All Hallow’s Eve

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Well, this Halloween certainly turned out to be different, and much more exciting!, than I thought it’d be!

As per tradition, I took my eleven year old daughter over to her friend’s house, she only lives about three blocks away from our house. There we met up with her friend, her dad, their 26 year old neighbor/baby-sitter/family friend, Cammie, and another family with an eleven year old. The three kids, Cammie, the other two dads and I set out for some good old trick or treating.

I could not take my eyes off of Cammie – with her sexy/glam ballerina costume!! Skin tight black leotard, knee length black tulle skirt, black fishnet stockings with diamond like stones down the back of each leg (as if I needed more reason to look at those long legs!!), and platform Mary Janes (very naughty school girl-esque!).

The costume showed off every curve of her body, tight and toned from years of ballet. I could barely take it when she turned around to show off the bow at the back of her skirt; her ass is so firm and pert! Her dark brown hair was pulled back in a bun, her bright green eyes highlighted with long lashes and sparkly eye make-up, her full lips shiny and wet looking, slicked with a pale pink gloss.

Right off the bat, Cammie and I hit it off, just as we had last Halloween. But, what I guess you should know, I’m a newly wed (my second marriage) – and, at 46, I’m practically twice Cammie’s age! And, yes, our sexy little ballerina knew all this. Did it stop her from mercilessly flirting with me? Hell, no! That young woman drove me wild!!

At first, it was rather innocent, tho she did make sure I knew how flexible she is, by showing off a few ballerina poses. She even showed me just how high she could kick – clean up to my shoulder! I couldn’t help but imagine myself pulling her close to me, her foot on my shoulder, as I slid myself deeply into her!

Because of her high heeled shoes, she had to take her time walking down one particularly steep hill. I slowed down to walk with her, and things just progressed from there! Damn, she’s got a mouth on her – she doesn’t hold back, says whatever she wants to, whenever she wants!

At one house, Cammie ran up to the door with the kids to say hi to some friends. She came back, proudly holding a handful of candy, including some lollipops. And, dammit, things just got better from there! Making sure I was watching, she slowly slid the pink pop in and out of her mouth. Her eyes locked with mine as she slowly slides her tongue all over the candy. casino şirketleri If I thought I could get away with it, I would have grabbed her right then and there and had my way with her!

“You’re a very naughty girl, you know that?”

“No, I’m not. I’m a good girl. Always good and good in all ways!” Cammie eagerly declared.

A few moments later, she handed me her lollipop stick, which was now completely candy free, asking me if I could put in my pocket. “Sheesh, done already?!”, I asked, amazed – and impressed.

“Yep,” she proudly declared, “I’m just that good!”

“Oh, really now?” I asked, quite intrigued.

“MM-hhm, I’ve never had any complaints!”

I’ve got to tell you, I practically came right then and there! Cammie’s too hot for her own damn good!

We spent the better part of the evening lagging behind everyone, talking quietly. Now, don’t go thinking I was ignoring everyone else – the kids were happy to run on ahead of everyone else (the kids are at that age when they want to spend the least amount of time possible with their old parents!) and the other two dads had plenty to talk about. And, of course, we put our conversation (ok, our flirting!) on hold whenever my daughter or any of the kids needed either of us.

At one point, she mentioned how cold her hands were and, to prove her point, she grabbed my hand in hers. I didn’t want to let go, her soft hand felt so good wrapped around mine!

Playing innocent, she smiled at me, asking if I had any ideas on how she could warm her hands up. She didn’t have any gloves and her jacket pockets weren’t doing the trick. I had no idea what to tell her that wouldn’t be over the line, especially with our friends so near! So, I suggested that she put them behind her and, to demonstrate, I put my hands in my own back pockets.

“Yea, that’d help… if I had back pockets! Now I’m just grabbing my own butt!” she giggled.

“It’s ok, you do that and I’ll just sit back and watch!”

Unfortunately, we had to cut that conversation short as our friends and the kids came back to join us on the short walk to the next house. We still had a very good, teasing banter going on.

We ended up going to a haunted house and I noticed that Cammie was holding back.

“What? Don’t tell me you’re one of those scared types?” I teased with a smile.

“MMm-hmm….” Cammie murmured, looking sheepish.

“It’s ok, I’ll protect you! Just stay behind me!”

