Ann: A Love Story Ch. 05

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Having accepted the terms that Jill and Dawn agreed to, Mark and I were sent off with the others respective mate to the nearest bedroom. That was the polite way to put it. More bluntly, we were swapped. We’d been primed by a slightly better than average porn flick, and then rushed off to partake in a one hour tour of each others’ bodies. The only major stipulation was a strict ‘no fly’ zone when it came to penile penetration anywhere south of the border.

That didn’t seem to bother Jill in the least. She wasn’t interested in fucking me. I’m not sure when she and Dawn had had a chance to talk, but I knew what they talked about. Apparently, my skills at eating her pussy had made such an impact on Dawn, she felt compelled to not only share the information with Jill…but also to share me.

I felt awkward at first, not knowing how to start. Jill was my friends’ girlfriend, and he was also my top customer. The idea of having any kind of sex with her might come with some serious repercussions. But Jill took control of the situation, not wanting to waste any of our time. So, she grabbed my hard cock and started sucking it. It’s amazing how a pair of full lips wrapped around the head of your cock will make you rethink your concerns. And if the lips are attached to a woman as beautiful as Jill, it makes you want to reciprocate.

Jill and I spent most of the rest of our hour together pleasuring each other. We were on our sides, relaxing in a 69 position, and I had brought her to the edge a half dozen times without letting her cum. Each time, she would push farther past her previous high point, only to have me pull back and prolong the experience.

The latest time, I had her left leg lifted, resting on my shoulder, and I was concentrating on her pink little rose bud. Jill had been sucking my cock almost the entire time I had been nibbling at her cunt, but she stopped the moment my tongue found her sweet puckered hole. Her moans instantly grew louder. I got the impression that she hadn’t done a lot of anal play, based solely on her reaction to what my tongue was doing.

Now that I had her lubed up, I moved my mouth back to her amazing pussy, and moved my hand from the cheek of her ass to her crack. I played with her little hole with my middle finger, and then I slowly and gently eased it inside her ass.

She let out a scream that I know was heard in the other bedroom, if not the neighboring houses. I was fucking Jill’s ass with my finger, and I concentrated my efforts on licking around her pussy, avoiding her clit for the moment. If I could get her to cum like that without touching it, she was only going to go off bigger when I did.

I loved being playful around an aroused woman. Every breath, every soft touch on her skin brings a change in her sexual mood. Jill was no different than any other woman I’d made love to, with the possible exception that I wasn’t going to try and fuck her. But the discovery of the uncharted territory I’d just found made me excited, and I wanted to explore.

Yet there wasn’t time. I knew it. My internal clock was telling me that the hour was almost up. Jill was back to sucking me, determined to get me off. I wanted her to cum again. Were we trying to make this happen in unison, and I saw a finish line. I flicked at Jill’s clit with my tongue.

The scream would have been louder than the last one, but she stuffed my dick as far into her throat as she could to help choke off the sound. It came out as more of a painful howl, but I knew from the amount of fluid I was swallowing that there was no discomfort in her cry.

Jill pulled off me, almost wheezing as she stroked my cock.

“Fuck me, Neil!”

I felt my cock flinch, and I was seconds away from deflation. That was not what I expected, or wanted to hear. I know that sounds ridiculous to say that. A horny man, his cock pulsing from the sensations caused by the talented mouth of an equally horny and beautiful female, hears the words any man would want spoken to him at that cumulative moment of passion; and his mind screams ‘Nooooo’ with such force that surely an aneurism is just moments away. It’s the kind of paradox that drives brilliant men to insanity. My body betrayed me; the chemical chain reaction causing my adrenaline to rush to my heart, triggering my fight or flight defenses. Fortunately, Jill realized her choice of words had created a panic inside me.

She sucked my shaft back deep into her throat, working hard to salvage my manhood. She was flying over my skin, her saliva dripping off my balls. I had never had such a frantic blowjob. Not only was it sloppy, it was desperate. But it worked. Jill had rescued my dying hard on, bringing back to life with her expert mouth to…cock resuscitation.

She pulled off, rubbing her hand up and down my slippery dick. Letting go, she lay on her back and pushed her tits together.

She had my attention, and she smiled.

“If you would have looked at me first, that wouldn’t have happened. Now, I’m going to say that again. Fuck casino şirketleri me, Neil!”

