A Role in the Hay

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After six straight days of rain I awoke to the warm, radiant sun seductively kissing my face. As I rose out of bed I put my hand over my eyes to shield myself from its intense, but welcoming glare. It had been two weeks since I walked in and caught Brad face down in another woman’s crotch and I was way overdue for a good fuck and for that I needed a willing participant. Unfortunately, that would have to wait because I could not afford another day off this month.

I lazily headed for the shower and stopped to peer at myself in the full-length mirror outside the bathroom. My hair flowed softly across my nipples which were very sensitive and erect— definitely a sign that I was way past due for a cock thrashing. My freshly shaven pussy looked inviting and I found myself running my hand down towards my mound pausing momentarily to touch my clit. An electrifying shiver ran through my body.

“Enough” I said out loud. I had to get to work.

I opted for a cold shower which helped ease the need for me to pull out my favorite vibrator and pleasure myself until I couldn’t cum anymore. With that out of my mind I turned to my closet and decided to wear my favorite white cotton mini dress with my silver heels. It was going to be a scortcher and I wanted to be comfortable because, like most of these fucking meetings they were held in a room with no air conditioning.

Satisfied with my morning thus far I decided to take the convertible and feel the warm sun on my body and the wind in my hair as I made the forty-five minute commute into the city. I popped in my favorite CD, put on my lipstick and began the trek through the backwoods to get to town. As I was driving I noticed it was becoming cloudier by the minute. In my haste and horniness this morning I forgot to check the weather for the day. Twenty minutes into my casino şirketleri trip I saw the first droplet of rain on my windshield. Fuck! I had not taken the liberty of getting the convertible top fixed so I knew I was going to get drenched. Within minutes the rain was pounding down on me so hard it stung any part of my body that was exposed, and my white dress now left very little to the imagination! By now my hair resembled a birds nest and my make-up probably looked like I had used a wet paint brush to apply. What a mess I was!

I finally decided to pull over and see if I could manually pull the top up on the convertible knowing full well doing this was going to make me late for the meeting, but if it worked I would at least have time to dry off a bit. I eased the car over to the shoulder of the road and just as I stepped out a truck pulling a horse trailer pulled up behind me.

“I see you’re in a bit of a pickle Miss” the man said. As he walked closer I could see he was quite handsome with his cowboy hat and jeans that showed his well endowed manhood. He tried several times to get the damn top up and finally admitted defeat.

” Well I suggest we wait until it passes and I will try again when the rain lets up”

“Wait? Wait where?” I asked.

“Well it’s warm and dry in the horse trailer and I just cleaned it out this morning. It will get us out of the weather at least.” I agreed and we walked to the back of the trailer.

Once inside I was overtaken and undoubtedly aroused by the odor of fresh hay and the musky cologne he was wearing. It was then that I noticed he was looking at me with admiration and desire. My white dress showed my hard erect nipples which begged to be sucked and licked, and my white lace thong panties gleamed through my dress which was now pasted to my body.

“Here casino firmaları is a blanket to keep the chill off.” He said as he made his way towards me.

I reached for the blanket and found myself hungrily drawing him into me at the same time. We engaged in a deep lingering, tongue swapping kiss that sent shockwaves through my body. I felt his hand ever so slightly make its way across my breast where he stopped and gently pinched my nipple. My moan of luxuriant expression was the green light he was waiting for.

He enthusiastically unzipped my dress exposing my breasts then his tongue darted against my nipple.

“You are so beautiful” He whispered.

“Suck my nipple. Fuck yes! Suck them!” I moaned.

I was so lost in the sensation of him sucking my nipples that I hadn’t noticed his hand was inside my panties probing my clit. He gently took the blanket that had been discarded on the floor and laid it up on the bales of hay. He laid me back gently kissing and licking my neck stopping once again to take my nipples in his warm mouth while his hands roamed freely about my body leaving it quivering and wanting more. One more deep passionate kiss and he was gone to eat my pussy. He slid off my panties and his tongue found its mark darting about my clit causing it to become even more swollen and sensitive.

“I am going to eat you until you beg me to stop” He said quietly and with that his tongue was deep inside my pussy, slurping every bit of juice I had to offer.

“Finger fuck me!” I yelled and he drove two fingers hard into my dripping wet pussy while sucking on my clit.

My orgasm came fast and furious and I screamed with pleasure, “Don’t stop!”

Another fucking amazing orgasm!

“I must taste your delicious cream!” he said as he began eating my juices that now flowed güvenilir casino freely from my pussy.

I gently pulled his face to mine and gave a long, deep passionate kiss. The odor of my pussy just drove me wild. I knelt, took down his pants and grabbed his cock in my hands. I began to lick his balls as he moaned with pleasure. I then licked up one side of his throbbing cock and down the other before I took it deep into my throat. My tongue flickered and I sucked his cock until he was about to blow his load.

” I need to fuck you” he said with urgency.

I quickly spun around and bent over the bale of hay offering my ass and pussy to him. I felt his hot tongue slide from my ass to the opening of my pussy then in an instant, his swollen cock entered me. The thrusts from his throbbing hardon came fast and furious.

I screamed “Fuck me harder!” for which he did.

My orgasms came with urgency and left my body shuddering with pleasure each time he pummeled me from behind. He reached around from behind and took my tits in his hands and began to fuck me like no one had ever done before.

“I’m going to cum” he shouted as I felt the warm squirt of cum enter my pussy.

His orgasm was almost demonic with sounds that mimicked that of a caged animal and his legs were shaking from the intensity of the load he just blew.

We stayed there entwined for a few minutes, both breathing heavily and vibrating from the intensity of our orgasms. When the world stopped spinning and as my senses returned to normal I realized it had stopped raining. My dressed was soaking wet, my hair and make-up in shambles so I said,

“Fuck it. I guess I’m not going to work today”

I reached for my drenched dress, struggled to get it on and zipped up while he pulled up his pants and put his hat back on. I gently kissed him on the cheek, handed him my panties and said, “Thanks for everything” then turned and walked out of the horse trailer and headed for home. I traveled this road everyday so I knew it was inevitable that I would see him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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