A Very Conservative Tale Ch. 01

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Note: This is my first submission, so please bear with me. The explicit nature is sure to pick up in the next few chapters; I wasn’t originally planning to make this an explicit story, but ideas do develop!! Please do suggest ideas you may have, I’m open to ideas!


She opened her eyes and looked at her new husband up and down.

What a weird feeling. She didn’t know how to feel. She didn’t know what to expect. She’d never had the courage to look at herself properly in all these years growing up, let alone another man. She had been brought up sheltered from anything remotely sexual or affectionate. Her parents never held hands in front of her, nor spoke affectionately to one another. Any hint of a kiss or intimacy on TV and the channel was immediately changed. It was as if sex and intimacy were a grave sin: That Which Cannot Be Discussed. In school, she was even taken out of sex education. To her, guys were weird creatures. Yet here she was, now married to a man she barely knew. She’d only talked to him for a total of three hours, ever. But deep down, her human instinct knew that casino şirketleri a man and woman needed to be together, and that’s why she’d gone along with the suggestion of marriage by her peers.

If only she knew what was about to happen. She wished she could detach herself from her body, or zone out and wake up again with kids and a happy married life.

Her husband had dressed conservatively for the first night. A loose t-shirt and lounge pants made up his nightwear, not revealing much skin or figure. She was relieved; it saved her from any embarrassment she might’ve felt had she noticed anything that may trigger feelings she should be ashamed of feeling. Feelings she knew she had, but were buried under layers of shame, ignorance, naivety and fear.

She herself had acted on the advice of her friends and peers, going for more risque attire. A pair of lacy panties and a bra, covered by a silky robe reaching mid-thigh made up her night wear. They had said this was the way to do things. What exactly? she had no idea. Although her clothing innately pleased her, she felt a guilt cocktailed casino firmaları with a sense of ignorance. Would her husband think she was slutty for dressing up like this on the first night? What if he went straight to sleep? Even before those thoughts could settle, the greatest one overwhelmed her being: how would she even tolerate being so close to a man with so little on, with nothing stopping him from touching her, or her him, let alone falling asleep?

It was while steeped deep in her thoughts, that she felt her husband’s hand on her shoulder.

She jumped. Having been lost in her thoughts, that was startling. She’d never been touched by a man before, so the feeling of unexpectedness was two fold.

But she felt alone. Earlier today, she had vowed her life away to a relative stranger and given up the only life and family she knew…to spend the rest of her life with. How had she convinced herself to do that, she now thought? How would she cope without the love and care of her mother; the quarrels of her siblings, or the protectiveness of her father? How often would her husband güvenilir casino allow her to visit them?

Maybe it was the feelings of loneliness and the inherent need for warmth and comfort, tinged with some form of guilt that she owed her husband some kind of touch, that combined to overcome her; that she fell into and felt herself melting in the arms of her husband.

It was an awkward hug. The kind where her hands became stuck between her chest and his, his arms therefore didn’t reach fully around her, and due to the unexpectedness of it all, she was too frozen in the moment to adjust, and he was too apprehensive to make any sudden moves.

In fact, this was the only physicality his wife had shown any accommodation to all day. He had tried to touch her hand…even hold it earlier, but she had pulled it away. She had avoided eye contact all day too, not commented on his appearance, clammed up when the time came to change for bed, avoided bodily proximity and even delayed getting to the bedroom. It was some wonder when he saw her dressed in the sexy nightwear she had. He just couldn’t place it.

However, alarm bells started ringing in his head as she moved away from him, sniffling.

She excused herself from the room. He groaned to himself and fell back on the bed, totally at a loss as to what was happening.

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