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You know, my wife definitely is the love of my life. And beautiful!! 5 feet 5 and blonde, I have always regarded myself as a lucky man. Donna has ALWAYS turned heads but I trust her 100 percent… at least I used to.

We had always had a trusting relationship until one very drunken and sorry night when we went to a club. Donna was never one to shake that booty, but after downing a few mixed drinks I convinced her to get out there with me and dance… she is so sexy!! She loves to wear mini skirts and on this night she had a white one on with a thong that made me and others drool. I noticed that Donna was particularly horny as she dirty danced with me and grabbed at my crotch from time to time. I in turn didn’t miss the chance to feel her up in public myself. She was a shy lady and would never let me do this if not for the fact that she was blasted!! Well I had had my fill of dancing for the night but Donna wanted to keep on going, so it took all of 10 seconds for her to attract the attention of three men. One of these men was black.

Now I am not prejudiced at all but the idea of someone of different color paying attention to my wife didn’t appeal to me. On a break, I mentioned this to her and she said not to worry… “I wont let him near me” Well famous last words and before I knew it, the two of them were clearly into each other. One time I caught him grabbing her ass as if to feel those creamy thighs of hers. She didn’t resist. I was green with casino şirketleri jealousy and went to chat with the man. His name was Mike and when I discussed the fact that this was my wife he was dancing with, he told me that I might as well give her to me now, that by the end of the night he would have her!! Then he laughed and told me he was just kidding and that they were just dancing.

He went back to the floor just as Donna left the bathroom, as they passed she played a little grab ass with him and he with her.

After watching them dance and caress for about 20 minutes out there, I decided to get some air and then try to get her to come home. After about 10 minutes I returned to find neither of them around. Alarmed I searched for hem high and low and didn’t find anyone who saw them.

I went back outside and down the street a bit. Still nothing. So I just was turning back when I noticed two figures in the dark behind a van. I heard muffled sounds and realized that one of the figures was kneeling in front of the other and from the looks, there was sexual activity going on. I was turning around when I recognized the purse on the ground as DONNAS!!

I crept closer and could see in the moonlight her lips wrapped around a large piece of meat… MY GOD she was giving this black man a blow job right on the street!! My thoughts turned from jealousy to focusing on the hardon that grew in my jeans. I could hear his voice , “yeah baby, lick casino firmaları that black shaft… mmmmm yeah baby take it all”. Well this really turned me on as I saw Donna struggle to take in what looked like a good 9 inch rod. While gagging, he kept encouraging her to go deeper. I also realized that her mini was raised above her hips and Mike had his hand well into her pussy. I then heard him tell her that they needed to get into his van (behind them) and get more room. She resisted, telling him that her husband would be looking for her and that she needed to get back inside. He agreed surprisingly… but told her to slip away once she checked in with me. My heart sank as she readily agreed… I hurried back inside and waited.

After 5 minutes, here she came… I asked where the Hell she was and she told me that she went out to get some air… I told her ok. I knew just what was going on and she said that she wanted to dance some more and then she went off again… I knew she was going to be with Mike… drunk as she was I knew she was going to get fucked by him. After another 5 minutes, I went to the van and saw a light on. peeking inside I saw a most astonishing sight… there my baby was… clad only in her thong, really taking Mike all the way down into her throat, while his hands were all over her breasts… stroking them and massaging them as she moaned and slurped.

When I saw what she was swallowing, I knew that she would not even think güvenilir casino about allowing him to fuck her as she had always fantasized about a large dick in her pussy. He instructed her to get on her knees. She told him that she was used to a smaller size and to be careful. At that he slowly slipped it into her waiting dripping pussy and she gasped as he kept moving it farther and farther. She finally yelled in pain as he had most of it in. Then in one final thrust, he got it all the way in as she screamed and then they began to move in rhythm and Donna literally was in tears as this black man fucked her right up her sloppy cunt. She squealed in pleasure as he started banging my wife’s cunt harder and harder and the van was rockin. I could see his black pole enter my wife’s hot pussy time after time as she took it and took it.

My God, I realized I was stroking my dick thru my jeans as my wife was getting pounded by this stranger. Very quickly he told her that he was close and she told Mike she wanted to taste his hot juices and about 30 seconds later her pulled out and turned her over and spurted his cum into her mouth as she jacked him off. The sperm ran down her chin as he just kept spouting. I was amazed at the size of her pussy lips!! She was so excited to have that black dick in her. I stroked off and came into my underwear as she finished licking every drop. She slipped her clothes back on and told him thank you… He replied by taking one last lick of that juicy pussy and they moved to the back of the van to leave… I scurried back inside and barely beat her back. I asked how was the dancing and she replied… delicious

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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