A Seductive Saturday

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Here is an orgasmic little nugget I wrote for fun. It’s a bit more explicit than what I normally write. I hope you like it! Gray


It was six months since Mitch had separated from his wife of more than twenty years. It had been difficult a time, but he was finally free of a relationship that had been stifling and bereft of love, passion and sex. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d dipped his penis into a honey pot of love, let alone one he enjoyed. A tall good looking man, who was, thanks to a recent and vigorous fitness program looking and feeling great.

Living in a swish new apartment by himself, with frequent visits and stay overs from his adult kids, he was enjoying the freedom and starting to feel more like his own person rather than the indented slave of his domineering ex-wife. He still loved women and had had the pleasure of meeting a couple of beautiful women at recent social and business functions. He had felt a strong attraction, but was very hesitant to place himself in any position that might lead to a sexual liaison, feeling great uncertainty about whether he would still remember what to do.

Today was Saturday, which brought the weekly chores, including the grocery shopping. He had started the day with his favorite Eggs Benedict washed down with two double strength lattes at Mario’s, a cafe to which he had become a regular in recent months. Feeling satisfactorily sated he moved onto the weekly shopping, the butchers, the green grocers and finally the supermarket.

He trundled around the store with his trolley selecting his needs for the week. Cereal, milk, butter and all the other usual things. He had almost finished, when turning into aisle eleven he caught the glimpse of a woman with a very taut arse, as she turned the corner into the next aisle. The owner of the great butt was wearing a tight skirt, stockings and monster heels.

“Who the fuck wears stockings and heels to the supermarket?” he thought. “Looks amazing! Amazing! But what the fuck!”

Intrigued, he accelerated down the aisle and did a fast tight turn into aisle twelve. He just made the corner and was straightening up when he nearly cleaned up the owner of the beautiful arse, who had apparently done a U-turn.

“Oh! Sorry!” he said, more the little embarrassed as he found himself staring into the eyes of a beautiful brunette who was wearing a deeply scooped red top, the lace trim of a black bra just showing a little.

“That’s okay,” she smiled back, meeting his eyes directly, revealing great self-confidence. Mitch could now see that the skirt was made of leather and was short enough to reveal her long slender legs with a hint of of the lace stocking top.

“A leather mini-skirt to the supermarket? And stockings too!” his mind screamed whilst his dick hardened more than a little.

He smiled lamely as they passed, his cheeks flush red with self-consciousness. He continued on collecting the last few items he needed before heading to the cash register. He took his place in the shortest queue when he noticed the beautiful brunette was at the next register. He found himself gazing at the her when she abruptly turned and again returned his stare. He flinched and turned away lacking the confidence to hold her gaze and reveal his attraction to her.

She paid the cashier and Mitch watched her elegantly curved butt sway out the sliding doors, oblivious to the cashiers calls of “next”. The woman behind him angrily poked him and pointed to the cashier waiting for him to unload his groceries. Snapping out of the hypnotic trance that the brunette had cast over him, he hurriedly placed his groceries on the moving belt. Paying the young girl standing at the cash register, he wheeled his now bagged items out to the car park. Strolling outside, the warm sun struck his face, the clear blue skies making him feel better and forget about the unwanted involuntary reaction in the face of a beautiful woman.

He made for his car, a new Subaru WRX, a sign of being free from the constraints of a long term relationship and no longer having to conform by driving a family sedan. The WRX smoked and he loved it. He had parked in the back corner of the car park, due to the Saturday morning congestion.

As he walked his thoughts turned to the beautiful brunette, her image burned onto his retina, brought a smile to his face. He turned into the row where had he parked his car when he was shocked to again be confronted by the elegant figure of the gorgeous woman. She was standing behind a red Mercedes coupe, her trolley parked adjacent to the boot, but she wasn’t loading her groceries into the car, instead staring at the rear of the car.

“Our planets seemed aligned today!” he laughed to himself as he sauntered up to her car, for some reason feeling a lot less nervous. As he approached she turned and smiled.


“Hi,” she replied her beauty now clearly evident to Mitch. Seeming to be in her early forties she possessed high cheek bones, smooth clear skin, and luscious lips.

“Have we got casino şirketleri a problem?” he asked.

“I’ve got a flat!” she cried. “Can you believe it! A bloody flat!”

