A Vacation to Remember Ch. 01

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A Vacation to Remember – The ride to the cottage.

It had been a week since Marie and Patrick had seen each other. Marie had come to the lake a week earlier while Patrick had to stay and finish a few things at work. Needless to say they were both extremely horny but sex at the cottage is a difficult with paper thin walls. It was a cloudy day and no one wanted to be on the dock so they told everyone that they we were going to go into town to the local used book store, of course this was just an excuse to get away and find a place to pleasure each other.

As soon as pulled away from the cottage Marie reached over and starting rubbing Patrick’s cock through his swim trunks and she wasn’t disappointed when his 7″ cock tented up nicely for her. “That isn’t fair!” Patrick told her, “I’m driving.” Marie, not stopping, grinned at him and said “Since when has that ever stopped you…or me?”

Patrick’s mind immediately flashed back to the night before and the drive from the airport to the cottage. Patrick and Marie had spent the last week sexting with each other and they were both about to burst in anticipation.

Once they had reached a fairly private section of road Marie had told Patrick to “Get his cock out and to do it now.” Patrick obliged and loved the feel of the leather seat against his ass and balls. Marie slipped out of her seat belt leaned over and took his rock hard cock into her mouth. She teased the mushroom tip for just a second or two before her lust for his cock got the better of her and she took all of him into her mouth until her nose was pressed into his pubic hair and his cock was in her throat. Marie began bobbing her head up and down as her tongue twisted around his shaft.

When Marie had started Patrick was sure that things would be over very soon but she kept him from cumming relishing the taste of him. Every time she was sure he was close she would back off a bit before continuing again. Patrick was finding that he loved getting a blow job while driving. The thrill of the sex and the danger of getting caught was a major turn on. Marie was working his cock like a champ and he was so close! Suddenly he saw headlights approaching and realized they were coming into a small town.

“You may want to give it a rest babe”, Patrick said, “We are getting back into civilization.” Marie casino oyna ignored him though and redoubled her efforts. Patrick was sure that the oncoming cars could see Marie’s head bobbing up and down on his crotch but didn’t really care he was really close now. Patrick had to slow down as a car in front of him was turning and a semi rolled by them slowly. Patrick looked up at the driver who was getting a really good show of Marie sucking Patrick’s cock. The semi driver smiled at Patrick and flashed him a thumbs up.

It was about a mile later that Marie grabbed Patrick’s balls and squeezed hard. Her index finger slid down to caress his perineum. This was too much for Patrick and his cock erupted spurt after spurt of cum into his eager wife’s mouth. Marie swallowed as much as she could but some of Patrick’s cum leaked down her chin as she rose up from his cock and kissed him. Patrick flicked his tongue out to lick his cum from her chin before it fell onto her blouse.

Marie sat back in her seat licking her lips and said “Feel better now Babe?”

“Damn” was about all that Patrick could get out of his mouth as he was trying to remember how to drive. After a couple of miles he looked over at his wife and said, “What about you?”

“I thought you would never ask!” Marie said. “What do you want?”

Patrick looked at the beautiful redhead sitting next to him and said, “I want to see your tits.” Marie wasted no time in unbuttoning her blouse and exposing her black lacy bra that contrasted so well with her milky white, freckled skin. Marie hated her freckles but Patrick loved each and every one of them.

“I said I wanted to see your tits. Not your bra.” Patrick said. Marie grinned at him and unfastened the clasp between her breasts releasing her 38B tits. Patrick never got tired of looking at his wife’s tits. They weren’t huge but they fit perfectly into his hand and mouth and they were his! Her light pink nipples stood out from aureoles a little larger than a quarter. Patrick reached over and squeezed Marie’s left nipple and she shuddered as a small orgasm coursed through her.

“Take off your panties” Patrick told Marie. She hiked her skirt up and slid her panties off handing them to Patrick. Patrick held the sopping wet panties to his nose and inhaled deeply delighting in the sweet and musky scent of slot oyna his wife’s cunt.

