Changed 01 – Sentenced

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I was named after my grandfather, who was born Reginald but was also known as Rex.
He was lost in the conflict in Vietnam, in the late 60s.

I was named Rex and had always been, a runt of kid; and at 19 year nothing had change (140 pounds, 5’8”).
My skin was rather pasty with small fading freckles on my face.
I had blue-eyes and dirty blonde hair, which I had always cut it short.
My body for some reason, never grew much body hair; this use to worry me.
So the only places that hair would grew was; on my face, head and pubic regions.

Since the end of grade school I had been good friends with Anthony, Rob, Jack and Tom.
I would follow them to hell and back, without question; if they wanted to go there.

Which made us, often sharing; detention classes together.
We as a group were probably best known as, the schools ratbags.

Fast forward now, to a year after; school was over.

It was now the day before Anthony’s big wedding day and his last night of being a bachelor.
So it was decided, that we would hit the town.
Joining our motley crew were some of Anthony’s other friends; that I didn’t know.

The majority of us were jocks; that is the ones I knew.

We spent several hours of hard drinking; at a local Tavern.
Like, we had always done.

Eventually the unrestrained drinking had got the better of us and we became; loud and obnoxious.
The security’s tolerance had finally run out; and he evicted all of us.

By now I was feeling the effects of the alcohol and was; just merely a sheep in a flock.

So we then ventured towards the red light district; and to the strip circuit.

We entered a strip club; and that is all I can recall of the night.

It all went blank for me then.

I was sleeping off a hangover; when someone man handled me and I woken abruptly.

Lights and shouting filled the room.
I tried opening my eyes but when I did the room; felt like it was spinning.
The effects made me throw my stomach up or basically vomit.

Before I could focus and work out what was happening; I was forced face down on the floor and into my vomit.
My arms were forced behind my back; I lay there in vomit and confusion.

Then someone read me my rights, and then my arms were handcuffed behind me.

The police were in force in our motel room.

None of this made sense to me, as I lay face down on the ground.

Eventually I was lifted from the floor and pushed towards a wall.
Then I noticed that everyone else was; in a similar predicament; minus the vomit smell.

The police rifled through our belonging and tossed the room.

We were then frog marched and transported to police holding cells.
Not one word was said, in the transport vehicle.

I think maybe everyone was, at a loss for words, hung-over or too ashamed to say why this was happening.

We were then made to strip and cavity searched, before our DNA’s were taken.
Then separately made to shower and to wear; county orange coveralls.
From there were placed in the holding cells.

There we were, all stunned, tired, confused and nervous.
Once the guards had locked us in our section; we began chirping amongst ourselves about innuendos.

No one knew what happened.

Anthony’s other friends would only chirp amongst themselves and distanced themselves from us.
I didn’t trust them before and don’t even more now.
Jack grew suspicious of them as well and wanted to confront them.

Over the next few days more was revealed, as we were individually interviewed.
Tensions grew between the two camps of so called friends.

Jack came casino şirketleri back from his interview and was adamant; they knew sometime.
He was going to beat the truth from them; prior to lights out.

The only problem with Jack’s plan was that, once evening mess was over; our groups were segregated to different areas.

Still nothing made sense to me, except maybe something like a deal was done.

I was never to see Anthony and his friends again.

What was known though was, we had all been implicated in a rape of a female; a stripper.
If that wasn’t a shock, then the news that Anthony and his friends; were charged with her murder was.

Her body was found in a nearby alley to the club, we were supposed to have picked her up from.

CCTV footage shown to me confirmed that we left a strip club with the brunette.
It also showed that, I was too wasted to do anything but stumble over; as I needed help walking.

Witness’ later pointed us out in a line up and our DNA was found; all over her clothes.

Also some of our DNA was also found; on her rape kit test.

Mine was not, but I was charged with accessory.

I was sent to a remand center along with Jack and Rob; Anthony and the others were sent somewhere else.

We were all charged with the gang rape of the woman but Anthony and his friends took an early plea.
They would have been charged, with murder; but took the deal and pleaded guilty to accidental manslaughter.

