A Very Special Dinner

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Just dinner, he had promised. For Stella, balancing between fear and temptation, it had been enough reassurance to accept the invitation. And there she was, sitting on this large black leather couch in an apartment that didn’t reveal a glimpse of the habitant’s character. There was almost no furniture and the large abstract painting on the wall – a whirlpool of oil paint in grey, black and red — raised more questions than it answered.

She took another sip of her red wine, her second glass already, to calm her nerves. This first meeting, weeks after their acquaintance on internet, had been pretty awkward so far. His looks, already familiar from the webcam, hadn’t disappointed her. There definitely was chemistry when she, for the first time, shook his hand. She knew she wanted him. But he was distant, cold, a little too mysterious for her likings. She didn’t even know his real name.

She wanted him to comfort her, make her feel at ease, sit next to her and talk. But they had hardly spoken. He had welcomed her, poured her a glass of wine, and had disappeared into the kitchen to finish, as he announced, ‘a very special dinner’.

God, why did it take him so long. It seemed she was sitting there for half an hour already. She considered just walking to the door and leaving, but something kept her. Probably the slut in her, she thought, smiling. She just wanted to have sex with him, switch roles and make him hers, have him beg for mercy as she would slowly ride his cock. That would teach him.

The wine was good. Heavy, rich, intoxicating. Château Nenin Pomerol 1992, said the bottle. It warmed up her blood and went straight to her head. It had been a busy, hectic day at work and she had needed to hurry to appear on time at her date.

Certainly she felt so sleepy. She leaned casino şirketleri back in the cushions on the couch. So soft… She fought to keep her eyes open but it felt so good to just close them for a while.

Just for a while…

[B]First course: Raw oysters with a slice of jalapeño and a twist of lemon.[/B]

When she opened her eyes again, Stella felt great. The atmosphere had changed completely. The curtains were closed now and the warm glow of candles lighted the room. Soft music in the background, cheerful Caribbean steeldrum tunes. The room was comfortable and nice. Stella still felt strange, dazed and disorientated, like in a dream. But her body was all relaxed, tingly and glowing.

“Hello sleeping beauty, welcome to our little restaurant.” He stood in the kitchen door and smiled at her. “Are you ready for our first course? It’s just ~~ how shall I put it ~~ a small appetizer.” His eyes twinkled as he said it.

Stella rubbed her temples as she couldn’t believe what happened. From the kitchen came a stunning woman carrying a large plate of food. She was beautiful, though in every way the opposite of herself. While Stella was dark haired, green eyed and curvy, this lady was tall and slim, with short, peaky blond hair. She wore a long red silk dress and was bare foot. Small breasts, no bra, nipples clearly visible through the silk. My God. She wandered why she suddenly would notice a detail like that.

The woman stood before her and smiled at her. “Hello, I am Ilona. I will be your host during the first course.” She offered her the plate with six large raw oysters. “Please, go ahead.”

Stella was so taken by the appearance of this enchanting fairy that she had almost forgotten about the presence of her male host, who observed them from the other end casino firmaları of the room. After she had picked one oyster, he walked over to them and took the plate from her. While taking one oyster for himself, he walked back to the kitchen and disappeared.

Ilona sat next to her on the couch. She was close, dangerously close, looking at her, still smiling. “Go on, try it”, she said, as Stella still hadn’t tasted the oyster she held. She opened her mouth and let the cold treat slide down her throat. Salt, sour and spice tickled her palate. It tasted delicious. It woke up her lust.

“Did you like that?”, the woman next to her asked softly. Stella nodded. Ilona’s face was extremely close to hers now. Then she brought her head even closer and whispered something in her ear. “A beautiful dish for a beautiful lady.”

Wait a minute, what’s going on here? Stella felt so dreamy and weak, she didn’t resist when Ilona started touching her. She sat still while the other woman slowly began to stroke the side of her head and ran her fingers all through her hair. She felt her warm lips in her neck, brushing the skin softly, leaving soft kisses on her cheek. It felt good. Their lips touched, tongues met. When their mouths clung into each other, the vague awareness raised into Stella’s conscious that for the first time in her life she was kissing a woman. And it drove her wild.

Ilona was sitting on her lap now, legs on each side of hers, slowly pulling up the dress. God, this woman moved fast and secure. Swept along by her awoken lust, Stella leaned back and let it happen. More and more creamy skin appeared, as Ilona let the silk crawl up higher and higher over her thighs. Then – oh my god, no panties – the soft cushion of neatly trimmed, dark blond pubic hair. Below it, familiar but güvenilir casino oh so strange, the pink flesh of her pussy.

Ilona’s didn’t waste time and moved one hand into her lap, touching herself, stroking the labia, opening up like a clam, exposing the deeper valleys of her sex, exploring them with the tip of her middle finger. She was wet. A familiar flagrance of sex filled the air and stirred up the fire in Stella’s loins.

Motionless she watched the show, just inches in front of her eyes. Ilona’s hips danced on the rhythm of her fingers, burying themselves deeper and deeper inside the folds of her sex. Three fingers rapidly rubbed her swollen clit, then disappeared all the way inside the pussy hole. Their breath accelerated in almost the same pace. In the corner of her eye Stella could see her host standing in the room, watching them silently from a distance. Let him watch, she thought.

Suddenly Ilona stopped and looked Stella in the eyes with a strange, wild look. “Now eat me”, she said. It wasn’t a request, it was a command. Ilona rose up and stood straddle-legged on the leather couch, her crotch on the height of Stella’s face. One hand still holding up the dress, the other on Stella’s head, pushing her in the direction of the damp pussy. There was no escape.

As she first felt the pink skin at the tip of his tongue, a shiver went through her body. She had been eaten before, but never had eaten herself. The flesh was delicate as if it would melt in her mouth. She explored every fold with little licks, tickled the clit as she liked to be tickled herself, carefully first, then harder, hungrier. She sucked on the little rosy bud, devoured the soft pussy with her lips, pushed her tongue inside the hole as deep as possible.

Ilona’s cum was all over her face and mouth now. She bathed in the heavy lustful scent and savoured every drop of it. It oozed out of Ilona’s pussy, which contracted with each wave of her orgasm. Stella craved the taste of it. It was salty, sour and spicy.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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