Glory Skills

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Finally finding enough time last Thursday morning and mid-day to run a number of errands, it was possible to finally revisit a newly (re)discovered gloryhole.

Going into the porn shop around noon, it was about as empty as during the last visit, on a Saturday mid-afternoon. After paying and entering the long and dimly lit hall, a couple of men could be seen at the end of the rows of mainly open booths

Which was interesting, since this time, I knew what was potentially waiting at that far end. I walked down the hall about halfway on one side, then went back along the other, glancing at the porn playing in each open booth. Nothing struck my fancy, but then, porn wasn’t really the point of my visit.

Drawn towards the intriguing end of the store, I glanced again in the empty booths, avoiding looking at the 3 or 4 men hanging around, except in hurried glimpses. Though they weren’t really in the booths, their stance in the entrance ways seemed to have a certain sense of reserving the space. The ‘straight’ booth was free, and the porn was acceptable when quickly glimpsed, before turning to close the door. Someone had blocked the gloryhole with a roll of paper towels, a new variation.

This was an unexpected bit of privacy after entering the booth, so I started paying closer attention to the porn – seemingly of a woman in a maid’s uniform, getting fucked from behind, on her hands and knees. Both people on the screen seemed to be enjoying themselves, though very little of the woman could be seen, as she was still wearing her top and skirt. However, her motions were obviously of someone enjoying themselves, a fact equally true of the man pumping his erect cock deeply back and forth, against her rocking ass.

I locked the door, and heard the door to the other booth close quickly. While finishing arranging things in the booth, the roll was whisked away from the other side, which surprised me a bit. The smooth wood inlaid opening hole was as inviting as last time, and it wasn’t like this was truly my first time getting off here. Nonetheless, the barely noticeable whisking away did startle me a bit, a feeling which mixed in with my already eager state, knowing that forbidden pleasures were mine to share with a stranger. Pleasures which still made me feel like crossing a boundary into a hidden paradise. Or at least following my cock across it – sometimes it is hard to know which part of me is making the decisions at such times.

The other suprise was noticing what was really going on in the porn playing in front of me – the maid was actually a shemale, stroking ‘her’ fairly good sized and quite stiff cock while being fucked. Though not really one of my tastes, I have occasionally enjoyed stroking to transsexual porn, even once with another man (the man married to the woman who turned me on to coil vibrators). Especially when the center of my cock was already stirring.

Enjoying a bit of kinky porn was fun enough, though still somehow tainted by a lingering sense of embarrassment that anyone else would know about my interest. A sense of embarrassment which faded while getting my cock out, occupying most of my attention. I had been standing till now, facing the screen, but after unzipping my pants and reaching down to my half-hard cock, I sat in the compact chair, stroking myself harder while enjoying the quite hot scene in front of me. My focus centered on the hard cock of the shemale getting her ass fucked so good.

And looking over increasingly frequently to the other side. Where a man was sitting much like me, legs spread comfortably as he felt his cock, his pants around his feet, the same way mine were.

After just a bit, a finger came through, motioning in clear invitation for my cock to follow. I was just a bit too slow to actually stroke his finger with my own, though my following fingers hopefully provided confirmation that we both wanted to play the same style of game, though complete strangers without a word spoken. Complete privacy is part of the attraction found in such a setting, even though in the end, no real secrets exist about what goes on inside a gloryhole. Men getting each other off, without any distractions, irresistible in its simplicity. Till now, with one exception, it had been jacking each other off, or cock to cock contact and cumming, something which turns me on by being so purely male.

As my fingers withdrew, a cock followed. It was not very casino şirketleri hard, perhaps average in length. But unbelievably wide, even at this point, my fingers first feeling its dry heat and smoothness. And noticing just how much my fingers curled around a cock already seeming sexier than most. I began stroking my erect rod as his grew firmer, almost losing control and getting off just from the reality of playing with another man’s cock. My breathing had been growing louder and faster in rhythm with my pumping fist, lost in the magic of a cocks growing harder.

After a moment or two, he stood back, breaking the contact and moving into another position. His fingers beckoned. My cock was ready, and with little reason to hesitate, I put it against his fingers, his now lightly tugging and stroking fingers. My cock went deeper as he tugged it with such pleasure, and a warm wetness took over so completely that awareness was lost for a bit, delayed in the honey thickness of how good it felt. This must have been the first touch of his wet lips against my willing and hopeful cock. The sensations were new yet familiar, the pleasure rising while I kept sinking deeper into a stranger’s mouth, utterly lost in his willing cocksucking. The sort of cocksucking that is done with such loving care that I just want more, a gloryhole truth. Though this was just the second time of having it done at a gloryhole. His style was more gently promising than simply demanding or overpowering, and incredibly smooth.

