Cedric’s Naked Foundling Ch. 2

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The weeks that followed the fatal shooting of April’s father passed quickly. Cedric had been absolved of any malicious intent in the shooting. It was determined to be a justifiable homicide based on self-defense. The shooting also resolved several open investigations with April’s father as the prime suspect. April was given four years probation to be served under the custody supervision of Cedric Chapman. For the first time since she was a child, April was happy. She had scored very high on the SAT and had demonstrated aptitude for the sciences, law and business. Mariah had enrolled her in a prestigious university within two hours of Mariah’s island home. April lived in the freshmen dormitory at the university and came ‘home’ to the island, on holidays, breaks and special ‘island family’ activities.

April hadn’t decided on a Major yet, but her counselors told her she could wait until her sophomore year to do that. College life was a wonderful experience for April. She developed excellent study habits and was normally finished with her assignments by suppertime daily. The social life was fun, athletic games to attend, dances, parties and special entertainment such as comedians, concerts and shows. April tried to participate in as many activities as she could as long as her studies were not affected. She was determined to replicate Mariah’s life course and become a success at whatever she choose to do when she graduated.

April’s first grade report showed that she earned all ‘A’s’, a four Grade Point Average. Both Cedric and Mariah were extremely pleased with her accomplishments. They took her to dinner at a posh upscale restaurant to celebrate. During the dinner discussion April told them that several sororities had tried to ‘rush’ her, but she had declined them all. She felt that the sororities were a little childish in that her life experiences were way beyond the experiences of the girls pledging the sororities. April also thought that some of the sororities were just power and control ego trips for some of the upper class women. Mariah agreed and confided that she too had never joined, nor wanted to.

Mariah teased her about her love life and April grinned and adroitly confided that although she was very busy with her studies, she had not become celibate. “Well, Cedric, I think she has just demonstrated a propensity toward the law or politics,” Mariah chuckled. Cedric nodded, feeling a lot of pride in having helped this extremely bright and beautiful young woman. “What are your plans for the Thanksgiving break, April?” Mariah asked.

“I want to spend Thanksgiving with you and Cedric, Mariah,” replied April seriously, “I have a great deal to be thankful about and you two are the reason for that. I want to be with both of you because you are my family.”

Mariah’s eyes welled up, but she managed to wipe away a tear before it rolled down her cheek. “Thank you April,” Mariah said, “That’s one of the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, love,” she leaned to the young woman and kissed her cheek. Cedric too, arose to give April a hug and kiss on her cheek, telling her that he was very proud of her. They finished dinner and left the restaurant to return April to school. Later as they were driving home Mariah suggested a nightcap at Cedric’s. “I want a cognac and a piece of ass,” Mariah teased him. Cedric smiled and said he could provide both and asked which she wanted first. Mariah grinned and shook her head as she drove to his home.

Inside she grabbed Cedric and kissed him, “I want to fuck first,” she said as she began to take his clothes off. Soon Cedric was naked and he sat down in a straight chair as Mariah sensuously stripped for him. She drove him to a lustful arousal as she finally removed her panties and he saw her moist pussy. Mariah picked up his shirt and found his Viagra packet in his shirt pocket. She placed two of the diamond shaped blue pills into her pussy and straddled his chair bringing her cunt to his face. Cedric inhaled the scent of her pussy and the perfumed fragrance of her bush. His arousal was immediate as his cock started to swell, even without the Viagra. He covered her pussy with his mouth, parted her cuntlips with his tongue and licked deep inside. Soon the magic blue pills were in his mouth which he swallowed using Mariah’s cunt nectar to swallow them.

“Sweet Jesus…eat me Cedric…suck my clit…suck it hard!” Mariah commanded as Cedric complied. Mariah writhed and bucked with pleasure as his tongue ravished her pussy. Her knees began to weaken then wobbled. She stepped back, grabbed Cedric’s hand and pulled him to the couch. She sat spread legged on the couch as Cedric dropped to his knees and licked the insides of her thighs. Mariah moaned and sighed as he teased her relentlessly by licking casino şirketleri everything, except her pussy and clit. “Oh God!” she cried grasping his head and pulling it into her crotch. Cedric’s tongue slipped into her pussy as she sighed in pleasure, grinding her cunt hard against his mouth. Mariah lifted her legs and clasped them behind her knees to rotate her hips, lifting her asshole into view.

