Closer Than You Think

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My neighbor and his wife had to go out of town suddenly to visit her mother who’d had a stroke. A mild one, and she was fine, but it was a good excuse to make the trip they’d put off for too long. They left their son, Mike, home so he could keep up his practice. It was his second year on his school’s football team, and he didn’t want to miss any of the late summer practices.

They asked me to stay at their house to look after Mike. I’ve been a bachelor all my life and wasn’t used to kids, but then, Mike wasn’t a little kid any more and could pretty much take care of himself. His folks just wanted some kind of authority figure around to make sure he ate some proper meals and wore clean underwear and didn’t tear up the house, and since I lived right next door, it was no trouble at all.

Another reason it was no trouble is because I had major hots for Mike! My being gay was another reason for being a bachelor all my life. I bought the house next door to Mike and his folks several years ago when Mike was just a budding teenager. Even then I could tell that he was going to be a very popular hunk with girls and boys. I became friendly with Mike’s folks right away. Not so much because of Mike, but just because that was the kind of folks they are. But Mike got my attention right away, and I’ve been keeping my eye on him since.

A couple of years ago Mike’s dad put an in-ground pool in the backyard, and did most of the finishing work himself. I spent a lot of time helping, which earned me an invitation to make use of the pool whenever I wanted. That gave me the opportunity to spend some time with Mike: as he loved the pool, and seemed to spend all his spare time in it. I loved to sit after grilling out and watch him dive into the water and then climb out all wet with his shorts clinging to and showing off his little bubble butt. I’d managed to stay in shape and could keep up with Mike’s swimming, and me and his dad played many water games together. Mike seemed to really enjoy my company, and his folks seemed to like me, too.

The side of my house that faced theirs had no windows, save for a small round window up in the attic. Their house was a one story, ranch style, while mine was two story. Many nights I heard splashing in the pool and figured either Mike or his dad was in the pool for a late night swim, but I couldn’t see over their fence from my yard. One night I was working on organizing my attic with thoughts of turning it into a home office when I heard the splashing again. This time I thought to look from my attic window. Now the fence didn’t matter as I had a clear view of their entire backyard and pool. I saw Mike swim to one side of the pool and climb out. He was only wearing his white cotton briefs, which, like all white briefs, seemed to vanish when they got wet. I could easily see Mike’s dick outlined in the briefs, and his butt clearly showed through. I stood there at my attic window and blew a load right onto my wall watching him cavort in the water.

A few nights later, Mike’s mom left on one of her many out of town business trips. Since I was used to working third shift I often did my house chores late at night, as I was always awake anyway. Once again I was working in my attic when I heard laughter from Mike’s yard. I went to the tiny window again and saw Mike and his dad on their patio. They were talking and joking – taking playful little punches at each other. Mike had a soda next to him and his dad had a beer.

I smiled some and watched them a while. It was nice watching a father and son having a good time together. I could tell they were simply having fun just being father and son. At first I’d considered walking over there but decided that the quality time they were having was more important. While I was watching them laugh, Mike suddenly picked up his dad’s can of beer and laughed as he poured some of it over his dad’s head. His dad jumped at the cold liquid, but only laughed. He jumped up, picked up Mike’s can of soda and threatened him with it. Mike jumped and skipped around his dad, daring him to try to catch up. Mike’s dad was my age but in great shape himself, and Mike was still not quite a match for him.

He grabbed Mike and picked him clean up off the patio, walked to the pool and threw him in, t-shirt, jeans, sneakers and all. I heard Mike yell as he flew through the air and his dad laughed as he hit the water. Mike surfaced and I saw his arms waving, telling his dad to come on in. His dad shrugged, laughed, and then just jumped right in the water with Mike, clothes and all. I laughed as I watched them play around and splash each other.

I already had the hots for Mike, but as I saw them climb out of the pool and saw their soaked jeans and t-shirts clinging to their bodies, showing them off, I began to be turned on by his dad too. I wasn’t doing without some dick to play with. I had several fuck buddies at the time. A few were my age, a few were younger, and one was 19 years old. So while I enjoyed getting some young butt, I was just as horny for good-looking guys my own age. Both Mike and his dad were making me awful horny that night! I thought it would be one of the hottest things I’d ever do if I could pork both of them in a 3-way.

I know some guys cringe at the idea of older guys fucking around with young guys, and they always slap their hands over their ears when someone tries to educate them, but I thought back to the days when I was young. Younger than Mike was now even. I knew what fucking was. I knew why my dick was getting hard. I knew what I was supposed to do with it, too. I just couldn’t find any one right away to help me out! I often wished I’d had an older guy to show me the ropes, but couldn’t find any until I was 18. Since then I always liked both younger and older guys.

