Kim’s New Life Ch. 07

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I awakened in the middle of the night, initially thinking I was in my hotel room. Moonlight reflecting off the naked body of a woman lying next to me (the sheet had slipped to her waist), along with the slight rattle of a chain reminded me where I really was and why. My hand moved cautiously to the collar locked around my neck and to the chain connecting it to the bed. A feeling of trepidation surged through my body. This wasn’t me. I am a controlling person. I have always been in charge. Yet, I had easily, quickly, and unconditionally capitulated, without any qualms or regrets, to a total stranger within hours of meeting her.

I turned onto my side to watch her resting quietly on her back and realized this might be where I wanted to be. I know I’ve said ‘I never have’ an excessive amount of times already, but you are going to hear it a lot more during this story because it’s true. Never have I wanted to do anything sexually with a woman. Oh, I’ve wondered what it would be like, but never had a strong desire to find out. The mere sight of her pierced nipples staring at the ceiling incited a desire in me to devour her. My own mind was confusing me. What will happen when I must face her again in the morning? We met just hours ago. She picked me up in a bar. Did alcohol cloud our minds? In the newness of the day will she simply send me packing, even though she had indicated otherwise? Did she ask me to check out of the hotel simply because she was caught up in the heat of passion? If she really wants me to stay, do I really want to? Should I? The apprehension I felt about the decision I might make was real. Nevertheless, I fell asleep again with a smile on my face.

The sun was streaming in the window when Kelly woke me. What a wonderful way to wake up. She was leaning over me, sucking on my nipple. As soon as she felt me stirring, she raised her head. I exclaimed, “Ummmm, that felt fantastic. Please don’t stop now.”

Instead of returning her lips to my nipple, she kissed me. Her tongue darted into my mouth and hastily retreated. “You are an insatiable slut, Kim. We will have lots of time to make love later. I assume you’d like a shower before you check out of the hotel. I’ve already had mine.” I was disappointed at this revelation. It would have been nice to shower with her. “You still want to stay with me the rest of the weekend, don’t you?” she continued.

“Yes, absolutely!” I answered and sat up while she removed the chain and collar that had kept me bound to her bed.

When I padded back into the bedroom after my shower, wrapped in a towel, Kelly immediately ordered me to drop the towel. “I want to see that beautiful body, Kim, not a towel.” I obeyed. She was sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for me. Her only clothing was a pair of jeans. My eyes immediately moved to the chrome rings hanging from her nipples. I was captivated by them. She patted a spot on the bed beside her and said, “Sit down, babe. We need to talk.” We turned to face one another, legs on the bed. That gave her a wonderful view of my shaved pussy. I wished I could see hers, too, but accepted her ringed nipples as a great consolation prize. I liked my view and assumed she liked hers.

“I want to read a few passages from a book to you, Pet. She leaned over and picked up a book that was on her pillow. It is ‘The Story of O’ a classic book about Bondage and Discipline.”

“I don’t want to disappoint you, Mistress, but I’ve already read it.”

“Now THIS is one book I would never have thought you would have read.”

“My boyfriend left it on the coffee table and suggested that I read it. I was curious enough that I did.”

“What did you think?”

“My emotions were totally conflicted. I will admit, only to you, that I was tuned on. At the time, I knew that I would never accept any of the degradations that O had to endure. So, I lied to him and said it was the most disgusting story I ever read. When he suggested that he would like to try some bondage, I told him that if he did, I would immediately walk out the door.”

“Yet you asked me to collar you?”

“Yes, ma’am, I did!”

“May I ask why you yielded so easily to me, but rejected the suggestion so bluntly with him?”

“Honestly, I have no idea. I only know that, deep down, I had a desire to do anything you wanted. Maybe the difference is the fact that Rene was male, and I just couldn’t see myself permitting a male to dominate me like that. I knew that Jeff’s suggestion of simple bondage would lead to something more depraved.”

“And you think a female will be less depraved?”