Cedric’s tongue bathed the cleft of her asscrack circling, but avoiding her rosebud. “Oh my God, Cedric…suck it! Suck it!” she cried out as his tongue touched her asshole. She trembled delightfully. “Yessssssssss…Ooooooooo…yessssssssss,” she moaned as he licked and pushed against her asshole with his tongue. Her juices were flowing heavily as she released her legs and brought her cunt to his mouth again. Cedric devoured her pussy nibbling and pulling her cuntlips with his teeth then concentrating on her clit, sucking it as though it were a nipple. Mariah squealed in delight and erupted in orgasm, spewing her juices all over Cedric’s face and mouth. He grabbed her hips, held her fast and continued to suck her super sensitive clit through multiple orgasms.

Mariah gasped for air as Cedrics relentless tongue drove her from one orgasm to another. She desperately tried to push him away from her clit, but could not find the strength to resist so she ‘suffered’ through her pleasure full multiple cums. She was breathing hard with her breasts heaving as her arms fell to her sides on the couch. Her pussy kept clutching at Cedric’s tongue, but to no avail, she could not stop him from ‘tormenting’ her. She closed her eyes and tried to regain her senses. Cedric raised his body up and brought his rock hard cock to her pussy. Mariah’s cunt was so sensitive that for a few seconds she had no idea what was Cedric was doing. Her eyes popped open as she felt the first thrust of his huge cock plunge deep into her cunt, fully lubed with her juices.

She gasped as his free-swinging balls slapped her asscheeks. “Oh my God!” she shrieked as he began to fuck her. His strokes were slow and evenly paced. He extracted every bit of pleasure from her loins as he fucked her. Cedric’s steady pace stirred Mariah’s lust once more. She knew that she could not withstand his probing cock much longer, without cumming. “Yes…yes. Ummmmm, yes…Oh my God!” she cried out as her cunt exploded in another huge orgasm again. Once more she would cum repeatedly, fucking Cedric back as hard as she could. Again Cedric was remorseless, continuing to fuck her hard throughout her multiple cums, sending her senses reeling. He thrust his head to her tits and gobbled up a nipple to suckle while his cock ravished her cunt. Mariah writhed with pleasure, her juices drenching both Cedric’s crotch and hers too, as he continued to pummel her pussy with his cock thrusts.

Finally, she seemed to just surrender her senses, lay still, gasping for air, and murmuring some incomprehensible utterances. Cedric kept his cock buried in her cunt until it stopped clutching and clasping at his cock. He looked down at her, spent and exhausted from her multiple cums and unable to stir a muscle. Cedric bent down to kiss her forehead, eyelids, nose tip and lips. “Ummmmmmmmm,” she murmured softly as she puckered her lips to return the kiss. Mariah’s eyes slowly opened and she smiled, utterly drained of energy. She breathed deeply as her composure gradually returned. Mariah patted the couch next to her and Cedric withdrew his hard cock from her pussy to sit next to her.

Mariah slipped down to the floor and nestled between Cedric’s legs. She began to lick his balls clean of her juices, leisurely licking his cockshaft. Pulling his foreskin back she worked her way to lick under the rim of his cockhead. Opening her mouth wide, she took in his cockhead and slathered the spongy, soft satiny glans with her tongue. She relaxed to lick and suck his cock, unhurried by any constraint. Mariah’s head would bob comfortably up and down as her lips closed tightly around his cock. Her nose pushed into his bush as she took his cock into her throat again and again. Lazily she pleasured him while he moaned and writhed as her expert tongue worked its magic.

Cedric groaned as he felt his balls begin to draw up, but the ever-watchful Mariah prevented him from cumming again and again. It was her turn to be remorseless and she was unyielding in her desire to keep him at the edge of cumming for as long as she could. Cedric’s pleasure was so intense that he whimpered from her consummate expertise at keeping his cock on the brink of cumming for so long. “Oh, God, Mariah…let me cum,” he gasped, but Mariah would have none of that. She just continued to drive him nearly insane with desire while her marvelous tongue persistently kept him a microsecond away from cumming.