While I liked playing around with young boys (and anyone under 30 is a young boy to me!), I always had a policy of not making any moves on them, but to wait until they came on to me. There are plenty of young guys who are turned on by older guys, so I wasn’t doing without. As hot as I was for Mike, I vowed not to touch him unless it was his call. Since I did have some guys to bring home with me and fuck around with, I contented myself with just being buddies with Mike and his dad, but made sure Mike knew I was always available whenever he wanted to do something. At their pool, especially when Mike was home alone, I always wore my skimpiest swimsuit. When I saw him coming toward my house I would rush to strip down to my underwear just so Mike would get used to seeing me that way. I figured if his eyes spent a lot of time checking out my body, I’d notice.

After Mike and his dad chased each other around the pool and threw each other in a couple of more times, I stood and watched them as they started to strip their wet clothes off. I thought they would strip down to their underwear and continue playing in the pool. My cock jumped to immediate attention when I watched them both unhesitatingly strip butt naked before they jumped back in the pool. I jacked hard as I watched them swim around naked. When they climbed out of the pool, they sat back down at the patio table to sip at their drinks. I then realized that they obviously spent a lot of time naked when they were alone together, and that thought made me coat the wall with another load of cum. I didn’t think there was anything sexual going on between them.

I knew a lot of fathers and sons hardly wore any clothes when they were alone together. My own father and I were always hanging around the house naked when my mom wasn’t home. We never did screw each other; we were just a couple of guys alone together and saw no need to wear clothes. Saved on laundry, my dad told me. My college days were before co-ed dorms were all over the place, and my dorm was full of nothing but naked guys walking up and down the hallways, hanging out in rooms with doors wide open, and horsing around in the showers. Again, there was nothing sexual going on except in my mind, my hand, and with the guys I could lure into my room.

So seeing Mike and his dad hanging around the patio naked together wouldn’t have phased me if it weren’t for the fact that both of them were drop dead fucking gorgeous! I spent many a night with my face pressed to that tiny attic window and my hand wrapped around my dick, while I watched them swim and fart around naked.

It became routine for me to run up to my attic and look through my window whenever I heard splashing from next door when Mike’s mom was out of town. Many times I would watch Mike climb out of the pool with only his underwear on, reach into his shorts, pull his little dick out and jerk off at the side of the pool and I would jerk off on the side of my wall. Sometimes I would watch his dad swim naked late at night and pound his meat under the water. Once I thought Mike had had it when I saw his dad walk outside just as Mike was shooting a load up in the air. But his dad only laughed and tossed Mike a towel. I didn’t hear what he said, but Mike just wiped himself off and jumped back in the water. His dad stripped down naked and jumped in with him and they had a good time. I was glad Mike’s dad was so understanding and let Mike jerk off, apparently whenever he wanted, which was a LOT of the time. I’d long since lost count of how many layers of cum I’d wiped off my attic wall.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to actually get to move in with Mike and live with him alone – even if it was only for a couple of weeks! Hell, I was hoping that Mike would feel comfortable enough with me to still hang out naked, and I could check out his body up close!

I got off work early the first night, but didn’t call Mike to tell him I was coming home because I figured he’d already be asleep. When I pulled into the driveway, I saw a light on in his bedroom window, but thought he’d just fallen asleep with the light on. I walked into the house as quiet as I could, left my boots by the door, and tip-toed upstairs. On the way to his room, I was hoping he also slept naked so I could maybe spend some time standing over him admiring his beautiful body.

As I got closer to his room, I heard a noise and realized he was still awake after all. I still was quiet, and as I looked around his door frame I saw him sitting in his desk chair – his back to me. He was working on his computer, and yes, he was naked! He still didn’t hear me, so I just peered around the corner of his door and watched him. The workouts he was doing on the football team were starting to show on his body. He was a receiver, and so was not the big bulky type, but had a good runner’s body going. He wasn’t all that tall; shorter than me, casino oyna but the lanky kid I had gotten to know was slowly being replaced by broader shoulders with back and shoulder muscles starting to grow. His slightly skinny legs were turning into muscled thighs, thicker calves, and hair was growing in his armpits and down his legs. The chair he was sitting in wasn’t a full backed chair, and I got a great close up of his little bubble butt. He looked fantastic! My own hand automatically went to my crotch as I stood there and watched him.

I noticed that his right arm muscles were flexing in front of him, and then I realized that he was stroking his cock! I almost melted right then and there wishing I could just walk right up to him, reach out and stroke that thing for him. Instead, I just rubbed my own cock through my jeans even harder.

