A Wedding to Remember

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I love outdoor weddings, as long as the weather cooperates and the middle of July, although warm should be very cooperative. When I saw the invitation to the wedding of my wife’s best friend’s daughter I was thrilled to see it was going to be an outdoor wedding. Further, the wedding was being held at their grandparents secluded lake lodge, along with the reception.

Now calling their place secluded is almost an understatement. The driveway leading down to the set of three twenty to fifty acre lakes is easily a mile and a half long, winding down through the woods and twisting around hills. The lodge is a huge three story rustic building with well over a dozen bedrooms, three bathrooms and two great rooms, one on the main floor and one in the lower level. There was also a twenty five foot wide balcony deck over a large fieldstone patio, a the width of the lodge. The patio extends beyond the balcony for nearly a hundred feet with a large fieldstone hearth and grill built into the hillside acting as a wall. The property also had a variety of paddle boats, canoes and a nice sized deck boat for tooling around the small lakes, gazebos with tables and chairs and lots and lots of woods and walking paths.

They maintain this with the income from renting the facility out to groups, often having it rented every weekend for the entire summer. At fifty bucks a bedroom with a five hundred a night minimum, it has turned into a lucrative business for them some weekends bringing in over three grand for two nights.

As I said, I was glad to see that the kids were going to be married outdoors. They are an interesting couple, Emily being a petite young lady, now nearly twenty four if my memory serves me, having spent years as a gymnast, and now teaching gymnastics. I had occasion to enjoy her abilities when she surprised me at home naked one time, and even the thought of that event still makes me hard today, especially thinking about her milk filled tits.

Dan on the other hand is the opposite. Being a mountain of a man, and a football coach, he is so large he quite thoroughly dwarfs her.

The couple started out quite reserved, but over the last couple years I have noticed a trend where Emily has worn more and more revealing clothing. Nothing tasteless, just…revealing. My wife of course never approves of that kind of wear, but that’s just her.

Anyway, here we were on the appointed day, July 14th, driving down the long gravel drive toward the lodge. I noticed quite a few cars parked around in front of the lodge, and added out suburban to the mix. I wondered who all they had invited as we followed the ribbons to the front door of the lodge.

“Hey Nancy…Mike!” Emily’s mother Linda called as she opened the door, oddly wearing a bathrobe.

“HI!” My wife said giving her a quick hug, which I also gave her as we stepped into the lodge. “You’re not ready?” She asked.

“Actually… I am.” Linda replied with a long face.

“I don’t understand.” My wife said curiously.

“Well… Dan and Emily decided that since they were getting married on national nude day, that they would have a nude wedding, and as Em says, she couldn’t decide on a dress anyway.”

I thought I would be picking her up off the ground after that comment, as it was my wife’s jaw about hit the floor, even if she didn’t. “You mean that they’re going to get married naked?”

“Uh huh. The whole wedding party.” Linda said quietly, explaining her robe instead of a dress.

“That’s terrible!” My wife said in shock. “Is there anything we can do? Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Well, to be honest… all the guests are invited to participate… And well, I thought if I told you, you wouldn’t come… and well… I was kind of hoping that you would… you know… that way at least that way I wouldn’t feel quite so alone!?” Linda said with an almost pleading look on her face.

“You want me to go naked too?” My wife squeaked.

“Most of the guest so far have, but you’re the closest of my friends that are coming. It would really help me to get through this.” Linda said pleadingly to her. For my part I was trying hard to not grin like a Cheshire cat and keep a straight face at the thought of seeing a lot of naked women.

“Well… I don’t know. Just the ceremony?”

“No… the reception too.” Linda said quietly.

“We could. You have a good looking body.” I injected to my wife, hoping to help her along.

“Oh sure. You’d love that, seeing all those naked women.” She said with a disgusted look, knowing full well where my mind was headed.

“That wasn’t really what I was thinking.” I lied.

“Yeah, right, and that bulge in your pants is a tennis ball you forgot to take out of your pocket?”

“Well.” I said sheepishly.

“Ok hot shot… You think this is such a great idea, you go naked and tell me how much fun it is to walk around with your hard dick showing off all night.”

“As long as it’s not just me… I say why not.”

“Men… you are disgusting animals sometimes.” My wife shot at me with a scowl.

“It isn’t my fault… I didn’t pick the dress code, but if you don’t think you can handle it, casino şirketleri we don’t have to undress.” I said, knowing full well how she responded to challenges.

