A True Love Story

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This story, as with all of the stories I have written, is purely fictional. No accounts are to be taken literally, and all characters in this work are fictional also. Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

* * * * *


I am 18 and still a virgin. For as long as I can remember, I have thought of sex as being special. I cannot tell you what made me this way or why I feel the way I do, there is just something inside of me that tells me it should be that way.

Whenever I meet girls online who have had sex, I become very defensive and hateful toward them. Again, I am not sure why, that is just how I am.

Now do not get me wrong here. Everyone gets horney and masturbates. But there is a fine line between fantasy and reality.

I want my first time to really mean something and be special. I do not have to be married for it to be special. I just have to be in love. I am in love.

Unfortunately, the girl I am in love with lives 500 miles away and I have never met her. To make a long story short, I met her on the internet about 3 ½ years ago and we started going out.

I loved her so much and I felt she loved me the same. But after about a year and a half of talking to her on the phone and computer, she suddenly just disappeared.

It was about 2 months before I was supposed to go down to Virginia and meet her for the first time. I was so excited and thrilled, as the day came closer and closer.

But that fateful day she left me, I will never forget.

Anyway, I call her number and after a few months of continuous calling and having to listen to someone pickup and not say anything, I got upset and expressed my anger.

“Why won’t you fucking talking to me?!?,” I screamed to the unknown person listening on the other end.

I threw the cell phone and began to cry.

When I regained my composure and called back, someone said “Hello” this time. I was shocked! The person on the other end sounded just like my beloved Jenova.

I explained to her that I was trying to get a hold of Jenova and she told me she was Jenova’s cousin Zeldah.

After talking to Zeldah a few times, I accused her of being Jenova. She got very upset and told me to stop calling her.

The whole experience has been truly traumatizing for me.

Now I realize this is not relevant to a porn story, but it all leads up to making love in the end.

Anyhow, the more I pursued Zeldah and accused her of things, the more defensive she would become.

To this day I still cannot prove that Zeldah is Jenova, but I am going to find out this summer.

If everything works out the way I want it to, we will be together forever casino oyna and this is what I imagine our first time together will be like.

I can imagine her standing there, so beautiful, the girl I have loved for so long, was about to be mine in more ways then one.

As I look deep into her sky blue eyes, I can see the lust she has for me. I can see the eternal, burning love she holds deep down inside of her.

Her soft, milky skin. Her beautiful, curvaceous figure, noticing every single one of her unique features.

I can imagine putting my arms around her, pulling her close to me as we embrace in a soft, luscious kiss.

My lips pressed tightly to hers, as I catch one last look into her eyes before I close mine. I can feel the soft, velvety surface of her mouth.

Gently I begin licking her lips, prying my tongue inside her mouth. As our tongues collide, fighting for love, I can feel the intensity deep within me.

My hands begin to roam. Over her back, squeezing her tightly.

Reluctantly, I break our kiss and look at her once again. I would run my fingers through her soft, blonde hair and touch her slightly blushing cheeks with the backs of my hands as if they were the most delicate of rose petals.

Pulling her shirt off and removing her bra I would place my hands on her magnificent globes and marvel at their beauty.

Taking my shirt off, I move close to her again and kiss her while I massage her beautiful breasts.

As I have her lay back on the bed, I finally break the silence.

“Oh Zeldah you look so beautiful. So amazing. God how I love you,” I said to her as she smiles up at me sweetly.

“I love you too Jon,” she told me with love filled eyes.

“This is the greatest moment of my life,” I think to myself.

Concentrating on her again, I begin kissing my way down her body. Brushing my lips softly down her neck, she moans with pleasure.

As I lick my way down to her breasts, she sighs deeply. I gently flick my tongue over her nipples causing her to suck in a deep breath and exhale calmly.

Taking her nipple into my mouth, I gently suck on it and flick my tongue over its hard surfaced tip.

“Mmmmmm,” she moans.

This is what I have wanted for so long, to make love to her slowly and passionately.

While still concentrating on her breasts, I smoothly pull off her panties revealing her gorgeous pussy to the cool, summer breeze.

She sighs again as I lick my way down her body, flicking my tongue over her belly button.

Licking and sucking as I get closer and closer to her pussy, her breathing turns into panting.

I look up at her with a devilish grin on my face, her eyes clenched tightly. slot oyna

I run my fingers over her sticky pussy lips, causing her to jump with surprise as I go back to work with my mouth on her breast.

I think to myself, this is best moment of my life, making love to her. I want to make her happy. I want to show her how much I love her, and this is the perfect way. Tasteful and not dirty or raunchy, like many sexual episodes I had imagined in the past.

