Taught by Her Tormentor

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This multi-part story follows Alex, a 21 year old student in her final year at university. Her crush on one of her lecturers pushes her sexual boundaries and leads her down a slightly unethical but deliciously sexy path.


I walk into my usual Tuesday physics lecture. My study buddies are a couple rows back from the front, as usual. I go sit down and pull out my notebook and pencil case, saying hi to my mates. We make small talk while we wait for our lecturer to arrive, Paul. He is such babe, probably mid 30s, average height. Nothing too spectacular but I think he is hot as. I have spent many a lecture squeezing my thighs together trying to concentrate while he is teaching.

Paul walks in.. Oh my God. Normally he wears jeans and a t-shirt but today he is in a form fitting suit, looking fine. I realise I am gawking and stare down at my notebook.. Holy fuck this is unfair. Paul has spent the last few weeks teaching us general relativity, which is hard enough without being this distracted. I look back up and follow him across the room with my eyes. Both my hands are clasped together between my thighs that I am unconsciously tensing.

“What you all dress up for?” I jokingly ask, Paul maintains good rapport with students so it came across as natural.

“Just a job interview to keep me position.” he smiles at me and then plugs his laptop in and loads up the presentation for the day.

I spend the class floating between paying attention and gazing absently at Paul while day dreaming about being bent over his desk, one hand caressing my arse cheek while the other one lines his cock up with the entrance to my..

“… Alex?” uh-oh.

“Umm, sorry can you repeat the question?”

“In this equation what indices are being summed over?” I pull myself back to the present, glance down at my empty page, then to Paul and then up to the lecture slide.

“mu and beta?” I say hopefully, casino şirketleri I’m pretty sure I am right as we had used this type of notation in a different class.

“Yeah, awesome, good to see you’re paying attention.” he gives me a sly smile like he knows very well that I wasn’t. My cheeks burn.

He goes back to lecturing and I focus on paying attention for the rest of the class. But the warmth between my legs stays, a nagging reminder of my need to be fucked. By the time class was over I was almost panting with the effort it took to ignore how horny I was. I dashed out of the lecture theatre and went straight to the bathroom in the main part of campus. I picked this one deliberately as it was always busy so I could relieve myself without anyone hearing me over the toilets flushing and hand dryers.

I closed and locked the cubical door and leaned my back against it, closing my eyes and sighing. God that class was hard. I breathed out, trying to centre myself. Images of Paul keep floating before me and warmth pooled into my vagina again, there was no getting out of this one. I put the lid down on the toilet, hung my bag up on the hook and pulled my shorts down as I sat on the lid. I lifted my t-shirt up to expose my stomach and the bottom half of my bra. Running my hands down my sides to my hips. I began to toy with the edge of my undies… Was I really going to masturbate in the bathroom at uni…? That is why I came here…

I close my eyes conjuring up the scene I was thinking of before: I am in Paul’s office and he pushes me down across his desk so my arse is sticking up at him. He puts his hand on the back of my neck, pushing me into the desk as he leans down and brings his mouth to my ear.

“Don’t make a fucking noise or this will never happen again.” I nod as much as the pressure from his hand will allow.

“Good girl, don’t move” he let’s go of me, turns away and casino firmaları I hear the office door click as he locks it. I stay frozen. I behave because I want to come back to him again and again…

My hands dip down into my underwear and I am grateful that I spent the hour horny as fuck. My pussy is wet so I don’t need lube, which I obviously don’t carry around in my backpack. I move my index finger down between my labia and move some moisture from my opening up to my clit. Urgh this feels good. I curl my toes and tense my legs as I start rubbing small circles around my clit. I pause and push my undies down to my ankles and shuffle forward on the toilet, leaning back and looking down at my exposed pussy while I spread my legs wide. I continue rubbing my clit with my index finger, while using the fingers of my other hand to push away my labia on either side, isolating the sensation on my clit. The feeling starts to spread, like my clit is floating. My vagina fills with warmth and I am overcome with desire to have something inside of me… If only Paul were here…

I whimper in frustration, desperately thinking about what I could use inside me. I pause, wipe my fingers on some toilet paper and pull my pencil case out of my backpack. I grab a few pens, no, no, no, they all have sharp edges or opening that would mean they would get dirty inside… Yes! I pull out my permanent marker, it’s smooth and tapers at the end, perfect.

I settle back down and resume playing with my clit with one hand, clasping my marker with the other. I build myself back up by playing with my clit. God this feels so fucking good. I can hear girls around me using the bathroom and chatting. I have never touched myself somewhere so public before, my insides twinge with a sense of shame, this is so dirty, but that muscle tension quickly dissolves into more warmth, adding to the pleasure. Fuck this is dirty, and that makes güvenilir casino it so much better. I move the marker to the entrance of my pussy, and start moving it in small circles. Teasing myself. I continue doing this, nice and slow until I am almost begging myself out loud to fuck myself. I stop moving in circles and slowly easy the marker in about half an inch. I gasp, fuck I need something inside me.. I hold onto my resolve and continue to tease myself, moving the marker in circles again with the tip just inside me. Ever so slightly I start moving the marker in and out as well, going just the tiniest bit deeper every few strokes. Frantically rubbing my clit now I have my eyes squeezed tight and feel warmth developing in my toes and my cheeks. I start audibly panting and the heat moves up my legs and down my neck and chest. I am now sliding the marker in and out several inches. My pussy clamps down and all my muscles tense and the hot flush of my orgasm washes over me. Hooollllyyy FUCK.

I relax, letting out a huge sigh. I gingerly pull out the marker from my pussy, grimacing. My vagina is always so sensitive after coming. I wipe it off and put it in my bag. I grab some more toilet paper and clean myself up, wiping my juices off my hands, inner thigh and vulva. I stand up and squeeze my pelvic floor muscles, trying to push out as much liquid as possible, wiping it up.

I leave the cubical and go to wash my hands, I get a few side glances from other girls. Do they know…? I didn’t think I was too loud… I glance up at my reflection and my eyes widen, my face is flushed bright red, like I have just been working out. Embarrassed I quickly dry hands and rush out without catching anyones eye.

As I leave the building the fresh air caresses my face and I look up at the sky and smile. I feel like I am practically glowing. The buzz of my phone pulls me out of my bliss and I check the message. It’s a friend from my physics class:

“Hey hey, I’m going to see Paul after class tomorrow for help with the assignment, wanna come?”

My heart skips a beat, hell yeah I want to go! I reply and then head home, day dreaming again about being bent over that desk…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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