Since it wasn’t a complete surprise, considering the cut-off view which had revealed him kneeling even before my cock entered the gloryhole, it was possible to enjoy the first pleasures of his mouth deeply, then pull back, though a bit raggedly. I hadn’t expected to be sucked, even if that concealed a bit of self-deception – that really, getting my cock sucked was just a random event. It was not because of secretly wanting it – or not so secretly, as the case now was. Having a man suck me off was already something that I was beginning to crave again.

My fingers quickly reached for his cock through the now clear opening, and he soon moved so they could easily feel his now nicely erect and truly thick cock. I tried the same trick with my fingers tugging him into glory, with the same results. His unusual thickness became obvious as I rubbed my still wet cock against his now solid one. My cock’s diameter, decently average in my eyes, was at best half the thickness of his. Yet, the difference in size was arousing, seeing and feeling just how large he was, marvelling at how much there was to encompass.

His hand reached down, and we began to move our cocks jointly, his fingers again sliding to my cock, tugging it with wonderful pleasure as he pulled his own cock back. Not only fingers were now guiding my rod, as the motion of his cock kept me moving deeper, until I was against the wall, lost in lust with a man who knew how to make me want more. Whose cock was making me horny, even as he kept wanting my cock. Apparently with greater desire and will than his wanting my attention on his still growing cock. He wanted to pleasure another man, a pleasure I simply no longer resisted, my cock moving deeper against his, his hand circling my cockhead, keeping me from going further against his pubic bone – my cock’s length was somewhat longer, a minor observation after being so taken with his size.

He shifted position after my cock was completely through, allowing me to enter his fantastic mouth for more cocksucking, no longer about to cum within just a few seconds of bliss. His style was gently dominating, beyond mere confidence, an interesting combination dissolving everything except my awaremess of how good it felt, my cock sucked by someone who wanted it in a way I was appreciating, though without exactly understanding why. For the third time in my life, some man was taking my cock into a realm of total satisfaction, a man who owned my cock now, setting me undeniably on a path to helplessly flood his wanting mouth. His desire was unmistakable, part of the skill which sets a true craftsman apart.

My mind returned, at least a bit, when I felt myself flattened against the wall. This is another major part of the unique thrill of a gloryhole – the surface provides the illusion of not going too far, pressed flat against it, even as you strain to go deeper. My moaning had started again, leading him to slow down casino firmaları his sucking a bit. His hand now began cupping my balls, then sliding over my pubic hair. Somewhere in that timeless feeling, the idea of tasting my first cock began to drift through my thoughts, distant as thinking was.

As the prospect of a tempting orgasm began to recede from the root of my cock, I slowly pulled back, moaning ‘not yet, oh … yeah … fuck yeah’ as I pumped my cock back in, his waiting mouth knowing just what I wanted. But repeating ‘not yet’ several times, between unstoppable moans, and moving back without more unstoppable thrusting, his mouth finally let me slide away. The space being free, my now shaky hand went questing, trying to find the most massive cock I had ever experienced in my life. One that was now truly hard after sucking my own jutting member. I gripped it in my left hand, my right hand pumping my own hot length, trying to gain a semblance of calm within a still growing tide. One that would overwhelm me at some point, though not yet, with another crest safely past, having lifted me higher on a wave of virtually irresistible cock sucking.

Sitting down, not only my hand was shaky. I was playing with a stranger’s cock in a booth, a man whose cocksucking was incredible, already far beyond my ability to resist for much longer. Whose cock was truly as impressively sexy as what he had done to me on his knees. As my hand directed his thickness through the hole, I pulled his clean, darkly red and pink skin taut, then lowered my head close, sagging in the chair, lost in how good my stroking felt. As I breathed in, the scent was irresistible, as sexually intense as any woman’s, yet purely male.

And potent, a warm scent of sex that went far behind my mind to reach down to the base of my rigid member. Just like a woman’s pussy at the peak of her monthly cycle. A scent that causes desire even as it fulfills it. Up close, it was an even more unbelievably thick cock, one starting to quiver in enjoyment of my breath growing harder and faster against it. My mouth kept moving closer, the smell drawing me on. I was looking at a hot cock as it began filling my eyes with a vision of desire. My tongue was reaching out even before I could grow close enough for it to reach.

I couldn’t and didn’t stop at the initial contact, tasting the salty smoothness behind his flared cockhead. For the first time in my life, truly wanting to explore a man’s cock with my tongue, simply because it was the sexiest thing imaginable, now possible in such a state of total horniness. And because it was time to share at least a sense of the same pleasure that was being offered so freely. I was finally tasting a man’s most intimate area, unstoppable, caught in the spell of his cock.

The heat was growing noticeable, like last summer with another man, in another closed, warm room, a familiar sweaty sensation enhancing the sexual heat as my skin grew damp. That time too, I had had my cock sucked. And I had at least returned a bit of the delight, as I licked his shaft and balls, without ever letting myself get too close to his tempting cockhead. Which had not been a mistaken choice – because the first time I truly smelled a man’s turned on cock, I couldn’t resist.

