Anticipation Ch. 01

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I’ve been glancing at the clock every few minutes since you walked out the door this morning for work. I’ve been achy and hot and wet since I kissed you at the door and forced myself to let you go to work. I poured my sexual frustration into cleaning the house from top to bottom and making you dinner. Saucy garlic chicken, roasted herbed potatoes and a fresh garden salad with home made dressing. I got berries and made fresh cream for dessert, because I’m looking forward to letting you lick it off me. Just the thought of your mouth on me makes me shiver with anticipation.

You’ll be home in an hour, and I need a shower first. I strip off my silky robe on my way through the bedroom and stand there looking at all my curves in the mirror. I know that no matter what I see, you love me, my body and my freckles and everything I have, and that only makes me love myself more. I smile and sigh, and turn the shower on as hot as I can stand it, and step inside. The steam and heat feels so good. I start with my hair, washing it and conditioning, and decide to condition it twice, and let the thick cream sit while I shave. As the blade runs across my soft skin, I imagine it is your hands running up and down my legs. My pussy needs some attention and I carefully drag the razor over my tender flesh until it’s as smooth as I can get it. It makes me feel so sexy for you and I know you love feeling my bare lips slick with my juices and wet from your tongue.

Once done, I make quick work of squirting a generous amount of body wash on a poofy sponge and working up a nice lather. My skin always feels so soft and silky covered in bubbles, and I can’t help but run my hands all over my legs and thighs and tummy, working my way to my ample breasts. I cup them in my hands and slide my fingers over the tips of my nipples, already hard in anticipation. I gasp when I tweak them between my fingers, imagining your hands pinching and pulling them. I’m tempted to slide my fingers down to my pussy and play with my clit, but I’d rather you do it for me. I rinse my hair quickly and let the hot water wash away the thick layer of soapy bubbles. I can feel them sliding down my wet skin and I can’t stand the torment of my shower any longer. I wrap myself in a towel and wander all drippy into the kitchen to check on dinner. It smells wonderful.

I’m debating if I should bother with clothes at all, because I fully intend to fuck you the second you get güvenilir bahis home. But I decide a little tease would be fun. Besides, I like it when you push me against the wall and tear my clothes off me as we kiss. I decide to make it easier on both of us this time and forego the sexy lingerie. All I’m wearing is a black flirty miniskirt that flairs out when I twirl around, and a soft pink long sleeve cotton blouse with a very deep scoop neck. It has four little buttons at the deepest part of the scoop neck, and I decide to unbutton them all, so that the top half of my breasts are totally exposed, barely covering my nipples. I’m not wearing any underwear or a bra, so you can see everything through the slightly sheer shirt, and the skirt is just long enough to cover if I don’t bend over.

I towel dried my hair and decided to let it dry on its own. It always gets the best curl that way. My skin is flushed enough and I can feel my lips pulse with blood aching to kiss you again, so I decide I don’t need any makeup, and I doubt you’ll even notice if I wore any the way I’m dressed.

I wander back into the kitchen to set the table, loving the feeling of the warm air on my slit. I can feel myself getting more sensitive down there, and more wet, although that could partially be from the shower.

You walk through the door just as I’m bent over taking the chicken out of the oven, and putting the potatoes in, so of course, you get a full view of my bottom and my puffy pussy lips. I hear you groan from behind me, and I smile, as you pull me around and kiss me hard. Just the reaction I was hoping for. I wrap my arms around you and curl one leg around your hip, rubbing my naked flesh against your hips and your cock.

“You’re wearing too many clothes, baby.” I whisper in your mouth between kisses. I pull your shirt off as your hands pull my shirt down and my entire breasts are exposed. The fabric gathered under them actually holds them up for you as you begin to worship them, kissing and licking, nibbling and sucking the turgid points into your mouth. I love the feeling of your teeth scraping against them.

One hand is holding my hip and the other is palming my pussy, feeling me get wetter and more slippery for you. I tilt my head back and groan when one finger slides deep inside, and hooks upward.

“You’re so hot Lea…do you want me to make you cum for me?” You lift your head from my breasts and stare into türkçe bahis my passion filled eyes. “Tell me you want me.”

