience I had, and my coworkers were the nicest people you could imagine. They were so friendly and made me feel accepted right from the beginning, despite the age difference. I’m 18 and the people that I worked directly with were all 30 somethings, except for the kids, but that didn’t really matter. One day I was standing, and I heard the bathroom door open behind me. I turned around, and the first thing I saw were these amazing green eyes looking straight at me. I took in her dirty blonde, straight hair tied back in a messy bun and her pretty face before I realized she had said something.

“Do you work here?”

I thank God that I was able to say something, because my stomach had just dropped straight down to my knees. “I was just about to ask you that. Yeah I do, are you new here? I haven’t seen you before.”

She smiled and said, “This is my first day here, do you think you could show me around? My name is Denise, by the way.” She shook my hand.

“I’m Michelle.”

So we walked around and I gave her a tour, and it only hit me just this second as I’m writing this that she at least knew her way around well enough to know where the bathroom was. We hit it off, partially because of our ages (I was 18, she was 21) and partially just chemistry. We eventually ended up just sitting on a bench, making small talk. I honestly don’t remember anything that either of us said, since I was concentrating on her unbelievably tight body. She’s got this California girl kind of vibe, but in a good way, not the stuck up, high maintenance way. She’s actually very down to earth and intelligent. She’s one of those people that everyone loves because she’s so friendly to everyone. All the people at work instantly fell in love with her, which made me feel extremely flattered that as the weeks went on she seemed to be friendlier towards me than other people. We would only see each other about once a week, and talk for less than an hour of the time, so we didn’t get very far past the small talk phase for a long time. Which was why I was totally surprised when she offered for me to live with her and her husband (yes she was married). I have no idea how we got around to this topic, but the first thing I remember was her saying, “You could live with me if you want. You know, if you need a place to stay or something.” I sort of laughed and she said, “No, I’m serious.” No, I didn’t go live with her and her husband, but we both discussed the possibilities bahis firmaları and gave it some serious thought. I might still do it one day.

Whenever we got the chance to talk, she would also always come up with reasons why we should hang out. For example, we’d be talking about how we don’t have an Abercrombie and Fitch, and she’d say, “Hey let’s order clothes online sometime. You know, together.” Things like that. She was very good at it, she could invite me to do something with her several times in an hour, making it sound perfectly natural. Ok, I have to say that up until the time when something actually happened, I thought she was straight, just very friendly. She was friendly with everybody, and it just didn’t seem possible that someone as pretty and popular and fun as her wasn’t straight.

We didn’t actually get to hang out for a long time though, until one day we decided to watch scary movies at her house. (Another one of those times when she came up with an idea to get together out of idle talk). I was to sleep over in the guest bedroom, and I have no idea where her husband was. I guess he was out with the guys or something, but I never saw him that night. I came over to her house and ate dinner (not sashimi this time), and we settled down on the couch to start watching our movies. We were both wearing just a t shirt and boxers, so it got kind of cold. She brought over a blanket and sat to my left, and we kind of snuggled in it while we were watching the movie. We had both admitted to being total pussies as far as scary movies go, so we weren’t actually watching the movie. Mostly we had our faces hidden in each other’s arms and shoulders. At one point I realized that the back of her hand had been pressed up against my left breast for a while and her left hand was on the inside of my left thigh as she hid her face in my chest/neck area. I was holding her other hand and my legs were in her lap with my knees sort of pulled up, and my face was in her hair. I wasn’t even paying attention to the movie at all, I could only focus on how good her hair smelled and how soft it was against my face. I’m not really sure what happened, but a few seconds after I realized how close our bodies were, she must have picked up on some vibes from me or something because she looked up and stared at me. My heart started pounding in my chest which I’m sure she felt since her hand was still pressed up against it, and her face was so close to mine. We looked at each other like that forever. I don’t know what was going through her head, but personally I was too scared to move. She makes me nervous, even now. Finally she leaned in and kissed me very lightly on the lips, then pulled back and gave me a questioning look, like “Is this ok?” Thinking back on it, it’s kind of weird that there was this girl I had previously thought to be straight asking a lesbian if she’s freaking out about kissing girls.

I pulled her body into mine so we were as completely pressed up against each other as we could be and kissed her again, with a little more force to it. I ran my fingers through her hair while she started licking my lips. I opened my mouth and her tongue started playing with mine. My pussy was starting kaçak iddaa to throb at this point and I ground my hips against hers as she shifted our bodies so that she was lying on top of me. We made out for a while on the couch, but the back of the couch got in the way and the movie was distracting, so we decided to move on to the bedroom.

