Barbara Does Eight

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This is perhaps the first of a few stories conveyed (with much coaxing) to me by a special friend I’ll call Barbara (not her real name). The story is basically true. Some of the dialogue may be embellished to move the story forward, and of course identities are disguised.

Barbara and I had been making love one afternoon while my girlfriend was out of town and we decided to take a break and have dinner. I had picked up some take out earlier and set about preparing. As we ate and talked she asked me why I had only 2 children (born by my late wife). I laughingly responded that 2 were enough, and maybe 2 were too many. And besides she and her late husband had only one child, a son. Her husband Dwayne has passed away about 2 years prior after spending several years suffering from a debilitating disease which had left him immobile. She replied that she and her husband had been swingers for a few years and rather than risk pregnancy she had her tubes tied as a form of birth control. At the time I was stunned and very much intrigued. I wanted to know more.

She explained that her husband used to read adult magazines which featured the usual type of classifieds and came across an ad with what he recognized as a local Toronto phone number for a swing club. Curious about what they read they discussed the possibility of threesomes and swinging and decided to respond. I questioned her about the Toronto club (and the swinging lifestyle) and asked her how many guys she had taken on at the club at one time. Seven was her reply. Each of her 3 holes, one in each of her hands while 2 more fondled and groped her tits. And let me tell you she has plenty of tits to fondle and grasp. They are very large and magnificent. While seven at once was hot she told me that she once fucked 8 guys over a weekend. I asked her to explain, and with her permission and editing as follows I knew it was perfect for Literotica.

At the time she was working in a large law office with many wealthy clients. One of which, named Steven she had grown fond of over time. One day she was standing in line at a local coffee shop when she noticed him sitting at a nearby table. She brought her coffee over and asked if she could join him. Of course he said yes. Who would pass up any opportunity to gaze upon the cleavage before him? She smiled when she noticed his attempts to cover up his glances at her chest so when he asked her what she and her husband did for fun she told him what she had told me, that they were swingers and had an open relationship. One thing leads to another and they ended up in his car in the darkened parking lot where they made out passionately. The conversation had gotten them hot and he groped her large tits and stroked her pussy through her panties while she squeezed cock through his pants. They parted, no doubt frustrated .

It was about 2 weeks later when she got a phone call from Steve asking her to meet him again. The following day they again met over coffee. He said he was intrigued by her lifestyle and wanted to arrange a private party for a few male friends and she would be the perfect guest of honor. Barbara was intrigued. He told her they would pay her well when she angrily stopped him and told him she might enjoy the lifestyle she was no paid whore. She would have to discuss it with husband Dwayne, she wouldn’t hide it from him. He apologized for the remark and hoped she and Dwayne would say yes and after explaining further details they parted.

Dwayne of course was concerned for her safety and she assured him that she knew at least 3 of the guys attending and she was not worried. As an extra incentive she got down on her knees pulled his cock out sucked him hard. She gives great head, stroking, moaning and generally encouraging him to fill her mouth. He stopped her, stood her up turned Barb around pulling casino şirketleri her close poking her with his hard dick. He flipped her skirt over her ass pulled her panties aside and slipped inside her wet cunt fucking her hard until he exploded. It was almost as if he wanted to assert his dominance and remind Barbara that she was his wife. He may share her but she was his. He gave his approval and a couple of days later it was set. Steven would pick her up on Saturday.

Dwayne kissed her goodbye Saturday morning and told her to enjoy herself and come home with lots to tell him. The drive north took over an hour and they arrived at a large and beautiful lakeside cottage belonging to Steven’s brother in law, Terry. Wealth must run in the family, it was huge. Four large bedrooms, 8 beds in total with a huge family room. Outside hot tub on a spacious piece of property.

Steven introduced her to his brother in law Terry who in turn introduced 6 of his closest friends each of whom pledged that they would not divulge the weekend’s activities. As far as the wives knew they were having a guys fishing weekend. She already knew Nick and Bob, and was introduced to Don and Gary and a pair of twin brothers, William and Thomas. They couldn’t believe their luck. She was gorgeous as Steven had described and her huge breasts topped it off. The guys were gentlemen, barbecuing a lovely steak dinner while seated at a couple of picnic tables. The ones lucky enough to sit at Barbara’s table were treated to the sight of her huge tits sans bra, her lightly shaded areolas visible and her nipples poking out through the t shirt.