“Oh…I do. I want you so bad. I want to cum for you. I need to cum.” I gasp, rocking my hips on your finger. You slide in another finger, making me moan. The feeling of two thick fingers sliding in and out of my tight pussy feels amazing. My legs are starting to shake, and you only pull me closer to you, holding me up, and reach deeper, rubbing the tips of your fingers against my g-spot.

“Fuck…I’m so close!” I keep gasping and moaning, and the sensation only gets stronger the more your fingers move. Just as I am about to explode all over your hand, you slide your fingers away, and step back.

“What are you doing?” I demanded, still shaking. My pussy aches and I can feel my entire womb tightening in anticipation of a huge climax. My juices are starting to slide down my inner thighs.

Without a word, you drop your pants and, you pull me over to the couch and shove me down, my legs spread wide for you. Before I can say anything more, your fingers are back inside me, moving slowly in and out, and your mouth descends directly to my aching, throbbing clit.

The tip of your tongue is stabbing directly on my clit, sliding against the exposed and sensitive nub, and rhythmically sucking it into your mouth every time your fingers slide inside me.

“Ooohhhhhh” I can’t help but arch my back, pulling your head into me, as the sensations only get stronger. My legs are shaking so badly over your shoulders, and I start to rock my hips. So fucking close. My whole body is shivering and tingling and every swipe of your tongue on the tip of my clit makes me cry out.

Instead of letting me cum right away, you slow the motions of your fingers, and run your tongue over the side of my clit, where the inner lips connect to my engorged clit, and lick slightly, up and down, driving me even higher but keeping me on the edge. My body starts to shake even more from the teasing torment. You know damn well it takes me forever to cum when you do that, and I stay on the edge for too fucking long.

“Ian…please…I need you. Make me cum. I need you inside me.” I cry out, tossing my head. You know just how to make me beg. I don’t care. I need to feel you inside me. You just laugh and keep on licking and moving your fingers in and out so slowly. Every time I think I’m going to go over the edge, my güvenilir bahis siteleri body adjusts to the sensation and craves more. It’s never quite enough to just tickle my clit like that.

“Please…please…” I can’t stand it anymore! I grab your head and pull you up my body and kiss you. You pull us both to the floor during the kiss. I can taste my juices on your tongue and I suck your tongue into my mouth just as you slam your thick cock deep inside me. I arch my back and scream as I cum all over your cock, pulsing and squeezing. You feel so fucking good, so hard and full inside me. I’m still spamming uncontrollably on you when you begin to drag your cock in and out of my body, each inward thrust driving my climax higher and higher, feeling your so deep and throbbing and tight inside of me, rubbing against my g spot.

I can feel my body start to go stiff as I board and I know this next climax is going to happen before the last one even stops. I can’t see anything but black spots, and I can barely breath. My whole body is shaking in a massive fucking orgasm. There is so much blood rushing in my ears I can barely hear your groans and cries, but I can feel you inside me, and I know you’re about to burst. I rock my hips up into you as hard as I can, feeling you so deep. Once. Twice. Three times…and I explode again, half sitting up from the force of my back arching into you, splashing my juices all over your balls and my legs, just as you find your release and explode your seed deep inside me, groaning.

“Lea!” You cried out above me, gasping, slamming deep inside me over and over.

Every time you push yourself inside me, my orgasm keeps going, the muscles tightening and pulling you deeper into me. Eventually, we both stop rocking our hips and just rest, feeling the erratic beating of each other’s hearts.

I can feel your body over me, but I’m still shaking so bad I can’t move. Neither one of us can breathe. My legs fall from around your waist and I lay there feeling you inside me, still pulsing a little around you.

“I love you.” I whisper, holding your head to my chest, feeling your gasping breathes tickle across my swollen nipples.

“I love you so much.” You gasp. We can both smell the potatoes burning, but neither of us gives a damn.

“So…I take it you liked the miniskirt?” I asked playfully. It’s still wrapped around my hips with my shirt scrunched under my breasts.

“Hell yes…tomorrow…no shirt ok? Just the skirt.”

I laughed, feeling you tighten inside me as my body squeezes rhythmically around you. “Baby, make me cum like that again, and I’ll wear whatever you want.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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