Batman’s Darker Side-2

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Chapter 4

Batman let his cock ooze semen all over Barbara Gordon’s bed at least that was his intention. Barbara had already cleaned her pussy and ass juices from the magnificent Batprick, but there was still some sperm laden man juice leaking forth. When she saw it, Barbara quickly rushed her tongue forward so she could lick and swallow every last drop. Eventually, Batman rose to dress and leave, but Barbara refused to release his cock. Batman walked toward the living room with Barbara Gordon shuffling along caressing and sucking him. While Batman dressed she continued to lick and kiss the huge beast. Batman recognized this behavior as the curse at its worst. Before leaving the monastery years ago in Tibet the Lama had spoken to him, “You will find that all women, once they have seen or touched your member will want to mate with you, while others will refuse to allow you peace. They will haunt you in pursuit of your penis. That is the nature of the curse. That is also why we have so many monks here in this remote monastery.” Bruce had found this to be true while in college. He was able to fuck every girl he dated once they discovered the size of his erection—quite a change from his younger years—but some became obsessed with his manhood. Fortunately, at the end of the year they returned home some distance from Gotham City (that’s why he never picked local girls). Since then he had been careful who he became involved with and his taking of Stephanie as a slave had served well to provide him with release. Stephanie’s innate submissiveness meant that she would not be so assertive as to chase Bruce. Also, she knew she would be able to service him at least once every day.

Finally, Bruce managed to dress and push the wanton slut aside. “Please, Batman,” she pleaded. “Can’t we fuck again? Can’t I suck you, lick you? Please put your gorgeous dick in my ass again. I have never cum like that before. It’s like your cock is magic.”

“You know I have to leave, Barbara. What would we do if your father Commissioner Gordon or Chief O’Hara needed me?”

“I could go in the Batmobile with you. I could suck your cock on the way there and on the way back,” she pleaded again.

“I’ll return when I can,” he said cruelly. “Meanwhile, I’ll think of some depraved sex acts we can do together. Maybe I’ll piss on you. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“I’ll take anything that comes from your wonderful cock—anything. Pee on me, jerk off on me–anything!”

Batman left her crumpled in a heap on the floor. He slipped out to the patio and down the Batrope to the Batmobile. On the way back to the Batcave he was reminded that he still had to finish Stephanie’s punishment—and then his favorite part—the after-punishment fun.

Batman used the reverse Batpole to propel himself back up to stately Wayne Manor. He stepped out into the study to find Stephanie there naked on her knees.

“I knew you would want to punish me further, Master. I want to show you how sorry I am, too.”

“Very well,” Bruce replied. “Come here, bend over the chair, and we’ll finish this business.”

Stephanie complied immediately, so eager was she to feel the ire of her Master. Bruce could see the handprints—red welts on her butt cheeks– from the earlier spanking. He massaged and caressed her ass. It was the finest ass he had ever seen and the only one he had been driven to lick and eat. He grabbed the switch—a four foot sprig of willow—and applied it twice to her buttocks. When Stephanie started to cry he took her into his arms and soothed her. While they caressed she asked, “May I service you, Master?”

