Misguided, Nina , Deb Ch. 02

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We kissed and caressed each other on the couch for a few more minutes before I lead Deb into my bedroom.

“Deb, you’re hair is so beautiful I adore the way it falls over those lovely tits! ”

I stroked her hair as she kissed me again. I hadn’t been with a younger woman in a while and Deb was making me feel so young again. After a few minutes of caressing and fondling , we discovered more about each other’s bodies. I got down on my knees and parted Deb’s labia with my fingers and licked her savory pussy. She seemed to enjoy it like few other women did, her cries filled my room and made me feel so good. Her luscious juices filled my wanting mouth and I rubbed my erect nipples all over her warm clit while she moaned in ecstasy.

Then I got up and walked to my toy drawer. I strapped on my favorite dildo with its leather straps and stainless buckles. I filled the testicle sac with my custom mix of Kalua and some light cream.

Deb watched me in restless anticipation. Her young body seemed so ripe, so well defined and pure for the taking. I was sure this would only be a one night stand, she couldn’t possibly want to be with a woman almost as old as her mother.

“Have you ever been fucked with one of these before, Deb?”

“Not one that big, Nina, let me suck on it first,” Deb said, her eyes wide with lust.

Deb kneeled in front of me and took the large cockhead into her mouth. Her lovely mouth swallowed the huge phallus and she sucked on it as she played with the sac, allowing it to ooze the liquor cream mix into her thirsty mouth.

“Umnnnnn, sweet!” she exclaimed, after tasting my special concoction.

“Yes, Deb suck on my big cock for me, suck on it good,” I said as I caressed her vibrant hair.

I looked down at her magnificent nude body while she massaged my thighs and fingered around the strap on to find my wet cunt.

I pulled out of her mouth and told her to turn around as I lubed the large cock and inserted it into her puffy, shaved mound.

Deb stayed on the carpet while I grabbed her ass cheeks and entered her warm pussy. I love going in smoothly and slowly and then ram it harder until my lovers cannot take anymore, then i do it harder!

“Fuck me with that big cock, Nina fuck me hard!” Deb cried as I slowly parted those lusciously wet cunt lips.

I slapped her ass hard and reached out for her left tit as it rubbed against the carpet. I tweaked her nipple with my fingers. She moaned loudly as I pivoted her bottom out to meet my thrusting pelvic motions.

“Unnnghhhh, oh you feel SO FUCKIN’ good Nina!” Deb said in her hoarse voice.

I watched my hips slap against Deb’s ass cheeks as I fucked her pussy from behind. I held onto her firm shoulders and slammed the phallus deeper into her cooze. I grabbed her ample tits from behind her back and squeezed them together. Her lovely nips felt so good in my hands!

“Oooooooohhhh, I love that Nina!” Deb cooed back to me.

The smell of her juices drove me crazy, I had to lick her clit some more. I pulled out the phallus and dove my mouth under her crotch and licked her dripping wet, flowerly labia once more. My tongue found her clit and swirled around it, tantalizing it .

“Oh, Oh, darling don’t stop, make me cum, make me cum , babe!” Deb cried out.

I lashed out with my tongue once more as she sat on my face and supported her sweet ass with my hands. I just adore when a woman squats over my face and I can drink her fluids like wine from a vine!

Her lips were warm and her clit was swollen, she was on the verge of a giant climax. I felt her abdomen tremble, her entire body got real tense.

“aaaaaaAAAAAhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, cummmingggggghhhh!” Deb’s delicious nectar flowed into my open mouth as I drank it down with delight!

We hadn’t been fucking for more than a few hours when my doorbell rang.

“Hold on babe, my bell is ringing,” I said. I unstrapped the dripping, cum drenched dong and placed it on my bed.

I grabbed my robe and wrapped it around my body and went to answer the door.

“Oh my GOD, Mel!” I yelled.

“Nina, I couldn’t restrain myself, I’m sorry,”

Mel put her arms around me and pulled off my robe fondling my tits as Deb came out of the bedroom to see who it was. Deb must’ve recognised her voice from school, and was shocked.

Mel this’s Deb she’s a senior and an adult, she’ s 18 so we’re okay here.

“Oh my GOD, Ms.Daniels!”

“It’s okay Deb, just a couple of women having some fun, right Nina?” Mel nodded to me.

“Absolutely, let’s party!” I said, and lead them back to the bedroom.

“I’m so surprised at Ms Daniels’ presence here, Nina, are you sure its going to okay?” Deb asked nervously.

