Fuck My Teacher

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On the morning of the first day of his senior year, Nick awoke in a pissed off mood. It was 6:30 a.m. and it was way too early for him. However, after realizing it was his senior year and he would soon be out of his hell-hole of a high school, his mood lifted. Nick slowly got himself out of bed, took off his Tommy Hilfiger boxer-briefs and hopped into the shower.

While showering, Nick thought about what this school year would be like. Nick still had a super hard schedule his senior year – filled with AP and Honors classes – in hopes of getting accepted to Stanford. He had plenty of friends who he went out and drank or smoked with on the weekends. But, he had a secret he was hiding from all of them.

All of Nick’s friends were straight – or so he thought – and played sports, but he was gay. He had no clue how to tell them and didn’t want to. No one in his all boys high school knew and he wanted to keep it that way. Nick wanted a boyfriend though, or at least someone his age to fuck. All but one of his hookups had been average and not much to get excited about since it was anonymous sex.

The one hookup that had been amazing was with Nick’s former best friend. They had gone to school with each other from preschool to middle school. Starting in middle school, Nick figured out that he was gay while fooling around with Mike. It all started out one day when Mike was over at Nick’s house. They were both pretty bored and had nothing to do.

“Hey you wanna watch some porn?” Mike asked.

“Sure, I guess,” Nick said while he thought about what his friend had just asked. He had always heard it was gay to watch porn with another guy, but he thought Mike was the straightest guy he had ever known so it was fine.

Mike pulled out his phone and went to the PornHub website. Big tits, MILFs, Anal, Titty-fucking? So many damn categories that deep down didn’t appeal to Nick whatsoever.

They finally decided on a video with two girls and one guy. The girls were hot but the guy was hotter. He was tall with dark brown hair and a perfect six pack – Nick couldn’t think of him in any other way except beautiful. He had a long cock that the girls were taking almost all of.

“Fuck, that’s so hot,” Mike said, rubbing his cock through his shorts. Nick could see that it was big and it started to get him hard.

Mike finally pulled out his cock and started to rub one out. It was big, especially for a 8th grader. His dick was probably 7 inches long but incredibly thick. Nick took that as his cue and he pulled off his pants and took out his dick. He started to jerk off while mainly staring at Mike’s hard dick. He couldn’t believe how turned on he was by the sight of another guy. He had had always stared at the guys on the front of underwear packages and had other gay tendencies as a kid, but he had always told himself he wasn’t gay.

Just as he was really getting into it, Mike asked Nick to compare dick sizes. They stood up and inched towards each other. Finally, Mike grabbed Nick’s dick and pulled it towards his. Sparks shot through Nick’s body at Mike’s touch and he couldn’t believe casino şirketleri another guy had grabbed his dick so nonchalantly like that.

“Mines bigger,” Mike said, and he was right. “You know what that means, right?”

Nick stared at Mike. “What?”

“It means that since I won you have to suck my dick.”

“Woah, I don’t know about that man let’s just finish watching the porn,” Nick said in a fluster.

“No. Sit down.”

Mike was bigger than Nick so there was no way he was going to mess with him. He sat down.

Mike walked over to Nick so that his heavy dick was right in front of his face.

“Open your mouth,” Mike commanded.

Nick stared at him, weighing the options. He didn’t want to be gay but he was so tempted to suck his best friend’s dick. Nick’s temptations took over and he put the warm dick in his mouth.

He sucked up and down, trying to get a hang of it. He was surprised how much he liked to suck on another guy’s dick. He kept sucking and sucking, switching between his dick and his balls.

“I bet you like that. I saw how you were staring at my dick when you were stroking your cock.”

Nick heard him but he didn’t care, he cared about Mike’s cock and there was no place on Earth that he would rather be.

“Oh shit I’m about to cum,” Mike said.

Nick did not want him to cum in his mouth so he tried to pull his head away. Mike stopped him and tried to hold his head on his dick as Nick jerked him off. Nick finally got his mouth off just as Mike blew his load.

Spurt after spurt of cum covered the top of Nick’s hair like a cum dumpster. Nick moved his head but it just made it worse. Cum was dripping down the front of his face, into his mouth, and making him look like the little bitch that he was.

“Fuck that was hot,” Mike said. “Hey, I think you got a little something on your face.”


Nick was lost in his daydreaming and forgot to pay attention to the road on his way to school. By that time he was only five minutes away and had a raging hardon with precum stains of his shorts. Of course, he thought, that really had to happen on the first day of school.

When Nick had finally tamed his boner and gotten to school he looked at his schedule for his first class. AP Economics, how awful he thought. The teacher was new though and Nick had yet to see him.

Nick walked into his class and looked around – no teacher yet but a seating chart on the board putting Nick at the front of the room – yet another awful part to the day The morning bell rung and his teacher finally walked into the room.

Suddenly, Nick’s day, and maybe even his life, changed for the better. Holy fuck, the man was a thing of beauty. Six-foot five, muscular, jet-black hair with perfect blue eyes and the sexiest stubble on his face. Mr. Baker was the sexiest man that Nick had ever seen. Nick’s first thought was that he had no clue how he’d be able to focus on the economy when he was looking at that perfect of a man.

“Hey guys, I’m Mr. Baker and I’ll be your teacher this semester. I just moved casino firmaları from Michigan where I went to college and studied history and economics. I don’t know if any of you are on Mock Trial but I’ll also be the coach for that club.”