At that point, I decided to just walk right up to him, and whatever happened, happened. If he got embarrassed and wanted to cover himself up, I wouldn’t stop him. If he at least only stopped stroking his cock but otherwise was comfortable just sitting there naked talking to me, that was fine too. Even better would be if I could just kind of natural like talk about how hot and sweaty I got at work and strip down naked in front of him while we talked. Hell, maybe he would even encourage me to. Maybe he would even bring the idea up that I should get naked like his dad always did. Maybe I could make something come of that. Maybe, maybe, maybe!!

I didn’t mean to be sneaky at that point, but the floors were carpeted and I simply didn’t make any noise walking up behind him. I thought he was working on some kind of project for school, or football, or something on his computer. At the last second, it hit me that it must be something on the computer that was making him hot enough to jerk off, and I smiled. I thought he had found some porn and was enjoying himself while he was home alone. I looked at the screen, expecting to see pictures of naked women with big tits and wet, spread out cunts showing a lot of pink. I didn’t care. After all, Mike was a healthy, horny teenager, and these days the computer replaced the magazines hidden somewhere in dad’s room that all boys managed to find no matter how carefully dad hid them. I suspect that most dads kind of accidentally on purpose didn’t hide them all that well anyway: knowing their sons were going to look, and so let them find what they were looking for. My own dad simply shoved his under the bed!

As I got close enough to see the screen, I was puzzled since there were no pictures, but only words. Another step and I realized Mike was in a chat room. ‘Ah!’ I thought, ‘I bet he’s talking to some 12 year old who SAYS she’s older and has big tits! Ha ha!’ But as I got right behind him he still didn’t know I was there, so I looked at the screen and read what he was talking about.

I could have fallen right over. I almost reached out to grab his chair to steady myself. I almost gasped. I almost did a lot of stuff, but what I did do, was simply freeze with my mouth hanging open.

The top of the screen said, “” Mike was in a gay chat room! He was in a gay chat room and he was talking to another gay guy. and he was stroking his cock! I could see him doing it now as close as I was, and man he was pumpin’ that thing! Holy shit! Mike’s gay? Oh, my God! Guys – Mike is in a gay . . . are you guys listening? He’s in a gay – Oh, my God! I stood there, right behind him, watching him stroke his beautiful boy cock with my eyes opened wider than they ever were before, with one hand up to my mouth, and the other putting a hell of a squeeze on my crotch. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to say.

I thought of the last few years as I watched Mike grow and develop and swim naked and hang out naked and jack off. I thought of all the times I jacked off watching him, thinking about him, and wishing, wishing, wishing. Watching his butt jiggle and his cock swing while he walked, and blistering my hand on my cock while I watched, and the whole time that little squirt’s been gay? How could I have missed it? Why couldn’t I tell? What happened to my gaydar? Where did I go wrong? What am I gonna do now? Do I walk away? Do I whoop and holler and jump for joy? Is it safe to assume that just because he is gay that he’d want to fuck me? Why am I standing here like an idiot thinking this stupid shit?

I wish I had something to hold on to. I could damn well just fall right down and faint dead away right here and now. But you know what guys; I was just beginning to be surprised. Now, now, don’t get ahead of me – you think you know what’s going to happen next, and if I was sitting where you are – reading this – I’d think so too, but if my head was in the clouds now it would be in fucking orbit in a couple of minutes!

What I wound up doing was just standing there, dumbfounded, while Mike just kept right on typing, still oblivious to my presence. My eyes shifted from his cock to the screen to read what he was saying. He was talking to someone who was logged on simply as “Dad’s Boi.” —

Dad’s Boi: know what u mean dude. i watch my folks fuck all the time. i think my dad leaves their door open on purpose 🙂

Mike: same here. my dad looks soooooo hot fuckin my mom. i cum over and over

Dad’s Boi: yr dad hairy?

Mike: yeah. hair all over except his back. i hope i get that hairy but i don’t think i will

Dad’s Boi: my dad’s got great chest hair, his ass is smooth like mine

Mike: u ever do your dad?

Dad’s Boi: no but i want to! FUCK i want his fat cock up my ass!

Oh My God!’ I thought. Shock was the only thing keeping me quiet and still, “Is Mike fuckin’ his dad?’ But they must have talked about that already since Mike didn’t say anything else about it. . .

Mike: well, sounds like ur havin a great time with yr bro anyway

Dad’s Boi: fuck yeah! sometimes we both watch our folks fuck, then go to our room and he makes me suck his dick.

Mike: he fuckin u 2?

Dad’s Boi: not yet. he sucks my dick and finger fucks me, but he hasn’t fucked me yet. i decided next time instead of watchin my folks fuck, i’m just gonna jump on his cock and make him fuck me.

