Bull for Friends in Need Pt. 02

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Our friend Dave called me the next day, “Hi Ellicia, I talked with Mr. Johnson, and he said it’s okay if I bring you along.”

I was still shaky from the night before when Dave had his hand in my panties while my husband slept, and still nervous about being invited to watch a married couple let Dave have sex with the wife. I half wanted to back out, but I found myself saying, “Sure, by then Marc should be able to take care of himself, if you know what I mean.”

“Great,” said Dave, “But the Johnsons want to change it to Friday evening. They want me to meet them at the Westover Hotel.”

As I thought about it, Dave added, “That’s the same night as the symphony concert in the downtown auditorium. Ask Mark if I can take you to the concert. It’s a deception, but really it’s a little white lie, and I think in the end he’ll be glad you went to this ‘concert.’”

“Okay,” I’ll ask him.

“Great, I’ll pick you up at seven on Friday, if it’s okay,” Dave said.

Sure enough, my sweet Marc was glad that I could get out for an evening with our friend Dave. I did feel a little sly, but I was more curious than I thought I could be about what Dave has been up to with married couples. The sight of his cock was still giving me flutters, and I was willing to do anything to have it myself one day.

On Friday, I dressed for the concert and made sure Marc was comfortable. By then he could take care of his basic needs, if you know what I mean. He was gaining strength, but was in no condition to take me to a concert.

Our doorbell rang at seven, and Dave came in to greet us before we left for the evening’s entertainment. I quite enjoyed watching Dave kindly speak with my husband about his health, and he reassured Marc that it was nice of him to let me out of his sight for an evening of enjoyment. If only Marc knew what kind of enjoyment.

We got in the car, and I must admit I was growing more nervous. Dave could feel my apprehensions, and he said, “This will be wonderful. I’m so glad you can join me with the Johnsons.”

“I’m kind of scared,” I admitted.

“No cause for alarm,” Dave assured me. “This will be quite straightforward and simple. Let me explain. The Johnsons are a bit older couple, in their later fifties, and they have been talking about this sort of thing for a long time. Mr. Johnson decided to investigate the possibility of making their fantasy come true, and he found me through a friend of a friend of a friend.”

I blinked and said, “Have you met them?”

“Yes, well, I met Mr. Johnson,” Dave said. “We met at the Westover Hotel bar about a month ago. We had a nice long chat, and he seemed to be more at ease about doing this.”

“It sounds so civil,” I said.

“Oh, yes,” Dave said, “These things are far more ordinary than people might think. In my experience, many husbands and wives have this same fantasy. The problem for them is finding the right partner. Mr. Johnson told me that when he’s making love to his wife, she gets excited and passionate if he whispers that a man with a much larger cock was in the room or was waiting for her when he was through. It’s a common fantasy.”

My breath was coming quicker as he talked.

“Mr. Johnson showed me photos of his wife, and I shared one of my photo albums with him so he could see what I had for his wife. He took it with him to show Mrs. Johnson, and then we all spoke on the phone.”

“How did that go?” I asked.

“Oh, fine,” Dave said, “Mr. Johnson did most of the talking. I asked his wife if she had seen my photos. She said that she was looking at one while we talked. So I told her that soon I hoped she could see it in person and enjoy making it hard. She released a little moaning sound, and then I told her that we’ll take all the time we need to put in deep into her pussy.”

Dave’s words were making my juices flow even more. “And what did she say?” I asked.

Dave said, “Mrs. Johnson made another moaning sound before her husband cut in to make the final plans for the meeting.”

“And me, they were okay with me coming with you?” I asked.

“Ah, yes,” Dave said, “Mr. Johnson explained to his wife that you are an interested in doing the same thing with you husband, and you wanted to observe before testing the waters with your hubby. They understood.”

Dave said, “Tonight, the Johnsons rented a hotel room for themselves and a connecting room for you and me. Mrs. Johnson knows about the plan, of course. He’ll keep reminding her that she’ll soon have the biggest cock he could find. After casino şirketleri dinner they will return to the room to get ready. I told him to start making love as they usually do and get her ready. The door between us will be open enough so I can hear him when he’s ready for me.”

