Best week ever at Uncle John’s Part 1

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I was very young when I began to notice urges that were not spoken of as being common amongst boys my age. I was jerking off by and sliding things in and out of my ass by the time I was a teen. The urges to slide objects in and out of my bottom escalated to include hair brushes, plastic rods, and the occasional tooth brush. But there was one thing I knew I must have inside me… I guess people could say I had daddy issues, but horny bi-sexual that was abandoned by their father probably has plenty of issues that tie into their sexuality. I wanted my uncle to own me and be my daddy.

When I would sit on Uncle John’s lap, I felt the limp unit that was much larger than mine. He let me sit in his lap all the time. Whenever I saw him in a chair I would run up and plop right into his lap, but when I became “too old” to sit in his lap it became an obsession to find a way back on his lap. As a teenager, I ached to sit in his lap to feel the soft lumps that pressed against my boxer short clad ass.
The summer of my 18th birthday I stayed with him for a couple of days, and one day I found myself staring at his lap. My mouth was watering and my ass was puckering. That’s when I knew what I needed. I wanted him inside me. I wanted to suck him and ride him like all those sluts I saw in those porn movies that he hid in his closet.

But, how?! How could I ride my uncle, who by all means of appearance was straight? When he left to go to the store across town, I decided I was going to either find blackmail material or justification for me to put my proverbial ass on the line. I began to dig through his closet and found the casino şirketleri usual porn mags and movies. I then ran across a box that was hidden under clothes. When I opened it, I found everything I needed. He had a stash of pretty little panties and pictures of me bathing nude and pictures of his daughter naked and playing with her young tight twat. On the back of the photos of me were dates, times and tally marks then the phrase “# of times jerked off.” My plan was coming together AND I got to see my cousin naked!

When he got home, I was in my silk blue boxers and a slightly small shirt that rode up when I would bend over. The surprise I had for him was the pink thong that was in his closet was now riding up my tight little teenage ass. I waited for him to sit in his chair and then made my way past him and as I passed by I “dropped” the remote in front of him and I watched his face out of the corner of my eye as he saw the little pink thong peek out from my shorts. He smiled and acted as if he didn’t see. The smile was my queue. Without hesitation, I dropped my boxers right in front of him and he said, “You sure do look good in Anne’s panties. Come sit in Uncle John’s lap.”

I lost my shit. I was so excited. I sat slowly on to his lap. He spread his legs and I grinded my ass up and down his lap and felt the rock hard unit ready to pound my ass until I screamed. When I finally came to rest with his jogging pants bulge firmly throbbing against my ass, he said “You look wonderful in my daughter’s panties. She has danced for me while wearing those very panties. She approached me in a similarly tricky way that casino firmaları you did, but the difference was that I had to choose which hole to fuck. All I want on you is a little spit, and then your welcoming asshole.”

The only reply I could manage was “May I call you daddy? Just like that lucky little whore did?”

He smiled and said, “I’ll be your daddy, gurl. Now get daddy warmed up. I want to see if you’re any good at being the skanky slut you think you are.”

I dropped to my knees and slid his pants off. I began to massage his throbbing 9 inch manhood through his boxers. As I slid my hand along his clothed shaft, I slid my other hand under his boxers and began to fondle his balls. He moaned. He stood up and dropped his shorts. As his shorts fell, his thick cock slapped me on the top of the head so hard that I thought he hit me with something. I looked up and sucked his balls into my mouth. They were loose and floppy, just the way I love ‘em. I swirled my tongue around both balls, left and then right, until he grabbed me by my hair and dragged me to the bedroom.
He stood me next to the closet only wearing the pretty pink thong I stole. I asked, “What are we about to do, Daddy? Wasn’t I making you happy?”

“Very Happy, but we need a mini skirt on you,” he replied.

I stood there as he dressed me in a black mini skirt and a pink half shirt that I saw his daughter wear so many times. He grabbed me by the hair again and bent me over the bed. I heard a bottle top pop and then felt him smearing Vaseline on my asshole. Vaseline is my favorite lube. Its sticking and thick. He slid just the güvenilir casino tip of his finger in my ass, and then pulled it out. I moaned in appreciation. Next he pressed the head of his thick member against my hole and said, “Now you’re gonna feel how a real slut feels, son.” He thrust inside of me with no warning. I am lucky that I fucked myself the night before, or I would have ripped badly. He grabbed my hips and just fucked and fucked and fucked me. Every thrust I screamed for more. I begged for him to fuck me harder and faster. He obliged. He pressed me down onto my stomach and fucked me until I nearly lost my voice screaming “DADDY, PLEASE, FUCK ME, DADDY!! FILL ME WITH YOUR HOT JIZZ DADDY!” He fucked me for a solid 10 minutes before he shot me full of his cum. I laid on my stomach smiling ear to ear.

I looked back and said, “Thank you, daddy.”

He made me suck the cum off and out of his cock. He then said, “Just stay dressed like a whore. I’m going to the store and picking you out clothes and lingerie. We have a date tonight and for the next week. Did I mention that I can go 5 times a day? You’re my bitch until you go home to my sister. Until then, then you will drain my dick every time it gets hard. My cunt wife left me, and took my fuck toy daughter with her. Honestly, you’re a better fuck anyways. If you keep up the good fucks, I may do a few things for you. Hell, I may even drain your sissy little clit.”

I stayed face down on the bed. My mind swam in ecstasy. These were going to be the best 6 days of my life.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed. I do not write often but I will continue this story if there is good reception. Send messages and comments. Thank you, again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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