Biology, for Miss Gutter

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Rachel was a curious 19 year old student, although she didn’t have the best of records at her private school. She enjoyed most of her subjects, however she wasn’t always the best at them. She found that she had a fascination especially within the sciences, and in particular biology, if not just for the subject. She was always interested further than most students in the new biology teacher. Not for his teaching abilities or his grasp of the academic text, but for his body. For weeks she had fantasised about Mr Brass, she had wondered what kind of body he had under his suit, wonder what he was like in bed and the size of his manhood. She had occasionally gotten lost in thought as she stared at his crotch from across the classroom. Finding her stomach filed with butterflies, she could feel her hands slowly move south under her desk towards the waist of her pleated skirt, finding the urge to secretly put her hands down under the waist line. She felt how wet her knickers got every time she imagined kneeling before him and taking his load down the back of her throat. She knew she was failing her class, she knew that she had no chance in passing the forthcoming exams, therefore Rachel decided to further her studies with a special kind of after class tutoring.

As most of her class mates stormed out of the room at the end of the day, Rachel had decided to purposely slowly pack her things, becoming the last of Mr Brass students to make their way to the exit. She stopped as she approached the door.

“Sir” she asked with an innocent voice, “what is your policy for extra tutoring?”

“As always Miss Gutter” Mr Brass replied, “my policy is to provide the best teaching to all my students. If you require any further help all you need is ask.”

“Sir, there’s no need to stand on ceremony here, please call me Rachel”. She turns swiftly to face him, closing the door behind her, and coyly without him seeing, she turns the lock with her hands behind her. “It’s just that, with the exams coming up, I’m struggling with certain areas of the subject. I’m worried that I’m going to fail certain aspects of my oral exam”.

Rachel walked seductively towards him, stopping and leaning slightly over his desk. Her white blouse seemed a size too short, a purposeful choice when she had dressed that morning. “So Sir, I was wondering if you … could … help me with my oral skills?”

Mr Brass had become aware in the past couple of weeks of how this student had looked towards him. He was not to say flattered, or surprised, as a number of his students throughout his career had grown to come attracted to him, after all they had warned about this in the training. However Miss Gutter had provided something new to him from previous admirers. He always had had a schoolgirl fantasy, imagining fucking innocent schoolgirls in their uniforms. But Miss Gutter’s body was amazing, not like those skinny slutty admirers of the past, she was a beautiful young curvaceous women; size 14 with an amazing set of breasts, and an arse to die for. He found himself suddenly wanting more, an urge to take this further.

“What oral skills do you think you need helping with then Rachel?” He asked, knowing in the back of his mind what she really meant. He could feel his cock swelling slowly in his trousers, something that he knew she had noticed when she casino şirketleri had leant over his desk.

“Well you see Sir I’m having difficulty getting my mouth round the lengthy material.” she said noticing the now quite large bulge in his trousers. She could feel herself getting wetter every second of her foreplay, something that she could no longer hold back. She briskly walked round his desk and pushed Mr Brass onto his seat, “I’m thinking that it’s best to show you my problem with my oral skills, and let you be the judge of it”.

She knelt down before him, and slowly started to rub his cock through his trousers. As she pulled the zip down, unhooking the button to his boxers, she reached in, grasping the shaft of his now quite hard cock, pulling it out for the first time. She was surprised, she had never thought it would be this big, she stared at the magnificence of his 8 inch long member “Well Sir, you are full of surprises.” Before he had a chance of replying she started to play with his foreskin with the tip of her tongue, exploring inside the skin, slowly at first and then deeper. As she did so she pulled back the foreskin, revealing the head of his cock. She could see him slowly enjoying the feeling of her tongue circling the top of his head. She proceeded to take him in her mouth, head first, teasing it inside her mouth with her tongue and teeth, and further along his shaft. She started to speed up, sucking and rubbing his shaft with her grasped hand in synchronicity.

“Well I think your oral skills are just fiiiin…”. Before he could finish his sentence Rachel had deep throated the entirety of his huge cock, holding the full length of his member inside her throat for a few seconds. As she pulled back she smiled, knowing the fact she had wanted to do this for a long time. She wanted to taste his cock again and again, to taste the sweetness of his pre-cum. She proceeded to take him in her mouth once more, followed by another, rubbing his shaft and head during breathes.

Mr Brass was bathed in a feeling of ecstasy, he wanted to fuck one of his students for a long time, and especially Miss Gutter. He grabs her hair, quickly pulling her away. With one swift move he grasps one of her arms with one hand whilst swiping the contents of his desk to the ground with the other. Within seconds he had lifted her onto his desk, pushing her back. Pushing her legs apart, he began to kiss along her legs, making his way up past her knee high socks up towards her skirt, where he slowly lifted her pleated skirt revealing a pair of tight black lace knickers. As he licked the soft lacy material he instantly tasted how wet Rachel had become with the desire to equally fuck him. He continued, with every lick her body arching to and throw. He rubbed the surface of the lace, and as Rachel screamed out with desire he pulled the knickers to one side. He sucked and licked at her pussy, pulling her lips apart to find the clit, where he slowly licked it between his tongue and his upper jaw.

The sensation was amazing for Rachel, she could not control herself. With every lick that Mr Brass gave, a wave of pleasure rushed through her body. She held his head down onto her pussy, grasping his hair. “I want your big dick inside of me, I want to feel you cum deep inside my pussy and fill me up” she screamed. Mr Brass casino firmaları was the gentleman, duly arising to the wishes of his fair lady’s charge. He stood up, grasping his cock in one hand whilst rubbing Rachel’s clit with the other. He thrusted his long cock inside of her dripping wet pussy, almost instantly making her cum and orgasm with the sudden pleasure. Even though she could not speak he knew that she wanted him to continue. He started slowly at first, thrusting gently and then speeding things up, going deeper and faster. Rachel couldn’t hold on much longer, this orgasm was going to be a big one, she grasped the sides of the desk top as she felt her cum explode around the tip of his head.