Mike: that’s way kewl dude! i don’t have a bro, so after i watch my folks, i just gotta fuck my hand.

Dad’s Boi: that’s still good. at least u get to watch yr dad fuck

Some of that sunk in. Some of it went right past me. Some of it was bouncing around the room and hitting me from all sides. All this mesmerized me. In the back of my head, I was wondering why I hadn’t run into Mike before. I go into Gaytalk’s chat rooms all the time myself. But I mentioned before about going into orbit. Well, it’s time . . .

Mike: When my folks aren’t home i can watch their porn too. wish i had a bro, but i make do with what i can, ya know?

Dad’s Boi: yeah, i don’t know what i’ll do in the fall. my bro’s goin away to college. i’ll only have my hand then.

Mike: wish u could come here. i’d fuck yr ass any time u wanted!

Dad’s Boi: LOL sounds good dude. but ur about 6 states away

Mike: yeah. u know who i really wanna fuck tho? my neighbor

(Your what?!)

Dad’s Boi: yeah? he’s hot?

Mike: oh man! he’s waaaaay hot!

(Oh, My God!)

Dad’s Boi: kewl. he an older guy?

Mike: yeah. mid 40’s i think. looks fuckin great!

(Oh, shit! Oh, no! This isn’t happening! I’m fuckin dreamin!)

Mike: u should see dude! he cums over to swim a lot. he’s always checkin out my cock i’ve seen him checkin my butt too – i know he wants it

Dad’s Boi: kewl! lucky you! he hung?

All I could do was stare. I couldn’t even think. Winning millions in the lottery wouldn’t even phase me compared to what I was seeing now. I don’t know how I stood still. I don’t know how I stayed quiet. I didn’t know what to do. Can you imagine? A man my age thinking like I’m the one who was the nervous teenager! I even started hoping I didn’t have some kind of damn heart attack or something. All I could do was read on. . .

Mike: average probably, but bigger than me. and a great bod too! his cock and the rest of him looks so hot! when he cums over in his swim suit i almost cum in my shorts

Dad’s Boi: damn dude! LOL yr really hot for this guy

Mike: man i can’t wait to stuff his cock in my mouth! wanna suck his balls right thru it

Dad’s Boi: shit dude. i’m strokin like crazy now!

Mike: me too. typin with my left hand lol

Dad’s Boi: same here. so if u know he’s horny for u, why don’t u go for it?

Mike: i am! my folks are gone for 2 weeks. he’s gonna fuck my ass while they’re gone

(I am? Oh shit! Am I really? Oh man! Oh wow!)

Dad’s Boi: u sound sure of yr self dude. 🙂 does he know u want his dick?

Mike: he does now. he thinks i don’t know it but he’s standing behind me right now!!

Dad’s Boi: WHAT!!!???

“What!” I yelled. “What? Mike!” I swear guys, my knees went so weak I just went down on ’em right there next to Mike. I was almost sweating. I was panting even though I was only standing there, standing still. I went right to my knees and grabbed Mike’s shoulders to keep myself from falling flat on my face. He knew! He knew all the time. All that shit he was saying and he knew I was there! I hadn’t fooled him at all. I felt like a fool. A damn lucky fool – but a fool nonetheless. All I could do was look at Mike. He had a big, shit eatin’ grin on his face. Then his fingers calmly went back to his keyboard:

Mike: gotta go dude. gonna get fucked now.

Dad’s Boi: fuck dude! all right!!! bye

Mike spun around in his chair to face me and spread his legs. I was just staring at him with a slow smile snaking across my face as I realized I’d been had. A good had, mind you, I didn’t care at all! I started snickering as I watched that little squirt play with his cock right in front of me.

“Well, how ’bout it, Charlie?” He asked me while giggling. Then he spread his legs further and pushed his cock so it was standing straight up, “Are you gonna come play with my boy cock and let me suck yours?”

I just reached over to the mouse on his computer and used it to click him off line. Then I raised up on my knees and mussed up his hair while he laughed. “You’re damn right I’m gonna play with that cock of yours, Mike! I’m gonna do any ole thing you want me to do!” Then I lowered my head down between his legs and took all of his cock in my mouth all at once, and I sucked!

“Oooohhhh, Charlie!” Mike gasped and threw his head back. “Yeah, Charlie, suck slot oyna me! Suck my little dick, Charlie!” And he started bucking his hips and fucking my face as I sucked and sucked on his cock and played with his balls. I was silently thanking my lucky stars that I finally got to munch on that cock I’ve been fantasizing about for the past several years. Mike just kept on fucking my face and moaning and cheering me on. He had a great cock! About 5 ½ inches long, maybe six, and it fit in my mouth perfectly. I sucked it all down and held it in my mouth while I let my tongue slide all over it and dig into his little piss slit and suck his pre cum out. I licked the head and licked the shaft and licked his balls and sucked on ’em, and Mike went nuts.