“I didn’t say I couldn’t handle it… I just said it was disgusting.” My wife shot back.

“Hey. I didn’t insinuate anything. I just said we didn’t have to. It’s up to you, I’ll do whatever you want to.” I said putting it squarely in her court. I could see Linda looking at my wife pleadingly.

“Fine! Just to help Linda!” She said to me in a very exasperated tone. “Where do we get undressed?” She asked Linda.

“You can use the first room. It’s empty. You can hang your clothes in the closet or there are baskets on the floor by the bed. There are also lots of flip-flops for you to wear if you don’t want to use your shoes.” Linda said as she led my wife to the first bedroom. She stepped into the room with us and stood by the open door, watching me while she tried to chat with my wife.

I quickly shed my shirt and slacks, hanging them on a hanger and putting them in the closet. I pulled off my shoes and socks, leaving my underwear for last, finally pulling it down and freeing my already hard dick. I was facing away from the door, but could see Linda in the mirror over the dresser, clearly trying to get a look. Finally I turned, letting her see my hard dick as I looked for a pair of flip flops that fit. I saw her looking right at it, clearly enjoying the view, while my wife still had her back turned, folding her bra and underwear to put in the basket.

I don’t think Linda even realized that she had slipped her hand into her robe, spreading it enough for me to see one tit, as she stroked her fingers across her left nipple, still staring at my hard dick.

“Well here goes nothing!” My wife said, as she turned around to look toward Linda, who was snapped back to reality, pulling her robe back closed defensively.

“Absolutely gorgeous!” I said as my wife looked over at me.

“You would say that you horny bastard!” She said trying to hide a grin as she looked at my hard dick. “You are enjoying this way too much at the moment. Just wait till you have to walk out there with that hardon. Reality check! You can’t tell when a woman is horny just by looking, but it kind of sticks out like a sore thumb for guys.”

“Nah. I’m just waiting for a chance to see Linda naked that’s all. I mean we’re naked and all, isn’t she supposed to be too?” I joked, hoping to keep her thinking I had never seen, let alone had sex with Linda before. (but that is another story all together)

“Men!” My wife said walking past Linda and out of the room.

With a tiny grin, Linda spread her robe as I walked toward her, showing that she wasn’t wearing anything but a pearl necklace.

“Very hot!” I whispered as I stepped past her to follow my wife to the stairs.

“You too.” Linda whispered in reply.

I followed Nancy down the stairs to the lower level and out toward the patio. I could see a large number of chairs set up in rows along the patio, facing the lake. The whole patio was surrounded with white poles wrapped with flowers and it looked like small lights. All of this led to a trellis arch at the end of the Patio where the bride and groom would be standing, flowers and garlands of greenery flowing and wrapping around it. Quite a few of the seats were already full, and from my position it was clear the vast majority of them were as naked as we were. I followed my wife out the French doors and down the center aisle, looking at the people seated. The older couples for the most part had not disrobed, a few reducing to just their bra and panties. Mostly all of the mid thirty and below were completely naked. I saw quite a few couples sitting, guys with hard dicks sticking up and lady’s with exposed hard nipples. There also seemed to be quite a few single girls sitting in groups, all in their mid to late twenties. As we walked down the aisle my hard dick swinging with each step, seemed to draw their attention.

We were only seated a few minutes when a couple young ladies came and sat next to me.

“This is really a beautiful setting, isn’t it?” one of them asked, clearly eyeing my dick sticking up from my lap.

“It is. I like the flowers and the setting sun. A very romantic setting.” I replied, trying to check out their bodies without my wife noticing.

“Oh I know. And doing it all naked. I need to do this when I get married. It is so fucking hot!” the second girl said.

“So you like this?” I asked the second girl.

“Oh yeah. I love being naked anyway, but around this many people is just so… exhilarating!” She said, followed by a deep sigh. “My name is Donna, what’s yours?” She asked.

“Mike.” I said as my wife elbowed me hard in the ribs. “You’re friends with Emily?”

“Uh huh. We used to do gymnastics together.” She said, still trying to look at my hard dick without looking like it.

“Good to meet you then.” I said as the music started.

First to come down the aisle was Linda, completely naked except for light blue heels and a string of white pearls. She looked down at my dick as she stepped casino firmaları to the row in front of me, giving us a small smile.

