Candy Moves Up…

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Candy Moves Up The Corporate Ladder

Candy was attending her company’s annual kick-off meeting at the local country club. The company she worked for was a pretty decent sized bank, and this was her first job ever right out of college. While the executives were speaking, she glanced around the room to keep herself entertained, such as some eye-candy. It hadn’t been but seven months that Candy had been working at this company and she has yet to hook up with anyone. Well, the guy in Miami doesn’t count. (She wasn’t getting anything back out of that deal, so she cut that off early on)

As her gaze shifted from one side of the room to the other, her eyes finally settled upon an older man wearing glasses with a hint of whiteness in his hair. And in an instant, she realized he looked familiar to her. “Where have I seen this guy? He looks so familiar…” And then she figured it out. She had seen this guy at the tennis courts from time to time. Hmmm… he’s not bad looking, maybe I ought to approach him after the meeting and see if he wants to play tennis sometime. Yeah, right, Candy thought to herself. You’re looking for some action outside of the courts and inside the bedroom.

So after the meeting adjourned, Candy walked over to the familiar tennis player and said, “Hi, do you happen to play tennis?” He turned, looked at her intently to see if he recognized her, and said, “Why, yes I do,” with a friendly smile, “But I haven’t been playing lately. Do you play as well?”

Candy replied with a friendly smile, “Yes. I thought that’s where I recognized you from. Hi, I’m Candy. Nice to meet you. I just got hired here a few months ago. I spotted you in the meeting earlier.”

The man replied, “Hi, my name is Jordan. What part of the company do you work in?”

“I’m in retail out in the branches. And yourself, Jordan?”

“I head one of the commercial departments at headquarters,” Jordan replied, slowly studying the features of this young, astute businesswoman.

“Oh, that sounds rather interesting! I’ve been wanting to look at other parts of the company. We ought to talk about it sometime over a game of tennis,” Candy said enthusiastically.

“Here’s my card, Candy. Give me a call or e-mail me sometime. I’d love to hit with you,” Jordan said, eying her up and down casually through his eyeglasses without trying to be too obvious.

“Great. I’ll let you know once the weather starts getting warmer,” Candy said, noticing that his eyes were darting around parts of her body. This guy is checking me out, Candy thought to herself half-excited, half-amused.

“Well, I better get back to the office. I’m supposed to meet with a new potential client. Keep in touch. Nice to meet you,” Jordan said and walked away, his eyes lingering on her.


Three weeks later, Candy and Jordan were out on the tennis courts whacking away at the yellow tennis ball. They took a breather after Jordan won the first set.

While sitting down on the bench sweating, Candy said, “And I thought you said you were out of shape.”

With a grin, “I guess I still have it in me. You’ve got some good strokes yourself.”

“Yeah, but they aren’t doing much for me tonight though,” Candy said disappointingly. Candy was competitive and she pretty much expected to beat this guy. But she was ok with it. It was just a game. At least she was showing him her athletic skills on the court. It’d make a good precursor for her bedroom talents.

They started asking questions to get to know each other, and Candy found out that he had been with the company for over 10 years, had 2 grown kids close to her age, and he currently lived somewhere downtown. From the way this guy was acting and from the information he gave, Candy had a strong feeling this guy was divorced. The signs were all there. And Candy cock radar was normally pretty accurate.

Candy was a perceptive young lady at the ripe age of 22. Having graduated college at 21, and already in the corporate world, she had a lot going for her. She knew she didn’t need to fuck anyone to get where she needed to go, cause she already had the brainpower to steer her in whatever direction she wanted to go. People in the company were already talking optimistically about her. In the corporate world where nepitism influenced a majority of hiring and promotional decisions, developing relationships with certain individuals was a great back-up tool to have just in case the odds turned against her. And in this situation, she could secure her future career at this company by networking with the right people, at the right time, at the right place. Candy never settled for just good– she wanted to be great at whatever she did. And who said you couldn’t engage in extra-curricular activities with a superior co-worker in your free time? It’s all a form of insurance.

Meanwhile, Jordan was a smart guy with a lot of sales experience and people-skills. He was a hard worker who worked his way up in this company, and it showed from casino şirketleri the car he drove and the neighborhood he lived in. His charming social skills helped get him a nice-sized client base and he was at the point where he supervised people who do exactly what he was good at.