Ahhh. She wanted me to fuck her tits!

“Well, that’s different, now isn’t it?” I said as I straddled her stomach and plopped my fat cock into her cleavage with a wet smack.

Jill molded her fleshy mounds around my shaft and held them tight. I started thrusting my hips forward, ramming my cock into her chin. I grabbed a pillow, and Jill lifted her head so I could slide it underneath. With the new angle, she was able to open her mouth, letting the head pass her full lips.

Jill was pleading with me, begging me to fuck her tits harder. She wasn’t getting any stimulus out of it. After all, I wasn’t touching her pussy at the time. But she was begging because time was running short, and she wanted my cum. Her soft eyes reflected the flickering candles, and in those fixed pupils I could see her own fire, smoldering beneath the surface as she coaxed me to give her my load.

Her incessant chanting to move harder and faster was a cadence; my hips keeping the tempo to the drumbeat of her voice. It’s amazing the effect of hearing a stunning woman urging out loud to ‘Fuck me harder’ can have on a man. The words sear into the brain, leaving behind a burning desire to obey. My pelvis thrust forward, becoming more of an involuntary reflex. I couldn’t stop at that point if I had to.

I didn’t want to. Jill’s tongue was hitting the knob of my cock perfectly, and my balls started to ache as they rapidly pulled inward toward my body. I was about to torpedo her with semen, and she knew it. Before I could ask her where she wanted it, she provided my answer. She must have been turned on by the same x-rated scene that Dawn had watched over and over.

“Cum on my face, baby!” Jill blurted out, her head shifting up as she lifted her upper body onto her elbows. I’d never heard that phrase directed at me before in all of my life, and suddenly Jill was the second woman in under 24 hours to plead for me to bathe her face with my sperm.

Plunging my fat prick between Jill’s soft melons a couple more times, I felt my load start to bubble up from my balls and race up my shaft. I froze, and Jill let go of her breasts, freeing me. Springing up, I had a little dribble of cum seeping from the tiny slit. Jill licked her lips as she brought her slender fingers up. She ran her index finger underneath my cock, from my balls to the tip. When she reached my mushroom head, I started blasting.

Jill grabbed my shaft and stroked me, trying to aim the jets of spunk. Around the sixth big rope that landed squarely on her face and hair, Jill started laughing. I had two more good sized shots in me, and then a couple of very little ones dribbled out as the pressure in my balls subsided.

“My God, Dawn wasn’t lying. You shoot forever, baby. Do you do that every time?” Jill said as she started sucking me again, trying to make sure the chamber was empty.

“It depends how long ago I came last. I’m usually good for 5 or 6 good sized blasts on average.”

“That was more than six!”

“Well, I seem to be a little worked up this weekend. This house is pretty exciting.”

“Not usually, but it has been since you got here. I hope I didn’t drain you so much that you’ve got nothing left for Dawn.”

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem. With the lack of sex I’ve had over the last few years, I’ m sure I’ve got a pretty good reserve built up.”

I helped Jill sit up, and I kissed her, tasting myself on her lips and mouth. She was woozy, caught up in the wickedness of the act. Pulling away, I licked my cum from her chin and offered it to her on my tongue. She kissed me hard, wrapping her lips around my tongue to steal it before I changed my mind. I felt her body tremble just a little and thought she might have had a little orgasm.

Jill was breathless when she said, “That may be the sexiest thing a man has ever done for me.”

“Yeah, I get that a lot. I really don’t see what the big deal is, though.”

“And that’s what makes it sexy, baby. You make it seem so natural, and I can tell you, no other man I’ve ever been with would do that.”

I smiled. I’m not sure she was right, but I only had myself as a reference.

There was a knock on the door. Dawn was coming to reclaim me.

“Thanks for fulfilling my fantasy, Neil.”

I said, “You’re welcome,” not really knowing what that fantasy was. But I did enjoy our time together, even if the entire event seemed strange.

“It’s open,” Jill said in response to a second knock.

I was off the bed now, my flaccid cock still dripping a little from our encounter. Dawn opened the door and said, “Time’s up.”