Patrick then sat the sodden panties on his now semi-erect cock and reached his right hand over to rub Paula’s shaved pussy. He smiled when he encountered no hair, not even a landing strip. There was no doubt that his wife was a natural red head as her bush would normally proclaim to anyone who got a look at it, but she knew that Patrick preferred she only have a small patch well above her clit or nothing at all. Evidently she wanted to make sure her man was happy after not seeing him for a week.

Patrick pushed his middle finger against the outer lips of Marie’s pussy and quickly sunk it to the second knuckle. To say Marie was very wet would be an understatement. Cum nearly ran out of her so Patrick had no problem adding a second finger and then a third as he finger fucked his wife. Marie had reclined her seat and thrust her dripping pussy into his fingers and Patrick quickly added his little finger to the mix and used this thumb to rub Marie’s clit.

As soon as his thumb hit her clit Marie began thrashing. “Oh yeah Baby,” she screamed. “Do my clit while you fuck me.” Marie’s hands flew to her tits and she began squeezing her nipples, twisting them and pulling them hard. “Fuck me harder.” She moaned as he rammed his fingers into her and roughly massaged her clit.

Suddenly Marie grabbed Patrick’s hand holding it deep inside her as her legs slammed together and an enormous orgasm racked her. Patrick had to adjust his steering quickly to avoid running off the road as Marie continued to drench his hand with her cum. Finally she lay back in the seat but pulled his hand to her mouth as she licked her cum from his fingers.

“Hey, I wanted some of that!” Patrick protested.

Marie just smiled at him as she continued to suck his fingers clean. “You’ll get a taste;” Marie said, “right before you fuck me, now find a place to park and let’s get to it!”

Patrick started to think about where they were and where they could park so they wouldn’t be seen. Suddenly he knew where to go. As the smile hit his lips Marie asked, “So where are you taking me?”

“Someplace that is private, with a great view and enough noise so that you can scream to your pussy’s content and no one will hear a thing!” Patrick said with a grin. canlı casino siteleri Marie stared at him but when he took the next turn she knew where they were headed.

Patrick pulled onto the access road to the beach across from the old paper mill. The mill had closed several years before so it was abandoned so there was no risk of them being seen. Not that that would really bother Patrick all that much, or Marie either he thought. Not once she is at the fever pitch she is now.

Next to the mill was a waterfall that was used for power generation and water was crashing over the falls right now. Patrick pulled close to the beach and turned the car around. He walked around to Marie’s side of the car and opened her door. She was ready for him and slid her legs out to meet him.

Patrick grabbed Marie’s legs and lifted her ass off the seat as he positioned the head of his cock against her pussy lips to tease her. “No,” she said, “Don’t tease me! Fuck me!” Patrick obliged sinking his cock into her until his balls slapped her ass. “Yes!” Marie screamed. “Now fuck me hard!’ Patrick slammed his cock into his wife’s cunt before pulling nearly out of her and slamming into her again. He had begun slowly but now rammed himself into her faster and faster.

Marie was nearly lost in her own orgasm. She thrashed and moaned against Patrick’s cock. Her voice continued to rise until she was screaming in ecstasy. Patrick loved it when she lost control like this and knew that she always came harder when she didn’t have to be quiet. Patrick reached out with his right hand and squeezed Marie’s left nipple, twisting and pulling at the same time. This drove her over the edge and as she began her next orgasm Patrick pumped semen deep into his wife’s pussy until it ran out around his cock and began running down her thighs.

“Now you can have your taste.” Marie said. Patrick wasted no time in dropping to his knees and lapping at his wife’s sloppy cunt. He loved the taste of their cum mixed together and sucked a large amount into his mouth before lifting himself to Marie’s mouth where she eagerly accepted their cum that he fed to her with his tongue.

“Think that will hold us for a couple of hours?” Patrick asked as he helped Marie get back into her clothes.

“Maybe,” Marie said, “but I don’t know that I want it to.” Laughing they finished the drive to the cottage hoping that they could get in a quick dip in the lake to wash off the smell of sex before they had to interact too much with the rest of the family.

To be continued…

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