Although Jordan was indeed divorced, it had only been for 2 years, and already that fucking ex-wife of his was married and in another city. I guess she had everything planned right after signing their divorce papers. But Jordan wasn’t fazed by her. They had had a cold marriage and his wife was never sexual nor real affectionate towards him. He had burnt marks from this relationship but he did his best to not let it affect him. Jordan had been deprived the last 20 or so years and he was looking to make up for lost time after the divorce. He knew he was better off with a fresh start at being a bachelor again. He could live whereever he wanted, buy a big LCD tv, buy a new car, and enjoy his new freedom all by himself. And most importantly, he could sit back and relax with any damn female he wished without having any obligation to anyone. He was free, and he was going to enjoy every minute of it. And what better way to do that than to engage in some hot sex with a sweet young, athletic, intelligent nymph as Candy. The name said it all. Sweet Candy.


It wasn’t long before Jordan e-mailed Candy to play tennis again. They met at the tennis courts after work a few days later. This time Candy beat Jordan 6-2, 6-4. Although he had lost, Jordan was definately impressed by her improved performance. Shit, this girl’s got some skills. I wonder what other sorts of skills she has, Jordan thought to himself.

While they were walking back to their cars, Jordan mentioned how this was good practice for him and how he definately wanted to keep playing more regularly. Candy agreed. She too wanted to keep seeing him more regularly, with or without the tennis racquets. She knew it wouldn’t be long before he was bound to make a move on her. Candy could just tell– call it female intuition.

As Jordan was walking to his car slowly, he stopped suddenly, turned and asked, “Would you like to grab some pizza?”

Candy, sort of taken by surprise but half-expecting some sort of move on Jordan’s part, replied back in a confusing tone,”Tonight?” Doh! You idiot, of course tonight. It had been a while since Candy had this type of excitement. The incident with the married man was just over a year ago, so she was a little out of practice. To Candy, it was quality, not quantity. Dates are a dime a dozen, but good quality partners aren’t. She was definately needing something new to spice up her life these days and Jordan was her opportunity.

They both followed each other to the pizza place and ate and drank some beers over some good conversation. They got to know each other some more and it was obvious that a bond was gradually forming between the two of them.


The next day at work, while Candy was checking her e-mail, she noticed that Jordan had already e-mailed her. He suggested, “How about tennis this weekend?”

Candy, amused that he had contacted her so quickly, typed back back, “Sure, how about Saturday around noon?” And so they agreed to meet up on Saturday.

When Saturday rolled around, Candy was going through her clothes to figure out what to wear. “I don’t want him seeing me in dull t-shirts and short all the time. I need something that’ll catch his attention. Something to spice things up…. I know just what to wear!” Candy quickly found a cute, short tennis skirt with a fitted, sleeveless top. “That way everytime I have to tuck a ball away in my tennis underwear, I have to flip my skirt up, thus flashing some skin. That’s bound to attract his lingering eyes my way. Hahaha,” Candy conspired with herself.

And sure enough, as soon as Jordan walked up to the tennis courts, he noticed Candy’s short skirt on and couldn’t help but imagine all sorts of images. He wanted to taste how sweet she was underneath. And then he wanted to bend her over right then and there and stick his hard dick up her tantalizing pussy. He had to adjust his walk, so she didn’t see his hard-on he was quickly forming.

He didn’t say anything and silently observed her body whenever she wasn’t paying attention.

During the cross-over at 4-3, Candy noticed Jordon was looking more attractive today. What could it be, she asked herself. Oh yes, his hair! Candy loved short hair on men for some reason. So much that she would prefer the man to be balding than to have longer, lanky hair. “Did you get your hair cut recently? It looks good,” Candy asked flirtatiously.

“Yes, in fact, I did. Well, aren’t you Miss Observation,” Jordon answered back, flattered and impressed.

“I notice a lot of things,” Candy added in an almost teasing tone.

“Oh, do you?” Jordon teased back.