“Absolutely dear, you can call me Mel, okay?”

“Deb, I ‘m a big fan of Nina’s. We’re all going to keep her secret about the porn to ourselves, and enjoy this, I’m not going to tell anyone about this tonight, I promise,” Melanie said in a soft comforting voice.

“You are HOT for a Vice Principal too!” Deb bahis firmaları said smiling.

“Let’s all jump in the shower for a few minutes, okay Nina?” Mel suggested.

“A great idea, Mel , let’s go!”

Melanie stripped off her clothes quickly and joined us for a delicious threesome. I was intent on making up for our quick tryst earlier in the day by fucking Mel really hard . Deb’s presence could only add to the experience.

I’ve got one of those French shower head with the extended hose and sprayer. We got into my oversized tub and stood up, while I closed the curtain as our bodies rubbed against one another as we all fondled each other’s bodies.

I loved rubbing my big boobies against Mel’s and Deb held her nice nips up to mine as we massaged them together while Mel found my clit with her roving fingers. I think she was doing Deb at the same time too!

After that refreshing moisture on our warm bodies, we toweled off and headed back to my bedroom. Mel put her arm around my waist and pulled me close to her slim thighs, I really liked her body too and her boobs were a bit bigger than I remembered them earlier in the day. Her nice tanned body had an obvious absence of tan lines around her waist. I hoped we could enjoy ourselves completely nude in on my sundeck this summer.

We kissed and I put my arms around her head and tongue kissed her while my tits smashed against hers. Deb watched from the bed, and fingered her pussy anxiously awaiting our arrival on the mattress.

Deb and I teamed up and took turns fingefucking and sucking on Mel’s tits and clit. She responded with a multiple orgasm which shook the bed and finally made me sleepy. We all kind of fell into a heap of arms and breasts as we caught some rest.

In the early hours of the morning my phone rang again, it was the police. They had a search warrant to investigate sexual abuse with a minor and were giving me a call to make sure this was not a crank call.

I looked outside and sure enough there were flashing lights and two cops were coming to the door.

As it turned out Mel’s husband had some how set her up. We were both being arrested for sexual abuse of a student. Deb was taken home to her mother, Janelle in tears.

In school the next week, we were both suspended and I was arrested again. It was my home and even though Deb was thought to be 18, we found out she was lying and her birthday was in a few months. It made the news in the small insulated town and my reputation was gone, and any savings I had accrued would be gone too.

I entered a guilty plea and threw myself at the mercy of the court. Fortunately I had a great lawyer who kept me out of jail as long as he could. But to no avail, I was convicted and sentenced to three years and sent to a prison near by.

Mel left her husband flat, he didn’t care. Until I had to turn myself over to the state in a few days she lived with me and comforted me too. She was a great lover and I told her so many times.

I had no idea what prison was going to be like for me, many women with sex related crimes are not treated well at all. I was frightened and Mel promised to keep my condo for me and moved in to sublet it while i was away.

* * *

The first time that cell door slammed shut, it takes your breath away. You’re all alone with your thoughts. Except I wasn’t. Due to all the crime around, the prison was almost full. I was put in a cell with an attractive woman named Daryn.

Daryn was a middle aged mother who was convicted of a strange offense. She had been a TV reporter and had tried to break a story about the Sept 11th conspiracy that people make fun of on the internet . Her sources were good but they let her down once she finished the story. She was imprisoned for attacking her boss with camera tripod. The man was critically injured and suffered massive injuries. Her entire career was discredited and her job taken away.

Daryn was a streetwise woman of 42 who told me she could hold her own with the bull dykes of the place. She still enjoyed men even though she’d cut up her boss with the tripod, after he hit her. The guy just happened to fall backwards after that and hit his head and almost died. Luckily, her daughter was grown up and working already. Her daughter visited every other Sunday.

People from the local 9/11 support groups also visited her and she had all this literature about how the World Trade Center was actually blown up that day. Her sources that disappeared were actually federal air traffic controllers who were on duty that day. Daryn didn’t like to talk about all that much anymore.

“Hey, what are ya’ here for girl?” Daryn asked as soon as the door closed.

“Stat rape,” I said. “I had sex with a student at school who was supposed to be 18,”

” A girl or a guy?” Daryn asked.

” A really hot woman, she’s almost 18, it was a setup, but I’m guilty!”

” We usually all are if we’re here!” Daryn said matter of factly as she came over kaçak iddaa to me.