It wasn’t long before the groom and his groomsmen, all wearing nothing but black flip-flops and black bow ties, made their way up front with the priest, who was thankfully dressed.

The brides’ maids began walking down the aisle, each holding a bouquet of white roses with tiny bits of blue in them, up nearly between their tits, dressed in nothing but white heels and white pearl necklaces. Each girl, well tanned with little or no hint of tan lines, made their way to the front, giving all the guys a good long look at their tits and each of their mounds, their curly pubic hair all trimmed into the shape of a heart. By the time the last of the four had made it to the front the entire wedding party had gotten over their nervousness and were sprouting hard dicks.

Finally it was time for Emily to come down the aisle. She looked gorgeous, waking with her arm linked in her fathers, wearing white heels, a white and blue garter on one thigh, a string of white pearls and a white lace veil. Her full tanned tits wiggled and giggle enticingly with each step, reminding me of just how good they felt in my mouth, making my dick ratchet up one more notch. I was turned to face the aisle as she came down, the girl next to Donna, who’s name I didn’t know, backed up into me, pressing her bare ass against my hard dick. If I hadn’t been standing next to my wife, I would have reached around and tweaked a nipple, but she would have killed me for that.

I remember little of the actual ceremony, instead being distracted by the hand of the girl sitting next to me, gently stroking my leg down where my wife couldn’t see, and staring at the practically perfect asses of the maids of honor only a dozen feet in front of me. I don’t know how many people noticed the youngest of the four shudder as if she had a sudden chill during the ceremony, but I was sitting close enough to notice the single drop of her juices run down her leg from her pussy. It was definitely not sweat, despite the heat!

Finally the ceremony ended and everyone cheered as the newly married couple were introduced before heading down the aisle. The setting sun and the flowered trellis a perfect background for the sexy bodies arrayed in front of us, including Emily. Each of the brides’ maids paired up with their respective groomsman, each now sporting a hard dick, and followed a pair at a time down the aisle, followed by Linda and her husband.

The crowd was then ushered out, starting at the front, to go through the traditional receiving line. My wife and I were not quite first, but very much toward the front. Each of the bride’s maids gave me a nice hug, their tits either pressing into my chest or just teasing it with their nipples. Linda, gave me a huge hug, as she did my wife. To my surprise Emily gave me a huge hug and a subtle squeeze of the cock as I congratulated them.

Finally free of the receiving line, we moved to the lower great room, and thankfully air conditioning, to snack on hors d’oeuvres until dinner, which would not be too far away, given the time.

“That was a pretty ceremony, wasn’t it?” My wife asked as we shared a plate of cheese cubes and crackers.

“It was. Very nice.” I agreed.

Sandy, one of Linda’s friends that we knew in passing, came up to chat. She was slightly round, not thin but not what I would call fat either, with large breasts and a very pleasant face. “So that was an interesting wedding, wasn’t it?” she asked.

“Yes.” My wife said, noting that she was busy staring at my hard dick more than anything else. “Not used to watching one naked though.”

“Oh me neither, I usually cry at weddings, this time I had to work not to cum just watching the groomsmen’s hard dicks.” She whispered a slight tint of pink coming to her face and chest.

“They did seem to sprout big ones didn’t they?” Amber, a petite girl with tiny breasts and a very thin firm ass, one of the Emily’s friends said as she walked up. “Jenny must have been so embarrassed though.” She continued.

“Why?” My wife asked curiously.

“When she orgasmed standing in front of everyone? I think it was the first time she’s ever been naked in front of anyone but the doctor.” Amber replied. “I was surprised she agreed to do this.”

“I’m sure not too many people noticed.” My wife said. “I wonder what they have on tap for dinner?” She asked, trying to change the subject.

“Why don’t I go get us something to drink?” I said to my wife, wanting to dodge whatever came next. “What would you like?”

“Tonight? How about an Amaretto Sour.” She said.

I looked a bit surprised, neither of us being big drinkers, but headed off to the bar.

“Nice dick.” One lady said as she stepped up to the bar next to me while I was waiting for my drinks. “I hope you’re going to dance later, I’d like to grind against it a while!” She continued, pressing her hip against mine and allowing her hand to slide over and squeeze my hard dick. I looked over and was greeted with a very friendly face, but had no idea who she was. She had güvenilir casino a firm body and a nice pair of tits, with her nipples standing out rock hard in front of her.

“Well, I’ll probably dance later.” I said non-commitally

“Good. Maybe I can steal you from your wife for a grind or two.” She said with a smile and a wink.

