Camping with Daddy, 2011

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A heavy snow continued to fall on the boarding school that night. Most of the other boys in the dorm were already well asleep.

William and Henry, both seniors, at eighteen were doing what they did almost every night. They pretended they were asleep anticipating sharing their unspoken secret.

A secret they didn’t even acknowledge between each other during the day. A secret they never spoke of, that no one else was there to witness. Some mornings, they would barely look at each other when the night before had been especially outward, obvious to both, that neither of them was asleep, and that they had gotten off because of the other.

As long as they could pretend they were asleep, they could both claim plausible deniability; and then, the lights out, go on to arouse each other with the sounds across the room, of deep breathing and warm hands sliding on hard cocks, the sounds of rustling sheets, stifled groans, the sensations of pre-cum making their cocks slick and wet, imagining their cocks sliding inside the girls of their fancy, and, fantasies neither would entirely admit, into each others mouths.

Once the dorm quieted down, and a long enough time had passed that they might say they believed the other was asleep, they’d both push their blankets down and begin jacking their already aching hot hard cocks.

They’d pretend they weren’t aware of each others deep breathing, the rhythmic, patterned texture of their warm hands, but they were, hands sliding up and down their throbbing hard cocks, pulling on themselves through their pajama bottoms, getting hard and harder still. They’d listen for the characteristic sounds, of the other jacking off under his covers. In the dark and silence of the dorm room they shared they’d each whispered at least once under their breath, “Suck me, yes, suck my cock, William,” and, “Mmm, Henry, oh god Henry, yess suck me, make me cum in your mouth. Want…to cum in your mouth,” as they exploded, fantasizing, into the warm wet mouth of one of their female classmates, into the warm wet sucking mouth of the other’s.

Unable to see each other in the dark, they both nonetheless strained their eyes to see across the room, hoping to glimpse the other pulling on his cock, cumming, imagining how easy it would be, to — help each other.

Sometimes the room would be just barely light enough, that they could make out each other’s slight movements, and on those nights, they both watched as they stroked their own cock, imagining, wanting, hoping for the other to come over to his bed in the dark.

If only they could see each other’s eyes, they’d know each would welcome the helping hand of the other, his warm wet mouth, his hot sucking mouth. Both would know, the other, licking his lips, pretended he could feel his roommate’s wet warm mouth on his throbbing hard cock, pretended his roommate sucked him until he came, pretended he felt the hot warm cum of his roommate shoot down his throat.

The boys could only imagine their favorite girls from St. Mary’s across the field, the girl’s swollen hot breasts pushing out through their uniforms, their smooth bare legs, their soft sexy lips, their excited sparkling eyes, their glimmering flirtatious smiles. The girls were something mysterious; they fantasized their feminine fingers wrapping around them, their small hands pulling on their aching hard cocks so painfully hard in their pajama bottoms.

If they were honest, they’d admit to being as aroused, the hidden desire to see what it was like to suck another cock, what it would feel like, how good they’d be at it, taking turns, if they’d not only like it but let themselves let go and love doing it.


Ashley could hardly believe what she was reading. She’d found her father’s boyhood journal. She had no idea he’d fantasized as a young man, what it would be like to be sucked by another guy, and to suck another guy. That he’d cum so hard, his groans, restrained, hidden, or that she would get so wet, so turned on by it. Her pussy throbbed, pulsed, tingled and ached imagining her father when he was a boy being sucked off by another boy at boarding school. “Oh my god, that’s so fucking hot,” she hissed, sliding her fingers under her panties.

The image burned in her mind, between her legs as she lay the in the dark of the tent, her father in his sleeping bag right next to her. She anticipated what she would do, imagined herself his roommate those many years ago, his laying in the dark, his cock deep in his roommates mouth, sucking him off, her father cumming in her warm little mouth.

She was practically shaking with heated excitement, frozen there in her sleeping bag, her father asleep right next to her, their shoulders touching, her legs tightly squeezed together, her fingers strumming through her hot wet little pussy under her tiny little panties.

Ashley slid her index finger through her creamy soft pussy, slipped her finger inside her warm little slit up to her second knuckle, in and out, so wet silky soft casino şirketleri and smooth, so hot, so indescribably hot. She was picturing her Papa being sucked by the other boy, wanting to suck him like the boy had; Ashley wanted so badly to wake her father up, to tell him she wanted to suck him, that she wanted him to cum in her mouth, to fuck her mouth, him saying, yes.