Bruce merely nodded so she dropped to her knees and began to remove his fine-tailored slacks. His erection was so strong from the combination of the punishment and the closeness of her lush body that it didn’t just make a tent in his shorts, it pushed the leg of his boxers up past his crotch so it could stand free and erect. Stephanie licked his shaft starting at his balls, moving all the way up to the tip. Even though Barbara Gordon had licked him clean only an hour earlier, she was able to taste the other woman and his cum. She would never complain—she was Bruce’s slave, not his wife. Over the time they had been involved Stephanie had worked hard to deep throat Bruce’s enormous phallus. She had thus far been able to get half of it into her mouth. Daily she did exercises to stretch her jaw muscles so she could accommodate him. Now she started to ingest casino şirketleri his cock, actually getting seven inches into her mouth and throat. She licked and sucked him in and out of her wet hot mouth, tonguing him at every opportunity. She especially loved sticking her tongue into his pee hole and licking up any pee or cum that lingered. Bruce was amazed and amazingly turned on watching her perform oral on him. He started to groan, showing his pleasure at her actions. She quickened her pace, hoping he would cum in her mouth so she could taste and swallow his delicious semen. Bruce, however, had other ideas. He shrugged out of his shirt, pulled her up and kissed her deeply, tasting not only her sweet mouth but everything that had been on his manhood, as well. Then he bent her over the leather arm chair and retrieved some lube from a cabinet where he stored all his sex supplies. He lubed his erection then put some onto and into her ass. She shivered in delight as he began to push his cock into her butt. Stephanie had been on the receiving end many times so her anus was well accustomed to his size. She leaned back spreading her cheeks to welcome him to her brown hole. Slowly, certainly, his cock squeezed into her. “Oh, thank you, Master. Thank you so much,” she whispered. As Bruce started to thrust his cock she moved her ass back to maximize the depth of his penetration. Now he was balls deep—almost twelve inches into her bowel. Her tight sphincter pressed relentlessly against his erect cock and her bowel walls also stretched to handle him, making the entire experience incredibly intense. They continued their movements for several minutes, neither wanting it to end, but eventually biology and their mutual needs won out. Stephanie started to buck as her orgasm neared; Bruce’s prick swelled even more signaling he was about to cum. “Turn around. I want to cum in your mouth,” he commanded, fulfilling her dream. Quickly she pulled away and knelt again before him. She inhaled his cock savoring the taste of her own ass as she started to milk him. She was still quivering in the initial throes of an orgasm and when he started to spurt thick ropes of cum into her throat she couldn’t hold back. Her climax caused every part of her body to convulse, her mouth drawing even more semen from her Master, her lover. Eventually he collapsed into the chair and pulled her to him. She sat across his lap caressing his head and kissing him deeply as they recovered.

Chapter 5

Once he had recovered and dismissed Stephanie he started to think about Batgirl/Barbara. His darker side demanded that he humiliate her sexually. The only question was—how. Suddenly, the seed of an idea came to his fertile mind—an idea that would also get her and Stephanie together for a threesome. Unless he was needed as Batman he would execute his plan tomorrow. Oh, joy.

The following morning he had his faithful butler Alfred summon Stephanie to the study at stately Wayne Manor. Of course, she came immediately. He outlined his plan to her. Initially she was hesitant to participate, but one stern look from Bruce returned her to her submissive ways. “Above all, you must not reveal that Batman is Bruce Wayne. Simply do as I instruct, regardless of what instructions I give. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master. I will follow your instructions to the letter. I do not like sharing you, though. Will I get to fuck or suck you?”

“Yes, I think you will, but I will also expect you to interact with Barbara Gordon. Now here is my first instruction. At five o’clock you are to take some papers to her apartment. I work with her on the Gotham City Orphanage Board so she won’t suspect anything unusual, and I really do need her signature on some documents. It will take you almost a half hour to reach her apartment. While you are there I will sneak in from her patio. You will act surprised, but you will do as I instruct. Also, before you leave stately Wayne Manor you are not to empty your bladder. Got it?”

“Yes, Master. I will leave here at five o’clock sharp and I will not empty my bladder.”

“One other thing, Stephanie—I will not need you this afternoon. You’ll get plenty of attention at Barbara Gordon’s.”

Stephanie was disappointed but worked hard not to show it. “Yes, Master, as you command.” She rose and left the room.

Bruce relaxed in the thick chair but he was so excited he couldn’t help himself. He removed his cock from his pants and stroked it casino firmaları until hard. He thought about recalling Stephanie but decided against it. This way he’d be more than ready for the afternoon’s games.