As Mr Brass pulled out his long hard cock from Rachel’s dripping wet pussy, she pushed him back, kneeling down rapidly to taste her own cum still dripping from his member. As she licked it off she took him deep into her mouth, deep throating his long cock again and again, feeling him arch uncontrollably as he moaned in pleasure. Without warning he grabbed her hair, and she felt his member harden suddenly, much harder than it had been, and with a sudden jolt she felt the warmth of his cum hitting the back of her throat. The taste was amazing.

“I think your oral skills are exemplary” he noted with a smile. “Now let’s see what other areas I can work on to get you the best grade possible”. Mr Brass’s face suddenly changed with his desire focusing on Rachel’s body. He guided her off the floor, standing her to attention. His hands started to explore her body and face, making their way upwards finally grasping her hair. Without warning he pulled her head to one side and gentling started to kiss, caress and nibble at her neck. Rachel couldn’t help not show the ecstasy of the pleasure from this act, letting out an almighty moan, with her body arching with a sudden jolt throughout it.

“Please Sir …” she gasps, “please Sir I think I need further tutoring.” Her eyes rolled backwards as she feels another mini orgasm rock her body.

Mr Brass now moves his hands to her chest, grabbing her ample buxom, playing with her breast through her tight white blouse. He quickly unbuttons her blouse, revealing a white hugging strapless push-up bra. He reaches behind her back and with one quick move unfastens the clasps of the bra, allowing it fall suddenly and reveal Rachel’s amazing rack. He wastes no time in playing with these magnificent breasts, squeezing, licking and nibbling at her pert nipples. Again Rachel feels every touch throughout her body. After a few moments, she pushes him away, signalling him to pause and watch.

“Now Sir, I think you should concentrate on another part of this evening’s subject …” she says seductively, as she slowly turns to face the desk. As she slowly turns she begins to lift her pleated skirt, and bend forward raising her arse into the air.

The black lace knickers hugged the curvature of her amazing arse, showing off her pert cheeks and crack. As she pulled them down Mr Brass moved forward.

Suddenly Rachel felt the pleasurable crack of his hand slap against her cheek. Again, this time on the other cheek, varying between the two. The feeling was insatiable, a sudden joy rushed through her nerves on every slap, followed by the feeling of him grasping each buttock in güvenilir casino his hand. He began to kneel behind her as she was bent over the table. She could feel him pull apart her cheeks, not only the movement but also through how wet her pussy had become once again from the thought of him entering her.

“Now Miss Gutter, sorry my apologies … Rachel, how deep into the subject should I tutor you on?”

“Well Sir, I think you should explore every part of the subject. I have a couple of holes in my subject area that need filling.”

Mr Brass didn’t hesitate. Almost on command from the end of her sentence he began to lick her arse, kiss and bite at it, making his way to the forbidden entrance. The tip of his tongue began to lick her arsehole, slowly brushing past it at first, and then quite intentionally, circling around before pushing slightly inside. Rachel hadn’t explored anal before. The pleasure was new, slightly confusing at first, but it began to heighten her already flustered body of ecstasy. He stopped, standing suddenly and started to tease her arse crack with his head, pushing at her arsehole, but not entering. Suddenly he thrusted into her pussy. Rachel jolted from the sudden feeling, screaming in pleasure. She knew that Mr Brass intended to pound her until she had been filled with more of his warm cum. Deeper and faster he went, slowing occasionally to suddenly thrust once more. Rachel came, experiencing an intensity of multiple orgasms. The feeling of her legs had gone to jelly from the excitement, and he did not disappoint her. He had filled her up, squirting more and more cum deep inside of her.

He pulled out, knowing that his cock was now well lubricated to explore new depths. He knelt once more to lick the mixed juices of both of them that were slowly seeping from her pussy. He wanted to explore one more avenue of teaching, so once again he moved upwards slightly, to her arsehole.

Rachel felt his tongue exploring and preparing her arse for a new experience. The anticipation was unbearable; she wanted his cock deep inside her arse. She wanted to feel his hot juicy cum somewhere new. The licking had stopped, and she heard him rise once again. His head was pushing at her backdoor, and then the feel of pleasure hit new grounds. He had entered her arse, pushing the tight ring apart with his firm head. With every thrust he started to slowly build his speed up. The feeling was amazing, strange to begin with but the ecstasy of it all had swept that aside. She could hear him groaning with pleasure, like he had done so previously to cuming inside of her pussy.

“Yes Sir, fuck my arse … fuck it … You know you want to fuck this schoolgirls’ arse and fill her up again.” She proclaimed, as she felt him cum deep inside her.

He pulled out after a while. Rachel was overcome with joy and pleasure. She turned around, rubbing her clit slightly, but the feeling was too much for her to bear. “Thank you Sir. I think that has helped me.” She stated as Mr Brass stared at her magnificent body, still half dressed in her school uniform. Her pussy and arse dripping with cum, she stood, looking longingly at him. “I was wondering Sir if I could, maybe, make a regular tutoring appointment?” Rachel wanted more of his cock, she wanted to explore anal, foreplay, bondage and more. She couldn’t wait to fuck Mr Brass again.

“Certainly Rachel, I can’t wait until out next tutoring session”

Note from the author: Feel free to leave me a comment if you liked the story, or want to read more, or if you like to leave me some creative feedback.

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