“I’m not sure, Kelly. Thinking back, I know he was not being forceful when he suggested a desire to engage in bondage. In fact, his attitude was a little wussy. Hell, it’s possible I had it all wrong. Maybe he wanted me to tie him up. Regardless, my only feelings, at the time, was that I knew I could not see myself engaging in scenes like the ones that were detailed in that book. Last night, somehow with you, it was different. You are the first person, that ever convinced me to casino şirketleri do something that was contrary to my perceived proper behavior. I still cannot believe I caved in so quickly.

“I think you captured me the moment you held that first piece of cheesecake up to my lips. Then, when you locked the collar around my neck…I just melted and wanted to do your bidding. When you ordered me to remove my bra and panties, I resisted, but only out of embarrassment, not because a lack of desire to do it for you. I do not know what you have planned for me, but I can only hope that being a female you will be more loving and not as cruel as Rene.”

“Well, my darling, you need to know that I do want to make you my ‘O.’ If you agree to be mine, your life will be dramatically different than it was yesterday. I will only promise that what I do to you and with you won’t include the most depraved aspects of ‘The Story of O. You must remember, though, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Her promise didn’t assuage the sudden fear I felt, until she leaned over and started a toe-curling kiss.

“Well, then, let’s skip directly to my question, Kimberly. would you agree to wear my collar until Monday morning?”

“Why until Monday morning?”

“There are things I’d like to do to and with you that would be appropriate only if you are collared. As I indicated, I want you to be my “O.” By Monday we both should be able to make an informed decision about how, and if, we want to continue our relationship. I already have a feeling I might offer to keep you longer.”

Almost unconsciously, I fingered the collar lying on the bed, the symbol of our game. “If I say yes, I will have to obey you like I did last night, right?”

“Well, yes, of course, that and much more. We will also be taking everything to an entirely new level.”

“I don’t understand? What do you mean by ‘a new level’?”

“Let me ask you a question before I explain. Last night when you were doing my toenails, I referred to you as my slave. In return, you called me Mistress. Why did you do that?”

“Oh, gee,” I answered, hesitating so I could think for a moment. “I’m really not sure. I just figured we were role playing and thought it would be fun to call you Mistress.”

“Well, the D&s scene is a type of role play, but on a more serious level. You called me Mistress after I chained you to the bed, too. The sound of your voice was more obsequious than when you were doing my toenails. Why then?”

“Being under your control, that way, it just didn’t seem right to call you Kelly. Somehow ‘Mistress’ just felt, well, more natural.”

“That feeling was just the tip of the iceberg, but you apparently enjoyed the idea of serving me and having me take control?”

“Yeah…I did… sort of… I guess. Doing your toenails was fun. I must admit that being chained to your bed was a little frightening at first.”

“I watched you very closely, Kim. I didn’t feel you were accepting my orders as a friend. Subconsciously you wanted to do something FOR me. You seriously wanted to fulfill my needs. That is a large part of being a submissive. However, because you did it in a light and joking manner, you barely touched the edge of what those in the scene really do. At Lisa’s I told you that I have a dominant personality and alluded to a taste for bondage and discipline. Likewise, wearing my collar just touches the extreme outside border of the bondage circle. I would like to move you towards the center of that circle and test your reactions to the discipline side, too.

“It is time for full disclosure. You need to know that I don’t just have a ‘simple taste’ for B&D. I am actively involved in lifestyle bondage and discipline, both as a top and as a bottom, and I love both sides, but I enjoy the top a whole lot more. Based on your reactions so far, I think you would truly enjoy the scene if you experienced it with someone who cares for you. If you will agree to continue wearing my collar this weekend, I promise that I will introduce you to the real freedom you can have in bondage and to the joy of sensuous pain.”

“You tried to explain it last night, Kelly, but freedom in bondage still sounds like a dichotomy to me.”

“Well, in a way it is. As I said, the phrase, ‘In bondage there is freedom,’ means that you can and will do things you would not otherwise consider because, in a sense, you are being forced to do them. Entering the bondage and submission lifestyle arena, and even remaining in it must be consensual. The only power that the top has is that given to her by the bottom. I have a book that I want you to read that will help you understand. It is appropriately named ‘Bound to be Free.’”

“That sort of makes sense, but you mentioned sensuous pain. How can pain possibly be sensual?”