William awakened one night hearing Henry breathing louder than usual the sounds of his legs sliding on the sheets out from under his blankets. William knew Henry was jacking off. It was so immediately electrifyingly hot, so erotic William was already getting hard as he joined his roommate, as he touched himself under his covers, pulling his erection through the open slit in his pajamas, stroking his swollen blood filled erection picturing Henry jacking off, picturing Henry coming over to his bed, and jacking him off. He imagined their looking into each others eyes as Henry asked, “Can I touch you?” without waiting, leaning down and taking his cock in his mouth.

Henry heard his roommate’s intake of breath. He stopped, listened, his cock hard and still in his hand. He turned toward William across the room. Had he heard? Was he awake?

Williams face was in shadow, as were his legs; from mid-chest to mid-thigh, lit by the school’s light reflecting from the low clouds, from a gap in the curtains, the light showing his hand wrapped around his throbbing hot erection. His hips lifting into his hand, his blankets pushed down, him pulling on his hard-on, his breathing ragged as he fucked his cock into his fist.

Henry watched his roommate’s hand sliding up and down, curling over the head of his hard cock, and began pulling on is own cock, the image so fucking wrong his cock hardened harder still. How many nights they’d both wanted to see, what Henry was witnessing right now.

Henry wanted to know what it was like to feel another cock, to even suck on another cock. He’d imagined it so many times, fantasized William fucking his hugely hard cock into his willing hot sucking mouth.

Something gave way in Henry. He found himself sitting up in his bed, rolling his legs over the bed’s edge, his bare feet touching the wooden floor. He was shaking all over, uncertain of what or how to do this.

His side of the room was cast in shadow, and William couldn’t see him watching him, didn’t realize he was illuminated in the theater of the dark, pulling on his erection, thinking of Henry, picturing Henry pulling on his cock, too, across the room, so hard, imagining being sucked by Henry. He couldn’t see Henry sitting there, the look of determination, of spontaneous impulse as he moved off the bed.

William heard Henry’s bed creak. He stopped, paused, listened, and as quietly as he could out of habit or instinct to hide himself, he pulled his sheet over his waist, his cock still aching throbbing hard tenting the sheet, his balls aching hot soft to the feel of the sheet. He closed his eyes, got his breathing under control, and pretended he was asleep.

Henry knew better. He crossed the room the boards warm under his bare feet his cock rigidly erect tenting his pajamas, His pajama shirt open, his bare skin breathy hot, he was going to do this, and he knew William wanted it, too.

He noticed the large snow flakes outside through the crack in the curtain, the silence now, the pink yellow light spotlighting William in his bed his sheet half draped over his waist, his legs and feet exposed to the open room, His cock so hard, so big, as big as his, Henry thought. His mouth watered. His cock throbbed and jumped. He wanted William’s cock in his hands, in his mouth. He was going to do it this time.

Looking through his eyelashes, feigning sleep, William saw Henry tiptoeing toward him. He could see Henry’s cock just as swollen hard as his own pushing out through the front of his flannel pajamas. Henry was looking straight at Williams cock under the sheet, and saw it bounce. Reflexively, his cock throbbed and bounced, too.

Henry slowly quietly kneeled next to Williams bunk, his cock aching hard as he looked down at William’s waist, the sheet draped half over him.

Williams face in shadow, Henry had the thought, that William could pretend he was asleep, and maybe it was better this way, so sexy, sucking off his friend and roommate under the cover of his being asleep knowing that he wasn’t.

They could both pretend, doing what neither would admit to otherwise, and no one else would know. That they both knew somehow made the pretending even hotter. Like it was wrong, that they shouldn’t be doing this, but that neither could stop, that they both wanted it.

Henry rested both hands on William’s mattress and looked down at William’s cock tenting up under the sheet. As if time were standing still, he lifted the sheet from William’s waist.

Henry sucked in his breath seeing Williams pajamas unbuttoned and open, his erection so hard and thick, the solid thick vein of the underside casino firmaları of his cock arching upward, draping over his belly, the V’d underside of the head of his cock resting all the way up to the groove of his navel.

William had never felt a sensation like that of Henry’s fingers wrapping around his heated, raging hard cock.