She smiled at me and stuck out her arm offering friendship. I took it and noticed the tats of women and roses. Daryn was in good shape for 42. She eyed me carefully and noticed my hair.

Daryn was a slender woman with above- average good looks, dark brunette hair that had been cut back by the local hairdresser/dyke bitch. She had a great smile and its easy to see why she was so popular as a reporter on TV for a long time.

“I hope they don’t have to cut that hair, Nina, its gorgeous!”

“Thanks, Daryn, but I’m sure they will,”

“Ummnn,” She said, leaving it silent like the rest of the place right now.

I’d arrived at the prison after dinner and had my last outside meal for the next three years in a holding cell just before my transfer to the prison.

“We could be friends ya know, and maybe you could help me with my book?” Daryn asked. She showed me a notebook of her recollections she was working on for some time.

“Sure, I could do that, no problem,” I had my own doubts as to what happened that day in New York. At least I wasn’t sharing my cell with an axe murderer, I thought.

“You take the lower bunk for now, until we get separated, which could happen soon if they thin out the crowds in this place soon,” I had to let Daryn dictate where she wanted me to sleep. After all, I was the new person in the cell.

“Hey, you’re not an FBI plant? If I find out that your are, I could easily tell the dykes about you and they’d fuck you up quick,” Daryn said in a pseudo- fearful voice. I didn’t know what to make of that remark.

“Hey chill babe, I’m just a guidance counselor from Vegas who got all jammed up,” I said in an annoyed voice.

“Sorry, I guess I’m paranoid,”

“Yeah, really!” I said with emphasis.

I rested and waited for what happened next. The anxiety of not knowing your situation in a place like medium security prison is SO discomforting. Daryn seemed to sleep soundly while I paced and looked out at the dim corridor. My first night was hell.

“Most girls cry, its okay if you do too, Nina” Daryn said in a low voice. I thought she was asleep. Apparently, my pacing had awakened her.

I didn’t feel. That was my problem I couldn’t feel. I got back to the bunk and peeled off the orange jumpsuit. I laid there in my panties and bra and played with myself to help me feel something, something at all.

I must’ve gone somewhere in my dreams, maybe back to being with Deb, or Mel but I was getting all aroused again and must’ve moaned a few times.

I opened my eyes to see Daryn over me, fondling my tits. She was naked too, her nicely trimmed bush looked very appealing to me too. She brushed my hair with a soft hand and kissed me on the mouth. When she leaned in for that kiss, I felt her hard nips against my chest. I was hooked.

She put her finger over her mouth and hushed me many times that night as we fondled each other countless times. She fingered my cunt and made me cum so nice I was relieved of many fears about how I’d survive.

She loved my body and I attended to her pussy too. I loved licking her and making her cum was a treat to see and feel. Her entire body vibrated and she loved to thrust her hips into my mouth just as her orgasm arrived. Afterwards we cuddled and she let me cry in her arms. I was falling for her quickly.

Daryn and I have been lovers since. She’s been so good to me, helping me adjust to the dangers of prison life. We only had a few times where we thought we could be reasonable loud with our lovemaking but mostly it was all done really silently and with care not to gain any attention from nearby guards or other cellmates.

She informed me about one of our guards, Selina Witherspoon. Officer Selina Witherspoon was a closet lesbian who enjoyed her work too much. She always put in for weekend work when she could just to watch the us in the showers. It got her so aroused she’d go off and do herself for days on images she’d collect in her mind, or so I surmised.

It was one Sunday as a matter of fact that right after we awoke that Officer Selina Witherspoon informed us that our cellblock was scheduled to go to the showers. Only 4 cells were allowed at one time and she told us we should be ready in fifteen minutes with our toiletries. Selina was normally all business but had warmed up to Daryn quite well lately and she was nicer to me that morning also. Selina approached the cell a few minutes later and got my attention. I was amazed to see her intense cleavage slightly exposed by just leaving her two top buttons open on her work shirt. Selina was well endowed indeed!

“Listen Nina, my boss is going to be checkin’ the showers today too,” So be on your good behavior out there, okay?”

“Of course, officer. We don’t need no trouble, thanks for the warning,” I said as she caught me ogling her nice tits.

A few minutes later we were lead down to the next level where we stripped off our orange jumpsuits and got into the kaçak bahis tiled community showers. It was only Daryn , myself and couple of younger black women from down our cell block who showered that morning. It wasn’t that hot yet and so many prisoners could sleep later if they wanted to or shower.

