She’s a Cum Queen Ch. 02

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Bea is not only our sister-in-law, she’s the wife’s best friend, and all the excitement we can handle. She’s Five foot seven, 44DD-38-40 and willing to discharge anything with two legs. Her husband (wife’s brother) spends more time in jail than at home so Bea’s with us more than not.

This is the way Bea tells it:

First semester in college and still a virgin. I’m the fat girl in highschool that no boy gives a second look. But an innocent accident changed all that. Billie likes them big. Mine are huge! Its been nearly a month since Billie and heaven knows who else, caught me in class with my blouse open.

The very next day I started giving them what they want. Cleavage and Legs. The guys like them and I like the attention. No more fat girl humor at my expense. I’d rather be called a slut than fat.

Saturday morning. Peaceful. Sleep late. No room mate. My fingers slipped through the juices as I lay there wanking my pussy. What’s different? Everything! The pictures of hot hunks are gone and more importantly so are the XXX fantasies. They’ve been replaced with real memories. His hands–so big. They wander my breasts. My nipples so sensitive between his thumb and fingers. Billie cups as much as he can then clamps my nipples between his casino şirketleri fingers and stretches them. My nipples can barely hold the mass. Yes! Yes! Pull them. Hard! Yes.

His cock is throbbing in the grasp of my fist. The pain feels so good I stop pumping–but I don’t let go. Just seconds ago my other hand was rolling Billies sack of cum around his nuts. Now I can’t even find the sack. Oh Billie! Let it go Billie! Hurry. Hurrrrry. Hur——-EEEE!

Oh no. Shit. Not yet! I freeze with my fingers shoved deep in my pussy. Please wait for me to finish. Billie, let it fly! Now-Billie! My pussy let go. Just like last time — I got him so close!

Ok it’s just a day dream. Fantasy. But unlike all those years – Billie’s for real and last Saturday I. Me–fat Bea shoot his load. Me-fat Bea made his cum shoot all over my tits.

Friday night! Five days! I’ll let him play all he wants. I’ll stroke his cock until it blows. I want his cum all over my tits!

What if he wants —- more? What if he wants to put it —– in me? I can’t — I can’t. The blood — I’ll leave blood all over his car. Angie told me she ruined her boyfriend’s sheets. I can’t!

I cried for nearly an hour before it came to me. Where would she put that, what-do-ya-call-it? casino firmaları Angie’s things were in the other built-in dresser. I pulled open the top drawer to find some tank-tops and a pair of jeans. Nothing under them so I opened the next drawer.

My hands grasp a dainty little satin camisole. Holding it up to my chest, the silk like material brought my nipples to attention. It barely covered my tits. The little bitch — she can wear anything. As it slithered back from where it came. I saw what I was looking for.

The last time I saw it she was waving it around in front of her girlfriends and bragging that she could take every inch. She did – too. All 12 inches! I stuffed it under my towel grabbed my toiletries and high-tailed my bare ass down the hall to the shower.

My tits laid out over my folded arms, the warm water ravished my nipples. It only delayed the horrifying act that had to be done. If the 100 pound little bitch can ram this thing all the way up her pussy so can I.

Holding it with both fists I worked the massive head into my pussy. My back side to the shower entrance. If some bitch comes in I’ll fucking die! Slowly. Slowly. Oh my — It feels so good. No—No. This isn’t what it’s all about. Get güvenilir casino this done and get the fuck out of here! Hurry. Hurry. Hur—–ry.

Pump it! Pound it! Feels so good. It hurts! Pump it. Harder! Harder!

Slowly I returned to reality. I was sitting on the floor. Propped in the corner. The shower still running. My hand clinched to the last few inches of the big blue cock. Oh my. I must have dropped my load. My legs are weak. So weak. God— Oh God I gon-a cum again! Oh yes. Please let me cum.

Here it cums. Yes. Yes. The cramps shot through my guts like a knife. Seconds ago the cock had lots of room. Now my pussy held it tight. My legs shaking I let it go! Now that’s what I call — sex. Dam, I’m gon-a get, me, one of these things.

Dam it! This was so I could break my fucking cherry—not get off! Both hands on my knees, my fucking ass flat on the floor, the big blue dildo dangling between my spread legs. I failed! Get it out! Get the fucking thing out before someone sees. I ripped it out and threw it on the floor then realized I was trying to hide it. When I reached out I saw the blood. I did it! My fucking cherry is busted. I did it!

Wonder how may girls loose it this way?

Monday I walked into class a complete woman. I took the tampon out yesterday and by Friday —– I’ll be ready. Fuck me. Billie — Fuck me!

That was a longtime ago.

That’s her story. From me to you — Bea loves her big blue cock. I know!

“You know I would —- if Sally —–“

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