Reaching the car he could clearly see the that right rear was deflated.

“A flat it is,” he agreed as their eyes again met. He did not flinch this time, enjoying the fluorescence of her green eyes. “Would you like some help? You’re not really dressed to change a wheel.”

“Oh, you did notice,” she bantered playfully.

“It’s a bit hard not to!” he laughed. “Would you like me to change it for you? By the way I’m Mitch.”

“Hi Mitch. I’m Darcey. I would love you to. I rang the auto club and they said they’d be two hours!”

“Two hours! I’ll see what I can do. I’ve never changed a tire on a Benz before. I guess there’s a first time for everything.”

“That is very true,” she agreed but Mitch got the feeling she wasn’t talking bout changing tires.

“I suppose it has one of those dinky emergency wheels.”

“I think it does,” she replied as she popped the boot.

Sure enough, wedged in the side of the boot was a skinny wheel which was designed to just get you to the nearest service station and not much else. He set to work and twenty minutes later the skinny wheel was secured to the sexy little red car, making it look rather odd. He stowed the flat wheel in the boot.

He had been rather self-conscious working away under Darcey’s watchful eye, but he did manage to get a perfect view of her lithesome legs as he knelt on the ground tightening the wheel nuts. He was sure he could see suspenders!

“Holy fuck!” he thought. “I love suspenders!”

Whilst he worked, they had chatted, Darcey told him that she was a PR specialist by trade and divorced with a grown up family who were living in Europe with her ex-husband. Mitch too revealed his marital status and day his job as a marketing manager.

“Jobs done,” he had told her as he tightened the last wheel nut. “That should get you to the tire store.”

“Why thank you. You’ve been so sweet,” she told him and she leaned over and kissed his cheek causing him to blush with embarrassment.


“I hope it’ll make it to the store. I think there’s one up on the highway.”

“I know the one. Would you like me to follow you to make sure you’re alright,” he offered knowing he would do almost anything to spend a little bit longer with this magnificent woman.

“Would you?”


Mitch walked to his car and loaded his groceries in the boot and drove back to where Darcey was waiting in her car with the engine running. He flashed his headlights and she carefully reversed out in front of him, exiting the car park very tentatively with Mitch on her tail.

They drove the three kilometers to the tire store and Mitch parked next to her and looked over to admire her stunning good looks.

“Will you come in with me?” she mouthed.

“Sure,” he replied.

As Darcey walked into the store there was an almost universal turning of heads by the mostly male staff. At the counter, with Mitch standing beside her, Darcey explained her predicament to the salesman. It became obvious that she wasn’t going to get a great deal of satisfaction today. The clock on the wall showed to quarter twelve and the salesman delicately explained there was not enough time to service her car before their Saturday closing time of twelve.

“Shit!” she cursed.

“You could come back on Monday morning,” he offered.

“I’m not really comfortable driving it the way it is.”

“Well, you could you leave it here and pick it up when we ring you on Monday.”

“That’s fine, but how do I get home? I mean don’t need it tomorrow, but the boot is full of groceries.”

“I could drive you home,” said Mitch instinctively.

“Would you?” she asked appreciatively.

“Of course.”

Darcey signed some paperwork and handed over her credit card and keys and was now sitting in the passenger seat of Mitch’s car. Driving towards her house in East Brighton he grabbed a glance sideways at the very attractive passenger in the front seat next to him. He couldn’t help but notice her lacy stocking tops were again peeping out from beneath the hem of her skirt. Again he felt a stiffening in his pants.

“God I love stockings!” he again thought to himself.

As he drove they happily prattled, Darcey telling him how much she loved her little red SLK Mercedes and he telling how much he loved his WRX. At her house he pulled into the driveway and he helped her carry the groceries inside the very neatly renovated workers cottage.

“Very nice,” he observed as he followed her through the front door and past the original part of the house into a large open living area which had been recently extended. He placed the groceries on the kitchen bench.

“Would you like to stay for lunch,” she asked turning to face him.

“Are you sure?”

“It’s the least I could do for you after all you’ve done for me.”

“Why casino firmaları not?”

“Good!” she replied, walking around to the kitchen side of the bench to grab a little white lace apron from the pantry and whirling into action.

“There’s a couple bottles of white wine in the fridge. Do you want to pick one? Glasses are in the cupboard next to the fridge.”