Holy shit, Nick thought. He was on Mock Trial and he would also see this man three days a week after school. Nick already fantasized about what he could do to Mr. Baker and was getting turned on. But, there was no way. Nick always liked to fantasize about the most unrealistic things and he knew that’s what it was again.

Nick zoned out for the rest of the class and the syllabus while he was just staring at him. The rest of the day was a breeze while he was just looking forward to the meeting for Mock Trial after school that day.

At the end of the day, Nick walked into Mr. Baker’s room right after the bell in an attempt to be the first one in there to be alone with him. He had accomplished that since he walked in to see empty desks and Mr. Baker sitting on his computer.

“Hey, can I help you?”

He sounded sexy just when he asked a simple question and Nick started to wonder if he was going to be able to keep it together.

“Yeah I’m just looking for the Mock Trial team. I’m Nick Thomas, I’m a senior and was on the team last year.”

“Oh yeah I have you in class. I’m surprised you didn’t hear but the meeting got moved to tomorrow because the administration didn’t want us to have anything after the first day since everyone is really busy. Oh and by the way, happy birthday! I saw on the attendance system that you turned eighteen yesterday.”

“Oh, I see. Well I’ll just get going then. But thanks.”

“No stick around. I don’t really know any of my students well and I thought I should start now,” Mr. Baker said as he flashed Nick a smile.

For the next hour, the two talked about everything – the news, politics, sports, their lives – to a point where Nick feel like he knew him like all of his other friends. Then the conversation took a sudden shift.

“So are you married?” Nick asked.

“No.” Mr Baker paused for a second and looked around. “The thing is, I’m actually gay. No one can know that though because the school would fire me in a heartbeat.” (They were talking about a Catholic school afterall).

“Oh. Well I’m not gonna tell anyone if that’s what you’re worried about.” Nick wouldn’t and the truth was that he was actually quite intrigued by this. Nick weighed his options and decided to make his boldest move yet.

“To be honest, and no one knows this about me either – not even my best friends, I’m gay too.”

Mr. Baker’s eyebrows perked all of a sudden. “Really? Well I’m not gonna tell anyone either so you don’t have to worry about me.”

Slowly, Mr. Baker moved his hand over towards Nicks thigh and set it there. Nick just looked at him, but he didn’t do anything to move his hand. They were huge after all, nearly able to wrap around his thigh. Slowly, Mr. Baker moved his hand until he could feel the warmth from Nick’s fastly growing cock.

Nick felt a need to follow suit, güvenilir casino so he went a step further and placed his hand on his teacher’s crotch. Holy fuck. His dick was huge, like baseball bat huge. Nick’s teacher was obviously taken off guard, but he didn’t do anything to slow down the sexual escalation.

“We can’t just do this here. There are windows that look into every classroom,” Mr. Baker said.

Nick had to think for a second. Finally he had an idea. In the school’s old basketball gym there was an abandoned office at the top of the bleachers. Nick suggested the idea to Mr. Baker who tentatively accepted.

As they walked to the gym the both had to hide their massive erections as to not cause embarrassment or scandal. They finally got to the office, locked the door, and Nick sat down.

“So what exactly do you want to do and are you sure you actually want to do this?” Mr. Baker asked.

Nick was sure and he had been ever since he walked into his class first period.

“Yes I’m sure. I want to suck your dick.”

A smile bolted onto Mr. Baker’s face. Nick got up and so did Mr. Baker and they started to make out. Nick slowly moved his hands back down to Mr. Baker’s huge cock and started to unzip his pants so he could finally catch sight of his penis.

As he pulled it out he was amazed. Mr. Baker had a thick, nearly 10 inch cock that met at the end with a trimmed bush of black pubic hair and a trail of hair passing by his v-line and up his perfectly sculpted abs.

Nick immediately got to work and started sucking off his teacher. He bobbed up and down and up and down on his dick. He would put his teacher’s dick in his mouth as he made eye contact with him and slowly work his way down in an attempt to engulf all of his massive dick.

They had been going for a while and were both starting to get worried about someone catching them. Nick thought about what he needed to do to shoot his teacher over the edge and into his mouth.

Nick engulfed as much of his dick as he could and slowly took the dick out of his mouth while licking on the way. He sucked on the mushroom head and stroked the thick cock. He repeated the technique and finally, when he could sense his teacher getting close, Nick said, “I want you to shoot your load down my throat daddy.”

Mr. Baker then started rapidly thrusting and fucking Nick’s face while moaning and groaning quietly the entire time. Finally, he had had enough. He slowed down, put Nick’s head in a stationary position and with his dick still in Nick’s mouth, jerked off his cock.

“Oh shit, fuck, I’m, I’m… I’m gonna cum.”

A first jet of cum hit the back of Nick’s throat and went straight into his stomach, then a second and a third covered the inside of his mouth, and just when Nick thought it would slow down, his teacher’s seed still continued to fill up the depths of his mouth.

When Nick’s mouth was full and his teacher had stopped cumming, Mr. Baker lifted Nick up and started to kiss him to taste his own seed. They continued for a few minutes until they realized it was pretty late and they should probably leave as to not seem suspicious.

“God I had a lot of fun.”

“So did I,” Nick said.

“Next time I’m gonna taste your cum and that sweet little ass too.”

That’s when Nick knew that it was about to be the best year of his life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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