Suddenly he brought his head up and looked me right in the eye with his mouth open and started whimpering, his voice getting higher and higher. I felt his cock swell a bit and then my mouth was rewarded with the sweetest tasting boy juice there ever was. He shot a hell of a load, too! I swallowed and swallowed and let some of it run down my face for him to see. He reached down and grabbed my head and held me still while he emptied his spunk into me. His legs went limp and dropped to the floor and his body relaxed. I stayed where I was and licked and sucked the last drops from his cock. Like teenagers do, he didn’t even get soft. His dick still stood straight up. I let it go and it slapped against his belly.

I stood up and he came off his chair and practically jumped into my arms. Wrapped his legs around me so I was holding him like a baby, and put his arms around my neck and buried his head in my chest.

“Thanks, Charlie!” he said into my chest. “I’ve been wanting that for a long time!”

I wrapped my arms around him and kissed the top of his head, “So have I, Mike. So have I. I’ve been wanting you ever since I first saw you when I moved in.”

“Me, too, Charlie,” Mike told me. He raised his head and looked up at me. “I jack off all the time thinking about what it would be like with you.” He let his legs fall to the floor and stood in front of me with his arms still around my neck. He leaned forward and started licking and sucking on my nipples right through my shirt. His arms left my neck and he started unbuttoning my shirt. When he got it unbuttoned down to my belt, he pushed it open and went for my nipples again. His tongue felt great swirling around them and he licked my whole chest as I got rid of my shirt. His hands moved down my belly and his mouth followed. He started tonguing my belly button while his hands undid my belt and snap. He felt my stiff cock through my pants, and then unzipped me. As my pants started to slide down, he reached into my shorts, grabbed hold of my cock, and pulled it out.

“Oh, God, Charlie!” He yelled. “What a beautiful cock!” Before I could say anything he had his mouth on it. He licked the pre cum off the head, licked the shaft up and down and got it all wet with his spit. Then he grabbed hold of the base, looked up and me with pure lust in his eyes.

“I wanna suck your cock, Charlie!” He was almost begging me. “I wanna suck the cum right out of you!” And again, before I could speak, he opened his mouth, closed his eyes, and stuffed my cock right in his mouth. Now it was my turn to throw my head back and moan. His head bobbed up and down, his lips sucked, and his tongue went all over my cock.

“Damn Mike!” I panted. “You sure can suck!” He just mumbled and kept right on sucking. One hand around the base of my cock and his other hand cupped my balls and squeezed and let them roll through his fingers and I went crazy. He almost got my whole cock into his mouth then almost gagged. Instead of pulling my cock out of his mouth like I thought he would, he just backed off a bit, took a breath, and tried again. Again he almost gagged but got more of my cock in his mouth than before. Once again he backed off, took a breath, and went for it again.

“Jeeeeez Mike!” I was going nuts. “Go for it, boy! Take all of it you can!” My head was almost spinning. Here I expected to have to teach him how to suck cock, but instead it was all I could do to keep from cumming right away. He kept at it and kept at it until damnit if I didn’t feel his nose press into my bush and he had my whole cock in his mouth and he sucked it down over and over again until I had to pull him off it.

“I don’t want to cum yet,” I gasped. I wanted to enjoy this as long as I could. “Go get on your bed Mike.”

He ran and threw himself on his bed and I kicked my pants and shorts off and got rid of my socks. I started walking across the room toward him, savoring that gorgeous young body as he wiggled around on his bed. He grabbed his own cock and ground his hips and taunted me some more.

“Come on, Charlie,” he said, still looking at me with his eyes full of pure lust. “Come on and take me. Come on and fuck me, Charlie! Come fuck the shit outta this boy!”

Man that kid knew how to turn a guy on! My cock was twitching and flinching as I walked over to his bed, and he kept on going.

“Oooohhhh Charlie! I want your dick, man! I want it up my ass! Stuff my butt with that thing and fuck me Charlie!” And then he flipped over onto his stomach, reached back and spread his cheeks, showing me his tiny little fuck hole. He kept on squirming, moving his butt all around and kept on begging.

“You want it, don’t ya, Charlie! You want this little boy butt – I know you do. You wanna bite it and lick it and eat it and fuck it, don’t ya?”