“Many people become highly aroused when pain is administered and/or received in a loving, sexually charged atmosphere. It is impossible for one to really understand this except through a real-life experience. You must also realize that there casino firmaları is a difference between true pain and sensuous pain. An analogy would be comparing breaking an arm or accidentally cutting yourself to having a severe spanking with a hairbrush on your bare ass. The first two are pure pain. The latter, administered correctly, can be sensuous. Some people do not find a simple spanking to be erotic, but many do. Some people even love it. Some love it so much they react like Pavlov’s dog by getting wet at the mere suggestion of a firm spanking. Basically, one’s body produces endorphins that enable it to withstand pain. These same endorphins can help one to attain an unusually high sexual plane. I have seen women climax through the administration of sensuous pain.”

“Have you experienced sensuous pain, Kelly,” I interrupted.

“Yes, I have. That’s why I can speak honestly and candidly about it.”

“Were you on the administering or receiving end?”

“Both and I enjoyed it both ways, but as I said, I prefer to be the top especially where pain is involved. I received my piercings when I was a bottom and will admit that I was so turned on I nearly had an orgasm when the needles were pushed through my nipples. I also remember several times when I was whipped that it felt like the atmosphere around me was filled with electricity.”

“Whipped? I thought you were kidding about spanking me. Do you intend to whip me, too, this weekend; if I agree to continue wearing your collar, that is?”

“The probability that I will use the whip and a flogger on you is extremely high, my dear. First, I do not think you will have a complete experience if you don’t taste them both. Additionally, I must tell you that I enjoy testing a sub’s limits. I am also turned on by the transfer of sensuous pain where both the top and bottom are turned on through the act. The important point, for you, is that if you consent to be mine, you can be assured that I will want to know your limits. After all, if we decide to continue a dominant-submissive relationship, you need to know what to expect. I do promise not to break your skin or leave any permanent marks. As I indicated, some people are not turned on by pain under any conditions. Others are not even turned on by bondage or discipline. If you decide to continue, we will discuss ‘safe words’ that you can use any time you want or need me to slow down or stop.”

“Why can’t I simply ask you to stop?”

“Well, my little one, a safe word is generally used rather than the words ‘no, stop, etc.,’ so that the bottom can scream these words as much as she wants without really meaning it, and the top does not have to worry what they mean. The safe word provides a way of indicating a serious desire that the scene needs to cease for some reason.

“I want to know that you unequivocally want me to stop. Let’s say that I am doing something that embarrasses you. Or maybe I am spanking you. You tell me to stop, but deep down you don’t know if stopping is what you really want. Telling me to stop may simply be a reaction on your part. But, if I do take you too far, and you use a safe word, there won’t be any question. I need to know your desire beyond the shadow of a doubt, as the saying goes. At the same time, I will trust you to only use your safe word when you truly cannot take any more or if I am doing something that is causing true pain like pinching your skin while tying you up, or maybe you need to relieve a cramp.”

“Ok, I think I understand.”

“I said that I have been on both sides of the scene. I honestly feel that the best way to be a top is to be a bottom first. You have a submissive streak within you, but I also think you are domineering at times. You hinted that you are assertive in your business relationships.”

“Oh, yes,” I grinned. “I am most of the time, in fact. When I want something done, I demand that it be performed exactly how I want it to be performed. It has to be that way with computer systems.”

“Yet you have already enjoyed playing a submissive role with me.”

“Yea, I really did, but I have another question. You said you were pierced when you were a bottom. Doesn’t the word bottom mean submissive?”

“No, it doesn’t. Top and bottom refer to activities like S&M or bondage. Dom/sub and such refer to dynamics between people. A Dominant can bottom and never for a moment be submissive and vice versa.

That being said, I had a friend who is very assertive, sometimes to the point of being tyrannical. I knew she was into D&s but was never curious enough, or brave enough to ask her about it. One day I was a little caustic towards her to the point that I pissed her off. It wasn’t the first time. Let’s say it was just ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back.’ She decided to get my overbearing personality under control. When she commented that I needed an attitude adjustment and suggested that a firm spanking would help, I replied, “And just what army is going to help you do it?”

