Halls of Residence Ch. 01

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Alex always enjoyed sleeping naked. It gives him a thrill. This was not something he was planning to stop doing, even when he moved out. He had just moved into halls of residence, and was sharing a flat with one other guy and two girls. They’d been there about a week, and he’d slept naked every night so far. On this particular night, however, one of his flatmates, Keira, had a friend over, Alice. They had been for a night out and came home a little bit tipsy. Alex, as always, was asleep naked. Keira thought it would be a good idea to introduce Alex to Alice when they arrived home. So she slowly opened the door to his room, and the two of them crept in slowly.

“Is he naked?” Alice whispered, as Keira crept closer. “He definitely is!” The reply came as she slowly pulled the covers off him. She gasped slightly, seeing the size of his cock sitting there, waiting, begging. “Shall we play a game?” She asked, lightly stroking his member, trying to get a reaction. “Why don’t we take it in turns to blow him, and see if he wakes up?” Alice moved much closer, feeling a certain excitement at the prospect. She didn’t need asking twice. Gently, she took his cock from Keira’s fingers, and slowly licked from the Base to the tip of his now hardening cock.

When a soft moan left his lips, she abruptly bahis firmaları stopped, worried she’d woken him. When she realised she hadn’t, she motioned for Keira to take a turn. Eagerly, she took his now solid cock into her mouth and sucked as hard as she could, with him deep into her throat. He was bigger than she was used to, she gagged, making a loud noise. She pulled back a little, holding half his cock in her mouth and looked up. When no eyes opened and looked back, a quick flash happened. Alice had taken a photo!

She stopped, not sure how to feel. Alice giggled, and whispered “take one of me!” And moved down to between his legs and took him straight into her mouth, holding his tip in her lips, and stared straight at the camera. Keira snapped away, the flash going every time. This, mixed with the fact he was getting his cock sucked, Alex proceeded to wake up…

He looked down, his cock in the mouth of a stranger, his flatmate sitting by his head taking photos! His immediate reaction, to cover himself. However the two girls going between looking at him, and staring at his cock turned him on.

“What’s going on?” He asked, confused. His cock was still in Alice’s mouth, and she seemed too shocked to take him out. Keira looked at him and explained what they were doing. He sat kaçak iddaa for a moment, unsure of what to do. Alice slowly moved her head back, releasing him from her mouth and crawled up the bed to sit next to Keira. They looked at him, hoping for a reaction. “I think we should make this fair” He said. Motioning for them to stand.

They looked at each other for a moment, “what have we to do?” Keira asked.

Alex sat up fully and turned on the lights. “Take off each others clothes, obviously”. They looked at each other for a moment.

Having been out drinking, they were both clad in short skirts and crop tops. Keira wore a loose black leather skirt, and a black crop top which ended right underneath her tits. Alice wore a tight red skirt with barely covered her ass, and a slightly longer white top, showing off just her belly button. Both girls were slim, with an athletic build. After a seconds hesitation, Alice reached out and hooked a finger under Keira’s top, pulling it up. This revealed her tits, as she was not wearing a bra. Alex’s jaw dropped, the sight of her was so perfect! She slowly lifted the top over her head, and threw it down. Pulling Alice close, she unzipped her skirt and slid down her body, pulling the red skirt down as she went. Standing up, she grabbed Alice’s top, whilst kaçak bahis Alice grabbed her skirt and dropped to her knees. As she did so, her top came off as Keira’s skirt did. She, too, was not wearing a bra. Alex didn’t know who to look at, as the two faced him, and simultaneously removed their panties.

There he was, naked in his bed, with two beautiful girls, standing naked in front of him. Keira walked round the back of Alice, and lay down in between his legs and took him right down her throat. He reached out and pulled Alice to him, helping her onto the bed and positioned her already wet pussy over his face. She lowered herself down, and his tongue shot out eagerly. A loud moan left her lips, and Keira moved forward to suck on her nipples. Alice’s eyes rolled back as she came hard, her wetness dripping down Alex’s face. As her orgasm lulled, Keira began to kiss her as she sat down on Alex’s cock. He slid straight into her and they both moaned. He tried to keep licking Alice’s pussy, but he struggled as Keira moved faster on his cock. Alice began to suck on Keira’s nipples and she came even harder than Alice. Once she calmed, the two of them got off him, and moved between his legs. They then began to lick his cock all over, taking it in turns to pull him down their throats. He eventually came all over their faces. The two of them sat up, and carefully cleaned his cum off each others faces with their tongues.

They crawled up the bed and lay with a head on each shoulder, and the three of them fell asleep.

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