After dinner the drinks started coming, one after another while all sat around talking and joking. Terry brought out some pot and a couple of joints were passed around. After coughing and hacking through a few tokes she began to feel pleasant relaxing effects of the pot when Terry pointed out that the hot tub was both hot and empty. Steven took Barbara’s hand and pulled toward the hot tub. Terry took her in his arms and kissed her passionately his tongue quickly parting her lips and thrusting inside, grabbing her ass and pulling her closer. She could feel his cock growing through his shorts. He spun her around, removed her T shirt and shorts, leaving her in pretty purple thong. Soon that was gone and she was naked in front of 8 men she knew would soon be fucking her. As her breasts came into view you could hear a gasp from the guys. Extra large, extra soft, extra sensitive. More than a handful or mouthful for sure.

Terry and his brother in law Steve pulled Barbara down the stairs and into the hot water both already naked and sporting growing hardons. Three more of the group, Nick, Bob and William stripped down and joined, their expanding erections in their hands. Nothing much happened in the tub, just playful splashing and a few of the guys brushed up against her making sure they teasingly copped a feel of the magnificent breasts. It was when Barbara reached under the water and wrapped her hands around Steven’s cock to her left and Terry’s to her right that Steven announced that he and Terry as co-hosts, were going to take Barbara inside for a good fucking and the rest of the guys were expected to wait their turn.

Barbara smiled at her co-hosts and tugged at their cocks, leading them out of the water and into the house, all three naked. Terry steered them to the master bedroom with a large queen sized bed. Steven closed the door behind them and stepped behind Barb, Terry was in front of her and she was sandwiched between the two horny men. Steven reached under her arms and hefted her large tits in his hands, poking her ass with his cock. She pushed back. Terry kissed her deeply and she stroked his cock up and down, her thumb massaging the head. Barbara swayed between the two men as they casino firmaları took control. Steven held Barbara’s tits up for Terry to enjoy, and he lightly bit the hard nipple offered to him while inserting a finger in Barbara’s wet and waiting pussy. She gasped at the sensation as he stroked her clit and she stood there swaying. Steven pushed her to the bed and she crawled to the centre, the horny men following her down and each taking a position on each side, each man grabbing and squeezing the large tit available to them. Both tongues swirled around and around, circling the areolas, lightly biting and teasing her sensitive and hard nipples and then twisting and pulling the little nubs. They continued to nibble and suck her large tits while Barbara moaned her approval .

Barb had a cock in each hand and stroked them varying her speed and pressure and she felt Steven’s hand sneak down her tummy and cup her mound his fingers spreading her pussy lips and opened her up like a rose. Both guys moaned and thrust their hips each one fucking her hand. Steven hated to miss out on her hand squeezing and stroking him but he knew the treasure that awaited him at the juncture of her silky legs. He slid down the bed kissing his way down her stomach until his face was next to her pretty pussy. Inhaling the scent of a woman he dove in, tongue first and began his oral assault on her shaved and dripping cunt. He parted her labia with his tongue and explored her pussy, savouring the taste and texture as he moved to find and slowly make love to her clit. He loved going down on a woman just as much as actual intercourse. He was good at it and Barb moaned and whispered “yes, yes, harder. Bite my clit. Harder”. Steven did just that, circling her clit with his tongue he drew the little button out and lightly clamped his teeth down on it. Barbara’s moans became loud screams as she orgasmed in Steven’s mouth. She had never been a squirter but she thought she may have just covered Steven’s face, she came so hard. The guys in the other room certainly must have heard her scream.

Terry moved his cock to her lips and she took him in while stroking what wasn’t inside her mouth. Barbara has a technique when it comes to sucking a cock. She swirls her tongue around and over the sensitive head. The sensation is incredible and I speak from experience. She is the best and Terry was on the receiving end and told her so. “Barb, don’t stop. That is magnificent. Somebody taught you so well. Wow!” The two men shifted positions. They placed the horny woman on her hands and knees as Steven took her mouth first while Terry was behind her positioning himself for penetration. He thrust forward impaling his cock deep in her waiting pussy and they split roasted the woman. Each thrust forward by Steven pushed her deeper onto Terry’s cock. They all got into a rhythm and the boys pounded away. Barbara pushed back hard at the cock in her pussy as she took more of Terry’s in her mouth sucking as hard as she could.

