Frat’s Bitch Ch. 02

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I felt so vulnerable. He came and ruined my life in under 40 minutes. I had nightmares about having to stare at his cock. Nightmares about when he rubbed my spit and his cum all over my face. When I had to lick his hairy balls. And just the thought that he’s got it all on camera, made me sick to my stomach. I was praying, hoping that that’s all he wanted me to do, that maybe I would just have to buy him shit if he asked or something. I didn’t see him for a week, I gave up going to the frat meet ups, I didn’t want to be a part of it any more. I was trying to cheer up by playing some games when I heard a knock at the door.

“Who is it, I’m busy!”

“How’s it going bitch!”

I almost fainted. I was seriously hoping he would never show up again, I was unprepared with the shock and fear that flowed through my body.

“What do you want?” I said, clearly hearing the stutter in my speech.

“Haha, why don’t you open up and let us in”

Us? Who else could be with him, the first time I didn’t have enough time to be scared before I was suddenly sucking his cock. This time I truly felt the pressure of the situation. I knew that I had no choice but to open up, since he still had my video. I opened the door and he was there with another guy, they were both similar in size.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“That’s Ben, he’s my friend. Don’t worry about him.” Dean replied.

They came and sat on my bed both facing me. My heart was pounding. I was praying that his friend wasn’t homo meaning I didn’t have to do any gay shit.

“Why haven’t you been coming to the frat meet ups? I missed seeing your pretty little face” Dean asked.

“I was busy with work” I muttered back. “What do you guys want?” I asked hesitantly.

“What do you think, bitch. I own your ass. You have to do what I say remember. So me and my friend want a have a bit of fun and maybe get a couple of blowjobs.” He said sternly.

My eyes closed at the thought of having to suck his dick again, and to make matters worse he wants me to suck his friend off as well.

“Please, can I just pay you to get rid of the video, I can’t do anymore gay shit. Please I’m begging you” I pleaded with him but he just laughed at me.

“No. Come on bitch take your clothes off!” He ordered, as him and his friend smiled.

Once again I had no other option, I couldn’t fight them off I was too small, I couldn’t say no because he would show everyone the video. So I had to unwillingly take my clothes off.

“First we’re gonna have a bit of a photo shoot. Lie on the ground face up!” he ordered.

“Photo shoot? What for?” I replied.

“For fun, haha” he joked back.

I laid down face up, as Ben took photos of me naked on the ground. They were both laughing at me because they knew I would do anything they say. Dean started to take his pants off. He took his casino şirketleri underpants off and I saw his dick and balls hanging. Even soft, his dick looks long and thick. The view of him from the ground was even more confronting. He stood over my head and I had a view of his hairy ass, nuts and the tip of his cock straight above me, staring me in the face.

“Open your mouth and stick your tongue out!” he ordered.

He started to lower his ass down as I squinted my eyes. He squatted over my face, and rubbed his nuts on my tongue. It was disgusting, Dean had really big balls and the sagged heaps so he could get one or both in my mouth easily. He and Ben were laughing, and as Dean dunked his balls in my mouth, my eyes and nose were right near his ass. Ben was taking close up photos of me being tea bagged.

“How’s that ass smell bitch!” Ben said laughing.

They joked about being in their pants and walking around all day, which inconveniently didn’t make the taste or smell of them very good.

Eventually Dean stood up after most of his nuts were covered in spit. They switched around. Ben stood over me, unlike Dean he wasn’t as hairy. His cock was about the same size, except he had a bit of foreskin. His nuts weren’t as big as Dean but it still didn’t make me want to put them in my mouth. Ben started dunking his balls in my mouth. I had my eyes closed while he abused my mouth with his balls.

“Open your eyes you sissy!”

I reluctantly opened. He was the other way around, so he had his dick dangling on my face with the tip of his cock right in front of my eyes. Drools of my spit was running down my cheeks as he rubbed his nuts on my tongue and in my mouth. It was so degrading, I just had to lie their as they took turns rubbing their balls all over my face while they took photos.

“Let’s get a shot of both of our dicks on his face” Dean told Ben.

I felt an ultimate low at that moment. Laying on the ground, after my mouth was filled with their balls, and I have to listen about where they are going to put their penises on my face.

So they both kneeled down an each precisely placed their dicks on my hapless face. I couldn’t see because Dean’s balls were covering my eyes like goggles, but I could feel Ben’s dick over my mouth. All I could smell was cock. The mixture of Dean and Ben’s aroma almost made me pass out. They laughed and took more photos. This was truly humiliating.

“Let’s get a couple of him kissing our asses” Dean ordered.

“Sit up!”

I got up to my knees, facing them. Dean turned around and bent over the bed putting his ass in the air.

“Kiss it bitch haha.” He ordered.

He had a big ass. It wasn’t boney, it was hairy like his balls. I lent over and started kissing each cheek, I tried to stay as far away from his crack.

“That’s it little bitch! Worship that ass haha.” casino firmaları He and Ben high fived as Ben took photos.