While the experience was gratifying for what it was, as a sexual release, my heart did a double take when I saw Dawn peek her head through the door. No, she wasn’t covered with cum. Or sweat. Or anything. She was her normal, radiant naked self. But her smile in looking at Jill, and then at me, is one that I’ll always remember.

“I casino firmaları see Rembrandt’s been painting again. How was it sis?”

That comment had me staggering. Were they really sisters? Or was that some general reference of endearment, like me calling Mark ‘bro’ or something. They didn’t look alike, but that didn’t really mean anything.

“Sis?” I said out loud, not sure I had actually said it aloud, or that I wanted an actual answer.

“It was amazing, Dawn. Everything you said was true. And your right, she had to be the biggest idiot in the world to cheat on him.”

Jill turned to me, seeing that I was still pondering the previous sentence Dawn had uttered.

“It’s my nickname, Neil. Everyone thinks of me as their big sister.”

“Well, I don’t, thank God. That would have made what we just did at least mentally incestuous. And I prefer to think of my ex as a slut, not an idiot. Well, maybe a mixture of both, but I appreciate your sentiment.”

Dawn chimed in, saying, “Now I would have thought she was more of a whore.”

I laughed. “No, she didn’t charge. She gave it away. She was a slut. If she was a whore, at least I wouldn’t have been broke when I got divorced.”

“Wow, I never really thought of the distinction between the two,” Jill said as she pondered the meaning of the words.

“I didn’t either, until I had a reason to define the difference. I guess I had too much time on my hands.”

“Not any more. It’s my time now, lover. Let’s go watch another movie,” Dawn said as she took my hand and led me back to the living room.

Mark was sitting on the couch, under the sheet. He was waiting for Jill, who didn’t bother to clean her face. She just sat down next to him, not bothering to cover up with the sheet. She sat naked next to him, her legs spread lewdly, still dripping with some of my sperm. He was silent as he studied her, and I was starting to get worried that we had made a mistake. Mark raised his hand gently to her cheek, scooping a morsel of my seed onto his fingertip. Lifting it to her lips, she took his offering, taking his finger deep into her mouth, sucking on it like a cock. Dawn and I crawled under the sheet left on the loveseat. Being smaller, it forced us into a closeness we would have sought on our own anyway. She reached for the remote to turn on the TV and VCR again. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jill reach into a drawer of a table next to her for something of her own, but it was too dark to see what it was. Dawn pressed the buttons, and started up the movie. She must have changed the tape while Jill and I finished up. It started already forwarded past the opening credits.

In the late 80’s, watching porn in the privacy of your home was still a relatively new experience. Long before the internet, and DVD’s, the advent of the VCR took the genre out of seedy theaters and the occasional adult drive in, and brought it to the safety of living rooms and bedrooms. The only downside was trying to find them. At least where I lived, adult book stores were a long way away.

And unlike internet or DVD, the video cassette required patience. You couldn’t select a specific scene or a money shot, just by moving a mouse or hitting the menu button. You had to actually watch the movie. Sure, there were ways to see the specific things you wanted to see. You could fast forward and use the images rocketing by on the screen after you’d seen the movie once or twice to know where to stop the tape. And you could always use the rewind. But neither option was convenient. For the most part, it was best just to watch.

So we watched. Dawn had home court advantage, because she’d obviously seen the movie before. Even without telling me, I could tell from her excitement that she had picked out the movie that turned her on so much. She was practically glued to me. And since she knew the movie so well, she was anticipating what was about to happen. She didn’t talk…she was a good partner. She wasn’t the type to give away the ending just because she’d seen the movie before. There were no hints, like ‘watch this’, or ‘wait until you see what happens.’ She wanted me to experience it like she had, hoping I’d get turned on like she was.

The truth is, I was turned on by her wanting me to be turned on. It wasn’t the movie per se; although early on I knew it was way above average as far as adult flicks go. The overall production was magnificent. It was that Dawn wanted to share something she found exciting that I found so exciting. I was reading her body, and that let me know when we were getting close to parts she found particularly arousing.

The other thing that was stimulating was that we weren’t stimulating each other. We actually held hands under the blanket; my arm around her shoulder, her other hand resting on my thigh, but not moving higher. We just watched. No stroking, no fondling; nothing. She knew I was rock hard. I knew she was soaking wet. But not touching each other, at least for me, increased the lust factor. It became güvenilir casino a war of wills. I wasn’t going to be the first to cave and start touching Dawn. And she wasn’t going to make a move on me either. And that made it better.