Steven wanted to fuck her ass and he repositioned the three lovers. Terry was flat on his back and Barbara lowered herself onto his waiting cock. Steven took to the rear and without any lubrication slowly slid into Barbara’s ass. “Oh” Oh” Barb screamed. “Fuck me harder.” Both men complied, thrusting harder into their respective holes, feeling the other thrust through the thin membrane separating them. Barb wanted a third cock for her mouth but she knew this was just the beginning of the gangbang and she would have more than enough to satisfy her. The men pounded her for several minutes, grunting and moaning all the while. Barbara leaned forward to drag her mammoth tits across Terrys chest. He reached up and took hold of them while stuffing one in his mouth and biting lightly on the nipple. Barb was close and with both men fucking her and Terry’s biting güvenilir casino and sucking her tit it happened. “I’m cumming. Now. Right now.” She panted while both guys shot their loads grunting and yelling.

The three laid breathless for a few minutes, eventually recovering and Barbara grabbed a towel to contain the mess emanating from her cunt and ass. They each kissed her while having a final fondle of her breasts. The guys pulled on their pants, handed Barbara a robe and the three emerged. Barbara retrieved her douche kit from her bag and headed to the washroom to rinse the combined cum from her vagina. She knew she could get her cunt licked more and she wasn’t sure any of the remaining 6 men would enjoy a cream pie. When she returned she found only the twins, Thomas and William. The rest of the guys were at the dock fishing, no doubt hoping for a bite to take home proof of a fishing trip. William said that the guys were getting excited hearing the erotic sounds from the master bedroom and went to the dock rubbing their erections through their pants. She would eventually fuck all 8 men over the weekend, several twice or more.

Barbara smiled, opened her robe exposing her luscious tits to the pair and said “Are you two identical in every aspect?” Thomas replied “Well, you’ll have to be the judge”, took her by the hand and with William following led them to another large bedroom the twins had clearly staked out. The robe was discarded as soon as the door closed and both men were on her, hands everywhere. They ran their hands over her skin, feeling her curves, caressing her huge tits. They couldn’t get enough of her breasts. William drew a hard nipple to his mouth and made her swoon. Thomas in the meantime stripped down and tugged her away from his brother both landing on the bed. Thomas wasted no time in feasting on the soft breasts before moving to her pussy and slowly covered it with his mouth, exploring her vagina with an expert tongue. She loved having her pussy eaten and thrust her hips up to me his mouth. His tongue found her clit as he inserted 2 fingers in her dripping pussy making her scream, cumming hard. William soon joined them squeezing her tits. He wet his finger in Barbara’s mouth and rubbed it over her nipple twisting and pulling. They both moaned and William moved his cock to her mouth and rubbed her lips. She didn’t need to open her closed eyes to know he wanted his cock sucked and she complied, sucking and swirling her tongue making him gasp.

Thomas stopped his oral treatment of Barbara’s cunt and moved up, hard cock in hand rubbing it over her exposed clit. Barbara removed William’s throbbing penis from her mouth and said “Fuck me. Fuck me.” before returning the hard cock to her warm and waiting mouth. She barely got the words out before Thomas lunged forward, impaling her and began to fuck her hard. William looked down to see his brother’s cock moving in and out of Barb’s body while he stroked in and out of her mouth. He wanted some pussy. That’s why he was here. He laid back while Barbara grabbed his free cock and stroked and sucked it with affection. She also wanted to keep him ready because she wanted both twins. Thomas soon announced he was cumming and shot his load into her. Barbara screamed and thrust her hips up again and again to get all he had.

As soon as Thomas withdrew his brother rapidly took his place. Barb took his cock in her hand and guided it into her slot. William pounded her but wouldn’t last long after the warm up blowjob. He did however make sure Barbara had another orgasm before grunting and depositing his semen. They stood and kissed Barb thanking her for such a great experience, grabbing and squeezing her mammoth tits before releasing her. She didn’t bother with the robe this time, walking naked through the house. Those not at the dock and waiting their turn in the house watched her breasts bounce and then her scrumptious ass jiggle as she turned the corner heading to the washroom to douche and shower. After all she was only half way through the assembly of horny men.

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