Time dragged for Bruce. He had his normal responsibilities dealing with the administration of his financial empire, of course, and he had to deal with problems that arose around stately Wayne Manor. Nonetheless, it seemed to take forever for five o’clock to arrive. Just after four he phoned Barbara Gordon to let her know that his secretary would be coming over shortly. Once that was done he opened the secret panel and descended to the Batcave. His ward Dick Grayson was home from school, so he wanted to come, but Batman dissuaded him. “Just taking the Batmobile for a little spin after tuning her up this morning,” he lied. This was one time he definitely didn’t want the Boy Wonder around.

Batman watched Stephanie leave through a security camera. True to her word it was five o’clock sharp. Then Batman climbed into the Batmobile and sped through the city. He saw Stephanie’s car as he parked the Batmobile, activated the ICD, and scaled the wall to Barbara Gordon’s apartment. He wasn’t at all surprised to find the sliding door unlocked. He stepped through just has Barbara Gordon started to sign the first sheet.

“Well, I see I’ll have two whores today.”

Startled, Barbara Gordon turned toward Batman. Already, at his first words, her panties were becoming spotted with her feminine essence. “B…B…Batman?”

“Yes, who else would enter from the patio? I see you need some instruction in good manners. Who’s your hot friend?”

“I’m Stephanie, secretary for billionaire Bruce Wayne, sir,” Stephanie replied nervously. She was also getting wet. She loved when her Master was so dominant.

“Well, as long as you’re here you’d better join us. Remove your clothing—both of you. I want some fun, and perhaps two will be better than one. Barbara, you go first. Let’s see how fast you can become naked. If you want some of this cock, it had better be fast, real fast!”

Barbara wasted no time ripping her blouse, bra, and skirt from her body. Buttons were flying everywhere. When she was down to her now soaking panties she just tore them to shreds.

“Very well done, slut whore, now remove your friend’s garments.”

Both women looked uncomfortable, but for different reasons. Barbara Gordon had never been this close to another woman; Stephanie really had to pee. Barbara really wanted some of Batman’s wonderful cock so she complied and started to disrobe Stephanie, starting at the top and moving down. When she was kneeling in front of Stephanie Batman said, “Go ahead, slut, I can see you really want some of that hot pussy. Just take a lick at it.” Barbara Gordon looked at Batman who had stripped down to his cowl and cape. One look at his magnificent tool filled her with desire. She wanted some of that so she did as Batman commanded. She leaned in to Stephanie’s mound and started to suck her juices.

“Uh, Batman, I really have to pee and all this licking is just making it worse.” It was Stephanie, playing her role even better than Batman/Bruce could have hoped.

“Well, then, go ahead. Pee on Barbara. You want her to pee on you, don’t you?”

“One more look at the Batprick and she would do anything…ANYTHING…to get some of it. “Y…Yes, I want your pee. Pee on my head and face.”

Then she returned to licking Stephanie’s swollen clit. That was all it took for Stephanie to release her pungent hot pee all over Barbara Gordon’s face. The yellow stream ran down her neck and around her breasts before settling into the carpet. Barbara Gordon would remember this for a long time. Batman retrieved a towel from the kitchen just as Stephanie was reaching what he was sure would be her first of several powerful orgasms. Batgirl/Barbara had been playing with her own clit while she was eating Stephanie so she too was shaking with delight.