Mariah had sucked his cock for nearly an hour and Cedric’s balls ached from the need to release their heavy load. He reveled in casino firmaları the indescribable feeling of Mariah’s wonderful cock sucking, but was straining hard to cum. Cedric’s being was now totally focused on cumming. His groans, moans and writhing were witness to his inability to withstand much more of this delightful ‘torment’. Mariah continued her slow resolute pace. She knew that eventually he would cum despite her best efforts to prevent it and she continued to suck his cock. Suddenly, Cedric half screamed, half gasped as he exploded deep into Mariah’s mouth. Huge wads of cum blasted against the back of her throat and were swallowed quickly in time to receive the next spurts of his thick cum.

Mariah’s mouth seemed to plunder his balls of their semen, exacting huge volumes of cum from Cedric’s balls. Cedric writhed and stirred in supreme pleasure while Mariah continued to slather his cockhead with her tongue. He couldn’t stand the powerful pleasures he was feeling, but was powerless to stop the magnificent muse that was the source of his pleasure. Again and again his cock expelled thick white ropes of frothy cum while Mariah concentrated of exacting even more cum from his nearly spent balls. Finally, he peaked on the edge of withstanding the pleasurable sensations, and his orgasm was over. The breath rushed from his lungs and he lay totally demolished, sexually. In all of his years he had never experienced anything that intense and vigorous from having his cock sucked. He seemed to melt into the cushions of the couch, unable to move, breathe or even whimper.

Mariah saved the last mouthful of cum to share with him. She arose, kissed him and transferred cum from her mouth to his. Cedric waited for several minutes until he regained his senses sufficiently to swallow her cum offering. His eyes rolled in their sockets, his mind nearly numb from this unbelievable experience. Mariah waited until Cedric caught his breath and second wind. She helped him to stand shakily and they climbed the stairs together slowly. “That was nearly criminal, Mariah,” Cedric said as he leaned on her for support while they climbed the stairs.

“Yes, it was,” Mariah gleefully agreed, “I will admit that it was one of my better efforts, Cedric.” He just shook his head as they reached his bedroom. He lay down and sighed. Mariah got into bed next to him and pulled the covers over them both. She snuggled up to him, held his face to her bosom as Mariah whispered, “Goodnight, love,” in his ear. She reached down to fit his semi hard cock between her asscheeks with the head touching her asshole and they fell asleep.

April returned to her dorm to pack for the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. She entered her room to witness her roommate, Lynn in bed with a friend. The friend was under the covers obviously giving Lynn oral sex. Neither Lynn nor her friend realized that April had come back to the room. Lynn moaned in a hard orgasm and she sighed deeply. Opening her eyes she screamed when she saw April. Her friend came out from under the covers revealing her self to be the girl from across the hall, Betty. “Oh my God,” wailed Lynn, “Wait, April…it’s not what you think,” she lied. Betty was speechless and her eyes welled up with tears. Both girls were naked. “I thought you weren’t coming back, April,” Lynn stated as if to justify her circumstances.

April smiled and looked askance at Lynn, “Gee, Lynn, if I didn’t know better I would have thought you were getting your pussy eaten.” Betty cringed and tried to cover her nakedness. April sat on the bed and looked Lynn in the eye and said quietly, “Don’t worry, Lynn…nor you too Betty…bi action is cool with me.”

“You’ve slept with a woman before?” Lynn asked in amazement. Betty grinned nervously. April nodded slowly smiling at them both.

“It happens more than you think, ladies,” April said as she locked the door and began to strip. “Would you two like to make it a threesome?” she asked, sitting on the bed and gently brought Lynn’s mouth to her nipple. Betty eagerly crawled across the bed to suck April’s other nipple. April stretched out on the bed and Lynn licked and reamed her navel with her tongue as Betty continued to suckle at April’s breasts. April moaned in pleasure as Lynn’s hand touched her pussy and rubbed her clit. Lynn licked April’s belly and nuzzled the soft curls of her bush before getting between her legs to lick her pussy. April’s cries of pleasure aroused Betty even more as April pulled the girl to straddle her chest and bring Betty’s cunt to her mouth.