As an answer I got on the bed, grabbed his ankles and spread them as wide as I could. I reached out and put my hands on that beautiful round butt and squeezed the cheeks. I spread them apart and let my face fall into his crack and I licked his butt all up and down the crack, and he buried his face in his pillow and moaned. I licked his hole and kissed it. I licked it some more and licked his balls. He reached under him and I knew he grabbed his cock and was jackin’ as I ate hell outta his little ass. I ate his hole and licked his cheeks and got his butt and my face all wet. I put the tip of a finger up to his hole and was about to tell him what to expect when he suddenly reached back, grabbed my hand and pushed my finger into his hole himself. I was surprised that he didn’t holler, but my head was so far up in the clouds, I wasn’t thinking clearly anyway. I just went with it and enjoyed his gorgeous ass any way he wanted to give it to me. He immediately started bucking against my finger and moaning.

“I love it, Charlie!” he mumbled into his pillow. “Finger me, fuck me, finger me, eat me, fuck me, Charlie. I want you to fuck me!” His legs were opening and closing against my face and opening and closing and he tried to wrap them around me. “Do it, Charlie!” He kept right on, “Pound my boy pussy! I want your fuckin’ cock in me! I want it all the way up my cunt!”

Damn what a hot boy he turned out to be! I thought I was going to have to teach him some stuff, but it was obvious I wasn’t his first. What the hell? I’ll give him what he wants now and ask questions later.

When I got up on my knees, he reached up to a shelf on his headboard and got out a tube of lube (I didn’t think to wonder what he was doing keeping lube handy where his mom might find it, but at that moment I was letting my dick do my thinking for me). I thought he would give it to me, but instead he squeezed some on his fingers and smeared it on his hole. I leaned back on my knees and watched him lube up his own ass. He got up on his knees, and I smiled as I saw a string of cum reach from his dick to the sheets and realized that sometime while I was eating his ass he’d shot another load. Like all teenagers, his dick became a faucet and he could shoot a load and not even slow down, but instead only want more.

I still thought I’d have to go slow with him, but once again he was ahead of me. He reached behind him and grabbed my cock. Jacked it a couple times with his lubed hand and got it nice and slippery. Then, as my eyes widened and my mouth dropped open yet again, he very calmly and smoothly lowered himself onto my cock and sat right down on it all in one motion! He didn’t even yell as I expected him too, but just started bouncing up and down on my cock and moaned and whimpered and rode me like a cowboy!

“Damn!” I yelled. “Go for it, Mike! Ride me, buddy! Yeah, god damn it, ride that fuckin’ cock, boy! Ah shit!” I just threw my head back and enjoyed it. Then I looked back and watched his little butt bounce up and down my cock and his hair flying all over and listened to him moan and holler.

“Yeah, Charlie! Oh man I love that cock in my butt! I want it all, Charlie! Gimme all of it!”

Then he straightened up some and raised himself up until my cock almost fell out of his ass and he slammed himself back down on it. I watched his little butt cheeks squeeze, and reached up and rubbed his back. Over and over again he used my cock to fuck himself. Again, his whimpers got higher and higher, and he sank all the way down on my cock. He ground his butt on my cock, and I watched his cum shoot out yet again. He shot his load and fell forward onto his knees with my cock still up his ass. I maneuvered my legs around until I was on top of him. He stretched out until he was laying on his stomach, and since I now knew he could take it, I went for it and laid on top of him and fucked his little ass with all I had. Now it was my turn to grunt, moan, and holler, as I fucked and fucked and fucked his little boy hole. Mike just lay on the bed with his arms resting above his head. His face was turned to the side and I saw a big smile on his face, and his eyes were closed as I made that mattress bounce.

This time I didn’t even try to hold back. Would have been useless anyway. So, with my thighs slamming into his cheeks, and his mattress bouncing up and down, I filled his ass with a load like I hadn’t shot in a long time. I didn’t even pull my cock out of his ass, but just fell on top of him and sweated and panted. After a few minutes my cock softened up enough that his ass pushed it out itself, and we both let out one last moan as it slid out.

He squirmed under me until he’d turned over. He wrapped his arms around my neck again, and wrapped his legs around me, and we just laid there and held each other. After we caught our breath he turned his head and nudged the side of my face.

“That was great, Charlie!” he said, sounding like he was still in a bit of a daze. “I knew it would be good with you. I knew it!”

“It was great, Mike,” I told him, “You’re even better than I could have hoped. I mean it. You really know how to throw one hell of a fuck!” He giggled and canlı casino siteleri squeezed me tighter. I raised myself up a little so I could face him, but kept our cocks pressed together.

“Now, Mike!” I said to him, much the same way a parent would talk after catching their child doing something sneaky. Not bad – just sneaky. “Now tell me – where did you learn to fuck like that? Have you been fucking your dad?”

