Campfire Chronicles Ch. 01

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The air is cool and the breeze caresses our faces while the firelight dances in the women’s eyes. This is the first night of their “girls camping weekend.” This annual event has happened for six years now. They always camp in the same site, away from the main campers; they have more privacy that way. A campsite full of women tends to attract some attention, even when they don’t mean to.

It is Friday night — opening night for them. No responsibilities, no chores — just relaxation and the comfort of good friends. They had all arrived, set up their camp and were all relaxing in their seats, drinks in hand. They were in a different campsite this year — a hurricane had come through the weekend before and they had to use a new site, in the main portion of the campground.

The campground began filling up as they added more and more wood to the fire, broke out the snacks and refilled their drinks. Every so often a group of two or three would wander through the campground to the bathroom. Around 10pm they decided to do their “walkabout” which was code for scoping out the men in the campground for the single women in the group. There were only three single girls out of eight, but they all jumped at the chance to help their fellow tent mates.

They walked the entire four loops of the campground in just under a half an hour and had chatted with several people, made another stop at the restrooms and had almost made it to our site when several nice looking men stopped them.

“Are any of you ladies a nurse?” the blonde man asked, slightly out of breathe.

Two women in the group are nurses, and readily volunteered. “Beth and Sam are nurses.” Diane announced.

“Would you two mind walking to our site and taking at look at one of the guys hands? He burned it making dinner.” The other blonde man said.

“Sure.” Beth replied.

“Absolutely.” Said Sam.

The women exchanged glances and giggled, and they headed up the driveway to their site – Beth and Sam walked to the campsite across the street from their campsite.

The rest of the women went back to their relaxation by the campfire. It was only a few minutes until Beth came running back to the campsite to grab the first aid kit.

“He only has a first degree burn — Sam is keeping him company while I get the supplies. You gals should stop over there — like 10 cute campers across the way!!” Beth said excitedly as she grabbed her kit and jogged back across the seat.

The ladies were laughing and joking when the two nurses returned from their bandaging duties.

“Well, how did it go? Did you save him?” Teresa joked.

“Did you have to perform mouth to mouth on bahis firmaları all of them? Jane added.

Giggles and comments abounded from the circle of women around the campfire.

“Girls — they boys across the way said that there is a concert tomorrow night — a sort of grateful dead type deal that the campground puts on every year. They said they will stop by on the way to see if anyone would like to go.” Sam said as she laughed.

Beth added, “We have to go back tomorrow to help him change his dressing — or something like that.”

After the fire had all but burned out, the women headed to bed a few at a time.

The next day dawned sunny and a little warmer. After a day of hiking and swimming in the creek the women came back to camp and cooked a big dinner of chicken, potatoes and pasta salad.

Sam and Beth went back to check on the patient and were happy to report he was doing just fine under their care.

As dusk happened upon the campground, the boys from across the way wandered into our campsite to see if anyone wanted to go to the concert. All the girls started to get ready to go, grabbing their flashlights, pulling on another sweatshirt and putting the remnants of dinner away. All the women started walking towards the road when Beth, Sam and Diane looked at each other and stopped walking.

“I think I want another drink.” Announced Sam.

“I really don’t like that type of music.” Added Beth.

“I’m with you all.” Diane said as they trio turned around and walked back to the campfire. The rest of the group didn’t even notice they weren’t with them any longer, night had fallen among the forest and it was dark.

They put more wood on the fire, pulled another drink out of the cooler and sat in their seats with their feet up laughing and joking.

A shadow walked up the driveway toward their site and the sound of their laughter. The women looked up as they heard a stick break close to them. A brown haired man in his late twenties was suddenly standing by the fire.

“Hello ladies.” His voice was deep as he smiled at them.

“Ummmm, hi. Where did you come from?” Di asked.

“I am one of the guys with the burn victims that you all have been taking care of. I decided not to go to the concert — not my kind of music.” He said with a laugh.

The women glanced at each other. “We decided not to go either.” Said Sam.

“Would you girls like a little smoke.” He said as he lit up a joint. He took a hit and passed it to Beth.

The four talked and drank and smoked and with in a half an hour were getting very comfortable with each other. Everyone was relaxed and warmed from the smoke and kaçak iddaa the liquor.

“Do you ladies have any piercings or tattoos??” He asked.

All three girls had tattoos, so did he. They all showed each other their tattoos. None of the girls had a piercing.

“Would you all like to see my piercing?” he said with a sly smile.

Beth’s eyes lit up, “Where is it exactly.”

All sets of eyes were on him as he said “The head of my cock.”