She took my hand and led me to her bed, then when we got to it she turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck as we resumed kissing. I ran my hands up and down her sides and back, stopping to squeeze her ass for a second. She moaned into my mouth, which is one of the hottest things ever, and pulled my t shirt over my head. She started kissing my jaw line and my neck, down to my 36b breasts. She took my left nipple in her mouth and licked all over the nipple and areola slowly. I moaned and started running my fingers through her hair again. After a while, she moved on and did the same thing to my other nipple. She spent a pretty long time on each nipple, maybe 10 minutes each. She licked in between my breasts and underneath them, then started kissing and licking my stomach. As she was doing that, she pulled my boxers down and I stepped out of them. She inhaled sharply as she saw my completely shaven pussy and the juices that had started running down my thigh a little.

She moaned and said, “I was planning on teasing you, but God, I don’t think I could stand it” and promptly buried her face in my pussy, almost literally. She pushed her face into it and I could feel her nose pushing against my clit, so hard it almost hurt. I moaned again and pushed my hips forward, increasing the pressure on my entire pussy. She put her hands on my hips and started licking my slit from the back to the front, and back again, over and over. By this time I was shaking and I had to lie down on the bed, and she knelt between my legs and put my thighs on her shoulders. She went back to licking my slit, then pushed her tongue into my pussy and started tongue fucking me. That was the first time anybody had ever done that to me, and I was going crazy. My hips started bucking against her tongue and I was moaning continuously now. She spread my lips with one hand so she could flick my clit with the tip of her tongue. I could feel my orgasm coming pretty quickly and as I looked down, the sight of her pretty face between my legs, her eyes closed in ecstasy, and her tongue working my clit just sent me screaming over the edge.

After my orgasm subsided I was too spent to do anything but lay there, and she took my whole pussy in her mouth and sucked it, I guess she was trying to get all my juices. She slid her body up mine, which made me very aware that she was still fully clothed. We managed to get all her clothing off almost tearing them in the process, and she kissed me. Her kiss was very hungry and insistent, and she began to grind her pussy against mine. I sucked on her neck and she moaned into my ear while I spread my legs wide to accommodate her hips. I could feel her juices spreading on the front of my pussy and some even got on my thighs. After several minutes of this, I rolled her over on her back and did the same thing she did to me. I kissed my way down her neck, kaçak bahis stopping to trace my tongue over her collarbone. I kissed her breasts all over, using my tongue as I kissed them, and she asked me to suck her nipples. I eagerly complied and after a while, I started kissing her stomach all over, running my tongue over her ribs. She was too aroused at this point to be ticklish, and she kept making these little whimpering sounds. I licked the inside of her belly button, then kissed my way down to her hips. I could smell her arousal very strongly at this point, and I knew she was desperate for my tongue. Her bare lips were shining with her juices. So I put my face right up to her pussy, so close she could feel my breath on it, but I didn’t touch it. She moaned deep inside her, so deep it was more like a long grunt, and tried to push her hips up into my face. I moved my head back and pushed her hips down, then kept my hands on her so if she tried that again I could restrain her.

I started kissing my way up her leg, starting at about mid-thigh, then I licked the crease between her pussy and thigh. I did the same thing to her other leg, and paused to blow on her very erect clit. She cried out and her hips jumped up when I did that, but I still had my hands on her so she didn’t make contact with my mouth. I pressed my fingers into the front part of her pussy without touching her clit and started putting pressure and rubbing a little. This caused her lips to rub against her clit and she moaned that she needed me to lick her. I pressed her hips down with my hands again and started kissing all over her pussy very, very lightly-little butterfly kisses. She was almost screaming at me now (“bitch, just lick my clit, please, I’m fucking begging you, I want to feel your tongue on me”). Somehow her hands never found their way down to my head so she must have been enjoying it. At this point I took pity on her and took one of her outer lips into my mouth and sucked on it, running my tongue in the creases and folds.

She moaned and said, “Yesss! Just like that!” I stuck my tongue in her pussy and started wiggling it around inside her. She screamed and bucked her hips up into my face, causing my teeth to bite into my upper lip. She didn’t seem to notice, and I just didn’t care at this point, so I stuck my tongue in deeper. I pulled it out and started sucking on her clit, while simultaneously licking it as I would lick an ice cream cone, with the flat of my tongue. She didn’t last for very long, it was less than a minute before her whole body went rigid. She had been moaning nonstop up until that point, then she suddenly went quiet and very still for a second. Then she screamed out, “Oh god I’m coming!” and repeated different variations of that over the next several seconds. As she was coming down, I cleaned up her juices from her inner thighs and pussy then kissed her, sharing her juices with her. She sighed into my mouth and wrapped her arms around me. We laid down on our sides and kissed slowly and gently for a while, then eventually fell asleep with our bodies still entwined together.

For a while, I was afraid our friendship would become weird after sleeping with each other, but if anything we’ve become closer than ever. We haven’t been able to get together again since then, but when we see each other at work we’ll give each other secret little smiles and I know that we’ll find the time to do it again someday soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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