Candy laughed it off and decided to wait before she dared to make her move on this corporate casino firmaları stud. Although looks wasn’t a big deal, Candy was attracted to and turned on more by his personality and charismatic demeanor. In order to avoid a big flop, she had to evaluate this situation as though he were a business client she wanted to allure. Just like facilitating this “sales transaction” (in this case, penus for pussy) would require the right strategic marketing move, the way Candy was going to approach this corporate player would require the 4 P’s. Candy’s 4 P’s in this situation would be product (pussy), place (his place or hers), people (just the two of us, and to be more specific, naked), and promotion (tactics that involve flirting, seducing, and eventually stripping and groping). Candy already had it mapped out.


A few days later, Candy called up Jordan after a stressful day at work. She suggested they have some drinks, just in case he might want to meet in a different atmosphere this time. Sure enough, he thought it was a good idea, too.

They met up at a local pub and Candy immediately ordered herself a tall glass of beer. Jordan, on the other hand, decided for the bottle. Candy was stressed about work and she felt that Jordan could help relieve her of her stress (in more ways than one). She knew she didn’t have the balls to open up to him about her true feelings, so she needed the alcohol to hide her inhibitions.

They began talking about their days, their frustrations, relationships, dating, and just life in general. It seemed Candy and Jordan could open up to each other about anything. Maybe it was Candy’s charisma or laidback personality. Whatever it was, Jordan couldn’t help but release bits and pieces of information about himself that he had never shared with any other women. Jordan was definately feeling the effects of Candy’s maneuvers, as well as his alcohol.

Eventually they got onto the topic of sex. For some reason, Candy was good at nonchalantly steering the conversation towards that topic, it seemed. Without even realizing it, their conversation started to get hot and heavy. And sure enough, they were confessing their sex history, their desires, and their frustrations. Whenever Candy got a guy to open up about his sex life, she knew he was in the bag. The electricity in the air was enough to start a fire. Finally, Candy knew that her feelings for Jordan were definately mutual. It’s going right as planned, Candy said to herself, pleased.

Yet they were skirting around the issue of the two of them. Finally Candy broke the skirting around and said point-blank, “Let’s be honest here. You’re attracted to me, and I’m attracted to you. I think that’s already obvious. But the problem is that we both work for the same company together, and although I’m not under your direct control, it can definately cause some issues within the company due to our age difference and our reputations.” They knew they had to be careful and sneaky about their upcoming, foreseeable rendezvous. Candy wanted to make sure Jordan knew that she knew what they were going into.

Jordan had already considered all of this before Candy even mentioned it. He commended her for her analysis however. This was a smart cookie. Or perhaps a smart piece of candy he’d like to suck on one day….

With that understood and agreed upon, they decided to leave the pub separately. They drove back home separately, for they had to recover from all that had been discussed that evening. One minute they were tennis buddies, the next they were flirting with each other and talking about sex. It was a lot to absorb. It was almost a fantasy coming true. Candy was half-stunned at how open they were finally about their true feelings. Yes, her suspicions had been true after all. Candy knew what would have to occur next then.

But the evening wasn’t even over yet. Soon after Candy arrived home that night, Jordan gave her a call. She answered to a hot and heavy voice who said, “What are you wearing?”

Candy, amused by his tone of voice, replied back, “Nothing. I’m lying here in bed, bare naked.” Candy could hear Jordan’s breath fluctuating from excitement.

Jordan said, “I just took off all my clothes, and I’m stroking my dick right now. I wish you were here to stroke it for me.”

“Oh, yes. If I were there right now, I’d stroke, suck, and swallow it into my mouth. Mmmm…,” Candy replied back seductively over the phone.

“Oh yeah, baby. My cock is hard for you right now. I wish you were here right now in front of me. I wish you were on that bed, bent over with your tennis skirt on, so I could lift it up, slide my cock right in, and fuck you hard. And then wake you up in the middle of the night to fuck you again and again. Oh, my cock is soooo hard…,” Jordan said with bated breath.

“Mm….I want to make you cum so badly, Jordan. You can spank me and make me your subordinate. I need to report to your office because I’ve been a very bad employee. Can you spank me, Jordan? güvenilir casino I need to be punished.” Candy loved talking dirty, and apparently so did Jordan.

