Got Mark At Last

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At last I have the courage to write about my sexual experiences. All the stories are true. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.


Ann and I settled down into a ‘funny’ sort of a relationship. We lived in the same street in our own houses. Sometimes I would stay at hers, or the other way round. She would have her friends and I would have mine. We had a very intense sexual life between ourselves and others.!!

In the last story we agreed for me to try and ‘make it’ with my friend Mark and to recant all the details to Ann while we lay in bed. So I started to make arrangements to invite Mark over one evening for a drink. I’d not seen him for three months so I gave him a ring.

“Hello Mark. Its me Joe” I said.

We talked about things in general. He asked who was I shagging now, meaning a man or woman. We laughed. I explained that Ann and I still live separately in the same small town, but still have nights together. I invited him over for a drink. I would love to he said. So we picked next Thursday afternoon at about 4pm. I would supply the drink he would bring a video. He said that he’s got a date (with a girl) that night so he will need to leave about 6pm.

I told Ann about this. She was ok with it. You will tell me all about it, all the details will you? She said. Of course I will love.

On Thursday lunch time Ann and I had a bit to eat together at my place. We chatted about things in general. In the end Ann could not help mentioning about Mark’s visit to me for sex. It might not work out like that I said. Knowing you it will she said. She asked if she could stay until he called so I could see what he’s like, then she would go. I don’t see why not I said, Ann and I repositioned the two setter settee to face the TV.

Ann suddenly said “have you seen him naked- is he well made”.

“No I haven’t. He might be well made due to the bulge I have noticed at times through his trousers” I said.

I said to Ann slowly ‘is it possible that you might fancy a threesome with us??’ Well-errrr I might. I laughed – well you will have to wait for my detailed report, then we can consider it. A knock at the door, Its him said Ann looking through the widow, and he looks OK to me, quite hansom, a bit younger than you she retorted.

I introduced Mark to Ann, then Ann said she must go pointing out that we all must meet up some time.

After Mark left to meet his girl friend I got to Ann’s place at 6-30pm.

“Well did you ‘do it’ –“ she said.

I smiled back at her with an approving nod.

“I’m itching to know all – lets go to bed now.” She said.

We got un-dressed, Ann lay on the bed on her back to my right. I lay on my side facing her with my right arm under her head.

“Go on then – I’m all ears” she said.


After you went I broke open two beer cans while Mark told me about this new girl he’s got. She’s surprisingly a bit like Ann he said, adding also the red hair casino şirketleri likeness of the two. You fancy red heads then I said. We sat down on the settee. I mentioned about this video he was bringing.

He put the video into the machine then sat down to watch. ‘Is it a porno then’ I said. Mark replied ‘sort of’ The scene opened with this man laying on a bed striped to the waist, wearing blue denim trousers. One could not see his head, it was out of the picture. His hands were sensually rubbing his chest and groin. Then he un-did the fly buttons and slid down the zip. The hands then pushed the trousers down below the hips, exposing this large cock. It had a full foreskin, which I find very attractive. I turned and looked at Mark, he was wearing a faint smile.

“Who’s the guy” I said. Mark never answered.

The guy was now holding his balls with the left hand and working the cock with the other. The camera moved in closer framing the chest to hip area.

I turned to Mark and said “this is you, is it not”.

He laughed and admitted it. I indicated this is a very horny scene. I looked back at the TV just as he cum. A big squirt arced up and landed on his upper chest, the second one onto his stomach. The camera moved in even closer framing the dick, as the right hand worked the foreskin up and down to get the last drop of cum out.

The video ended with me supporting a hard on. I looked at Mark’s groin , he also was hard. I thought to myself ‘shall I ask him now, or is it to early to risk an embarrassing rejection’. Mark moved his left leg seemingly to make himself comfortable. His leg touched mine. He looked at me and smiled. Yes – I thought, he does want it’ – ‘its now or never’

“Do you fancy me pulling you off” I said.

“Yes- I would like that” said he.

Come on then. I said in a soft voice We proceeded up the stairs to my bedroom. Me in front. My mind was racing away as we climbed the stairs. ’How far shall I go – I must be careful with him – I know he’s only bi-curious and I don’t want to frighten him away for good’. Once in the bedroom we began stripping off. I was the quickest into bed. I lay on my back on the left side looking at Mark stripping off. He took his shoes and socks off first, then his top. I thought –‘what a nice body, almost hairless on the torso. He stood a good 6’-6” tall, well built not fat’. I lay with my arms behind my head admiring this hunk of a man. What pleasures await me I could only guess. He stood silhouetted against the widow facing me with that smile and started to un-buckle his belt.

My thoughts run wild. The anticipation of soon being in close intimacy with this man was over whelming. The belt slowly slid through the buckle, I had this desire to suck the belt, to taste the leather. The trousers dropped to the floor exposing a semi- hard cock. I thought- ‘he’s still a bit anxious – not sure if this is OK’ I beckoned him to the bed. He got onto the right side of me and lay turning onto his left side casino firmaları up against my body. I lowered my right arm to allow his head to rest onto my shoulder.