Daryn watched me soap my body up quickly. She always enjoyed looking at me naked anyway. We noticed Selina on her chair, arms folded with her legs crossed staring at us as we all washed up. A few minutes later, Sargent Marjorie Buttsworth a buxom blonde with her hair pinned back behind her head strut herself into the shower area and joined Officer Witherspoon as they watched us shower.

The Sargent was a known bull dyke and loved to assert her dominance over any overtly lesbian women that she knew to be lovers. She hadn’t really found out about us we thought, until that day. The Sarge must’ve been very horny that morning she fondled her hefty tits through her uniform as she stared at me. I smiled back and that must’ve tripped off something in her. The showers stopped and we all grabbed our towels as the Sarge made an announcement.

“Fall in for a body cavity search ladies!” A few groans came from the other ladies as they knew the routine from here on.

Daryn rolled her eyes at me and shrugged, we weren’t allowed to say anything, but I knew that the Sarge was trying to get one of us.

I watched as Selina examined the other girls while the Sarge did Daryn. The muscular Sargent plied apart Daryn’s firm ass cheeks and stuck her latex finger up her ass and made her squirm for a good few minutes.

When it was my turn to bend over for the Sarge so she could check my pussy and anus for any contraband, I spread my legs wide and undid the towel around my chest to let my tits hang down too.

“Honey, you’re pussy is tight, and fragrant. You bunkin’ with Daryn? She takin’ care of you?”

“Yes Sarge,” was all I could muster as she finger fucked me and enjoyed every bit of it. Then she pulled a joint out of her shirt pocket and said it came from my pussy. It was her little magic trick she pulled on new prisoners to make them feel intimidated.

“Oh honey, you are SO busted!” Where did you get this joint? And where were you going to smoke it anyway?” The Sarge said laughing as she held it up for others to see.

“Sargent Buttworth, that didn’t come from me, I don’t use drugs anymore!” I stated plainly.

“Shut your face, inmate, or else you’ll be in a cell by yourself for months,”

“Officer, you take these ladies back to their cellblock while I deal with Ms Contraband for the day here,” The Sarge said to her underling, Selina.

The other prisoners filed out of the shower area and I was alone with the Sarge. Daryn looked at me with worry but I smiled back at her, and I think she knew I could deal with whatever this bull dyke of a Sargent could dish out.

But on another level I could also feel this urgency from this buxom Sargent, with a huge set of knockers, as if she had to prove she could rape me and just leave me there bloody from fucking me with her huge black baton. She eyed me closely and stripped off her all her clothes quickly. She must’ve trusted me on some level, she left her baton and keys on the chair.

Her snatch was seductively shaved with a small line of pubic hair extending up above her vulva. The horny bitch grabbed me by my hair and shoved me down to my knees onto the wet floor.

“Okay, Nina you’re gonna suck on my cunt now for awhile till I tell you to stop, you understand me?”

“Yes Sargent,”

“Suck me bitch, suck my cunt and make me feel good!”

Her pussy lips were already swollen as I parted them with my fingers, and laid my tongue on her clit for the first time, she shuddered. I grabbed her naked legs and ass and pulled her to my face. I alternated using my tongue and forefinger to stimulate her warm cunt as her breathing got deeper.

“Oh suck me Nina, YES, like that, suck on my delicious clit baby, suck me!”

I forced my tongue into her firm fuzzy fuck hole while I dug my hands into her big ass and found her anus.

” Wait, let’s move over here now, ” She said as she dragged me over to a bench where she lifted her left leg and spread her pussy wide open for me.

“Keep doing what you were, that felt really good!” The Sargent said to me as she held my head in front of her.

“Ummmnnghhsssh,” I moaned as I sucked on her fragrant pussy. Her clit was a large knob that felt like it was pulsating with her lifeblood as she enjoyed my experienced tongue. Her sweet pussy was so good to my taste, I felt like I could’ve sucked her for ages. I wagged my tongue up and down her labia, in and out of her nice wet vagina.

I flicked it as fast as I could and finger fucked her anus at the same time getting a full digit into her anal orafice. The Sargent responded by rotating her huge hips into my body while I grabbed her with my free hand.

Sargent Marjorie Buttworth must’ve known I had one of the best tongues she had felt in years at this job. She knew she wanted to fuck me and yet couldn’t hold back any longer. She thrust her hips into my face and held me there in a firm grip as her dam burst forward with loads of cumjuices

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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