“Sounds good.”

He selected an Australian Petaluma chardonnay from a number of other quality bottles before selecting two beautiful Riedel glasses in the cupboard moving back to the other side of the bench to pour the wine as Darcey prepared lunch.

“Beautiful wine,” he commented as he read the label on the bottle

“I like the best,” she said matter of factly.

“Not a bad thing,” he chuckled opening the fine wine and pouring two generous glasses. Passing one to Darcey then raising one for himself.

“To unexpected connections.”

“To lovely connections,” she smiled, taking a sip as Mitch took a serious gulp from his. “I was thinking smoked salmon bagels. How does that sound?” “Excellent.”

“Good,” she replied. Mitch took a seat on one of the stools that stood at the island bench. He watched Darcey quickly and skilfully assemble the bagels, enjoying a perfect view of her amazing breasts as they bounced spontaneously against the restraint of her low cut red top, the lacy apron making her look incredibly provocative. Suddenly she looked up.

“Enjoying the view?”

Mitch hesitated and struggled to form words, his mouth frozen.

“Ah…..yes,” he choked, more than a little flustered. Diverting his eyes downward.

“Don’t be embarrassed. I’m flattered that you like my breasts.” she said kindly.

“I think like is a bit soft. Worship is probably more accurate.”

“OK. Worship it is,” she smiled. He wasn’t used to women being so open and direct. His marriage had been a minefield of ambiguity and irrationality, never knowing what his partner really meant.

“Whilst we are being honest, can I ask you a question?” he ventured.


“Stockings, leather skirt, revealing top and high heels for shopping at the supermarket. Isn’t that a little unusual?”

She laughed.

“It’s my little joke,” she explained


“When I’m feeling a little mischievous I sometimes sex it up a little.”

“A little?”

“OK a lot. I go shopping and see if I can stir things up. It’s great fun watching peoples reactions. Men trying not to be caught looking.”

“Like me.”

“Like you.” she agreed. “And women hitting their husbands for looking. It’s very funny!”

“That’s a bit wicked isn’t it?”

“Of course!”

They laughed together loudly, Mitch realising that he was enjoying himself immensely.

“OK. Bagels are ready,” she announced, displaying two plump looking examples stuffed with cream cheese, lettuce, smoked salmon, Spanish onions and capers.

“They look fabulous.”

“Thank you. Could you be a darling and set the table for me?” she asked as she pushed, plate mats, crockery and cutlery towards him.

“Sure,” he replied,. Standing, he carried the tableware over to a long wooden dining table that ran perpendicular to the kitchen bench. He neatly set out two place settings, one either side of the table. Darcey arrived skilfully carrying the two plates containing the bagels in one hand and the bottle of wine in the other.

“Could you get the wine glasses?”


Sitting opposite to each other, Mitch topped up their wine glasses before they hoed into the delicious bagels, the conversation again flowing freely and easily, the revelations about themselves steadily growing in depth.

“That was great,” he told her as he finished his last mouthful. “Thank you very much.”

“It’s my pleasure,” she beamed. Suddenly She stood and walked around to Mitch’s side of the table. Standing next to him she bent over deeply to pick up his plate, giving Mitch another clear view of the two beautiful orbs inside her red top.

“Enjoying that?”

“Oh yes. But I think I like this better,” he said as he delicately slid his hand up her stockinged leg, under her skirt, over the stocking top and tracing the suspender to the top of her satiny thigh which he stroked smoothly, enjoying the silken texture of her skin.

“Holy fuck! Why did I do that!” he thought to himself, half expecting a swift slap across his face. Never before had he reacted so audaciously and instinctively to a woman. This was unknown territory to him.

“Ooh,” she groaned. “Yes. I like that.”

She moved her mouth towards his and he automatically joined his lips to her, savoring the sweet tenderness of her mouth. She reached across to grasp his other hand and guided it to clasp her right breast. Gently he squeezed her delicious bosom, Darcey responding with a gentle bite of his lips.

“Oh yes,” she groaned as they gnawed at each others mouth. He moved his hand from her smooth thigh to the sheer lace of her G-string, delicately stroking güvenilir casino the material that shielded her mound from his searching hand.