“I won’t go into the details, but during an ensuing discussion, she eventually güvenilir casino challenged me into letting her top me during college spring break. She knew that I wasn’t a true submissive, but that week turned out to be a blast for both of us. We had so much fun that I agreed to be her submissive the full Summer between semesters so she could teach me everything there was to know about the scene. I will tell you all about it someday, when the time is right. By the end of Summer, I knew what my avocation would be. I must admit that there are still times I want to bottom. I like to relinquish total control to someone else. But only for a short period, usually an evening…no longer than a weekend.”

” Do you think you could be submissive to me?”

“There is a possibility. Right now, let’s just say, ‘We shall see.’ Hell, girl, don’t put your cart before your horse. You haven’t even agreed to be my sub this weekend. . Just for the record, I am positive you are a submissive who enjoys playing a dominant role when interfacing with others in your daily work life, but would defer to your submissive side if given a chance.

“With that being said, Kimberly Ann, I’m tired of talking about it. Now it is time for you to make a decision.” I looked at her strangely and she continued. “Will you wear my collar until Monday?”

The silence for the next few minutes was deafening. We just stared at one another. Finally, I said, “May I make a suggestion?”

“OK! Damn, I said I am tired of talking about it, but we don’t need any confusion or doubt at this point. Out with it.”

“Other than what we did last night, I really have no concept of what being your submissive might entail. Neither can I conjure up any possible way that pain could be sensuous, even though you have attempted to explain it to me. One side of my brain thinks it will be fun; the other side is scared shitless. I am sure I will fuck up and you will have to punish me. I am positive I will not like that. Depending on what you want to do with or to me, to teach me what D&s is all about, I want to be pessimistic and think that by Monday morning I might not want to continue, or that you might not want me anymore, simply as a negative reaction rather than from real desire. You already indicated that is a distinct possibility. From experience I know that physical ‘training,’ and some mental training, is the most difficult in the early stages. However, the longer it lasts, the easier it usually becomes. I am probably being very foolish in saying this, but I really don’t think forty-eight hours is enough time.”

“I can agree with your reasoning. Let’s make it a week from Monday.”

“I have a better idea. How about a month. Do you think you can put up with me that long?” Damn, am I frigging nuts. I cannot believe I suggested that!

Kelly stared into my eyes for the longest time. “You actually would agree to submit to me for a month?”

My obstinate nature kicked in. “Yes. That’s exactly what I mean. By then I am sure I will have enough information to really make an informed decision on whether I want to continue or not.”

“Collect your data, analyze it thoroughly and make a decision. Spoken like a true computer geek. I’m cool with that, pet. In fact, that was my original plan, but I honestly didn’t think you’d agree to that much time. I know I have the capability of working with the most recalcitrant bitch for a month.”

“My major obstacle, Kelly, is that I have to consider my job before committing to a month. First, I couldn’t wear my collar to work, and I often must work early or late. How can we deal with that?”

“I promise not to interfere with your work schedule. Restricting your time at work would not be beneficial to your career and I would never hurt you in that way. I promise there will be ways I will exercise control over you, even while you are at work, without directly interfering with your job.

“To ease your mind, I will agree that if at any time you wish to exit our D&s relationship all you need to do use your safe word. We will then discuss everything. If you still want out, we can, hopefully, remain friends.

“You will have to live with me during your training. That way I will have even more physical control over you. Will it be a problem if you are not staying at the hotel during the week?”

“Not at all. I can tell my HR that I found a friend here and am staying with her. I did that once before, while on another assignment. My company pays the hotel directly so I know they would appreciate the reduction in cost. I also receive a per-diem for food and incidentals which I will share with you. Since this assignment is long-term, I am sure they would provide some reduced payment to help offset my housing costs, which, of course, I would give to you as a rent payment.”

“Great! Then it’s decided. You will stay here. And you should forget about asking for any payment for housing. I don’t want the hassle of providing receipts or paying taxes on any rent. I am sure you will gain some points with your company if your expenses are reduced even more. Besides, as my slave, you will be performing housework, and personal services in exchange for your room and board.” Her grin said it all. I would have to wait to fully find out what this last statement meant.

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