He squirmed under me and giggled some more, “Nah, I wish! Dad and I jacked off together before, and once in a while he’ll let me suck his dick, but he’s never fucked me. He’s scared of what would happen if my mom found out.”

I just nodded. But before I could ask anything else. . .

“He takes me to his friends though, and they all fuck me.” Spoken with all the innocence of youth. Now he had a big smile on his face. He knew he had me again.

“You’re kidding!” I gasped. “So you’ve been gettin’ your little butt porked all the time, huh?” Now I knew where all his obvious experience came from – the little sneak!!

“Yep,” he said, and was proud of it, too. “I wanted my dad to fuck me first, but I was too scared to ask him. So I started stealing his porn magazines from his drawer. I knew where he hid the key, and I hoped he would find out it was me taking them, and I thought that would make him come on to me.” Again with that mischievous smile. His hands slid up my chest and played with my nipples while we talked.

“Did it work?” I asked.

“Yeah, sorta. He still didn’t fuck me, but he made sure I knew not to ever tell mom. Then we started jacking off together. He let me suck his dick right away, but I don’t suck him too much now.”

I laughed. “You’re a sneaky little cocksucker all right!” I said.

“I am!” he said. He started grinding his cock into mine. “And a good one too! I’m good, aren’t I, Charlie?”

“Hell yes!” I laughed. His cock was still a rock under me. Mine was waking up too. “So when did your dad start bringing his friends over?” I was wondering why I hadn’t noticed any additional traffic at their house.

“He never brings them over here,” Mike said. “He takes me to where they are. Sometimes we go to one of their houses, or we go camping or something like that.”

“How many guys have fucked you in one night?” I was getting turned on again hearing this.

“Sometimes it’s just one other guy, but once he took me to a poker game, and after each hand, my butt was the prize. There were about 12 guys there I think.”

“Damn, Mike! And you took all those cocks up your ass?”

“Sure. It was fun! I loved it. I’m a good fuck, aren’t I, Charlie?”

“You’re the best, Mike! The absolute best. I’m just surprised because none of this ever shows to someone who doesn’t know. I mean, neither you nor your dad does anything to make someone suspicious. You learned that from your dad, right?” I could feel his cock getting even harder under me.

“Oh yeah. My dad’s the best! As long as I’m good and careful, he gets me all the dick I want.”

“Wow Mike! This is too much. It’s great – but man I’m shocked that I didn’t see anything to tip me off before. And none of these guys ever come here?”

“No. Dad don’t want them to. I never fuck them alone, either. Dad is always with me. But he said it was okay if I fucked you while they’re gone. He trusts you to not hurt me.”

“He said it was okay?” I said, surprised again. “But how did he figure I’d want to?”

Mike giggled again, looked right in my eye, and giggled some more. I knew I had some other surprise coming.

“He would watch you from our garage window when you would watch me swimming from your attic window.”

“Ahhh shit!” I laughed. I obviously needed to improve my own secret keeping skills. They had me from the get go. But I didn’t really care. Hell, look at my reward!

Mike laughed too. “He said he could tell by your face that you were jacking off. He asked me a bunch of times if you ever tried anything with me, and I told him you didn’t. That’s why he trusts you. Sometimes,” he looked in my eyes sheepishly, “I would only go swimming naked and jack off cause I knew you’d be watching. I put on a show for you and dad watched you from the garage.”

I nodded. And apparently, I’d put on a show for his dad! “And is that why he asked me to stay with you while they’re gone? Is this my “test” Mike?”

His own eyes got big, like he’d just been caught at something, “Well, sort of. But dad trusts you, Charlie, so it’s not like a real test. Besides,” he put his arms around me again, “I wanted you. I told dad I wanted you real bad, so he let me stay home only if you said you’d come stay with me.”

“Well I’m glad you did, Mike.” I leaned down and kissed him. Turns out he was a great kisser too. Not surprising, I guess. Both our cocks were hard now. Of course, Mike’s never was soft. Again, not surprising. He kept slowly grinding his rock against me and that horned me right back up. But I had one more question for him.

“Mike,” I asked him. “Do you fuck these other guys, too?”

“No,” he said. “I’ve never fucked anybody. The other guys just like fucking teen butt.”

“You should learn to be versatile,” I told him. “If you’re not versatile, you’re missing out on half the fun.”

“I want to!” he told me, getting excited. “Will you teach me, Charlie? Teach me how to fuck?”