Holding my own cock tightly at its base, thoroughly aware of how his cock had captivated me, beyond caring about anything except for licking my first cockhead, one that took a while to merely circle. I wasn’t really considering much except to keep experiencing a man’s aroused cock, but slowly, the fact that while the taste and smell were delightful, true cocksucking is still something left for the future, even as that future grows closer. I remain at the brink, and every small step is a stone on the path of finally abandoning myself completely to a stranger’s hot cumming cock.

Though my lips closed around his cockhead, and my tongue swirled over and around it, practical considerations started to grow. Sucking a sexy stranger’s cock was still a barrier, even if a very shaky and weakened one. Quite honestly, I wasn’t really quite sure how to even handle the mechanics of making a man cum, which upon a bit of reflection became a not trivial obstacle.

Standing again, moving my cock against his now slippery length, I remained in awe of how truly large it was while looking down, a scene hotter than any porn. It had become his turn to be pressing against güvenilir casino the wall, obviously enjoying what was happening, turned on as I. A few moans seemed to be coming from his side, joining my own. I love rubbing my cock against another man’s, and the prospect of cumming was starting to pull me in beyond return.

Too soon, he moved, and his fingers returned with their delightful invitation. This time, guiding me straight into his willing and skilled mouth, where I began to drown again in the flicking of his tongue, the sliding of his lips along my entire cock, the warm wetness of his gorgeous mouth. Flattened again, I began mumbling ‘not yet’ over and over, and just before cumming, was able to pull back, my hand tightly clasping the base of my cock, holding orgasm back through the abrupt change in sensations.

His fingers quickly found my cock, and after a few panting moments to collect what remained of my concentration, only thinking of returning to his undoubtedly still open mouth. This fourth time, I knew that it would be impossible to resist what was waiting for my cock on the other side. My will had fled, replaced by the eager desire to fill a stranger’s mouth with my hot and horny cock, as deeply as he wanted to take it.

Sliding in again, his tongue began to create magic against my cockhead, a rhythm gently leading me on, his tongue melding against my cock. I was motionless, completely incapable of anything but having him continue. He was not in a hurry, and neither was I, as orgasm’s release became more insistent.

Around this point, words were tumbling from me, trying to convey that I was about to fill his mouth with my hot cum. Words that made public what was going on – ‘oh man – cock good .. I am .. cum so good .. hot man .. make me .. cock suck .. cum .. ‘ as my cock started to reach its final swelling, just before the cum started to flow from my balls.

A gently long orgasm, following the flicking of his tongue, each fountaining pulse of ecstasy following the previous one in a measured pace he was creating. Words kept tumbling out in random order, ‘fuck yeah .. good .. hot .. cock suck .. fuck .. yes .. no stop .. fuck good.’ I was completely overcome from his tongue and mouth motions, and just kept cumming as he kept sucking my cock without pause, his swallowing just part of the intense connection between us. It was no longer possible to even guess who was more enthralled at what was happening, as neither of us had any intention of stopping.

Just as he had brought me up to the peak, he led me down, a truly unusual sensation. Unlike the occasional times when my cock grows hard again quickly after cumming, this was simply the natural progression of a man who possessed talents of cocksucking beyond anything I had ever encountered, male or female. Though my rod is often oversensitive or ticklish after cumming, this time, it was perfectly content to slowly shrink, caressed by his surrounding mouth. A shrinking that took much longer, and felt much better, than ever before.

Still moaning helplessly, though with reduced force, my knees started to weaken from how long they had remained motionless, becoming the first distractions to grow large enough to demand attention, a slow returning of the need to deal with practicalities. Easily put off for now, my half hard cock still in the mouth of a stranger. Almost grasping how the feeling was created, such as his tongue under my cock head as his teeth lightly closed as he moved his mouth slowly back and forth, then his sucking me deeper as his lips closed, moving up my shaft to the flaring ridge of my cockhead. Trying to remember such ideas for any future use.

I finally pulled out after being slumped against the wall for what seemed an immense amount of time, at least subjectively. Everything was in slow motion still, and I took a while cleaning, then redressing. His door opened a minute or more before mine, which was fine – the entire reason for a gloryhole is to remain unknown, nothing interfering with the direct simplicity of what happens.

I left, not really closing the door to the booth, simply leaving directly without glancing back while moving out of the booth on down the hall. Stopping near the exit, I turned to look back briefly. It was startling to see easily more than 10 men, mainly wearing summer business attire, clustered at the end of the hall. I have no idea how many heard what happened, or whether they wanted to be the one with the cock in another man’s mouth, or have their own mouth sucking off some stranger. So much for secrets behind closed doors – anybody visiting a gloryhole a second time already knows the basic secret.

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