Batman threw the towel at Barbara Gordon. “Dry yourself, and you, Stephanie, isn’t it? You lick her pussy while she’s cleaning up. I think you’ll find it to your liking—almost as big as a cock. Suck it, and if you do a good job you can suck me later. Stephanie was still hot and she just loved her Master at his most dominant. She lowered herself to Barbara’s cunt. Her clit was sticking out, almost horizontally, looking like a small cock. She definitely knew what to güvenilir casino do with a cock, didn’t she? She sucked it like she would a hard cock, sliding it into and out of her mouth. Batman reached up behind Barbara and probed her ass with two fingers. Barbara was in heaven. Suddenly Batman withdrew his fingers and led them to the bedroom. Once there he positioned Stephanie at the headboard telling Barbara to lick and eat her ass. Barbara attacked that sweet rear with gusto. She had never eaten an ass before and now, under the magical influence of the Batprick, she was wondering what had taken her so long. She knew what to do, of course. Batgirl could read! Now she put her knowledge to use. She began to lick all around Stephanie’s rosebud. Once she was at ease, she pushed her tongue deep into Stephanie’s anus. She loved the taste and aroma of this gorgeous butt. As her tongue darted in and out of Stephanie, Batman moved behind her and positioned his enormous cock right at the entrance to her dark tunnel. He used no lube, wanting to cause the woman as much pain as pleasure. Barbara Gordon, once a widely known prude was now a total slut for Batman. She turned briefly, “Please Batman, fuck me hard in my ass. Make me scream with desire. Oh, God, please, please!”

Batman placed both hands on her hips and pushed –hard, ramming his rod of steel into her bowel. Barbara did scream as the pain built rapidly. But there was something special—magical—about this pain. It evolved to pure pleasure which spread from her butt through her entire body. It drove her to eat more actively of Stephanie’s butt. She rammed her tongue into Stephanie’s ass and moved her hand to her cunt, fingering her fast and hard. It wasn’t long before all three felt orgasm approaching. Batman pistoned Barbara’s ass harder and faster as his cock swelled even larger. Boiling up from his balls he shot stream after stream of hot cum into Barbara Gordon’s sweet ass. The sensation of his cum filling her already stuffed ass drove Barbara over the top. She shook once—hard—and felt the euphoria flood her body. Last, but not least, Stephanie could not resist Barbara’s onslaught to her ass and pussy. She screamed as her orgasm struck her like a bolt of lightning, falling forward and pulling the others with her.

Chapter 6

It was almost an hour later that Batman first stirred, so powerful was his climax. He withdrew his still hard phallus from Batgirl/Barbara, leaving a gaping hole almost two inches wide. Barbara wanted more and more of the Batprick so she immediately followed Batman, groping for his manhood as he walked down the hallway. At the living room she darted in front of him and took him into her mouth. She licked up one side and down the other, loving the taste of his cum mixed with the flavor of her own ass. As she knelt before him his semen ran out of her ass and down the inside of both thighs. “Wipe it with your finger and eat it,” Batman commanded. Eagerly, she scooped her hand up each thigh and into her mouth. She loved the taste and texture of his man juice. When she had scooped it all up Batman spoke again. “Stick you fingers into your ass and empty it of my cum. Pour it into your mouth and lick your fingers clean. Again she complied and again she couldn’t get enough. Eventually she returned her attentions to the Batprick. When it was clean he turned around and spoke again, “Clean my ass as you did to Stephanie.”

Again, Barbara now turned into a complete slut to whom nothing was out-of-bounds, complied eagerly. In
her sexually intoxicated state she would willingly, no eagerly, do anything he asked. She licked all around the Batman’s sphincter before forcing her tongue into his ass as far as it could go. She tasted the sweet unmistakable flavor of him, loving every minute of it. Suddenly Batman spun around and forced his mammoth erection into her mouth and throat. She gagged but took as much of him as humanly possible. He mouth fucked her fast and hard to another fantastic orgasm just as Stephanie appeared in the room. “Come here,” he said to her. “Take any sperm that leaks from her mouth into your own.” Swiftly Stephanie joined Barbara on the floor just as Batman spurted several huge ropes of semen into her mouth. No woman alive could have swallowed that much cum so it leaked out the corners of her mouth where Stephanie slurped it up joyfully. When he was done Batman turned, dressed, and disappeared out the patio door.

Stephanie was still licking Barbara’s face, cleaning it of any remaining cum. Looking into Barbara’s eyes she leaned back and asked, “Does this happen often?”

“Not often enough,” replied Barbara, “Not often enough.”

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