Jordan couldn’t take it much longer. In a matter of minutes, he was breathing heavily into the phone as he came right then and there with Candy listening on the other end. Just knowing that she could hear him masterbating prolonged his orgasm even further. “UGH.. OHH… OHH….yes…. OHhh….UGH….”

“If it feels this good over the phone, I can only imagine how much better it will feel in real life,” Jordan said breathlessly but refreshed.

“Well, we’ll have to add that to the top of our to-do list then,” said Candy.

“I can’t wait,” Jordan replied enthusiastically. They then hung up shortly after and went to bed, exhausted and aching for the real thing.


The following week, the company was holding a party after hours in the main facility in celebration for a new project they were promoting. People from all parts of the company were welcome to stop by and share in the beer, fun, and festivities. Candy arrived there quickly after work was over and was anticipating that Jordan would be there as well.

Candy arrived in a hoola skirt and a low-cut top. She spotted Jordan across the room within a few minutes. She knew they couldn’t flirt with each other in public, since they couldn’t let out that they were involved. Just keeping it all a secret was turning Candy on, for Candy loved to role-play. Candy joined a group of her colleagues, slipped into conversation, and eyed Jordan who was talking with a group of people right next to hers.

He hadn’t noticed she’d come in yet, and Candy knew this. She wanted to make sure he noticed her, but didn’t want to make eye contact just yet. She wanted to be sneaky about it. It was all part of the thrill. she darted her eyes there casually several times just to see if Jordan saw her, but their eyes never met. Finally, Candy decided to make her move to across the room so that Jordan was sure to spot her moving profile. And sure enough, he did.

“Eww, there’s the luscious Candy. Damn, I wish I could hoola with her in that skirt of hers. Damn, she looks mighty hot.

Candy didn’t know how to act in that room, in front of her co-workers, in front of her bosses, in front of her peers. Candy decided to press the envelope and finally walked up to Jordan who was now standing at the side of the room drinking a soda. “Hey, Jordan.”

“Hey, Candy”. They both exchanged a private smile. It was short, sweet, and erotic.

“When I give the signal, let’s sneak out of here and meet back at my place,” Candy suggested. Jordan nodded, and reassured her with another sneaky smile. And then Candy darted off into the crowds.

Ten minutes later, Candy had had enough. The party wasn’t very fun, so she decided she and Jordan could spice up their evening with a private party of their own. She glanced over to where Jordan was standing, next to some of the company executives. She walked along the side of the room slowly, keeping her eye on Jordan. He finally caught her out of the corner of his eye, and she gave him a “come hither” wink. THat was enough to get Jordan’s cock to twitch underneath his trousers. “Down, boy. Not just yet…”

Within another ten minutes, Candy watched Jordan pull up to her place. He let himself in, as he normally does, and went up to Candy’s bedroom where she lay in her bed waiting, with only a black laced bra and matching string bikini garment on. Jordan’s cock stood there, upright and hard.

Without saying a word, Jordan got quickly undressed and climbed into bed to ravish Candy’s sweet body. His body meshed with hers. Their kisses were deep and hungry. They moans were desperately passionate.

Candy moved down the bed so her head was right above his cock. She took the tip of his manlihood in her mouth meticulously, slowly licking around the sensitive crown of his cock. She licked right under the crease and heard him moan in ecstacy. She then tightly gripped the shaft of his cock with her lips and slowly took his hard cock all the way to the back of her throat, rubbing the crown of his cock against the top of her throat in the back. That was her favorite move, and with the right-sized cock, she could rub that crown against the edge of throat so bad it would make a man’s legs go weak.

Jordan, apparently impressed by Candy’s maneuvers, said, “Oh, I like the way you to that, Candy. I’ve never had it done as good as you have. Oh, that feels good….” Jordan moaned again.

Candy then started to work up a rhythm with her mouth moving up and down his cock. She let that cock fuck her mouth like a wet pussy, and she gripped that cock as though it were her own pussy. She flickered her tongue on the inside, and she jammed the cock each time towards the back of her throat.

Just when Candy saw Jordan was about to come, she stopped abruptly and moved up on top of Jordan. She straddled him, with her damp panties still on. She looked him in the eyes, and asked him in a dirty tone, “Is this what you’ve been waiting for? Do you like seeing me on top of you? On top of your hard dick. Rubbing against my juicy pussy?”

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