I was glad to hear that the men were considerate and respected the wife’s feelings. We arrived at the hotel, and Dave texted Mr. Johnson from the lobby. He replied, “You’ll be in room 1204, next to us. Mrs. Johnson is in the shower now. Give us about fifteen minutes. I’ll unlock the door between our rooms.”

In our room, Dave changed into one of the hotel robes. I watched him undress completely and marveled again at the size of his dick as he stretched his arms back to put on the robe. Dave sat on the bedside and leaned back with the robe falling open. Little did I know what I’d been missing all these years.

While the Johnsons began their love making next door, Dave said, “Ellicia, maybe you can help me get ready for the Johnsons,” as he motioned for me to come over to him.

I sat by his side and knew he wanted me to touch him and prepare his erection. I reached over and lifted it in my hand, feeling its weight again. Even though it wasn’t fully erect, my fingers couldn’t quite surround it. By now, cum was drooling from his thick bell head, and I could feel his cock pulse and get longer and thicker in my hand.

“Thanks,” Dave said, “This is helping a great deal.”

I’d never seen a man’s cock build-up like this. Certainly Marc didn’t have a fraction of the cock volume I was holding. The inches added up as my grip slid up and down. Soon he seemed to be fully extended. His cock stood straight up by itself as my finter tips pushed on the firmness of his cock head. With his dick erect, now I could see his testicles between his legs. “May I?” I asked, as I scooped my hand under them and straightened them out in a tidy side-by-side position.

Dave rose and went to the door to listen. We could hear them making love, and Mr. Johnson’s voice was asking his wife, “Are you ready for a much bigger dick?” Dave walked into their room with his robe hanging loosely apart. His cock entered their room at least nine inches before he did.

I heard Mr. Johnson whisper, “Look dear, the man with the big cock you wanted.” I peeked into their room. In the soft light I saw Mrs. Johnson on the bed on her back. As Dave approached, she rose up on her elbows and looked astonished. Dave walked to her and touched her cheek, “Nice to finally meet you,” he said, as his cock waved in front of her and his balls floated up and down. Dave dropped his robe.

Dave said, “Mr. Johnson, why don’t you be sure your wife is ready while we get to know each other better.” Dave moved closer to let Mrs. Johnson put her hand on his thickness and feel its size while Mr. Johnson licked his wife’s pussy. I could imagine her pleasure as her husband’s tongue played with her while she took her first handful of this huge dick that was soon to fuck her.

Ever the gentleman, Dave bent down and kissed Mrs. Johnson on the cheek, then on her lips while she more vigorously held his cock and grasped out for his balls. The kiss lingered to give her plenty of time to satisfy her curiosity. Dave stepped back and said, “Your husband is very nice to let you do this, don’t you think?”

Mrs. Johnson was too embarrassed to reply, so Dave said, “Let’s give him a little applause for his kindness to you,” and they both clapped gently.

“Let’s give it a try,” Dave said, as he walked to the foot of the bed. Mr. Johnson moved aside, and Dave grasped Mrs. Johnson’s legs and pulled her down so to line up her pussy with his cock. I was behind him and could now only see Dave’s strong round buttocks with Mrs. Johnson’s legs spread one on each side of him.

Mr. Johnson was standing naked to the side of his wife. His cock was certainly more than my husband Marc had between his legs. Dave said to him, “Why don’t you help us get started?”

Mr. Johnson reached down must have taken Dave’s cock in his hand and helped it find the entry to his wife’s vagina. She flinched in anticipation. From behind, all I could see were Dave’s buttock muscles tense as he prepared to penetrate. Mrs. Johnson’s mouth dropped open and she gasped as Dave powered forward with restrained power. She seemed to try to move away on the bed, but Dave held her legs and made her stay put while he started to fuck her.

Mr. Johnson watched every move, and wanked as he watched Dave’s cock slowly casino firmaları disappear into his wife’s pussy.

Fascinated, I walked into the room to see better. Mr. Johnson saw me and motioned for me to come over by him. From there, I could see the Mrs. Johnson’s pussy had long labia that were pulled longer when Dave pulled out, then they disappeared as he pushed back in.