Ashley read her father’s journal Thursday night before they left for the weekend to go camping. She’d found it that morning and couldn’t resist.

Laying next to him now in the silence of the tent, alone together, out in the middle of the woods, her hands in her panties, her nipples tingling aching hard, she lucidly recalled his journal entries from boarding school, his tales of him and his roommate Henry. She didn’t have a plan when she asked her father to take her camping. She knew what she hoped would happen, what she wanted to happen. She wanted to see her father hard. She wanted to see the cock Henry had sucked, the cock that made her. Her father’s hard, throbbing hot cock.

Trying to be quiet, the sounds of the rustling down-sleeping bags seemed magnified in the tent. She touched herself picturing her Papa being sucked by another boy in the dark of their dorm room. She would never have guessed how much it turned her on. She imagined his hot hard cock in her mouth, her fingers wrapped around it, jacking her hands up and down it’s length, her sucking on it, lovingly, desperately, imagined his cock fucking into her open, willing, hungry warm mouth.

William wasn’t asleep. He watched his daughter, his little girl touch herself under her sleeping bag, her arms moving rhythmically. He could see in the dim light, that her nipples were hard under her T-shirt, the movements and sounds of her masturbating under her sleeping bag so familiar, so erotic, her mouth open, her eyes closed. He could smell her sweet musky fragrance, her sex, hot and wet between her smooth soft thighs. He felt his cock harden.

He could hardly believe it, his daughter right next to him, touching herself, her hips raising ever so slightly to not wake him, her breathing, her ragged breaths mesmerizing.

She’d left her flashlight on initially to read as he’d gone to sleep, and while it was under her side, the light still illuminated the interior of the tent enough to just be able to see.

Lying on his back, he watched Ashley little by little inch her way down in her sleeping bag, bending her knees toward him, scrunching down in her bag until her face was at his waist level.

She’d left the light on waiting for him to fall asleep. She wanted to see his cock. William felt suddenly compelled to let her. However wrong it was, he wanted her to see him. His cock throbbed under his shorts. His bag was unzipped and only draped over his waist. It would be easy enough for her to lift it, and to look. The thought made him harder still.

Ashley was laying on her side, her legs bent, her knees spread, her open sleeping bag raised on her one knee revealing her hands busy beneath it, her face just a foot away from her father’s waist, his cock mounding his sleeping bag, pounding hard under his sleeping bag.

She thought she saw his sleeping bag move. She was breathing so hard, her pussy was so wet, she couldn’t help but rock her little hips imagining her Daddy’s cock touching the folds of her slippery pink sex. His thick hard cock fucking deeper and deeper inside her, spreading her open, whispering, “fuck me, Daddy.”

Ashley’s father moaned as if stretching in his sleep. His bare chest came into view, and in one movement, he pulled his hugely hard, aching swollen cock out through the leg of his shorts. Now when she lifted the bag, she would see him, all of him, his rigid hard cock exposed and draped toward his daughter. William feigned sleeping and rolled toward her, laid his right arm out over her above her head. He was now fully open to her if she raised the sleeping bag from him. If she didn’t, if she didn’t have the courage to go through with it, he decided he’d raise his knee to lift the sleeping bag away himself. He didn’t have to though.

Ashley held still, silent, until she was sure her Papa was sound asleep. Ever so slowly, she raised her right arm to lift his sleeping bag away from his waist.

She’d cut her hair on Friday, “boy-short” she told her friend Lily. Only Ashley knew what that meant, and it was even somewhat abstract to her.

She loved how light her scalp felt. How her short hair accentuated her long neck, her soft delicate shoulders. She imagined Henry, that moment at which he lifted the covers from his roommate’s waist. She imagined the silence of the snowfall outside as he sucked her father into his mouth. She cut her hair short wanting to feel more what it was like for her Papa to be sucked by a boy. She wondered if while camping, alone together in the tent, if her father would notice her short hair, if he would imagine his hands in her hair pushing her down, her wrapping her fingers and her lips güvenilir casino around his hugely hard cock, hard just for her, hard because she wanted to pretend she was Henry, hard because his daughter, his little girl, his good girl wanted to suck his cock.