In the remand center we were held, in the sex offender’s section.

Every night I cried myself to sleep and worried about going to jail.

When we pleaded ‘Not Guilty”, at the trial; the verdict was never going to be good.
The judge sentenced me to two years with a non parole period of twelve months.

Jack and Rob received harsher sentences because footage showed they looked aware at the time.
They both received; four years with a non parole period of two years.

The Trip to Prison
In the transfer wagon we spoke of sticking together inside; whenever we could.

Once we arrived at the prison; we were prepared to be in trouble if we ever were separated.
Soon as we arrived, the guards made us strip; and again we were searched.

We were made to stand naked before the warden; as he read us the rules of the prison.

Soon after, I was left devastated.
That pact we spoke about, in the transport wagon; was thrown into disarray
Jack and Rob were lead out of the room first, before I was lead in the opposite direction.

I looked around towards them, until a guard shoved me away and towards a door.

He motioned me to walk through the door, which I did.
I was then led into a room to get dressed; into my new prison orange coveralls.
The officer then handed me some sheets and a pillow; and then walked me towards general population.

As we walked, the sheer horror of my situation finally dawned on me.
Hoots and whistles were heard were all for me; as I was paraded by the guard through several cells.

I knew now that I was on my own now; and separated from any friendly faces.

The guard didn’t help either.

All the time; he kept telling me about, how lonely some of these guys were; and what they did to fresh innocent looking pretty boys.
He told me about how I was going to be popular; with the long termers.

Tears welted and slowly ran down my face as, the reality sank in.

As I walked near where my cell was to be, the inmates kept whistling and making derogative remakes towards me.
The even had their cocks out and waving them at me.

When I was in my cell I was relieved, to find it empty.
I thought casino firmaları I had some luck go my way, for a change and had a cell to myself.

I stared into my cell for about five minutes before moving inside.
It had a bunk bed, a toilet, a table; and three concrete walls.
There was a barred window and the door was made of steel; with bullet proof glass as a window.

Eventually my cell mate showed up.
He smirked at me, and climbed up on top; of the top bed.

He was of heavily tattooed big Latino man, in his 40s.

Not a word was spoken, which freaked me out even more.

Afternoon roll call occurred and I found out his name was, Hernandez.
Then we all went, to the mess hall for even supper.

He went towards another older Latino and younger black man.

I sat in the corner and by myself, until some guys that looked like girls sat with me.
We chatted briefly and ate our supper.

In the corner of my eye I watched my cell mate and his friends.
They were all built like brick shithouses and tattooed, and scared the hell out of me.

After supper I walked by myself back to my cell.
Bad move, on my part.

As I was about one cell from my own, I was taken from behind into the cell; by force.

I was shoved to the ground and my cell and his friends; were standing around me.

I stared at them with intensity and fear.

The black guy pulled his cock out and smirked at me.

“Suck my dick bitch,” He said.
“Fuck off,” I quickly said.

“What you say, bitch,” Hernandez said, and his mate punched my face.

“Suck my cock,” The black guy said, again.
My reply was to spit on the ground.

I was punch three times, for that.

The black guy then put his cock back in his pants and kneed me in the chin.

I don’t remember anything else after that.

When I woke, I was in the infirmary and had broken ribs; and I was told I was raped by the nurse.

They wanted to know who did this, I answered with I don’t know.
I knew if I had of snitched, I would be dead soon.

A three day stint in infirmary and constantly asked questions, about my bashing; I didn’t snitch once.

I was back in Hernandez’s cell, jumping at shadows; and with reason.
Two days of nervous sleep had left me; with hardly any.

It was on my three night out of infirmary, that I finally was too exhausted to fight the urge to sleep.
After lockdown at 10pm, I finally drifted off to sleep.

I woke a few times, before drifting off to deep sleep.

Several hours passed, before I woke to a hand muffling my mouth.
I was freaking out and looked around frantically.
A guard and Hernandez had me gagged and restrained.