About half way into her, Dave realized that he might be approaching her limits. “Here,” Dave said, “it will go better if you turn over and get on all fours.” She did, and her fanny faced Dave in perfect position for him to enter her from behind.

As his wife did this, I felt Mr. Johnson’s hand on my leg. He watched his wife, wanked with one hand, and slid his other hand up my leg until he touched my panties. I wasn’t there to be involved in this, and my first reaction was to resist his touching. But by now my pussy felt neglected, and I knew Dave would insist that we wait for my husband’s approval. So what’s a girl to do? I let him touch me.

Soon his fingers were inside my panties and making contact with my tender parts, and he knew that I was enjoying his touches. He looked at me and motioned for me to get on all fours beside his wife. I don’t know what came over me, but I joined Mrs. Johnson on the bed with my ass facing her husband.

Mr. Johnson lifted my skirt and slid my panties down to my knees. From the side, Dave could see my ass and, if he leaned over a bit, he could see my juicy pussy. I looked back to see Dave smile and nod to Mr. Johnson, and the next thing I knew his cock was finding its way inside me.

I looked to the side to see Mrs. Johnson as Dave reentered her and pushed for more depth. Her head moved from side to side, and I don’t think she knew that her husband was fucking me at the same time.

Dave spoke to Mr. Johnson, “I assume you’re all the way in to my friend Ellicia?”

He replied, “Oh yes, I’m so glad you brought her.”

When he said that, I wondered if Dave had told Mr. Johnson ahead of time that he could fuck me. Had they worked out a plan? I really didn’t care at that point. Mr. Johnson’s cock was more than satisfactory, more than my husband’s, and maybe Dave thought it would be a good tune-up for his much larger cock.

Dave asked Mr. Johnson to see how far he’s gotten into his wife’s pussy. Mr. Johnson pulled out of me to take a look. “Can you go farther?” he asked.

“I’m not sure. Let’s ask your wife,” Dave said. I could hear Dave grunting as he pushed into her. Her face expressed pleasure and determination. I’m sure she wanted all she could get. Mr. Johnson returned to my backside and stared to fuck me again. Since his cock was larger than I was used to, it was a better fuck than my husband could give me. I never have an orgasm when Marc and I fuck, but Mr. Johnson was starting to push me over the edge.

The pleasure was surging when I heard Dave ask, “Ellicia, do you want Mr. Johnson to cum in you?”

By then, I was over the moon with pleasure and didn’t really care. All I could do was say, “Just keep doing what you’re doing, Mr. Johnson.”

He fucked me harder and said, “It takes us older guys longer to cum, so I can keep this up as long as you like.”

What a gentleman! Delighted, I lay my head on the bed while Mrs. Johnson’s husband took all the time he needed. Little ripples of sensation had started, and I was content to let him fuck me until he was spent.

Meanwhile, Dave kept up his assault on Mrs. Johnson’s pussy while his hands firmly held her ass cheeks, drawing her to him with each plunge of his cock. Dave said, “I think we can get it all in, but I need her to turn over.”

Dave withdrew his cock and turned Mrs. Johnson over onto her back. Mr. Johnson slowed down and casually fucked me as he watched his wife turn and present herself to Dave’s big plunger of a dick. Dave asked, “Mr. Johnson, can you and Ellicia give me a hand?”

Dave asked us to each hold one of Mrs. Johnson’s legs wide apart, and to pull them up slightly to elevate her pussy for his entrance. He had fucked her long enough already so that her lips were parted and extended to make an easy target.

Dave kneeled between her spread legs and let his big cock rest on her lips until he was ready. He leaned over her and asked, “Are you ready for a real cock?”

She was dreamy-eyed and could only nod.

Then Dave asked her husband, “Mr. Johnson, do you approve what I’m about to do? May I keep fucking your wife?”

Mr. Johnson was quick to say, “Oh, güvenilir casino yes,” as he watched the hulking bulge at the top of Dave’s cock start to nest itself into his wife’s pussy.