“Well!” I smiled at him. At last I’d come across something I could teach him after all. I didn’t say anything else to him, but just kissed him again. I scooted down and let my mouth wander all over his body. I licked his neck and sucked his nipples and kissed his little belly button and sucked his dick and worked my mouth down his legs and sucked his toes. He panted and kept his eyes closed and moaned all the way. He’d put his hands on my head and I’d kiss them too. My mouth got his body squirming and I flipped him over and licked his back and butt and just gave his whole gorgeous body a tongue bath.

I flipped him back onto his back and straddled his chest and fed him my cock. He was hungry for it. He kept his eyes closed and licked and slurped and gulped my cock. He licked the shaft and sucked my balls and reached a hand under me to finger my hole and gave me the best damn blowjob I’d had in a long time. I looked down and watched this beautiful boy have his way with my cock. He didn’t see me reach over and coat my fingers with lube.

I slid down his body and quickly slapped some lube on my hole. Then, like he’d done to me, I grabbed his cock, held it straight up, and just sat my ass down on it and sank it in my hole all in one smooth motion.

His eyes flew open and saw me sitting on his cock with a big ole smile on my face.

“Oh shit, Charlie!” he yelled, “Are you really gonna let me fuck you? Are you?
Can I?”

I just looked at him and smiled. For an answer, I just started sliding my ass up and down his fuck meat and watched his face contort as he fucked his first ass.

“Oh my God!” he panted, “Oh Charlie! Oh Charlie! It feels soooo good!” He was almost crying with pleasure, and I was getting off knowing I was giving it to him. He started bucking his hips and driving his dick all the way up my ass, whimpering and moaning.

I grabbed him under his shoulders and pulled him up into a sitting position, and without letting his dick leave my ass, I laid back and pulled him on top of me.

“Come on, Mike,” I told him. “Fuck me, Mike. Ram that boy dick up my man cunt and fuck me, boy!”

He started fucking me as fast as he could. It felt great! Watching his face while he fucked his first ass was almost more than I could take.

“Do it, Mike!” I yelled. “Pound my pussy! Yeah! That’s the way, Mike! Damn
you’re a natural born fuck machine, boy! Fuck my cum right outta me! Slam it in there, Mike! Just like those other guys fuck you! Give it all back to me!”

Mike was humping and yelling out with each thrust. He almost lost his balance and fell, but didn’t stop fucking me. I knew it wouldn’t take him long, and sure enough – he suddenly looked at me and his eyes bore right into mine.

“I’m gonna cum, Charlie!” he yelled. “Oh shit, Charlie! I’m gonna cum right now!! Oooohhhhh!!” and he shot his first load up a man’s ass, then collapsed right on top of me and just panted. I was still on my back with my legs wrapped around him. I just let him lay on me and catch his breath. I ran my fingers through his hair and told him how great it was, and how beautiful he was what a great job he did.

Almost as though he didn’t hear me, he suddenly yanked his cock out of my ass and crawled down my body and swallowed my cock. He knew I hadn’t cum yet and he sucked my cock like his life depended on it. Sucked like he was possessed and drank every drop of my cum. He stood up, grabbed my hands and led me to the back yard and I finally got to swim naked with this beautiful boy while we cleaned each other off and fooled around in the pool.

Needless to say, it was a fantastic two weeks! I told the plant manager that I had some vacation time coming, and took the whole time off! Mike couldn’t do enough for me. He helped me cook, and wouldn’t let me clean anything, and we stayed naked the whole time. He was an eager new top, and fucked me in every room in the house and I fucked him right back. We fucked out by the pool, in the pool, in the garage, and right in the back yard. Somehow, Mike managed to make all his football practices, and I would go with him and watch. We barely pulled away from the school and he had my cock out and was jacking me off. It was certainly two weeks of heaven for me, but it didn’t stop there.

When Mike’s folks came home we had the house all ready for them. I was helping unload their bags from the car. When Mike’s mom went in the house I saw Mike run over to his dad. He whispered something in his dad’s ear and pumped his arms excitedly. His dad threw his head back, laughed, and wrapped Mike up in a hug. I figured he told his dad he’d learned how to top. Then his dad came over, hugged me and thanked me. I assured him it was no problem!

After that, Mike and his dad started spending a lot of time at my house. Either I was fucking Mike or he was fucking me or I was fucking his dad or his dad was fucking me. His dad’s group of buddies and my group of buddies became one big group, and man! The orgies we have!

It took about five times the amount of time it should have taken because we always wound up fucking, but we finally got my attic turned into a home office. The tiny window was replaced with a picture window and I can look out at Mike’s back yard with ease now. It’s also fun to . . . Oh, wait! Guys! Mike just came out to his backyard, glanced up at my window and then grabbed his crotch. That’s our “signal.” That means he wants to come over here and fuck! I gotta go!


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