I was glad that she wasn’t interested in a plot, because this one didn’t have one. It seemed to be a collection of sexual scenes thrown together. They were loosely tied together by a female psychiatrist. She was talking to patients, who were telling her about sexual encounters they had had that had a profound impact on their lives in some way. It was a stretch, but it was a plot device. They key to the movie was the psychiatrist, who found herself fantasizing during the session about what she was supposed to be analyzing. The scenes were those visions in her head, as described by the patient.

The first scene was a cute redhead whose character was named Sophie, dressed in black leather boots and a black leather bikini. She bound her boyfriend, a well endowed guy she called Anthony. She took him to her bedroom, and tied him to the bed. It wasn’t a BDSM theme. It was just the redhead playacting as a Dom, and toying with her partner. It was, however, very intriguing. It wasn’t something I’d ever done, on either side of the ropes, so to speak. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I suddenly had an interest.

The scene that gave Dawn the inspiration to try a facial was spectacular. Not only from the sheer eroticism of the act, and the amount of sperm that was sprayed all over the auburn haired babe in the film, but also from a cinematographic viewpoint. It was shot in super slow motion, and used at least 4 different camera angles. In addition to being one of the most incredibly erotic things I’ve ever seen, it was also unbelievably artistic.

I could see why Dawn was so turned on by it. Guys are visual; they get excited about almost anything sexual they see. Women need a little more thought put into it, and the director had that in mind. Dawn was more sexually charged than any time I could remember in my short time with her. She had watched that particular scene countless times, yet I sensed that this time was much different. It was much more personal. She wasn’t just turned on from watching in again; it was that I was sharing with her in her voyeuristic obsession, and that made the entire experience that much naughtier.

And naughty can be oh so sexy.

While she didn’t beg, I could tell that Dawn wanted more from me at moment. Yet she didn’t beg, or say anything. We both knew that the anticipation of what would happen in private later would be so much more satisfying. I knew if I so much as touched Dawn’s pussy, she’d cum. The fact that I didn’t meant that when I finally did, her release would be massive.

After the scene ended, Dawn kissed me on the cheek.

“I’ll be right back lover. Don’t go anywhere.”

“Where are you going?” I said, thinking she might have been so turned on she was going to take matters into her own hands, literally. And if that was the case, screw the movie, I was going with her.

“I’ve got to get ready for the part after this one.”

I shook my head. “What does that mean?”

“You’ll see. Just watch the blond get her ass fucked. She really loves it. I’ll be back in a little bit.”

Dawn took the remote with her, and went to her room. I shrugged my shoulders and leaned back, feeling empty without Dawn’s hard body leaning into mine. Just the touch of her skin against me made me want her, and with it gone, I felt numb for a couple of minutes.

The platinum, almost white haired blond was indeed getting reamed; and she did love it, at least on screen. Up to that point, I hadn’t watched a lot of anal sex in porn. And personally, I’d never tried it. When it first crossed my mind that I wanted to try it, I was already in a relationship with the ex, and it was the one area of sex that I couldn’t convince her to partake in. After being shot down more times than I could stand, I put it idea out of my mind completely.

I’d never liked rejection, and I got so much of it in my miserable marriage that I didn’t even think to try with anyone I had dated since. I was just so happy to get any sex at all that I didn’t want to risk ruining it by going too far. As I had said before, I’ve always been an ass man. So, watching the cute, nimble dark tanned girl take that huge porn cock all the way up her rear chute excited me.

Thinking back less than an hour before, I thought about my tonguing Jill’s ass. I hadn’t done that in a very, very long time. And I’m not sure where I even got the boldness to do it. I think it was the house. Magical things were happening in that house. I had become a different person. Well, not different. I’d gone back in time, and had become the old, confident Neil I had been in college. “Man that bitch really did more damage than I had ever thought possible,” I said to myself as I thought of all the crap she put me through.

I watched the girl on the tube with a new appreciation. She was on her back, her legs pulled up near her ears. Her hands were on her ass pulling her cheeks apart as she begged the man wielding the monster prick to ‘fuck her harder’. Those words seared into my brain again, an image of Dawn popping forward.

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