He rose from his seat and began to unbutton his jeans. He pulled his semi-hard cock from his boxers, the ring in the head shone in the firelight. “Women say the ring hits the G-spot and makes sex incredible.”

All three women openly stared as his cock grew harder and harder as he stroked it slowly, their eyes moving with his hand. Up and down, he circled the ring with his fingers, tugging on it lightly. Beth licked her lips.

Di gasped quietly and Sam fidgeted in her lap.

Everyone moved as if it had been orchestrated ahead of time. He walked to Beth and she grasped him between her hands and gently flicked the ring with her tongue. Her silhouette and his blending in the firelight.

Sam rose and began to extinguish the lanterns on the table and Di walked up behind Beth’s chair and began massaging her more than ample tits through her sweatshirt. The only sound was his heavy breathing and the crackle of the wood burning in the fire.

Beth began sucking him into her mouth, Sam’s hands joined Beth’s in unison sliding up and down his shaft.

“Sam, suck on him, you have to feel the ring in your mouth.” Beth said in a tone full of wonderment.

Sam didn’t miss a beat and bent over and licked at the ring. Di now had one hand on Beth’s breast and the other on Sam’s breast and began kissing Beth on the mouth. Their tongues brushing each other, nipples hardened in Di’s palms.

“Di, try it.” Beth said as she broke the kiss.

They both looked at Sam as she cupped his balls with one hand and her other was around the base of his fully erect cock. Beth’s hands had moved to Sam’s tits. Sweatshirts began to come off until each woman was topless, the shadow of the flames licking at their chests. They moved to the picnic table.

As Di sat on the bench and hesitantly took him into her mouth he asked, “Does anyone want to feel it inside them — to see if I was telling the truth?” He pulled his long-sleeved t-shirt off his sweating body in one fluid motion.

Beth unbuttoned her jeans and Sam and Di helped Beth slide them down her legs until she was complete naked in the firelight. The women kept glancing nervously toward the road, looking for the flashlights bouncing on kaçak bahis the road, signaling their campmates were on the way back. They could still hear the music – rebounding off the other side of the mountain, knowing the concert was close to the end.

He laid back on the top of the picnic table, his cock pointing towards the stars. Beth straddled him atop the table. Di was on one side of the table sucking on Beth’s nipples — her thumb massaging Beth’s clit — Di’s other hand was stoking her own snatch through her jeans. Sam was behind Beth and spread Beth’s lips as Beth lowered onto his cock. The ring disappeared into Beth.

Sam leaned forward and whispered in Beth’s ear, “So was he right, does it feel good?” Sam’s eyes meeting Di’s over Beth’s shoulder. Then taking in Di’s hard nipples, down to her hand sliding back and forth making the friction on her jeans heating Di further.

Sam’s own hands still between Beth’s thighs, Sam’s fingers sliding up and down his cock feeling Beth sliding on him.

Beth began breathing harder as she finally answered Sam — “It feels great — oh my god — you guys should try this!!”

The music ended. Di kissed Beth on the mouth and cupped both Beth’s breasts in her hands. “Hurry — they will be on their way back soon.”

All four increased their pace — Sam and Di focused on Beth’s impending orgasm. Their fireside visitor pounding into Beth faster and faster. Di looked up to see flashlights on the road, moving towards the site. The sound of people moving towards them. Beth opened her mouth and began to moan loudly as he grabbed her hips and pulled her flush onto his hips as he came inside her. Di kissed Beth hard to cover the sound.

Sam had left and grabbed up the clothes — throwing Di’s sweatshirt to her over the table. Di helped Beth down off the table as Sam shoved Beth’s clothes into her arms and propelled Beth toward her tent. “Go pretend you are changing your clothes into your pjs.” Sam said hurriedly.

“Night ladies.” He laughed as he pulled his jeans up and picked up his t-shirt and faded into the night.

Sam and Di re-took their seats, pulling on their shirts, threw some more wood on the fire and cracked open another beer.

The rest of the ladies walked up the driveway, “What the hell happened to you three? Asked Teresa.

“Where’s Beth?” Jane said as she opened another beer.

“Changing.” Said Di. “How was the concert ladies?”

All the women went about, changing into comfy clothes, talking about the concert and pulling out snacks and drinks.

Teresa announced, “We invited the boys over for a night cap — hope you three don’t mind.”

An hour or so later, after many more drinks, the arrival of the boys and some more smoke — it was all the trio of Sam, Di and Beth could do to stifle their laughter as he once again asked, “”Do you ladies have any piercings or tattoos??”

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