Ashley listened to her father’s breathing in the silence of the tent, the woods around them in collusion, alone in the woods, the dorm room where no one could see them engaged in this illicit pairing. The secrecy excited her. That her father was asleep excited her even more. That he might be pretending as he had with Henry, made her little pussy throb, creamy wet.

She imagined the excitement of both boys, that frozen moment, the sheer spectacle of their throbbing hard cocks, their silent unspoken desire as she reached out and pulled the sleeping bag away from her Papa’s waist.

Ashley gasped just as Henry had. Her Daddy’s cock was big, and hard, swollen, and was pointing at her. “Oh my god,” she thought to herself, “Papa is so hard already,” she breathed out, “he must, be dreaming. He’s, so…big.” She licked her lips. “It’s beautiful,” she gushed as she stared at her father’s cock. She leaned closer, “Ohhhh, Papa, such a perfect cock,” she purred as she imagined this was what Henry saw, her father’s cock thick and swollen hard, erect and throbbing. “I want you in my mouth, Daddy,” she moaned under her breath, “want…to suck your cock, Papa. Your little girl wants your cock in my mouth, Daddy. Want to suck you with my warm wet mouth, your little girl, Daddy, wants you in my mouth, wants you to cum in my little mouth just like you did with Henry, Papa,” her heated fantasies searing through her.

The sparse soft glowing light inside the tent was just enough that Ashley could see her father’s cock in all its glory. “Want you…in my mouth, Papa,” she said again and again in her thoughts as she leaned right up to it to smell her father’s skin. She lingered there, her eyes closed, taking in her Papa’s scent, the heat of his erection right next to her face, her mouth, her lips. She strummed her creamy wet satiny smooth freshly shaven swollen hot little pussy, strumming her fingers through her pink wet slit making herself quiver and shake with incestuous lust. Her breathing almost loud now inside the confined space of the tent, the mere idea of her being right there, her father’s steaming hard cock so close to her mouth, so close to her creamy wet little cunny so on fire made her forget to even be quiet.

She imagined herself licking it, her hot little tongue on it. Her pussy creamed as she slid her finger inside her soft swollen cunny, how it sucked so deliciously warm on her finger, her father’s cock just inches from her mouth.

William watched his daughter fucking herself. He watched her lean in close to him, smell him, want him. Her eyes closed his body instinctively wanted to lean toward her. He purposefully rolled ever so slightly, just enough so the underside of his aching hard cock touched Ashley’s lips.

Ashley sucked her breath in, opened her eyes, looked wide-eyed at her father’s fat swollen cock, the bloated mushroom like head begging her to kiss it, to lick it, to suck it into her warm wet little mouth.

Her father’s cock had touched her lips, her father’s pre-cum; she licked her lips, tasted him. In the excitement she spread her legs even wider apart, strummed her hot little cunny even harder, faster, her breaths ragged and lurching, her back arched, her throat arched, her mouth open and so, so close to the heat of his throbbing hard cock.

Ashley stared at it, her father half on his side, his cock standing rigidly erect and pointing upward, out toward her, right at her mouth. She pretended to lick it as she rubbed her fingers through her slippery wet slit. On her back, her legs spread, her head turned sideways, her mouth open in sheer ecstatic pleasure she leaned under it, became bold enough to let it lay on her cheek, rolled her head sideways to let it touch the side of her open mouth. Ashley hummed all over, “Mmm, Papa, want…to suck you, in my mouth, Daddy,” she gushed out, her pussy creaming all over her fingers.

William leaned toward her again, under the pretense he was asleep, tempting her, the secretiveness, them being along together in the tent where no one would know was maddeningly erotic. Father and daughter on the precipice, incestuous lovers, he touched her face with it again, the head bumping into her lips, as if telling her to suck it, giving her the opportunity, wanting her to take it in her eager warm little mouth, pretending he was asleep, letting them both do what they otherwise might not do.

This was all so thrillingly hot both were on the verge of doing things they shouldn’t. Both wanting the other to consummate the hot frenzied incestuous lust rippling through each other.

Feeling her father’s cock on her cheek, on her lips, Ashley’s mouth opened and closed reflexively mouthing its underside, licking it, getting it wet, her fathers pre-cum, touching her lips to it, holding her breath, letting it bob against her open mouth. She so wanted to lick it, to suck it, to take it into her mouth, to suck her father off, to fuck his cock with her warm sucking little mouth.

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