I took my drinks and shook my head, looking back as I walked away to check out her ass.

“Here you go sweety!” I said handing my wife her drink as I got back.

We stood around working on our drinks while the photographer did her thing with the wedding party. That was going to be one interesting set of wedding pictures!

“Oh how pretty.” My wife said as the lights on all the poles came on with the growing darkness.

“It is. Wanna go sneak out into the dark and neck?” I asked her quietly.

“You are bad!” she said with a giggle, having drained nearly the whole drink. “but I better go find the potty first.”

“Nah… come on.” I said, leading her by the hand out into the darkness.

“But I have to pee!” She whispered as I walked her down toward the lake.

“So, pee out here!” I whispered back.

“Do I have to?”

“Why not? I mean it’s not like you’re going to get your clothes wet or anything. Hell, you’re already naked.”

“I really don’t understand you.” She said as she stepped behind a bush with me and crouched down. It was really getting too dark to see, but I could hear her pee hitting the dry ground. I was surprised when she reached over and stroked my hard dick a few times. “You know. I really ought to do something with this before someone else does.” She whispered.

“Who else would do anything?” I asked.

“Oh… let’s see… That girl Amber said she wished she could ride your rocket, and that lady at the bar seemed more than interested in your dick too.”

“Oh… I didn’t know.”

“The hell you didn’t. Half the women you walk past stare at your dick.”

“Half the women walk by and stare at all the dicks, not just mine. And all the guys walk by and stare at your tits, but you don’t see me making a scene.”

“I suppose. But just the same.” She said as she moved forward and enveloped my dick with her mouth. My wife wasn’t much on giving oral sex to start with, so this was really out of character, but I ceased to care as she stroked her wet mouth up and down my dick along with her hand.

“Oh god.” I mumbled, knowing I wasn’t going to last long with all the teasing it had already received.

“Already?” my wife asked as she let go with her mouth and stood up. She pulled my face to hers and kissed me eagerly, her wet lips sucking mine while she stroked my saliva coated dick with her hand. “That’s it baby!” She whispered, when she broke the kiss. “Cum for me. Squirt all over the dirt and trees like a fire hose!” she said as she moved slightly to the side and reached around to squeezed my ass. I reached a hand to her tit and gently squeezed and massaged her tit, twisting and tweaking her nipple.

“Oh god. You trying to make me cum?” She moaned quietly.

“Uh huh!” I said, trying to hold back as long as I could. “I want to fuck you!”


“Right here!” I said, putting my hand on hers, stopping her from jacking me off.

“Oh fuck why not?” She said, turning around and bending over.

I pressed my dick into her surprisingly wet tunnel, sinking slowly into her while she moaned with pleasure. “Oh yeah…. I can handle that.” She moaned as I reached around and started massaging her tits with my hand while I stroked into her pussy.

“Oh god. I’m not going to last long.” I grunted, moving a hand to her crotch to stroke her exposed clit.

“Me neither.” She grunted as her body shook gently, her orgasm working closer to its climax.

“OH FUCK!” I groaned as my body unloaded into her, jerking and twitching with each shot of hot cum into her pussy.

“UHHHH” she groaned as her body jerked in time with mine, her own orgasm triggered by the surge of cum into her. I held her tightly, both of us bent over trying to catch our breath, one hand still massaging her tit and the other gently stroking her clit.

“Oh that was good.” I said practically panting.

“I hope it keeps those other ladies off your dick.” She said as she stood up and pulled off my dick. She turned around to face me and squatted down, allowing most of my cum to leak back out of her onto the ground.

“I’m sure it will.” I replied as I looked behind her into the bushes and saw Amber watching us, one hand on her tit and the other disappearing down out of site, blocked by the leaves of the bush.

“Good. Now, go down and wash off your dick in the lake and let’s go eat.”

I nodded in agreement and walked the few more steps to the lake and crouched down, washing my now limp dick in the cool lake water. From my new position I could see Amber, who crouched down to stay out of site of my wife. She was squatting down and leaning back on one hand, her other hand working frantic circles around her clit, her knees spread as wide as they would go to give me a clear view. I watched her whole body tremble as she stared at me, both making sure I could see her and probably thinking that it was my dick inside her at that moment. Getting up I walked back to my wife and we walked with my arm around her waist back to the reception, leaving Amber to catch her breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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