Dave leaned forward to put muscle behind his initial penetration. He slid into her easily at first Mr. Johnson and I watched over half of Dave’s dick vanish into her pool of wet pussy. He had reached her limit, so far. As he pulled back, her lips clung to the sides of his cock. His thickness forced her pussy apart and must have been giving her new pleasure. As he entered her again, I could see her hooded clit get dragged inside her and rub against Dave’s long shaft sliding deeper and deeper. Each withdrawal stroke also simulated her clit so that there was no time for her most sensitive zone to rest.

As Dave kept up his pace, and as Mrs. Johnson was held securely in position by us, his cock gradually made more depth. Finally, Dave was as far as he could go. His public hair pressed against her pubic swell.

“Now we can begin to fuck,” Dave said.

Mr. Johnson and I looked at each other, “Begin?” we laughed. Mrs. Johnson just lay there enjoying the sensations. She had started to cum when Dave was in her from behind, and now she was into repeated orgasms.

Occasionally she would say, “Oh, please don’t stop!” And Dave would answer, “You wish is my command.” Dave staying power was impressive, and he later told me that keeping his erection was key to being invited back and getting good recommendations. He told me that he worked at denying himself, coming close to orgasm but holding back over and over. He had trained himself well.

I noticed the clock. It was getting late, and my husband would expect us to be home soon. I said something about it to Dave, and he agreed that we needed to give the nice Johnson couple a rest soon.

Dave fucked Mrs. Johnson harder than ever to build himself up. Then he asked, “Mr. Johnson, do you mind if I cum inside your wife?”

“Be my guest,” he replied.

And in less than a minute Dave let out a roar and released his cum. After two or three plunges in and out of Mrs. Johnson, we could see the silky white juice flowing out of her. Dave finished and sat back on his heels to let his cock recede and gradually exit Mrs. Johnson’s pussy. It flopped down to the sheets while we watched hid cum keep flowing out of her widely gapped lips.

As we all four relaxed on the bed, Dave politely asked, “Mr. Johnson, I don’t think you’ve cum yet for us. Before we leave, we’d like to see you squirt your juice for us.”

Dave looked at me, “Ellicia, won’t you help him? Show us how you make your husband cum.”

I mostly gave Marc a hand job when he was frisky. I gripped Mr. Johnson’s cock and began to wiggle and play with it. Mrs. Johnson looked on while I masturbated her husband. Dave complemented him on his cock, and that make him harder. Then Dave said, “Your wife as one of the best pussies I’ve ever had the pleasure of fucking.” His words make Mr. Johnson get more and more excited.

Dave knew what he was doing. “Your wife loved getting fucked by a bigger dick, don’t you think?”

Mr. Johnson began to make sounds like a squealing pig. I stopped and let him air out for a moment, then I resumed pumping him.

“I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed fucking another man’s wife as much as I have yours,” Dave said.

That was too much for him. Mr. Johnson almost screamed as his jism rocketed out in impressive long streams. I kept pumping to his rhythm until I felt his pulses grow weaker. Then I massaged his sensitive cockhead until he begged me to stop.

The Johnson’s lay limp in the bed as Dave kissed Mrs. Johnson goodnight and shook her husband’s hand. Mr. Johnson tried to kiss me but I pulled back and said, “Fucking me is one thing, but kissing is too intimate.”

Dave burst out laughing, and so did the Johnsons as we returned to our room and shut the door. Dave and I showered together. I cleaned his cock and balls thoroughly, and he gently soaped my vagina. We dressed and drove to my home.

“Well, how did it go?” he asked me.

I was kind of dizzy and still feeling the buzz of being fucked so long by the nice Mr. Johnson with his nice dick. “It went better than I expected,” I said.

“Good,” Dave said, “Would you like me to get your husband’s permission to fuck you?”

Dave could have fucked me right then and there. He could have fucked me back in the hotel. He could have fucked me earlier in the week at my house. I wanted him to fuck me more than anything, and he knew it.

But he had another level of excitement for us. To be fucked by him with my husband watching would, I must admit, drive me crazy. It appeared that our old friend Dave had a talent for driving wives crazy.

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