“Now time to use you’re tongue, start licking it!” Dean ordered.

I closed my eyes and swallowed my pride again as I had to start licking his ass cheeks. I tried to avoid as much of the punishment as possible, so I did short licks around his ass just on his cheeks.

“Enough with the cheek shit. I think you should lick my hole haha.” Dean ordered.

I tried my hardest to ignore it but I knew eventually he was going to tell me to do it. He spread his ass open, I had my eyes locked on his asshole, the sight of it made me feel weak, and I froze still.

“Come on bitch it’s not going to look prettier for you the longer you look at it” Dean joked.

I slowly stuck my tongue out and slowly moved it toward his ass, but before I could properly brace myself Ben shoved my head right in. Ben continued to shove my head and mouth right on Dean’s asshole, I tried to forget about its sour taste and smell, and think about something else. But the feeling of my tongue licking his crack and my cheeks rubbing against the pubes on his sweaty butt cheeks was obviously like nothing I’ve ever done before. It was by far the worst thing I had to do, having to stick your face in a guys ass, and lick his butthole.

“Good boy, I think you like it a bit too much, haha.” Ben said sarcastically. “If your hungry I got some too.”

Ben bent over the bed as well, he put his more boney ass in the air. It was definitely easier to lick Ben’s asshole because of the less hair, but it still wasn’t easy. They weren’t even taking pictures anymore they were just making me rim them. Both of them were bent over and I had to keep on licking their wet buttholes. After a few minutes I had enough.

“Please no more” I pleaded. “Please, that’s enough!” I couldn’t do it anymore.

“Alright bitch. But you did promise us some blowjobs, I don’t think it would be very nice if you didn’t say good bye properly” Dean said.

I was already on my knees, and they sat down on my bed in front of me. I really didn’t want suck a cock again but I was left with no choice. Now I was faced with two in front of me. I was disgusted to have to suck cock again but I at least knew it wasn’t going to be the worst thing I did today.

“I want you to rotate with jacking one of us off and sucking the other one.”

“Don’t worry it’s not hard, you have to make them hard” Dean joked.

Both him and Ben were not even erect, so I had to start from scratch, which made my job harder. I started jacking both of them off, it felt like the first time I’ve wanked off a dick, even though I masturbate, the feeling was weird. I first sucked Ben. His cock was about the same size as Dean but with more foreskin, which enhanced the taste of it, not for the good. It was hard güvenilir casino to multitask with blowing one of them and trying to jerk the other. I was determined to finish as quick as possible, because I remember how long it took last time sucking just one. Both of them had a strong salty pre cum taste, and both were decent size, I tried to not use my teeth as much as possible. After a while of sucking each of them they stood up, and told me to keep blowing. It was hard having to suck them off while they were standing up it felt weird because I had only done it with them sitting. I stopped jerking one of them and just focused on trying to suck them off as quickly as possible. The one I wasn’t sucking would rub their knobs on my face as I sucked the other one, making it really distracting.

“Good boy. Have you been practicing since last time? Haha.”

Eventually they started rubbing both of their tips on my tongue as they wanked over me.

“Alright bitch. Put your head back and open your mouth and stick your tongue out.” One of them ordered.

They both continued wanking, and both had their knobs touching and aiming to make sure most of it got in my mouth.

“Remember. Don’t spit any of it out” Dean ordered.

They both roared as they both came on my face and in my mouth.

Both of them had really stringy and thick, hot cum, I tried hard not to flinch away because I knew that would piss them off. I had to sit there and take both of the loads. It went everywhere, mostly in my mouth but up my nose and in my eye also.

“Mmmmm yummy! You better swallow it bitch!” Ben yelled.

It was twice as big as the load last week of course, but I managed to hold it down. I sat there exhausted but they still had their cocks waiving in my face.

“Common courtesy to clean them up afterward. Come suck off the last drips.”

Unfortunately, I had to suck the last bits of cum off the tips of their dicks, as they continued to slap them on my tongue and face.

“Well done bitch. You’re getting better. I want at least one blowjob each week minimum, I will probably come a lot more often, is that OK with you?” Dean said rhetorically.

There was only one answer but I knew he wanted me to say it.

“Fine.” I said defeatedly.

“And since Ben’s now got a bunch of pretty photos of you, he can come and say hello anytime he wants, can he?” Dean ordered.

I looked up in disgust, but I knew I couldn’t argue.


They both left.

A few days later I went to my mail shaft and there was a package for me. I thought it was something from home so I rushed back to my dorm. I was eager to open it and to my surprise I was left disappointed, it wasn’t from home, it was from Dean. Inside was a condom filled with cum, an enema, and a few photos of me sucking on nuts, and licking ass. There was also a note that said,

“Hey bitch! We’re cumming over tonight and you better be nice and clean, I suggest you use that enema. The cum is just a little taste since I know you’ve been craving it.”

It was then I knew my night was going to get bad…

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