I had no option but to go where ever; they frog marched me too.

All the time I was wondering and worrying, about my fate.
Was I to be bashed, murdered, raped or all the above?

My questions would soon be answered, as I was pushed and shoved; while walking towards the showers.

When I was inside the showers, several prisoners; were waiting for me there.

I suspiciously looked around; just before I was shoved inside and be fed to the wolves.

My clothes lasted about ten seconds, as they were torn from me.
I then was pushed to the ground across the wet tiles; like last week’s leftovers.

There I was on my hands and knees, whimpering and begging.
They all just laughed at me.

When I looked up, a big Latino guy walked in front of my face; and indicated that I was to suck his cock.

At first I tried not to, but as they all surrounded me; I nervously slid it in güvenilir casino my quivering mouth.

The Latino guy (Axe) had a big fat cock, about 7-8 inches long; which he forced down my throat.

I started to suck on Axe’s cock, when a tattooed black man (Rubes) spread my legs apart; before prying open my ass cheeks.

Someone then guided my head up and down Axe’s cock, making me gag and tear up.

After the gagging session continued for a few minutes, I quickly learnt how to suck without; gagging.
I closed my eyes and didn’t think about my ordeal, and thought; as I f I was dreaming.

Axe started to fuck my head, with the help of others.
I felt tears running down my face and my nose began to run; all the while saliva oozed from my cock filled mouth.

The other inmates jeered and became jovial.

I opened my eyes and saw, a lot of inmates slowly stroking the cocks; near or around me.

Axe hadn’t cum but was pushed away and a new cock; was forced in my mouth.

I went back to closing my eyes again, as I didn’t want to know; who or what awaited me.

Rubes had started rub my cock, with shampoo or something soapy; while slowly fingering my asshole.
This drove me nuts; as sucked on cock; my cock began to grow.

I felt like I was going to cum and started to moan.

“Look at the bitch; he’s getting off on it.” Someone snickered.

I was, and enjoyed my cock being stroked; while shampoo was smudged inside my asshole.

He stopped fingering my ass and stroking my cock, just so he could slide his cock inside my screaming asshole.

I froze as it inched inside.

There was pain, and my cock sprung to attention; I felt like I could pee.

Here I was in the shower block, on hands and knees; with a cock in my mouth and in my ass.
My own cock felt strange, as Rubes started fucking me; in the ass.

I stopped fighting and began to moan more, as I willed myself to enjoy my predicament.

As soon as I did that, my cock let go; and I knew I had just cum.
I so hoped the others didn’t notice, but I was lost in dream land; for now.

A few guys, blew their loads in my mouth; waiting for the guy inside my ass to finish.

Before I could think about spitting or swallowing, another cock would be inside my cummy filled mouth.

After about the sixth person had finished fucking my ass, I could feel cum dribbling out of my asshole; and down my balls.

Over time, I was fucked over and over again; and sucked on every cock.

Some of the inmates would even tease me, by stroking my cock briefly; just to watch me moan for more.

By the end of the night, I was enjoying myself.
I tried desperately not to let that fact on, to the others.

It was hard to hide that fact, as I had cum several times, without anyone even touching my cock.

When everyone was finished, I was left there in a heap.

The guard came by, and then led the inmates; back to their cells.

Feeling exposed and abused, I sat with my head between my knees; crying.

When the guards came back for me, I had my face in my hands.

“Tonight was just a taste,”
“You are now, a punk or a bitch.”
“Every night, and sometimes during the day; I was their bitch.” The guard said, smirking.

He then turned the shower taps on me, before escorting me back to my cell.
I struggled to stand and then walk, and my jaw ached.

The whole cell block knew what had just happened to me.

The next night, it was more of the same.
As I submitted to them last night; they knew I was marked; so they didn’t threaten violence.

I learnt to accept being their bitch or be bashed and be their bitch, anyway.
So for the next week, my life was of; cock and cum.

When I closed my eyes, that week; all I saw naked men and cocks.

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