“Fuck!” she sighed as she assaulted his lips, their tongues entwined in a passionate wrestle. She let her hand roam across his thigh, searching for his cock, which was now pointing skywards, its swollen tip peaking through the waist band of his jeans. Finding her target she grasped the crown of his generous sized rod between her finger and thumb, gently rolling them up and down.

“Christ!” he cried. “I won’t last too long if you do that!”

“Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.”

“I’m sure you do,” he agreed. Reciprocating, he slipped his finger under the flimsy material and caressed the lips of her pussy, slowly tracing the sweet crevice they created downwards. Darcey shivered at the sensation of his touch. Repeating his action he then squeezed his fore finger between the soft folds of flesh, dipping into her moist honey pot of desire. “Oh Mitch,” she sighed before turning her attention to his ear, seductively tracing the ridges of his ear, inciting swirling sensations of desire through Mitch’s body.

“I want you to fuck me,” she whispered. “But first I need to suck your cock.”

Mitch had never experienced such forthrightness or willingness to please.

“Can I suck your tits first?” he asked in a throaty voice that was effected by lust.

“It would be my pleasure,” she told him as he stood, she released the belt and button his trousers, allowing them to fall to the floor. His meaty dick sprung into the open. Responding to his request, she slid her red top over her head to reveal a sheer lacy black bra that barely wrangled her juicy breasts. Stepping free of his jeans after pulling them over his shoes he moved over to stand next to her. He stroked her left tit before taking it in his hand and leaning down to kiss her gently on her eager lips. They lingered with their lips joined for a few moments, Mitch then dipped his head to envelope her delicious nipple in his mouth, having deftly removed the protection of the lacy bra.

He swirled the hardening tit with the tip of his tongue, she reached down to grasp his meaty sword. He lavished attention on each of her fulsome orbs. She tenderly stroked his hard cock.

“Fuck!” he gasped between mouthfuls of tit. Darcey gently rocked her head backwards, savouring the delightful sensations that Mitch created with his tongue. Reaching backwards her she turned the dining chair behind her. Still holding his cock she slowly sat on the chair, putting her mouth dick high. Leaning forward she flicked the throbbing tip of his rod with her tongue, a small drip of fluid oozing from its tip.

“You’re teasing me.”

“Of course,” she giggled looking up at him. Dipping her head, she slid her mouth over his cock and glided all the way down the length of his shaft, reaching the hilt where she paused for a moment for sliding up again.

“Is that better,” she asked gently.

“Amazing!” he told her, wishing she would stop talking and continue sucking.

He didn’t have to wait long with Darcey quickly re-acquainting herself with his cock. With great diligence and less teasing she feasted on his meaty pole, alternating between long deep strokes with her mouth and delicate tongue work up the length of his cock. Deep grunts of pleasure escaping from his throat. Not stopping there she held his rod upwards by the tip and ran her tongue down the underside before deftly licking and sucking his balls.

“Christ Darcey!”

“That means good?”

“Of course!”

“Well I’ve had meat, I think you should have dessert now?” she told him.

He looked at her a little confused as he watched her stand and let her leather skirt drop to the floor. She lent against the dining table and slid her butt so that she sat on the table, and lifted her legs so that her monster heels pointing towards the ceiling. Reclining on her elbows she slowly opened her legs, in a deep V revealing her luscious love canal. When her legs were at ninety to degrees to her body, completely exposing her heavenly hole, she slid her other hand over what Mitch could see was a perfectly “Brazilianed” mound. With two fingers she spread her juicy lips exposing her clit to Mitch’s gaze.

“This is for you babe,” she moaned.

Mitch moved the chair to position himself in front of her beautiful display. He couldn’t believe how she had so willingly opened herself for delightful pleasuring. His marital experiences had always been full inflexibility and unbending demands. He was enjoying the openness and search for mutual gratification.

“Is this what I’ve been missing all these years?” he thought.

He enjoyed the scent of her perfume, leaning forward to probe her pulsating clitoris, luxuriating her sweet taste. Her hips flexed involuntarily as he aroused her pleasure zone with deft movements of his tongue.

“Oh yes!” she cried, her juices freely flowing down his chin. He stopped a moment to wipe it clean, before continuing, Darcey’s pleasure groans escalated into shrieks of orgasmic delight, electrifying sensations pulsing through her body, forcing Mitch to pause from his task.

“Oh my god,” she gasped, as her reactions subsided.”You’re talented.”

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