April expertly licked Betty’s pussy as the girl writhed in pleasure. She reached up to rub and tug gently at Betty’s nipples as the girl sighed with pleasure. Betty’s arousal drove her to orgasm within minutes after April’s tongue had touched her pussy. She rolled off April’s body to lie at her side while April writhed under Lynn’s expert tonguing of her pussy. Lynn quickly turned to a sixty-nine position and güvenilir casino buried Aprils’ face in her pussy. Lynn grasped April behind the knees and rotated her hips to reveal her puckered tight little rosebud. April groaned as Lynn tongue bathed her asshole repeatedly. Returning to April’s pussy, Lynn devoured her cunt and clit, equally rewarded in kind by April as they came nearly simultaneously. They shuddered through their orgasms and lay still as they recovered. “Wow, Lynn, that was super,” April said.

Lynn nodded and thanked April too. Betty got dressed and said goodnight to go to her room across the hall. Lynn recovered first and got up to rustle around in her closet and returned wearing a strap on dildo. April smiled as Lynn kneeled between her knees and lubed the dildo with just a little KY as April’s pussy was wet and slick from her juices. April moaned with satisfaction as the long thick dildo entered her cunt slowly until she was fully impaled upon it. She wrapped her legs around Lynn’s waist and locked her feet together. April embraced Lynn and they kissed passionately as Lynn fucked her. April came savagely, bucking, jerking and shuddering through multiple orgasms. Lynn held her close and whispered in April’s ear, “Ummm, you’re a multiple…I like that.” April recovered and offered to fuck Lynn with the strap on, but Lynn declined, saying she had cum enough for one night. They pulled the covers over themselves and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Lynn was in the shower when April awoke. She went in to brush her teeth and shower. Lynn came out of the shower and looked seriously at April, “Are you all right with last night April?” she asked. April smiled, hugged Lynn, nodded that she was fine and glad it happened. “I didn’t want to be the one who corrupted you, April,” Lynn told her sincerely. April laughed to herself, thinking that Lynn would probably go ballistic if she knew April’s life history. She had participated in every known sexual perversion except kids and animals, so making love with two lovely girls her own age was a relief, by comparison. “Next time, I want to get some guys in here. What do you think, April?” she asked. April nodded affirmatively.

April spent Thanksgiving with Cedric and Mariah. She was truly happy with them both and she knew that they were both pleased that she had come ‘home’ to them for this special holiday. They had spent the morning watching the parades on TV, leisurely breakfasting as they watched. April confided to Mariah and Cedric that it was the first time she had seen a Thanksgiving parade since she was twelve years old. Dinner was late in the afternoon. The meal was wonderful with plenty of turkey, dressing and all the trimmings. April marveled at Mariah, who had cooked the meal her self with help from Cedric. Following dinner the three of them watched the pro football game until it was time for April to return to the university.

Back at school, she threw herself into her studies to assure she kept her four point average, but also made time for some fun too. Lynn, also a very good student, had introduced April to some of the Fraternity men, but April found them a bit too shallow for her. She and Lynn attended a party at a frat house where one of the guys attempted to spike their drinks with the ‘date rape’ drug. April, wise to the ways of the street and world, refused any drink other than an unopened can of beer. Lynn was unaware of the vile pranks that some of the guys indulged in and accepted a mixed drink. April saw her and moved quickly toward her, especially when she saw two guys looking too pleased with themselves as they watched Lynn about to sip her drink. April grabbed the glass before Lynn could take a drink and poured it into a potted plant.

The two guys tried to object, but April put the glass in her purse and grabbed Lynn to leave. “If you guys have any sense you’ll get the hell out of here before this glass goes to the cops!” she told them. The host overheard the argument and quickly stepped between April and the two guys. Learning of the drugging attempt, the party host, Walter, had the two men restrained by other guys at the party. They called the police. It turned out the guys had crashed the party and weren’t even students of the college. April found Betty trashed by too many beers and she and Lynn took her home with them. “I can’t believe those bastards,” April swore as they left.

Two days later, April received a call from the lobby of the dorm. It was Walter. “April,” he began, “I’ve been looking for you for two days to thank you for stepping in the way you did at my party.” April accepted his apology, but was still peeved that it had occurred. “The cops charged those two with possession of controlled substances,” said Walter, trying to keep the conversation going. April was not sure she wanted to talk any more when Walter finally admitted that he really wanted to meet her on a more formal basis. He asked her to have a cup of coffee with him. April was unsure, but Lynn said that Walter did the right thing at the party. She thought he was all right, and he was cute too. April laughed and told Walter to wait and she would come right down to the lobby.

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