Right away, she got spooked and grabbed onto my casino firmaları back. She never let go off me – in fact, she kept her arms wrapped tightly around my waist until we met up with our friends again. And if I wasn’t already nuts about her, that did it for me! The feeling of her slender arms wrapped tightly around me, her full breasts and taught little stomach pressed to my back… all I wanted was to turn around and kiss her!!

As we left, I put my arm around her, “You made it!” She rested her head on my shoulder for a moment and smiled up at me. Unfortunately, she moved away much too quickly!

Cammie stopped to re-buckle one of her shoes and I stopped alongside her. Since we usually only spend this much time together on our yearly Halloween outings, I mentioned that she’s going to have to come up with a really good costume next year.

“That’s true… do you have any suggestions?”

“Hmm….” I tentatively began, “Something see through!”

“Oh really now?” she grinned. “It’s not like I’m wearing much tonight.” she pointed out, gesturing to her tulle skirt and fishnets, both of which did very little to cover up her legs.

“Very true. But it’s got to be more. Even more see through!!”

Cammie giggled and came up with a very good solution, “I’ll just wear my tu-tu and nothing else!” Damn, just that mental imagine was practically enough to do me in!!

She looked up at me and asked, “Why do I get the feeling that we could get into a lot of trouble together?”

“I’m sure you’re right…” I began.

“No, no, wait!” Cammie interrupted me, “It’s only trouble if you get caught!” She looked at me, her cheeks flushed, and flashed me a naughty smile.

“With my luck, I’d get caught.” I said sadly. “Then I’d just come and live with you!”

I was rewarded with another sweet giggle as Cammie eagerly agreed, “Works for me! You’re really cute; we’d have a lot of fun together!”

Someone pointed out that it was getting late and that sparked a conversation about when everyone had to put at work the next morning. Cammie mentioned that she would be riding her bike in the morning, at about 7:30. She was very clear about what time she’d be leaving and where she worked. Since I live just a few blocks away, I often see her biking or driving to work in the mornings but we’ve never had time to say anything more than a quick hello. Something tells me that that’s all about to change!

On our way back, the kids and the other two dads stopped to talk with some neighbors güvenilir casino and play with their new puppy. Tired from walking for almost two hours, I decided to take a break and sit down on the sidewalk across the street. Cammie stopped to hang out with me. Because she didn’t want to ruin her costume, she stood over me while we talked. That was fine with me, I was content to look up at those long, sexy legs!

I pointed out the tiny dog and Cammie was telling me about it, how it’s a small breed but it will get slightly bigger. Tilting her head, a mischievous smile on her face, she proceeds to inform me, “Things grow, y’know, they get bigger!”

“Trust me, I know!” I grinned, terribly eager to show her just how much I knew about that subject! And I may have imagined this, but I’m pretty sure that her pretty green eyes flashed down to my crotch for a little investigation!

As we made our way back to my friend’s house, I softly said, “You really are the horniest woman around, aren’t you?!” I gave her a quick tight squeeze around her waist.

Cammie smiled at me and, without skipping a beat, said “Yes! Yes I am! Is that a problem?”

“No, fine by me!”

“Well, it’s a problem for me!” she mused. “It’s a problem when there’s no one to help me out! And you’re tempted, aren’t you?”

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately – to save myself from some trouble and/or embarrassment! – we were interrupted by my friend, inviting us in for drinks while the kids hang out, doing their yearly candy count!

Right away, Cammie took off her heels and laid back on the couch, her long, incredibly toned, legs stretched out in front of her. And, damn it, once again, it was all I could do to keep myself from jumping on her right then and there! The kids were giving her plenty of their candy, including more lollipops. Uh-oh!

And, of course, Cammie immediately opened a sucker, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. Since she had taken her claim on one couch, I sat across from her, on the other couch. I could barely keep my eyes off of her as she slowly licked the round red candy and slowly ran it across her lower lip. (yea, lets just hope that she wasn’t having the same effect on our friend who was also sitting nearby!)

As much as I wanted to stay, it was getting late and it’s not like we were exactly alone anyway. As I was saying my good-byes, Cammie looked me right in the eye and ever so slowly sucked the candy in and out of her mouth before smiling at me and bidding me a good evening.

Well, with any luck, I’ll actually run into Cammie one morning while she’s riding her bike to work and I’m out walking my dog. One can only hope, huh? (and, yes, I am kicking myself for not getting her phone number or anything!)

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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