We lay still for a moment. His breathing a little rapid, I could feel his body warmth. I thought best to do nothing and let him make the first moves. His right hand moved slowly across my chest, the fingers passing over my nipples, then in circular motions down my tummy, over my belly button. His hand reached my right thigh and stopped. My cock quivered a little with anticipation of what might happen. I thought – ‘This is his cross-roads, will he loose his nerve and bottle out’.

He gave a quite grunt then bending his right leg and sliding it over my legs at the same time as his hand sliding over my hard cock. ‘Yes’ – I said to myself, ‘he’s going for it’. His hand wrapped around my dick and began to stroke up and down. He was a master, he worked me as if with experience.

“Oooo this is nice” I whispered.

He held me firmly and started to work me faster. My pre-cum started to show, dripping out of the end and some dropping onto my belly button. He started to move is body against mine, I could feel that he was now hard and pressing into my thigh. I could feel a climax on the way, I stiffened my body and gently put my right hand to rest on his head and looked down at Mark’s hand working me.

“Your Cumming Joe” he said.

“Yessss — now” I croaked.

I squirted the first shot onto my upper chest just missing Marks head, the second onto my left side tummy with the last shot into my button. ‘God that was nice’ I exclaimed. Mark stopped working me and just held my dick motionless for a few seconds. The tension was leaving my body, my balls exhausted of cum. Mark let go of my cock and turned onto his back with his legs straight and together. I could see he had a rampant hard on and pre-cum showing. I thought to my self ‘he’s ready for some working on’. I wiped myself down and turned onto my knees facing his middle. I put my right hand onto his chest searching for the nipples and the other hand caressed his legs.

I slowly lowered my head and touched his belly button with my tongue. I glanced up to see Mark with his eyes closed and his hands behind his head. I worked my tongue in and around the button. Then working up to a nipple, I closed my mouth around his left tit and sucked. Mark gave out a groan. My left hand was now firmly holding his cock. I worked my way down his body with my tongue lashing over the torso until it touched his knob end. I looked at it, the end wet through with pre-cum, waiting for me to drink it. I positioned my head onto his tummy, with my lips in a ‘O’ shape began to push his foreskin back down the cock. Mark gave another groan.

‘Yes’ – I thought to myself – ‘this is lovely’. Seeing my nose getting closer to his balls really excited me and from the groans was doing Mark the world of good. I worked my mouth up and down this hansom dick. I then released güvenilir casino my mouth from this cock and started to lick his balls. I was in a situation of working Marks dick with my right hand, licking his balls with my tongue. I slid my left hand finger under his balls to get closer to his anus, I did this hoping not to put him off .

Suddenly Mark lifted his right leg at the knee and bent it out. I hoped this was to give me access to his arse. I wet my finger and pressed onto his bum hole and waited for a response. He groaned again. This was the sign I was waiting for. I slid my finger in, it went in non-stop up to the knuckle. So there I was licking balls, wanking a cock and a finger all the way up his anus. His ball got tight and his body got stiff. I thought – he’s going to cum’

I turned my head so as to see his face. His anus was dilating and relaxing in quick succession. I knew he’s about to cum He suddenly opened his eyes, looked at me and a stream of spunk shot out of this dick end landing onto his neck and left shoulder. I thought – ‘ you did need that’. The second string of cum onto his chest, the third run down onto my hand.. As I slowed down the working of his cock I pulled my finger out of his arse.

He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back saying ‘are you ready for this girl friend of yours, your due to meet her in 20 minutes’. I’ll survive was his reply. We got dressed. Mark said he thought Ann was very attractive. I pointed out that’s what she said about you. As we downed the stairs I enquired if he would be interested in coming over one night for a drink and maybe some fun with us. Yes was his instant reply. As he went through the door he said ‘I’ll ring you soon’.


“That was fantastic – very horny” said Ann.

Ann was with her legs wide open and she had two fingers franticly moving in and out of her pussy. I slid my hand down her body and touched her clit with two fingers.

“Oooooooooo – rub me quick – I’m cumin” she gasped.

Her back arched up as I rubbed this very wet pussy. Then she cum.

“God – yes – Ooooo” she gasped.

She lifted her head up and bit my neck very hard during her climax. As she settled down and with drew her fingers saying that was a really horny story, better because its true. We spoke about Mark with the two of us. Ann was In agreement that we try a session with him. I rather that Mark doesn’t know that you tell me of the sex exploits you had with him. OK I said. I asked Ann ‘what would you like me to do to Mark in your presence. She did not answerer. I repeated the question. She hesitated to answerer.

“Go on you can let me – I wont be shocked” I said.

“Well – err – OK I will tell you. I would love to see you fuck Mark up the arse, and as you cum pull out and squirt your spunk over his anus and balls” she stuttered.

Very well then, I will work on that. I said. Ann said ring him up soon to arrange a session. I pointed out that we must be careful with Mark, he could be still only bi-curious so we play this slowly. I know wear looking forward to this.

“Do you know that this will be our first threesome” I said to Ann

“Yes – your right. So get it sorted out then” was her reply.

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