As I run my fingers gently over Zeldah’s pussy lips, I move my face in close. Inhaling deeply shivers run down my spine thinking about how incredible her aroma is.

As my mouth makes contact with her pussy for the first time ever, she moans loudly.

“Oh Jon, God yes, eat me Johnny, mmmmmm.”

I slowly begin licking her pussy, sliding my tongue up and down her wet, sticky lips. My fingers move to her clit as I begin to massage it in a rhythmic motion.

Picking up the mace a little bit, I slide my tongue deep inside her pussy. As she starts moaning loudly, I start licking her faster and faster.

“Yes Johnny, God yes! Do it to me baby! Mmmm Jon!!”

It is so sexy the way she sounds, moaning to me.

Suddenly her body tenses up and she cums all over my face. I drink down her sweet, sticky nectar and slurp at her pussy to get every last drop.

I keep licking slowly as she comes down from her high, still panting. I give her pussy one last lick up and down her lips and then finish it off with a kiss.

I run my hands over her body again, and move up to her for a kiss.

“Mmmm Jon I love you so much. That was fantastic!” she says to me with enthusiasm.

“I love you too Zeldah,” I said to her as she began running her hands up and down my arms.

“Now its your turn baby,” she said to me in the sexiest voice I have ever heard.

As I lay on my back, she begins kissing my body all over just as I had done to her before. Her hands running up and down my chest, she moans with excitement.

Slowly she licks around my nipples and moves down my body. As she takes my cock into her hand I start breathing heavily.

“Zeldah your hands are so soft and warm, oh baby yesss.”

I started fucking her hand as she pumped me faster and faster. She moved her head down to my cock and took all of it into her mouth. I think I would explode right then!

As her head bobs up and down my long, hard shaft, I moan louder and say, “Yes baby, do it to me, suck meeeeee!”

“Come on baby, play with my balls, mmmm,” as she takes my balls into her hand and rubs them softly, I can feel my love juice stirring deep within them.

As she takes her hand off my cock, I start humping her mouth hard. canlı casino siteleri I gently put my hands on the back of her head, running them through her soft hair as I continue to pump my cock deep into her mouth.

“Oh baby, I’m gonna cum, yes, yes, yessssss!,” she stopped sucking me and jacked me with her hand as she held the tip of my cock in her mouth.

She pumped me hard and I felt my cum spray into her mouth. I hear her muffled moans and it seems to make my jizz multiply.

Jet after jet of my creamy hot jizz unloads into her mouth.

She keeps jacking me, slowing her pace, as my cock stays deep in her mouth. She milks every ounce of cum out of balls.

I am amazed she took it all without some spilling out.

I watch her swallow the last of my cream as she looks up to my with a sexy look on her face.

“Okay baby, are you ready to fuck me now,” she says to me.

“As ready as I will ever be,” I reply to her.

Lying back on the bed, she spreads her legs and I get between them. Her pussy looked like it had its own set of lungs, heaving in and out.

I aimed my still hard cock right at her pussy and moved in close.

As the tip of my cock enters her, I feel like pounding it deep inside her as fast and hard as I can, but I remember I have to go slowly.

I gently slide inside her, inch by inch. “Oh God,” I said as my cock was enveloped in her soft, wet, hot & tight pussy.

It felt like I was fucking velvet as I continued sliding into her. I pump the last inch of my cock into her hard, as my balls hit her ass with a slap.

“Oh baby,” she squeals.

“Oh Zeldah, you know this is my first time, am I doing it right? I want to make you feel goooood baby, tell me what to do, mmmm.”

“Yes, yes Jon, just like that, ohh,” she moaned with pleasure as I pull out and pump back deep inside her.

“Yes Johnny, god yes, fuck me, fuck meeee oh Jon, harder, faster!” she said.

I quicken my pace, fucking in and out of her harder and faster just like she asks.

“Jon I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, oh, ohhhh!”

Hearing her moan that she is going to cum pushes me over the edge and I dump a load of cum inside her pussy.

It kept shooting, it would not stop. I never imagined I could make that much cum!

We did it. We came together. The ultimate in love and sexual satisfaction.

“Zeldah, I love you so much. God I love you,” I said to her as I collapse on top of her, my cock still deep in her pussy.

I feel her heart beating; our hearts are in perfect sync.

“I love you. This was a first, with many more to CUM, Jon,” she chuckles, smiling at me with her sexy grin.

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed my story; if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me with them. Any reproduction of the above story without my consent is strictly forbidden. Copyright © 2002. All rights reserved.

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